Elsword: You look stupid.

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Elsword: FORGIVE ME!


Eve: ._. Idiots.

Rena: Eve~ Am I an idiot?

Raven: No.

Chung: Your name's Eve?

Raven: No.

Me: Update: Instead of the interline thingys being the conversation between proto and Eve its going to be system. THAT IS ALL~! And today's short chapter is dedicated to BlueKnight (Guest) for being a fellow EvexElsword fan! YAY EVEXELSWORD FANS AROUND THE WORLD!

System check: Eve's feelings and relationships to others:

Elsword: EVE is confused about her feelings to him. Relationship possibility: LOVE

Chung: EVE shows great respect and a hint of LOVE for Chung. Relationship possibility: Unknown

Aisha: EVE thinks of Aisha as a strong magician with bright futures. Relationship: Close Friends

Rena: EVE thinks of Rena as an enemy. Relationship: Enemies(?)

Raven: EVE is considering Raven as a friend or an enemy. Relationship: Unknown.

"Fatality!" Rena yelled, and I easily dodged it. 'Dodge rate- 50%. Mp Regeneration rate- Max.' System chided and I grinned.

"Sweep Rolling." I said, monotone and a triangular prism electron shot out and crashed into Rena. Chung and Elsword stared, in amazement. They suddenly realized that they were fighting just a moment ago and the place was in chaos.

"Luna Blade!"

"Heaven's Fist!"

"Shooting Star!"

"Gliding Strike!"

Our screams and explosions echoed down the hallway. The walls were strongly made with a type of metal so that they were merely dented. There were scorch marks all over the floor. Chung was sweating heavily, probably because of his armor, Elsword was grinning, and Rena had a deadly aura. 'System detecting footsteps nearing. Analyzing… analyzing… footsteps belong to Aisha. Approximately 20 meters away.. 19…18…' My system counted down. 'EVE battle mode turning off.' I thought, and my head felt a bit more clear and calm. Aisha appeared the moment my aura went away. She stared wide eyed at us.

"Care to tell me what happened?" She asked, my staff glowed purple. Elsword shuddered and Chung took 10 steps back.

"Well. You see." Elsword began and then face palmed himself. Rena had the nerve to giggle, her pupils were now once again visible.

"We were sparring~" She sang and stuck her tongue out, "Eve-chan was so strong~ She was like 'Heaven's fist nya~' and there was this huge fist that same out of nowhere and almost killed us! You should've been there Aisha-Chan~" Rena glided around the hallway and I sighed.

"I'm going to go rest." I said to no one in particular and called off Moby and Reby's spear mode. As I passed Chung and Elsword, Chung looked at me with sad and curious eyes. Elsword looked away. I continued down the hallway and into my room. Once I was inside I collapsed and cried against the door. "THESE STUPID NO GOOD EMOTIONS!" I yelled, my voice cracking. I face palmed myself softly. What had happened to me? I had felt that deadly urge to kill Rena, but why? Moby and Reby sat on my shoulders and I smiled weakly. "Arigato." I whispered to them and fell asleep.

Two hours Later.

My eyes fluttered open. Moby and Reby were in sleep mode and I was sleeping on someone's shoulder… I closed my eyes. I felt warm and happy. Feelings that I might have experienced before I slumbered for a few years. "You awake yet Eve?" A voice asked, rubbing my head. I felt like purring until I identified the voice. I jolted up and almost hit Elsword in the head.

He looked at me weirdly. "Are you ok?" He asked, letting go of me. The happy warmth that I had felt moments ago disappeared.

I bit my lip, "What are you doing here Elsword?" I asked, I was leaning against the door before I fell asleep, there was no way he could've entered. Elsword smiled and pointed to a book shelf that was moved to reveal a small passageway between his room and mine. I raised an eyebrow. He shook his head. We stared at each other in silence until I blushed and looked away. He leaned against the door in triumph. "Hey, Elsword? Um, this is a weird question but, did you like um, have a life before now?" I asked and he raised both of his eyebrows. I mentally face palmed myself, realizing how stupid I sounded.

He looked up at my ceiling, "If you mean if I had reborned or something in the last era, then I have. To be honest I'm surprised that you don't remember." He scoffed and I shouted back.

"Someone stole my memory card though!" I cried, damn it. Why is it that whenever I was near this guy, I just had to feel so pathetically emotional? He dipped his head underneath me so that I could see his face and he smirked, wiping my tears. I lifted a hand to slap him, and he held my wrist tightly and kissed me. I didn't hold back to be honest… I was enjoying it… Just when I was about to close my eyes he pulled back and sneered. I slapped him. "HENTAI!" I yelled. He rubbed my head.

"Yeah yeah~" He walked away and through that passage from my room to his. I was seriously thinking of sealing that thing up. I placed my hand to my lips and I stared at the door. Elsword… you baka.

Another two hours later~~

I yawned and rubbed my eyes. Evening naps were always so peaceful. Moby and Reby were up and waiting at my door. "Good afternoon Moby, Reby." I yawned and opened the door to see Chung coming out of his door. He smiled sheepishly.

"Hey Eve." He waved. His cannon, the Destroyer or something like that, was nowhere to be seen. His silver shooters were still in his hands though. He walked up to me, "Aisha and Rena are about to go shopping for clothes or something." He pointed down the hallway where Aisha and Rena were looking at a shop directory map. I nodded and raced up to them, I could use some casual clothes. I walked up to them and asked if I could come with them.


"And I can always shop lift clothes that are way to over priced." She grinned and I once again sweat dropped. Rena, Aisha, and I soon went to the mall, I honestly felt like we were going to come back in trouble with the police.

Elsword's POV

I yawned and stretched my legs. Today was so tiring. I looked at the passage way that I had built when I'd first joined the Elgang. I don't even know why I'd built it... maybe I was thinking that they day would come... Chung knocked on my door and entered. He held up a scroll.

"Mission time." He sighed and I felt a shock of pain.

"Who's coming?" I asked. Please let Eve come, please let Eve come, please let Eve come...

"You, me and Raven. Guy's night out I guess." I groaned. Life sucked.

Raven's POV (Haha~ This is going to be hard. I've never made a Raven character of POV before.)

I flexed my nasod arm. It creaked. I was going to need that nasod's help sadly. I caught sight of Aisha and I looked away. I'm truely and idiot for falling for her. A cute, strong mage like her would never (Pssh, yeah right) fall for a half-nasod like me. I sighed and saw Chung and Elsword coming towards me. Elsword look incredibally exhasted and Chung's eyes gleamed. I felt like slapping myself with my other non-nasod arm. Bad day today. First I fall for Aisha. Now I'm going to get mixed up with Chung and Elsword.

System check: Eve's feelings and relationships to others:

Elsword: EVE is in love with Elsword. Relationship possibility: LOVE

Chung: EVE shows and treats Chung specially. Relationship possibility: LOVE

Aisha: EVE thinks of Aisha as a strong magician with bright futures. Relationship: Close Friends

Rena: EVE thinks of Rena as a hyper elf. Relationship: Friends.

Raven: EVE is considering Raven as a friend or an enemy. Relationship: Unknown.

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