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After Gilbert's death, Roderich went through a quietly violent period of grieving. He continued to compose, but his symphonies were all in minor key. He locked himself in his home, which wasn't quite out of the ordinary, but always kept the curtains drawn, which was. After the funeral, he retreated within himself and his piano room, refusing to let anyone into his life. The only people whom he was in contact with at all were the people who delivered his groceries and the mailman. The person who worried about his health the most was, surprisingly, Feliciano. Ludwig reasoned that Roderich was strong enough to get through it himself, and just needed some alone time. Feliciano had known Roderich for a very long time, longer than Ludwig, and had never seen him at the edge like this. He worried for his safety, not from others, but from the darkness within himself.

Roderich was a strong man who never had a reason to grieve so intensely, and thus was a man who formed deep emotional attachments because he had never had a fear of loss. Feliciano, of all people, understood this more intensely because of a loss he had when he was younger that Roderich helped him through.

He had tried to warn everybody that it was bound to happen sometime, and that they needed to check on him. However, he never quite wanted to explain what "it" was, and nobody took him seriously. He always talked to the mailman just to make sure that Roderich was well enough to receive his post, and sometimes listened at the window to see if he could hear Roderich composing his depressing piano pieces. Feliciano sometimes joked with himself that Roderich was "decomposing" rather than "composing", but that made him sad and he had to stop himself.

Then Feliciano was gone for a couple of weeks on a summer trip to Italy. Little did he know, Roderich knew he was being watched the entire time, and found it reassuring. With Feliciano's comforting enigmatic presence gone, Roderich fell into a deeper depression. He believed that even Feliciano, his lifelong friend, had abandoned him. He believed that nobody cared for him anymore.

When Feliciano came back, Roderich's mailbox was full.

When he finally convinced Ludwig that something was wrong, and Ludwig broke into the house, it was much too late.

Roderich was dead.

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