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Episode 01: Aero

Hello to the chosen one of Model X. If you receive this message, that means, I, Geo Stelar haven't return from Planet FM and still investigating on the crimson that appear on Planet FM. During my absence, I present you and the other users my greatest creation, the Biometal.

It felt like it he was actually inside the remnants of an actual supernova. He his body was in a static state, yet he didn't care. He was more concentrated in knowing why he was within a supernova remnant. It didn't matter if this was a dream or not, he didn't want to leave the aesthetic place to go back where he once was.

"Mega...man…" a soft gentle voice uttered. Small fragments of pure white light slowly gathered together in front of him. It took shape a young woman that looked particularly familiar to him. "Mega…man…" She reached her hand toward him.

It was a signal. As much he wanted to reach out to her, he couldn't. His body was still in a static state. He mustered all remaining strength he properly had and lifted his left hand towards the woman. "Ma…"

*Beep, Beep, Beep*

"Ah…" he groaned He shoved his face into his pillow and wrapped his pillow to cover the noise of his alarm clock, but apparently it made it even worse. So he forfeited to the noise and decided to hit the snooze button. He was now fully awake, but too exhausted to even get up.

He decided to think back to the dream he had. 'Mega…man…' he thought the of soft innocent voice that said those words. He tilted his head towards calendar to notice the date. 'That's right. Yesterday was the Mega Man festival in his honor. It was also the day he went missing as well…'

He grudgingly rose from his bed. 'Weird… I don't remember coming back home at all.' He walked out of his bed and headed towards the bathroom. He opened the door and discovered something on his face. "What the?" he blurted out as he removed a pair of green shades with white design on them. Did he just realize he had them on?

"Aero!" a voice called him from downstairs. "If you're awake, can you come downstairs?"

Aero didn't ignore the pleading voice and headed downstairs. As he walked down the stairs, he quickly hid the green shades in his pocket. He walked towards the living room. He noticed a brown hair woman within her mid-twenties sitting on the sofa. She didn't look too enthusiastic to see him. "Is there something you need, Lisa?"

"Where were you last night?" she asked.

"I was at the Mega Man festival last night," he lied.

"What time did you come back?" she asked

"I really don't know," he half lied. "Since we moved here about two days ago, I kind of got lost in the city."

"So why didn't you use your Hunter-VG?" she said

Aero grimaced. He couldn't answer her back. He looked down at the floor. Lisa simply sighed in disbelief. "It doesn't matter. You're home and unharmed."

"Sorry," he muttered. "I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's alright." Lisa rose up from sofa, "Just don't do it again." With that she patted him on the shoulder and headed towards the kitchen. "Go get changed. It's almost time for your first day of school, isn't it?"

"Yeah," he replied in deadpanned tone. Before he headed back upstairs, he looked at Lisa one more time. "Does dad know?"

"He doesn't even know you were gone," Lisa replied dryly. "Don't worry thought. I'm not going to tell him either."


The starry night sky with a full moon was truly exquisite. She wonder what the view will be like if she was on the EM road. "Do you want to see the view from up there?" a voice in her head asked.

"No," she denied. It was written in her face. She desperately wanted to, but she didn't want to look desperate though.

"You don't need so hesitant about this," the voice replied. "You can EM wave change as much as you want. I won't refuse your desire if you want to."

"Thanks, but no thanks," she responded back. She dug through her dresser and took out a small red and black, hexagon shape stone with a green gem in its center. "But…" She tightened her grip on it.

A cold shower was what Aero needed. His body felt more refresh as the freezing cold touched his delicate pale skin. As soon the shower was over, he grabbed one towel around his waist and the other to dry his messy charcoal hair. He looked in the mirror to see his lifeless, intimidating, and cold emerald eyes.

He struggled with his emotionless deadpan face to smile. His lip quivered as he made a small fake smile. But he could definitely tell it was obviously fraud. 'Well at least I tried.'

"You could have done better if you actually try harder," a voice said in his head.

"Who?" he looked around the bathroom and noticed no one was there. He was probably imagining things. He headed back to his room and placed his dirty clothes in his hamper. He removed the towel around his waist and closed the door.

