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Tags: Bathroom Sex, Master/Slave, Glory-Hole, Sex Toys, Blowjobs, Verbal Abuse, Watersports
Pairings: RusAme, slight UKUS

Alfred tended to do this shopping on the internet, but his internet was going to be down for god knows how long and he was becoming desperate. Awkwardly he stepped into the sketchy looking shop (blacked out windows and no distinguishable features), immediately hit with an overwhelming smell of incense- blocking out the scent of sex, no doubt. He kept his head down and made a beeline for the toys, needing to buy a new vibrator to replace his broken one.

There was a brief 'welcome' from the cashier near the front, letting Alfred know where the checkout was, but beside that it was somewhat...deserted. It was obvious where everyone in the shop went, if the signs saying 'booths' and 'Down the Hole to Glory' were anything to go by. Not many people went there for the merchandise- not the inanimate merchandise anyway.

Alfred picked out a few things, a good amount of lube, a small egg to strap onto his dick and a rather large vibrator. He'd been going up in size- the boy was a virgin, but he could take a lot. He had plenty of experience with assplay, just by himself. He was always unlucky in the sex (and love) department and had to make due with what he had. Thankfully he had kink chats and the occasional live-stream he would do to keep himself satisfied.

The bell on the door that lead out jingled, signifying a new customer. And a loud one at that, who was talking to someone else beside them. "Bloody hell, I don't see why we have to go here, I mean, it just looks disease ridden. We should have tried our usual, instead of experimenting like you want to."

Alfred tensed up as he heard the voice, along with that grinding tone. He knew who it was as soon as the first word was spoken. His roommate, his fucking roommate was here. His roommate didn't know he was gay, much less a pervert with a huge vibrator and a fuck ton of lube. Alfred panicked, looking around with wide eyes, before darting through the aisles, finally holing himself up in the bathroom, the toys clutched to his chest. "Shit, shit..."

There were no signs of Alfred's roommate entering the bathroom. Everything seemed rather peaceful, actually. Besides the fact that the bathrooms were located right beside the gloryholes. Just one wall away. The bathroom itself was disgusting. Puddles of piss laid in the corners of the bathroom, grime and smells of semen and...well, bathroom smells. It was not very sanitary. This was the kind of bathroom where the toilet seat gave you herpes.

Alfred stayed there quietly, his breathing shallow and his knees pulled up. There were only a couple stalls that actually still had the doors on the front and he was not in one of them. He only finally relaxed after a few minutes passed and Arthur's voice passed by the door. His head fell back and he let out a quiet, sigh, the bottle of lube in his hand dropping to the floor accidentally. He frowned and leaned down, struggling to pick it up without accidentally brushing the liquids on the floor.

The door opened suddenly, and Alfred was caught in the gaze of a very tall and very broad man. He had a strong Russian nose with ashen hair, violet eyes sharpened on Alfred's bent over form. And they even widened a bit. "What are you doing in here...?" It seemed more directed as Alfred the person rather than Alfred the customer. As if to ask why he, Alfred,was in that bathroom, and not just what he was doing there.

Alfred tensed up, his hand recoiling and his head snapping up. He took a second to look around, making sure the man was actually talking to him and not someone else. "Wha...What?" Was he not supposed to come in here? Did he do something wrong? What if they weren't allowed to bring the toys back in the bathroom (he pulled the large vibrator closer, as if hiding it out of embarrassment).

The door was shut, and locked. It didn't actually looked like the man worked at the shop, he just seemed to have an incredible presence about him. "What are you doing here?" He slowly approached Alfred, looking entranced by his face. There was something in the man's accented voice- Eastern European?- that made it feel like he knew Alfred from somewhere.

Alfred paled as the man approached, withdrawing back onto the toilet further, keeping the toy as a barrier between himself and this new man. "I-I don't know what you're talking about..." He struggled to sound more assertive, but it came out as a stuttering mess. He swallowed thickly, unsure of what to do in the situation besides panic and curl up.

