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Typeface guide:

Bolding- Important information, system character introductions.

Italics: Dreams, and past memories, and future sights.

Underlining: Never used.

Regular: Used when in regular scenes.

I remember the day that my kingdom fell to the hands of humans. My system didn't allow me to delete the memory, sadly. My area detectors detected human blood a moment too late... I can still smell the oil and blood scent mixed together, and I can still hear the ear piercing screams that still echo throughout my palace. Bones are scattered everywhere along the garden along with nasod parts. The worst part about that day is that I... gained emotions.

I remember the day that my own kind betrayed me. My system didn't allow my to delete the memory, sadly. I was defenseless, frozen in fear, unable to attack what I thought were my subjects. I can still smell the burning flames and oil, and I can still still hear the crackling laughter that still echo throughout what was once my palace. Nasod parts are scattered around the fallen town along with pieces of the buildings. The worst part about that day is that I... had gained emotions.

~Eve's Memory of The Day That Her Kingdom Fell~

I stared out of the window at the bright sun. "Eve-sama, do you need anything?" I turned and merely glanced at Maid_Prototype_0281. Within a single second, I memorized all of her features. She had light pink hair that fell to her elbows and a small maid headband crowned her hair, making her bangs really stand out. On her left cheek, the number 0281 was etched with a blue pen.

"No, I am fine. Although, can you check on our prisoner?" I took a cup of tea and brought it to my lips after asking the question.

"EVE!~" I opened my eyes halfway and casted a sideways glance at Elsword.

-System database-

Name: Elsword [Last name unknown]

Features: Scarlet red hair and red eyes

Status: Nasod Kingdom Prisoner

Notable items: Lacks proper honorifics.

"Maid_Prototype_0281, may I ask what the prisoner is doing outside of his cell?" I placed down the cup or tea, my appetite was gone.

"Aww, don't be like that Eve. You know that you love me." Elsword placed his elbows on the armrest of my throne and rested his chin on his palms. I clenched my teeth in frustration. I certainly don't have feelings for a human... although I do find him amusing.

"He persisted me, he said that he needed 'to see the love of his life.'" Maid_Prototype_0281 answered, I looked down on her and saw that her mouth was lifting upwards, just a bit.

A queen face palming herself is not decent, so I dismissed the idea. "I... see..." Elsword was staring at my biscuits that were freshly made. "..." I hesitated a moment and heard his stomach growl. I sighed and pushed the plate towards him. "Honestly..."

Elsword looked up at me, confusion was in his eyes for a brief second before he grinned widely. He stuffed a biscuit into his mouth and said, "Ankyu." I raised an eyebrow. 'He means 'Thank you' My system said in a monotone voice. The tips of my mouth twitched and my hand reached out to the top of Elsword head, I pulled back a few centimeters but then reached out again and petted his hair. "Eve?" He questioned due to my unusual behavior.

"...I" I started to speak when an explosion sounded throughout the air. "EH?" I jumped up only to be brought back down by Maid_Prototype_0281.

"You're now going anywhere Eve... sama." She mocked me, she held me in a choking position, ignoring Elsword. "Your time of ruling is over, King Nasod will provide a better future for us, and you know it." Maid_Prototype_0281 chained me to my throne, I was frozen in confusion. Elsword leaped up, a small fire burning around him.

"What are you doing? You traitor!" Elsword attempted to punch Maid_Prototype_0281. As soon as his fist connected with her face, his face scrunched up and he pulled his hand back. "What the hell Eve? What do you make these things out of?" He kicked Maid_Prototype_0281 in the shin and I watched as his eyes bulged out in pain. "WHAT THE FUCKKKKK?!" He screamed.

'Idiots never learn, even in the most serious situations.' System commented with a hint of amusement. 'Sadly, I agree.' I mentally replied. 'The chains should be rusted near where she tied you to the right armrest. There you can easily break the chains.' I looked down and indeed did see a rusted part of the chain. "Elsword-kun!" I called and pointed down to the rusted part with a single finger.

"Aye, no, are you purposly trying to break both of my hands?!" But he still jogged over to me and kicked the chain, accidentally kicking my stomach during the process. "Haha... My bad." He grinned and I slapped him. I faced Maid_Prototype_0281 and brought my hands above my head, and lightning stuck my hands.

"Get ready to die." I muttered.

"Nasods can die?!" Elsword gasped, and I mentally facepalmed myself. Idiots.

Remy and Moby appeared next to me and they changed into spears. Red electricity formed around me, an image was projected in front of me with a shape that looked like a circle. I summoned a force field before me and shot a large ray of particles through the field. "Gigastream!" I yelled, I was pushed back a bit due to the strong effect.

"Haha. She dead." Elsword laughed. 'Incorrect grammar usage.' System noted with a hint of disapproval. 'Yes...' I thought.

"Come on Elsword-kun, lets go find the nasods that dare defy me." I flipped my hair and started to walk off.

