Well here is a my try on a mix of ZX/Zero/Starforce. This story take place after the third game (side story counts.) I don't own Mega Man, it belong to Capcom and this chapter was Beta by TomoyaJintanUshio.

Episode 00: Prologue

First Arc: The Second Coming of Mega Man

The dungeon door slowly opened itself as the six locks vanished away. Behind the dungeon door was a room completely pitch black. The only light within the room was a large spiral staircase. "Come," said a voice. "I'll be waiting for you on the top."

"That voice!" Mega Man exclaimed astonishingly. "It can't be!" He quickly double merged into his HX form. He hastily ran up through the glowing spiral stairs to the top. He reverted back into his original X form as he reached the top.

Mega Man noticed the glowing spiral stair case vanished. He looked around and noticed the entire room was completely dark. "FM King, show yourself!"

"If that what you want, then you shall receive it," replied the FM king.

The pitch black room lit up and Mega Man was now standing in a castle-like throne room. He quickly felt a strong presence from behind and quickly summoned his Mega Buster. "Freeze!" he warned as he turned around with his buster pointing at the King sitting on top of his throne. Mega Man's eyes widened in surprise of the king on the throne. His fell on his knees and lowered his buster in shock of seeing of the FM King.

The FM King gave a small chuckle to Mega Man's response. "You must be this so call Mega Man," he said as he rose from his throne. "What's wrong? You didn't imagine that I was the FM King?"

Mega Man opened his mouth, but no words came out. His entire body was shivering in fear and shock. "No way," he croaked. His buster reverted back into his his arm and he clutched hand into a fist. "Why? Why the hell did you do this? Why the hell are you the FM King?"

The year is 221X. Four years has passed since the fall of Meteor G and the Black Hole Server thanks to the blue bomber, Mega Man. The technology of EM waves has greatly developed, but noise is still a global problem. The peace between earth and Planet FM had been great till…

"What?" Geo asked. He, Mega, his parents, and friends were all out the Vista Point during the summer festival. They all came to see the fireworks that were about to start. They were suspecting fireworks to come out any minute now, but instead of fireworks, an old friend dropped by with grave news.

"Geo," he said. "I seek your help."

Mega materialized next to Geo. "It has been a while Cepheus," he said to the king of Planet FM. "So how you've been doing?"

Cepheus took a big breath. "Planet FM is under attack."

"What?" everyone asked in surprise.

Cepheus gave a puzzled look. "You don't apprehend me? Planet FM is currently understand."

"I know that part," Geo said. "But what is attacking Planet FM?"

"Lately crimson has been gathering around the planet bringing along with noise crazy viruses everywhere," the king explained.

"Noise in Planet FM?" asked Lyra as she materialized next to Sonia. "Is that even possible?"

"Apparently," Cepheus said dryly.

Geo and Mega look at each other before responding. "Alright… we'll help, we're Brothers after all." Geo responded.

Cepheus gave a warm smile. "Thank you Geo. I really appreciate this."

"Wait!" someone yelled out. Everyone turned to who was the shouter was. It was Sonia, and she didn't look happy about Geo leaving again. "Geo, you're not going alone this time! I'm coming too!"

"Count me too! There no way you're going to have all of the fun, " Bud added.

"Murph, there no way I'll allow Planet FM to be under attack," Tarsus roared out as he materialized next to Bud.

"YeahI want piece of the action too! " said Lyra as she was shadowing boxing.

"I appreciate all of your consederation " Cepheus replied happily. "We'll leave at once."

"Wait," Geo stopped his friends before they can EM wave change. "You guys still haven't gotten the programs to go through the noise. The noise can actually do some harm to you guys."

"The kid is right," Mega agreed. "You guys won't last too long and we might have to fight you if you guys get too expose and go berserk."

"But we can't let you go on by yourself," Sonia protested. "In every time the earth is in danger, it's always you and Mega who go there and stopped it. You guys almost lost your lives three times because of it!"

"But we came back," Geo pointed out. "And I know that I'll come back this time too!"

"You better," said Luna. "If you don't, I will find you and bring you back."

"You know she's going to do it," Zack added with a nervous chuckle.

Geo turned to his parents. "We know by fact you'll come back," Hope assured him. "Just be careful."