The man's sharp eyes darted down to look at the toy that Alfred was using as a barrier, and a wicked smirk twitched at his features. He leaned in, until he was right beside Alfred's ear, his breath tickling his neck. "That is a rather large toy you have there." It was, too. Alfred had chosen an eight inch vibrator, easily eight inches. It could easily be bigger, too. But... "But mine is bigger."

Alfred's eyes widened as the man spoke, feeling his breath catch in his throat. He'd been talked to like this on the internet, on the kinky chat sites he'd visit, the BDSM masters who found him attractive, but never in real life. It left him gasping and gaping, flushed red with little goosebumps all over. How the hell was he supposed to respond? Was there an acceptable answer to this? Or was he just supposed to sit there and take it? "I-I..." He didn't know what he was going to say, he was just letting out noises.

When there were no signs of a no, the man took Alfred's hand and helped to guide it, right over the seams of his crotch. "Do you want to see?" Under the jeans there was a sudden twitch, felt easily through the fabric.

Alfred's fingers twitched as he felt the heat through Ivan's pants, his own cock beginning to twitch and throb in his pants. The man was big- he wasn't lying when he said he was bigger than the toy. Christ, he'd never even played with a toy this big. His cheeks flushed and he nodded his head, continuing to feel the man's cock through the confines of his pants.

"Undo my pants. If you want to see it then you have to do the work yourself. Lazy bitches don't get rewarded." It was quite clear that this man wasn't going to play around with Alfred, if he wanted something then he had to do exactly as he said, or he wouldn't be rewarded.

Alfred recoiled at the words, though didn't look turned off. If anything he looked more eager. The toys fell off his lap, laying on the side forgotten. With a mixture of excitement and nervousness he began to unbutton and unzip the pants, pulling down the front of his underwear and reaching in to take his cock in his hand, his eyes immediately going wide. "...Oh."

The man took his cock in his hand and brushed the tip against Alfred's bottom lip. "It's not hard yet. Get it wet, bitch. You want it, don't you?" For how little time had elapsed since the man had even entered the bathroom he seemed to be moving pretty quickly. "If you want your master's cock then you're going to have to earn it. You're doing poorly at it so far."

Alfred was flushed red as the cock moved along his lips, his cock straining painfully in his pants. He could barely believe this was happening, it was like something out of the stories he'd read on the internet, or the roleplays he'd have on a kink chat. He never imagined it would happen in real life- but here he was, sitting in front of a 'master' with a huge cock, degrading him like crazy. He nodded his head, leaning forward to run his tongue along his cock, then over the tip, taking it into his mouth with a bit of struggle. For a virgin he did well- then again, he regularly gave blowjobs to his toys for fun and on camera.

"If you can take half then I might let you go to the glory-holes and suck one that's more your size." As if that was a reward, for getting as much into his mouth as he possibly could. It was debatable whether or not even a third might fit into Alfred's mouth. Breathing would be a difficult factor to take into account. "And after you get drenched in their cum, I might let you try out that toy you were holding so desperately. Don't worry about paying for it, I'll take care of you."

Alfred made a noise around the cock in his mouth, completely getting into character. He didn't mind that he didn't know this man, that he was being treated like nothing but a whore, that he was getting rewarded by what others may consider punishment, he was enjoying himself immensely. He held the cock by the base, beginning to take more in his mouth, feeling the heavy organ slide towards the back of his throat, cushioned from his teeth by his tongue.

"Mmm... Just like that. You're not bad, I envy the master that let go of your leash." A large hand slid through Alfred's hair and soothed him, helping to relax his throat even. "When you're riding that toy, I'm going to turn it to its highest setting- you're not allowed to take anything less than it- and maybe I'll let you taste some my piss. Would you like that?"

Alfred groaned around the cock, vibrations traveling up it. He struggled to nod his head, though found himself unable and instead made a noise of agreement. He gripped onto one of his hips, holding the cock tighter and beginning to push in closer, the tip of his cock bumping into the back of his throat. At that point he was unable to breathe, just closing his teary-eyes and gagging down more of his cock.