"Wait Eve. Just sayin' but it's you versus like a million demon nasods." Elsword placed his hand on my shoulder, holding me back. 'A MILLION DEMON NASODS?!' System and I exclaimed at the same time. 'That guy...' System started. 'CAN'T FUCKING COUNT. Please excuse my foul language.' I finished.

"Are you... underestimating me?" My bangs covered my eyes and I giggled darkly.

"YOU HAVE EMOTIONS?!" Elsword backed up slowly, fear was frozen on his face.

"Do you really want to know?" I flashed a crooked smile towards him and he laughed nervously.

"Uh.. no. You can take on those demon nasods! Un!" Elsword did a half hearted fist pump into the air.

I wiped the smile off of my face and grabbed Elsword's hand once I heard an explosion below me. I leaped up into the air, bringing Elsword with me.

"W-what Eve?!" I landed about 5 meters from where I jumped. "Amazing!" Elsword's mouth was shaped into an o. 'Humans. They're so easily amazed.' System retorted.

When I reached the front of my palace I dropped Elsword's hand and widened my eyes. My kingdom was thoroughly crushed. Log homes were lit on fire, other homes were bombed and toxic chemicals polluted the air. "My kingdom..." I gasped and fell to the ground. 'Eve-sama...' System tried to comfort me.

One battle type nasod Missile_Launch_3546_Alpha noticed me. Its beautiful Caribbean blue eyes turned scarlet red. "Target confirmed: Former nasod queen, Eve. Percent chance of enemy winning: 0% Now preparing missile launch." I watched in disbelief as its hand dis formed and reassembled into a missile launcher. Just a week ago I had helped repair Missile_Launch_3546_Alpha. It went up to me one day and asked for a new weapon since its old launcher was broken. I wasn't able to find one. Guilty, the next day I bought materials from the nasod stalls in the market and made my own missile launcher for Missile_Launch_3546_Alpha. It had thanked me, a small hint of emotions were forming from it.

Other nasods saw me and began charging their new weapons that they probably got from King Nasod. "Tch. How boring." Elsword muttered, a bored look was on his face. He held out his hand, palm up. A sword emerged from thin air and Elsword grabbed it. "Sword Fire!" He said slyly and jumped into the air and dug his sword into the steel pavement, crushing through the metal coating. Nasods that surrounded him were lit on fire and they fell to the floor. Elsword's sword was engulfed with flames.

"Eve, don't just stand there." Elsword glanced at my direction and held out his hand. I reached out for it and touched his wrist instead. "Idiot. Hurry up and jump into the air. Fire and oil don't exactly mix together well, but I'm sure that you already know that." I nodded and jumped into the air. Below us, nasods exploded. A chain reaction occurred to nearby nasods and metal pieces were scattered over the floor. "The nasod kind are so pathetic." Elsword commented and yanked his hand away from my hold. He fell on the ground and rolled to absorb the impact.

"E-Elsword-kun?" I called out, in a slightly alarmed tone.

"Shhh." Elsword held a finger to his lips and winked. 'Don't trust him.' System said immediately. 'Ehh? Why not?' I asked. 'Don't you hear them coming?' I listened but didn't hear anything but the crackling of flames.

"Aaaaand, here they come." Elsword chuckled and leaned against a random by standing pole, twirling his sword like it was nothing.

"My god, this place looks like it has been through a war." A girl giggled.

"Nooo, really Lime? It looks like a effing paradise." Another girl's high pitched voice retorted.

"Well then Amelia, I totally love your pathetic sarcasm." The same girl from before, Lime, hissed.

"Hmmm? Are you trying to start a fight? My arrows always beat your weak kicks." Amelia said in a cool tone.

"Is that so, Miss I-Can't-Even-Aim-Properly?" I could now see two girls in view. Both were fake smiling at each other. One had a bow which I guessed was Amelia while the other one didn't have a weapon in sight.

Lime, the one without a weapon, had short green hair, showing her elf ears. She wore black boots with white lilies decorating the rim, and around her neck was a collar. She wore a pretty green, black, and white dress that probably wasn't proper if she kicked a lot.

Amelia on the other hand, had blonde like hair with jewels crowning her head. She wore a zipped up sleeveless top with horse riding like pants. Her shoes were black with laces.

"Oh, so I can't aim properly? And what about you? All your skills are B.O.R.I.N.G. Kick and kick and effing kick again. You're lucky that Mother even gave you Airelinna to help you. And don't forget about your ugly outfits. You're defiantly copying Rena." Amelia was reaching behind her back for an arrow.

"Mother gave me Arielinna because I was her favorite." Lime snapped. "My skills are boring? All you do is shoot stupid arrows. And don't get me started on your outfit. Are you one of those stuck up bitches like Queen Lizzie who ride stupid horses in old fashioned outfits? I totally didn't copy Rena-nee! She copied me." Lime was adjusting her shoes, probably getting ready to kick the hell out of Amelia.