" Don't forget we'll always in here," Kelvin said as he pointed into Geo's chest. He turned to Mega. "Mega, make sure Geo comes back alive."

"Don't worry," Mega assured him. "I'll take good care of him."

"Alright then," said Geo as he put his right arm out. Mega quickly went back into Geo's Hunter-VG. "Transcode: Mega Man!"

Geo's body was consumed by a big green light. His body was consumed by blue armor. He was now Mega Man. "Alright, let's go!" he said to the Cepheus.

"Geo, wait!" Sonia cried out.

"What is it?" Mega Man asked. Sonia walks towards him. She put her hands on Mega Man's helmet and brought his head to hers. Their lips meet. Everyone was dumbfounded by the event. As soon the kiss was done, both Sonia and Mega Man were heavily blushing. "Sonia…"Mega Man said softly

"Promise me you'll return safe and sound." Sonia asked as she looked away from Mega Man.

"Yes," Mega Man nodded happily to Sonia. "I promise to return." He turns his attention to Cepheus. "Let's go."

Cepheus nods and both he and Mega Man were instantly gone.

A year has passed since Mega Man left Earth to helped Planet FM. No one has heard from him since the day he left. Many believed that Mega Man has died during the battle against the noise berserk viruses. Many believed he's still alive and still trying to solve the appearance of the noise. There are various theories that might happen to Mega Man, yet none of them add up.

Many members of Project TC had tried to go to Planet FM, but they were all defeated due to high noise level. Even those who can channel noise like Acid Ace failed too. The noise level was completely different compare to Meteor's G noise. It caused many unexplained questions on why there is noise in Planet FM in the first place and why there is a stronger noise level than Meteor

Now there's a barrier of crimson blocking the path between Earth and Planet FM. The entire world is in a huge panic, no one knows what's going to happen or what to do, WAZA and the Satella police from all over the world are trying their best to handle the situation, but there is nothing they can actually do. All they really do is to prepare for the worst and hope that Mega Man will return.

It was the brightest shooting star in the Milky Way. The shooting star was moving at the speed of light and was heading towards Earth. Its purpose of heading to earth is still unknown. As soon as it entered the earth's atmosphere, it was split into two and both of them headed towards opposite directions.

He knew by fact everyone won't be heading to the mountains tonight. They'll all be at the festival that was held for Mega Man's honor. It was a perfect opportunity for him to head to the highest peak in the mountain. He had the highest peak to himself to see the starry night sky. One was one of the life time opportunities he wasn't going to miss out on.

But getting there was a lot harder than he thought it was. Since there was no EM cable car to take him to the peak of the mountains due to employees leaving early to go to the festival, he decided to head there by foot. He was lucky there was a hike path for him that will easily take him to the peak. Sure it was time consuming to head to the peak, but it was worth it. There was no way he was miss out an opportunity to see the stars all by himself.

He finally reached on the peak on the highest mountain in the area. He collapsed on the ground after running for miles to reach the top. He turned around and lay on his back to watch the pure starry night sky. He awed the beautiful shining starlight. It was breath taking.

It was literally breath taking. The run to reach the top took a lot out of him. He was breathing heavily, his body was completely sweaty, and his vision was slowly going blurry. 'Not right now… I just reached the top.' He wasn't sure if it was vision, but he noticed one star was out shining the others. He extended his hand out towards the shiniest star and clutched his hand as if he had caught the shiny star under his palm.

He slowly lost his conscious and passed out. His hand fell to the ground, still clutched shut. He was unaware that the shiniest star in the sky was getting brighter as it approached him. It wasn't too long as the star fell down and collided with him.

The new king of Planet FM sat on his throne. Next to his throne was his mortal assistant. "The two remaining biometals have already escaped to earth," his assistant advised the king. "Should I order our best men to go and retrieve them?"

"It seems that the biometals have already found their chosen ones," the FM King answered. "I doubt we can get them back in one piece. Oh well, send my men out and destroy the chosen ones."

"Yes my lord," his assistant assured him.

The king watched his assistant leavehis throne room. He gazed up in the sky. 'It won't matter to me if I don't have all of the biometals. I can't allow anyone to get in the way of my reformation!'