"You like sucking dick while you kneel in piss?" The man was tempted to roll that brand new vibrator in the puddles of questionable material and then make Alfred suck it, to see him humiliated. But so far Alfred seemed to be enjoying himself, so it wouldn't exactly be a punishment. "You're doing such a good job I might let you lick up some of the shit off this floor."

Alfred didn't reply, it was unclear as to whether he was just distracted with the cock in his mouth, or if he was turned off by the prospect of licking up any waste from the floor. Tears were beginning to gather in his eyes, welling up further, before finally spilling down his cheeks. His chest was beginning to ache, but he continued to force the cock further down his throat, choking himself on it.

Alfred was shoved off the sizeable cock, the man allowing him breath. "Dedicated, hm? Tell me...do you have a master?" Idle fingers stroked around Alfred's neck, where there lay no collar- an unclaimed pet- but he had to make sure. "If you don't...a pretty little thing like you needs to be more careful." The man took his cock and smeared precum over Alfred's lips.

Alfred gasped for breath, his tongue lolling out as the cock was traced over his lips. "No," he rasped out, blinking away the stinging tears and managing a sheepish smile up to the other. He usually wasn't so shy or sheepish- in fact, Alfred was a cocky motherfucker, but he found himself going extremely submissive as soon as he was placed in a situation like this. "I've never- I've never had a master..."

"Interesting." The man's deadpan voice gave away either how good he was at acting, or how much he just didn't seem to care. But there was definite excitement in his eyes. But regardless, the man said nothing about the subject any more right then. He pushed his cock harder against Alfred's lips, urging him to open up and swallow as much as he could once more. "Like I said, half and you get to go use the glory-holes."

Alfred nodded his head, obediently opening his mouth and allowing the man to push his cock inside. He reached up, grabbing Ivan's hips as he closed his eyes once again, taking in a deep breath through his nose before beginning to slide down. His throat visibly expanded as he took Ivan down his throat, relaxing it and allowing more in it than was probably healthy. He moved up higher on his knees, his thighs rubbing and his hips twitching upwards, occasionally brushing against one of the man's shins. He was growing closer, passing the the fourth mark, the third mark, then finally reaching the half mark. Awkwardly he opened his eyes, looking up at the other through glossy eyes, hoping for more words of encouragement .

"Oh, beautiful..." Alfred was slowly pushed off of the man's cock, a smirk gracing his features as he looked down at his temporary pet. "Pick up that lube and the vibrator and come with me." He securing tucked himself back into his pants, waiting with his hands folded comfortably behind his back. Waiting.

Alfred nodded his head, shakily standing up and grabbing the lube and vibrator from off of the floor. He was giddy, though also very clearly nervous. He followed closely after the man, stumbling along, struggling to not slip on the various liquids on the floor. "What next, sir?" The words came off rather fluidly, he liked that, he liked calling someone sir.

"What did I just tell you? Start to listen to what your rewards are going to be, or next time you won't get any rewards at all." He waved Alfred over and instead took him into the room just beside the bathroom, pushing Alfred into a stall and stepping in beside him. He knocked on the wall, just above a hole in the stall, three knocks to let them know that someone was there, ready to service.

"I'm sorry, sir," Alfred managed to get out just before he was shoved into the stall. He tripped, then landed on the toilet with a slight wince. He didn't move, unsure of what exactly to do, he'd never been in one of these stalls, he didn't know the etiquette for something like this. So he just stared up at the man, waiting for any orders.

It wasn't long until a few folded bills were waved through the hole. The man snatched up the bills and mouthed to Alfred, "You'll get this when you're done." Before he pocketed it and gave another rap on the wood with his knuckles. And soon enough, like clockwork, a cock peeked through the hole, waiting to be pleasured.

Alfred looked over at the man, then down to the cock, he knew what he was supposed to do. Carefully he slid onto his knees, leaning forward to lick and kiss and the cock, just teasing it for a bit, sucking on the sides and humming quietly against the tip, enjoying himself despite the lack of any sexual pleasure to himself.