He opened the closet and grabbed his school uniform that was inside. He put on a white dress shirt with a red tie, brown slacks, black dress shoes, and his school's blazer on. He attached his Hunter-VG on his left arm and took out his black briefcase backpack under his bed. He had everything he needed for school.

"Aren't you forgetting me something?" the voice asked. Aero hastily turned around. No one was in his room. He warily opened his hamper and took the glasses out from his pants. He looked around his room one more time before putting the shades inside of his backpack.

'Interesting,' thought the king's assistant intriguingly. 'Who would ever thought it would take less than a day for the biometals to find their chosen ones.'

The assistant walked through a dudgeon theme laboratory. "Even if the king wanted the destruction of stray biometals, he doesn't know that the only way to defeat chosen who know to use the biometal properly is with another chosen one, or at least the power of another biometal.'

The assistant's face sadistically smirked as four different stones floated around him. 'The king didn't say how I coulddispose of them. While I try to dispose of the chosen ones, shall I make this a bit more interesting?'

The school he was attending was known as Estrella High School. It was one of the top ten private schools in Netopia, or so Aero was told. The only way to get in the school was either a scholarship or paying your way into it.'Great… Now I'm going to attend school with so many snobby, blustering, and stuck up rich kids.'

"Don't think like that," the voice said in his head. "You haven't met any of the students yet, and who knows. Maybe you might make a friend."

If he could laugh, he would have. He wasn't freaking out from hearing the voice again. He was properly delusional and might have gone drinking by mistake last night. His memory was still hazy and his mind isn't still properly intact. It was the most realistic theory he had and he was going to stick with it.

'I doubt that,' Aero thought skeptically.

"Don't be like that," the voice responded. "Be more optimistic."

'The day I become optimistic is the day that Mega Man returns,' Aero thought back darkly. The voice didn't respond back. He wondered why it didn't talk back to him. Aero simply shrugged as he walked into the front foyer of the school.

The front foyer was packed with students of from young freshmen to older seniors. All of them crowded around bulletin boards. That was properly where the students went first to find where their homeroom was. Luckily for Aero, he didn't need to go within the crowd of students to find out his homeroom. Since was a new transfer student, his guidance counselor emailed him his homeroom and schedule.

He opened his retractable display screen and opened the email that his counselor gave him. 'It's says here that I'm on the second floor in homeroom 2D.' It didn't take him too long to find his homeroom. He walked in to his homeroom with students chattingwith each other. Aero ignored the chatting students and took the far edge seat in the corner.

"You're not going to interact with your other peers?" the voice asked. Aero remain completely silent. "Is there a reason why you're not going to interact with them?"

'In this world, you can't trust anyone,' Aero coldly thought. 'They will always betray your trust no matter what.' '

"That maybe be true," the voice admitted. "But you'll never know what it is like to trust others though."

The warning bell rang. It didn't take too long for class to be packed with other students he didn't even know. Soon the classroom started to get louder and louder.'Can't they shut up?'

"These students probably haven't seen each other for a long time now and wanted to catch up," the voice defended.

In an instant, all the students quieted down. Aero realized that their homeroom teacher just walked inside the classroom. The teacher appeared as a young handsome man wearing a dark pinstripe suit. "Hello class," he greeted happily. "I'm your homeroom teacher, Mr. Falster."

Aero wasn't sure if it was him or not, but the mood his teacher gave didn't match the atmosphere in the classroom for some reason. The looks from the students around him felt scared and intimidated. "So you sense something wrong in the classroom don't you?"

'Is it the homeroom teacher?' Aero thought cautiously.

"Now class before we begin our day, I thought it would be interesting if we all share something about ourselves," Mr. Falster said. "We're going to start with the student on the right side first."

Aero was the last row. He zoned out the second the first student even spoke a word. He was roused back as soon he felt someone tap his shoulder. "Huh?" He looked and noticed many students staring at him.

"Oh my," said Mr. Falster sarcastically. "Looks like someone didn't have much sleep last night."

"Ah sorry," Aero said blankly.

