Good evening~ I present you my newest project~ A collection of drabbles and one-shots inspired by Muse's new album: The 2nd Law. They are not songfics and some stories don't fit the song title or the true meaning behind the lyrics. I created a story and used part of the lyrics in it, you know?

There are fourteen song in the album, but only twelve stories - they are not too long, ranging from 800 to 2000 words, except for one. I recommend you to follow the story, because you'll receive an e-mail and all that, but if you don't want to, it's fine. The chapters will probably posted weekly; I have to review them at least three times before posting to make the corrections needed and to change what doesn't please me.

And here is the first chapter: Supremacy. Enjoy!






"The time," Zelda repeated the elder's words to herself in a whisper as she looked over her shoulder at the castle, "it has come to destroy your supremacy."

Her horse neighed when the former princess softly tapped her heels on his body and he trotted forward in a lazy pace. Zelda murmured few words of encouragement to him, her loyal horse that would carry her throughout their trip because she was too tired to even think. Her half lidded eyes gazed up at the sky, dull and lacking their dull, but still present, sparkle.

It would have been just like any other day had not her council decided to go against her. Their harsh words, the insults, the material proof that the people were unhappy with her being the ruler of their kingdom. She thought she was doing it so well, she thought they were happy with everything she provided them. But her wisdom failed her; she had not seen this coming. Zelda couldn't raise her hand to fight the council; she could hardly raise her voice when speaking to them. And so against her will and against everything she had believed, she abdicated her throne, passing it to the elder member of the council.

She saw a bright star in the sky and closed her eyes in distress. She trusted the Goddesses more than she trusted herself, and if it was their wish that she was dethroned and thrown out in the world to fend for herself, then so be it. Zelda believed she could defend herself. She was able to sneak a bow and few arrows in her bag between two dresses and another pair of boots. Zelda was somewhat thankful that they gave her time to prepare for her forced departure. She only hoped that the Goddesses had something good in store for her.

Zelda opened her eyes and gazed at the nearby trees. They could have at least thrown her out of her own castle in the morning; the risks of being attacked and murdered would be almost improbable, for she would see the attackers and would either flee or try to fight.

Her horse stopped by a small pool of water to drink and she gazed at the moon's reflection tiredly. She slowly made her way to the ground and kneeled by the shore, splashing cool water on her face. The former princess looked forward, gazing at whatever it was that was standing there, and sighed; she didn't care to where her horse would take her, but she would like it if it was away from her people, for now.

She mounted on his back again and nudged him to keep walking. "Just a little more, Raven." She said in a murmur. "We're almost reaching... Somewhere..."

Raven began trotting once more, taking her to whatever destination his hooves would lead him. Zelda found herself humming an old song her mother used to sing to her and she smiled a little, for once feeling free. Her smile fell, however, when she glanced at the back of her right hand, and although she could not see it n the dark she knew that the Triforce mark was there, reminding her of what the goddesses had stored for her in the past.

"Your true emancipation is a fantasy, Zelda." She reminded herself bitterly and furrowed her brow. "You will never be free from the burden the Goddesses placed upon your shoulders." A strangled sound escaped her lips then and she touched her fingers to her forehead. "How will the Zelda legacy go on now that I'm not a princess anymore?"

Her horse neighed and the sound silenced her.

Zelda watched in silence as more trees surrounded them as they entered a narrow pathway. At the end of the path was a cabin, seemingly abandoned, and what once was a bonfire that would warm the inhabitants in the coldest nights. Raven turned to the right and Zelda had little time to study the gate to the left. They passed by one of the Light Spirits' springs and her eyes filled with hope when she realize she could ask him for some advice and guidance. They had just crossed a hanging bridge when Zelda decided that her horse had carried her for too long.

The first rays of light were peeking over the hills and Zelda smiled a little, glad that it wasn't dark anymore. It would take her a long time to sleep now, due to the daylight, but she would survive; it was better to sleep a little than to not sleep at all. She dismounted her black horse and only then realized why they weren't ambushed in the dark; he was of a dark color and she was dressed in black. It was as if they had disappeared in the scenery, as if they were moving shadows. Zelda took the reins in her hand and tiredly guided him until they reached a clearing with a path that would lead somewhere.

She glanced at Raven and petted his mare a few times. "I don't know if I would like to see what's there..." Zelda laid her head on his strong neck and nuzzled it a little with her cheek. "I am too tired..."

"Your Highness?" She slowly turned around and saw a sign and beside it a ladder. She followed it up with her eyes and saw none other than the hero of her people standing before the door of a tree house. Her eyes widened briefly and she did her best to smile at him. "What are you doing here? Why do you look so tired?"

The woman turned her head to the side and placed her hand over her heart. "It's been a long time, Link, since I last saw you. Five years." She returned her gaze to him. "You've grown. Are you twenty two now?"

He nodded and descended the ladder to approach her. "May I ask you again, Your Highness, why you are here?"

Zelda frowned her lips and braced her horse for support. Raven neighed and nudged her with his head, all the while looking at the young man. "I've been dethroned, Link. I abdicated before they could start some kind of war." She slowly sighed. "Greatness dies... And so does my legacy."

"I'm... I'm sorry, Your Majesty, I really am..." Link fidgeted a little, feeling uncomfortable for not being able to comfort her properly.

She merely shook her head and her knees buckled beneath her. Link went forward and kneeled beside her, using his hands to support her even if she was in a sitting position. "I should apologize to you, Link..."

He gazed at her with a confused stare and tried to change the subject. "For how long have you been awake? Did you get any sleep last night?"

"For twenty hours, I think..." She answered after few moments. "And no, I obviously didn't sleep..."

Link looked up at his house and then at the ladder and then at her again. He needed to get her inside his house, she needed some sleep, but the only way to take her up there wasn't the best gesture of chivalry in the world. Apologizing for his actions, Link picked up the former princess and tried to place her upper body as gently as possible over his shoulder. He climbed up the ladder with some difficulty, but managed to get her there in one piece, and entered his home.

He placed her in a sitting position against the wall and tried to find the most comfortable thing that would serve her as a comfortable bed. "No need to try to find the best for me, Link..." She murmured as she absently looked at the floor. "I'm not a princess anymore..."

"I will always treat you as one." He protested as he went down the ladder to reach his basement.

"Don't say that..." Her fingers traced odd patterns on the floor. "A real princess would give her hero and the hero of her people the recognition he deserves. But now here you are, still stuck in Ordon – not that it's a bad thing – but like an old melody: unsung and lost invisible to history."

The hero was beside her in a blink of her eyes and he took her hand gently in his. "Your Highness... Am I still a hero to you?"

Zelda blinked at him; what kind of question was that? He had saved her and her people and her kingdom and had done a lot of things, and she still didn't know how to repay him. She was forever grateful. "Yes, yes of course."

Link smiled then and touched her cheek with his other hand. "Then you're still a princess to me."