"Onhonhon... Enjoying yourself?" The voices on the other side were muffled, but they could definitely be heard. Mostly just because of the hole. "Do you really think that someone who can put thatlook on your face is 'disease ridden'?"

"Shut up, frog, hahh... Bet she's not using her cunt because of exactly that!"

Alfred was just allowing the head to slide into his mouth when he heard that thick British accent. He tensed up, then yanked back, his eyes going wide and his mouth dropping open. Oh God, it was his roommate- he had his asshole, homophobic roommate's cock in his mouth. The young American panicked, before pulling away, ready to just bail.

Alfred's 'master' wasn't about to let that happen. He grabbed Alfred's shoulders and shoved him down. He forced him back onto the cock that was waiting for attention, and nudged him with his knee.

"Oh bloody fuck, she stopped! Hnng...n-no, wait..." It had only been about five seconds...but those five seconds had been cold. "What do you think she looks like, frog?"

"Mm, probably not well if she is only worth fifty dollars, onhonhon... But you can dream. Not like you will ever see her."

Alfred's lips were forced open, along with his mouth as the cock was pushed into his mouth. He looked over at the man desperately, before sighing through his nose and returning to the cock. This was terrible, but at the same time...he could feel a sick sense of satisfaction from it. Not just from the fact there was a cock in his mouth (though he loved that), but because he had a self-proclaimed homophobe fucking his mouth. This was like payback for all the times he'd been off-handedly called a wanker and slag- not that the last one really held any merit.

Slowly the man began to move his head, taking his cock further and further in his mouth, his hand pressing flat to the wall, tongue rolling and rubbing the shaft.

A hand was placed in Alfred's hair, urging him on calmly, threading through his golden locks and idly curling his cowlick around a thick finger. Voices could still be heard from the other side, "Oh hell... She's good." It was as if they thought the walls were actually thick, and not thin enough for...well, for a cock to easily get a blowjob through.

Alfred closed his eyes, easily taking the cock 3/4ths of the way in one go. He began to bob his head, moaning quietly under his breath, making sure to let it be a bit high pitched in case they could hear. He reached one hand down in order to cup himself through his pants, hoping he could get some release. He was pent up and sexually frustrated.

It didn't last long. A boot came down and stopped Alfred's hand, shoving it away. Alfred's master shook his head, leering down at him. Alfred was going to be in big trouble if he did that again. He could only hope that he would be forgiven for his ignorance of the rules.

Alfred whimpered and yanked away his hand, holding it to his chest, all the while continuing his sucking like an expert. He looked up at the other, touching his bruised hand, looking more apologetic than upset. He pulled back so he could take in a deep breath, whisper a quiet, "sorry, sir", then pushed himself down, taking all of the man in one go.

It didn't take long for the brit on the other side to bust in Alfred's mouth. But Alfred's master yanked him back, forcing a moneyshot all over Alfred's face. He knocked on the wall twice. That was the end of the show. And then he reached over on top of the booth where a little flap lay, with pins. He stuck it over the hole; they're stall was occupied, and not for use of the glory hole. "Strip."

Alfred tensed up, then nodded his head, taking the hem of his shirt and beginning to pull it up off of his body, wiggling his hips as he did it. He moved expertly- either Alfred was a stripper, or did private showings. Though the shake of his hand showed he was still somewhat nervous about stripping in front of the other. He hesitated when he reached his underwear, before finally taking those off as well, standing in his glory, cock hard and twitching under him.

"Put the toilet seat down and set the vibrator on it. You're going to ride." The Russian man started to undo his own pants, but he stayed a small distance away from Alfred, not allowing him to get close enough to touch, or use his mouth. "Give me a show, I want to be able to cum all over your face- you should look that good while you're doing it. Hurry up, fuckhole."

