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Modern!AU – President!Zelda x Chauffeur!Link


Zelda sighed into her palm as she was yet again interrupted by her prime minister. "New energy cannot be created and high grade energy is being destroyed, Shad." She dropped her hand to her lap and stared out the window of the moving car. "It is your responsibility to find a solution to this problem. We cannot go through another energy crisis again."

"Yes," she answered after a brief moment of silence, "call me if you need anything." The president slipped her cell phone into her purse and heaved out a long sigh as she slumped on the leather seat of her car.

"Had a long day, miss?" She met her chauffeur's gaze on the rearview mirror and rubbed her temples with her fingertips. "Energy problems again?"

She nodded, "Yes, Link. Big companies can't seem to understand that we can't waste energy." Rubbing her nose bridge, she continued, "We need to find clean ways to produce more. We can't just burn coal for the rest of our lives."

Link pursed his lips as he drove carefully through the streets. "I'm sure you'll find the solution, miss."

"I left it on Shad's hands," her tired eyes gazed at the moving blur outside, "I'm going to a conference next week at Gerudo Desert. Mister Dragmire says we need to discuss our alliance."

"Shad's intelligent, I'm sure he will think of something." The car slowly stopped and Zelda watched as Link got out of the car and walked around it to open her door. "We arrived, miss."

Zelda took the hand he offered her and made her way to the front doors of her house that were opened by the butler waiting outside. She nodded at each one of her employees as she made her way upstairs and to her bedroom, with Link silently trailing behind her, carrying her files and documents.

The brunette entered the room at the end of the hallway and her chauffeur didn't hesitate to follow her inside. "Are they gone yet?" Her voice was barely audible as she approached the doors that lead to her balcony.

Link closed and locked the door, and remained with his back turned to her as he moved to the only desk in her room and left the documents there. "Soon they will be."

The president touched her throbbing forehead, "Being in charge of a country can be so hard," and then shut her eyes tightly, "and at such a young age it can be harder." With a sigh, she added, "I need to find a solution to this..."

"I can help you, miss." He said as he finally turned around to face her back. "I know what you're going to say," Link cut her just as she was about to speak, "'what can a chauffeur do to help the country?'" Placing his hands on her shoulders, the blond pulled her loose hair away from her neck and lowered his lips to it. "But I can help you with your stressful mood."

Craning her neck to give him more access and leaning into his touch, she whispered, "This is not right... A president should not be doing this..." His hands slowly unbuttoned her navy blue blazer, "And yet," and gently slid it down her arms, leaving them bare, "I enjoy it."

Trailing kisses up her neck and nibbling softly on her ear, Link breathed out, "Everything that is forbidden tastes better, feels better." Her blazer was thrown across the room and his hands returned to her body, gently gripping her waist as his thumbs smoothed circles on her covered skin. "There's more adrenaline and a special spice that make it so good," He kissed her shoulder, "so irresistible."

Zelda was about to answer when her phone rang, and she groaned in annoyance. "Leave it," Link's muffled voice ordered as he planted kisses on the nape of her neck.

"It could be Shad," was her only answer as she walked away from him and went to retrieve her purse, which happened to be on the chair near her queen sized bed. "And I was right." She said after rummaging through all the things in her purse and pulling her cell phone out.

Link silently watched her and managed to hear every word Shad said. "Miss Zelda, I think there's something I forgot to tell you." The chauffeur raised his hand to his dress shirt and loosened each button as he kept his eyes focused on her back. "The remaining energy decreases with each passing minute. We must gather each powerful man in this country and call them for a meeting."

"Call them tomorrow morning. If this is true w-" Zelda wheezed as the blond man pulled her down to the soft mattress and pinned her under his body. She flushed brightly and narrowed her eyes at him, but his only answer was a playful smirk before he lowered his head to the crook of her neck.

"Miss, is everything fine?"

Her mouth opened in a silent gasp when Link's hand gripped her thigh and caressed the smooth skin of her legs. "Y-Yes, Shad," she answered after a pause, "it's just that I- I almost tripped on the carpet."

"Be careful, miss, we cann-"

Link quickly snatched the phone away from her delicate hand, "Hey, Shad, it's me, Link." The blond smirked as he kept Zelda lying down on her back by straddling her hips with his own and pushing her shoulders back into the mattress. "Miss Zelda is too tired and almost tripped again. She will return to your call another time, bye."

The call was quickly ended and Link decided it was a good time to reach for the side zipper of her dress. Zelda didn't resist his hands and let him pull her black dress down her body and legs, only to be tossed away to lie forgotten with the blazer. "I need to talk to him, Link."

Placing a kiss on her forehead, he then nuzzled her cheek and added, "You can talk to me."

She took in a deep breath, but did as he said. "All natural and technological processes," her words escaped her when he gently bit her ear, and she gulped, breathed, and continued, "A-Anyway, energy continuously flows... From... From being concentrated to... To- Goddesses, Link!" Link chuckled, lips close the pulse on her neck, "Let me talk!"

"I'm letting, you," He replied simply before lowering his lips to hers, kissing her sweetly and slowly. Zelda's hands trailed up his bare arms, nails lightly grazing his skin, before her fingers gripped his shoulders. "To becoming dispersed, spread out, wasted and useless."

Zelda blinked lazily, her brain trying to understand his words, but it could only acknowledge that his lips were no longer on hers. Lips parted, breathing heavily, she slowly realized her neck was craned up, back partially off the mattress. "What?" She breathed out, still confused.

Link cupped her face with his hand, "I was just finishing what you said before," he planted a chaste kiss on her lips and smoothed his hand down her neck, bust and belly, coming to stop on her thighs again.

"Oh..." She said, blinking her eyes rapidly and shaking her head slightly. Link chuckled and shook his head; Zelda wrinkled her nose and lightly slapped his shoulder. "Yes, about that–"

"You sure recover quickly."

She noticed the amused smile on his lips, but said nothing, and continued as if he hadn't interrupted her. "Like I said before, big companies don't think it's necessary to save energy." Link realized her hands were working to loosen up his belt, and that she was doing a good job considering that her eyes were focused on the ceiling. "They want more and more money," Zelda sighed and tugged on his belt before throwing it away, "they don't understand that an economy based on endless growth is–"

"Unsustainable, yeah." He grabbed her hands before she could unbutton his pants and pinned them on the mattress above her head. "Are you done now?"

Zelda smirked and wondered if she should play around with him a little more. She decided otherwise and lifted her head to claim him lips on a kiss, "Yes, I'm done."

He kissed her nose, "great," he breathed out and cupped her face with his left hand again, "great." And Link kissed her again.

::The 2nd Law::