"How could you?! Mother taught us not to swear! That's foul language." Amelia folded her arms across her huge chest. Lime and Amelia started bickering again until I couldn't take it.

"You two! Stop it. You're obviously siblings so stop fighting." I glared at both of them equally as they gaped at me.

"So it was true..." Lime muttered.

"You weren't lying." Amelia walked over to Elsword who grimaced.

"Nope. I was held 'captive' in there for a while, I can tell you all sorts of things. Like how King Nasod was planning to turn on Eve here for a while. And how Eve is actually gaining emotions. Can you believe that? She has a weakness also." Elsword stopped leaning against the pole and highfived Lime.

"Good job!" She laughed.

"What's going on?" I demanded. The three faced me. I watched Amelia notch an arrow and draw back her bowstring.

"What does it look like?" Amelia asked.

"We're going to d~e~s~t~r~o~y you!~" Lime was clapping happily. Elsword remained silent, he wasn't smiling like Amelia and Lime.

"Elsword-kun, how could you?" My voice cracked and Elsword's face fell.

"E-Eve, I..." Elsword lowered his weapon but Lime round kicked him in his back.

"ELSWORD. DON'T FALL FOR HER." She yelled at him.

"..." Elsword looked away.

'Eve-sama! Take this chance to run!' System commanded. I looked back, taking in Elsword's betrayal and I spring stepped away. 'Go to the mountains. There will be an abandoned cave.' I stepped out of the barrier that guarded my kingdom and felt a strong impact behind me. Electricity formed around me, fueling me. Sunlight entered my eyes and I moved one hand to shield my eyes. 'Hurry Eve-sama!' I jumped on one of the tree ledges and proceeded to jump on another one, that way I could pass distance quickly.

In my view a mountain towered over me. Cherry blossom trees covered the top of the mountain along with a small clear lake. I slowed down as I reached the top of the mountain, I landed on the ground that was hard as iron.

"ELSWORD YOU IDIOT. NOW SHE'S GONE." An ear piercing scream came from Lime.

"ME? YOU'RE THE ONE THAT STARTED IT." Elsword yelled back.

I looked back one last time at my fallen kingdom and dashed into an open cave.

I gasped as soon as I entered the cave, runes lined the walls with a few drawings. My eyes were drawn to a certain drawing. The picture was a bit faded out but I could make out a girl crying. A red string that was painted with blood was drawn around her wrist. I followed the line to see that the same string was attached around a boy's wrist. The boy had a guilty look on his face as he held hands with another girl. I cringed at the drawing and instantly felt sorry for the girl so I crouched down in front of her. "It's ok. That male is an idiot, he'll return to you soon. Cheer up, ne?" I stood up and touched the drawing lightly and walked to the end of the cave. There was a tombstone with faded letters.

I brushed the dust aside with the back of my hand and squinted to read the words. "The strongest element is love, because you can still feel it if you're above. You need another chance, at your destroyed romance. Now to end this rhyme, let's go forward into time." I read out loud and tilted my head in confusion. 'Nothing happened...' I stood back up and turned around. "Oh well."

"Eve!" Elsword stepped into the cave and instantly a bright light flashed and blinded me.

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Not everyone knows their Japanese honorifics!

Sama: Used towards people of higher respect. Ex: "Eve-sama, do you need anything?"

Kun: Males of junior rank or just males in general. Ex: "Come on Elsword-kun, lets go find the nasods that dare defy me."

San: A common honorific towards anybody. Ex: "Raven-san! Can I talk to you for a moment?" (This quote is not used in this chapter.)

Nii: There's not an exact definition but... Used for older siblings/ maidens. (I think...) Ex: "I totally didn't copy Rena-nee!"

Onii: Used towards brothers. (Err... Do they have to be older? Gomen everyone! I'm a baka.) Ex: "O-Onii-chan! I'm scared..." (Quote not used in this chapter)

Chan: Used when the speaker finds the person or object cute. Ex: "Eve-chan! Do me a favor and wear this dress, ne?" (*sigh* Again. Quote's not used in this chapter.)

Extra-extra Words:

"You're lucky that Mother even gave you Airelinna to help you."

When Amelia says 'Mother' she means Mother Nature who is apparently their mom. And everyone knows what Airelinna is... right?

Missile_Launch_3546_Alpha andMaid_Prototype_0281

*groans* It was a pain to type their names over and over. I was thinking about having Maid be secretly Apple, but I decided against it. Eve loved Missile Launch dearly, so yeah she was upset when it betrayed her. (Lolwut. We can call Eve a 'she' but we call other nasods 'it's? Cruel world, ne?)

Lime, Amelia, and Rena (AKA the three elf sisters!)

I truely love the Lime-Amelia sibling love, and I do plan on adding them in the later chapters as minor characters. Who knows, maybe I'll add other Epic NPCS. And maybe Chloe... Lime and Amelia look up the Rena since I'm making Rena the oldest. Amelia will change personalities a bit over time since I feel like she needs to become different.

Elsword and Eve

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