Alfred nodded his head, relaxing visibly when he realized that the man didn't want to penetrate him. He set the fake cock on the toilet, slathering it in lube. Carefully he straddled it, before slowly sinking himself down, dropping down onto the toilet seat. He whimpered and gasped, his eyes fluttering and his cheeks flushing. "Y-Yes, master." He dropped the sir and went straight to the master, because that's what the man was at that point. He began to move, rolling his hips up and down, watching the man with half-lidded eyes.

While Alfred was distracted by the initial penetration, the Russian leaned in and cranked up the vibrator. All the way. And it was brand new- a rechargeable one too, no getting out of this with not having batteries- and strong. Alfred was going to dive off the edge with this if he had to last through it for too long.

Alfred gasped, his back arching and his fingers curling. He bit his bottom lip, his eyes fluttering and his hips rolling down onto it. "O-Oh god, master- it's- it's so-" He never put vibrators on their highest settings, it was too strong for him- but if that was what his master wanted, then he would deal with it. He struggled to move his hips, but just ended up sitting there with the vibrator in him, gasping and twisting, his eyes squeezed shut and his mouth in an 'O'.

"You're doing very well..." Alfred's master was stroking himself off, coming closer to Alfred. "You want it on your face? I might even be inclined to let you open your mouth and have it there. Can you prove it to me? Give me a nice cumshot and we'll see."

Alfred nodded his head, his knees pulling together and his head falling back as he began to moan louder, pleasure shooting all through him. "M-Master-" he moaned, twisting and shaking, his chest rising and falling rapidly. "Master- oh God, it's so - everything feels so good- it's too- oh god, it's too strong master-" He couldn't finish his sentence, his knees falling open and his back arching, long ropes of cum splattering against his chest and stomach.

There was a shaky grunt from Alfred's master, a thick hand reaching and grabbing Alfred's face to pop open his jaw so he could spray his semen into his pet's mouth. "Don't swallow yet. Hold it in your mouth, keep it wide open, I want to see." He leaned down, examining Alfred's mouth, bathed in cum, strings of it mixing with saliva and tongue twitching.

Finally, he released his jaw and pulled back. "Swallow. You can turn off the vibrator."

Alfred obediently closed his mouth, swallowing down the thick semen, while awkwardly flicking off the vibrator. He opened his mouth gasping quietly, before smiling shakily up at the man. "Thank you, master." He awkwardly began to dismount himself from the large vibrator, taking a step, then just sort of sinking to his knees, too exhausted to actually stand anymore.

"You're not quite done yet." The Russian gripped his softened cock and tangled a hand through Alfred's hair. "Are you ready for your drink? Open wide. You much be parched after being given all those treats. They'll dry your mouth out."

Alfred hadn't realized that the man was serious when he suggested pissing on him, but Alfred was more than willing to go all the way. Watersports was rather vanilla on his list of kinks. He nodded and let his mouth fall open, tongue hanging out and his eyes squeezing shut to make sure no backsplash landed in them.

Alfred didn't have to wait long. The acrid scent of piss permeated the air, and the taste filled Alfred's mouth. "Don't spill a drop. If you do, I'll make you piss yourself and then lick it off the floor."

When he was finished, the Russian tucked himself back in his pants and picked up the toy. "Wear this home. I'm going to pay for it." He picked up Alfred's pants and began to search through it, picking out his wallet. He pulled out his ID and held it up for Alfred to see. "I'm taking this. It will be returned to you at some point in the near future."

And with those words, the man left, pocketing Alfred's ID.

Alfred stared after the other, covered in cum and piss dribbling down his chin. It took a while before Alfred was finally able to move, limping over to a sink and washing himself off. Next he began to get dressed, pushing the toy up inside of him, then pulling on his clothing. He finally limped out of the bathroom, holding the open lube, unsure if the man had actually paid, or was just fucking around with him.

The man was gone when Alfred came out into the open, and the cashier did wave Alfred over. But not to pay for anything. "There was a man who said that you were cleaning up and wanted these..." Three videos were pushed over the counter. "It's all be taken care of."

Alfred took the videos, confused as to what the hell they could possibly be. But right then his main concern was getting home.