Bisco Hatori Mori- Senpai! By Lucy C

"Mori! Mori! Mori!" screeched a young looking boy, looking as though he was due to explode any minuet from the sheer excitement, "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

The tall, dark male was awaken from his deep slumber. His eyes opened in a flash. The direction of his dark eyes turned to the small blonde boy.

"Mitsukuni?.. What time is it?" The young youth known as Mori (real name; Takashi Morinozuka) was 6'3" and at an age of 18. He had short black hair, onyx black eyes and a deep voice. Mitsukuni (also known as honey, real name Mitsukuni Haninozuka) had short blonde hair, big brown eyes and a considerably high voice. Honey was much shorter then Mori at the height of 4'10" and had a small companion called Usa- Chan, A pink stuffed bunny rabbit toy. He was 18 too but, being born on a leap year, he appeared to be 4-6 years of age.

"7:30am!" Replied Honey, "And today's a big day remember?"

"..." Mori was stuck. "Uh..."

Honey's eyes widened then tears weld up in his eyes. Mori felt so guilty. He really couldn't remember what was so important today. He silently stared at his small cousin.

"Wahh! Mori- Sempai doesn't even remember!" Mitsukuni sobbed. Mori was taken back by the fact that he had let his cousin down. He had never failed honey before. He shot out of bed and apologized.

"I'm sorry Mitsukuni." Mori said, kneeling down to honeys height. "What have I forgotten?"

Honey sniffed to himself.

"The host club.. Their getting a new cake in, especially for us. I cant believe you forgot.."

Mori smiled. He wiped away Honeys tears and gave him a hug.

"Sorry honey. It must of slipped my mind. You can have an extra slice of cake today if you wish."

Honey's mood changed suddenly. His face beamed with joy at the thought of even more cake than usual.

"YAY!" Cheered Mitsukuni, causing Usa- Chan to fall out of his arms. Mori picked Usa- chan off the floor and gave her a quick wipe with his PJ sleeve.

"Now you go get ready for school and I'll make us some breakfast, okay?" said Mori quietly.

Honey nodded than ran off to change. 'Heh.. Always so much fun with Mitsukuni."

And with that, Mori exited to go make himself and honey some breakfast before another 'interesting' day at Ouran Academy.