"Well it's alright," Mr. Falster assured him. "Just get up and tell your classmates your name and something interesting about yourself."

Aero nodded and rose from his seat. "I'm Aero Celestial. I'm a transfer student from Electopia and I moved here due to my parents work."

He sat back down and went through the morning classes at ease. With the exception of Mr. Falster, today was calm and somewhat peaceful. As soon the lunch bell rang, Aero sequestered himself away from the class and headed to the library.

"Not going to eat with your peers?"

'They're all a bunch of spoil brats that are irrelevant to me.' Aero's stomach growled. 'I guess it's time for that granola bar I put in my bag.' He looked around to make sure the librarians weren't looking at his direction. He opened his backpack and looked through his stuff.

The first thing he noticed was the green shades from this morning. They were known as visualizer, special glasses that allow anyone to see the EM world. This got Aero's curiosity ever since this morning. Were they real or not wasn't the main problem, it was how he obtain. Obtaining visualizer weren't too easy unless you're either working in EM technology or the Satella Police, which he didn't. What puzzled him more was that they look just like the ones Geo Stelar wore.

He ignored the visualizer and continued looking his granola bar. He was able to pull something out from his bag. It wasn't the granola bar, but a small, blocky mechanical artifact. It had a triangular shape with blue color scheme with red gem in the center. 'What in the world?'

Aero examined it curiously. 'Was this thing in there the first place?'

"E-Excuse me?" a voice asked politely.

Aero turned around to see a young attractive girl with aubrn hair and auburn eyes. She looked kind of familiar to him; was she in his class? "Um… Do I know you?" Aero asked coldly.

"Is that the proper way to talk to a lady?" the voice asked angrily.

"Will you shut up?" Aero snapped. It was too late for him to realize he just spoke out loud. And what worse the girl had her mouth open. 'Ah shit,' was all Aero thought as the girl slowly back away from him. "Sorry, I didn't meant-"

She ran out before Aero could even explain. Aero sighed in grief as he went back examining the strange artifact. 'First was waking up with no memories of last night, next was the visualizer, then the dumb voice in my head.'

"Hey!" the voice barked.

Aero ignored it and continued think on today's strange events. 'And now this device I found in my bag.' He rubbed his thumb on the red crystal. He thought back to anything that happened last night.

'Mega…Man…' a second voice called out. There was a voice he remembered last night saying Mega Man. But whatdoes it all mean?

Dr. Goodall walked inside the laboratory of her former apprentice. She received a message from the WAZA headquarters to go to the main WAZA lab in Yumland from her top student. She was thrilled when heard news of her former apprentice has made a major breakthrough to one of the WAZA's project. She rushed over there to see what her apprentice was working on.

As Dr. Goodall walked in, she noticed a young blonde female scientist in a lab coat looking over data on her laptop. She turned around and noticed her former teacher. "Ah, good to see you Dr. Goodall!" she said delightfully.

"Elpis," Dr. Goodall said cheerfully. "How have you been doing with the project of yours?"

"We're finish with it," Elpis said as she walked towards another room. "Come, I show what my team and I been working on."

Dr. Goodall walked in the other room and notice a table with thirty navy blue Hunter-VGs with red designs on them. Each of them had the Satella Police emblem on them. "Elpis, can you explain what do these Hunter-VGs have to do with your project?"

Elpis giggled in Dr. Goodall's confusion. "I finally perfected them," she said as she continued to giggle at Dr. Goodall.

"Perfected what?" Dr. Goodall asked cautiously.

"The mass production," she stated as she picked one of the Hunter-VGs.

"What, don't tell you were able to perfect the-"

"The mass production of the Acid wizards," Elpis interrupted as a blue and red designed version of Acid appeared in front of Dr. Goodall. "Today a new era begins, Dr. Goodall. With the help of the mass production of the Acid wizards, we'll change the world."

Sorry if I'm not making the story go fast enough. I just want to show what the life our main protagonist has right now before entering the life of a Mega Man.

Meaning of the names:

Aero: Wind, opposite of Geo, Earth

Celestial: Belonging or relating to the heavens.

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