Warnings: BDSM, verbal abuse, masturbation, toys, spanking, sexual punishment, slapping

The weekend was spent pretty uneventful. Alfred was rather lonely- two days where Ivan, Francis, and Arthur were gone. Usually he would have liked this, this freedom, independence, but now he just wanted to at least talk to somebody.

He sighed and tugging on his clothing, hiding his collar behind a large sweatshirt and then heading to classes.

Alfred didn't get to go far. Arthur and Francis swooped in and grabbed him, sitting him down at the kitchen table. "Alfred... We need to talk." Arthur sat beside him, Francis in front of him. "We, ah... We understand you could be in a rather difficult place right now..."

"But we also want you to know that you can tell us anything," Francis added, fingers folded together. "Is there anything you need to say?"

Of course- they had to have the fucking talk ten minutes before his class. He sighed and dropped the bag, sitting down with a small wince. "I'm not getting raped, if that's what you're implying." He pressed his fingers to his temples, letting out a small groan of frustration. "I like it- what we're doing, it's all consensual, we have safe words and good means of communication... Honestly, I just like getting hit around. I like it to be rough and I like being put into, like, total submission." Well, they knew, might as well get completely out with it. "It's just sex, that's all!"

"Well... We don't think you should be having sex." Arthur cleared his throat awkwardly, looking away nervously. He still had a lovely bruise from what Ivan had done to him. "You should be focusing on school, having a relationship isn't exactly prudent..."

"O-oui, you shouldn't be having that kind of sex anyway, that is horribly brutal."

"You two are two years older than me! I bet you've nailed more people than you remember! This is my first boyfriend! And I like it, anyways, I mean...I'm always in control of everything, I'm always presidents of shits, captains, all of that- it's nice to be the one taking orders every now and then!" Alfred's face was bright red, tears welling up in the corner of them, frustrated that they wouldn't just listen to what he was saying and leave him alone.

"Th-that's not the bloody point!" Arthur flushed with anger, upset that Alfred wasn't listening to them. "Dammit, you shouldn't be with him! How old is he anyway? He's probably just some punk... I..." Oh god, how could he get it across to Alfred? "He's manipulating you! You don't actually want this! You should- should... If you don't break up with him, I'll press charges for assault!"

"What? I-I'll just say he was protecting me because you were grabbing my arm without my permission!" Alfred recoiled away, no longer looking up at the two, subconsciously touching the bruise forming on his cheek from the slap. "And how is he manipulating me? He buys things for me everyday and when we spend the day together he's fucking me raw, just like what I want! It sounds like I'm the manipulator, to be honest." Alfred sighed, thinking a second, before finally getting around to answering his first question. "...He's... He's twenty-Eight."

There was a moment of shocked silence. "A-Alfred, he's nearly ten years older than you! He's...he's..." He was practically Alfred sugar daddy from the sound of it.

Alfred's smile turned almost sheepish, it was like a freshman in high school crushing on a cute senior. "I know, it's kinda cool, he's so much more experienced than I am... He's really nice- I mean, when we're just hanging out, he's sweet to me."

"Th-that's not a good thing!" Arthur was really starting to get frustrated. "Alfred, I forbid you from seeing him again! He's just using you! This isn't healthy!"

Alfred's face flushed red in anger. "Forbid?" He sat back, staring at him with his jaw-dropped. "You can't forbid me from seeing someone! You're not my dad and I'm not a child! I'm nineteen fucking years old and I can do whatever I want!"

"No you can't." Arthur wasn't going to let Alfred go through with this. "I swear to god, Alfred, if you keep seeing him then I am going to make sure something happens, and it will be painful for everyone involved."

Alfred gaped at Arthur, before turning his attention to Francis, hoping that the other man would understand- he always went on and on about love, he would have to understand that love was the same thing- even if expressed in an unconventional way.

Francis just shrugged, unable to give a proper answer. Arthur would smack him if he dared say anything otherwise. There wasn't much that he could do, honestly.

"You know what? Fuck both of you." Alfred stood up angrily, not even looking at them anymore. "I'm fuckin' sick of both of you trying to take control of my life. I like him and neither of you have the right to say anything."

"Y-you're a bloody pervert!" Arthur snapped angrily, face red. "You can't go back to that man, he's awful and I hate him!"

Alfred was flushed in anger, fae just as red as Arthur's. "I'm the pervert? You're the one who goes to fucking sex shops to get sucked off through a damn hole!"

"Wh-what?" Both Arthur and Francis looked surprised. Arthur more horrified than surprised. "St-stop joking around, you don't...don't know anything." Arthur's face was red, he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Really? Because I was there! Remember that 50 dollar whore with a disease? That was me." The words left Alfred and his hand slapped over his mouth, as if trying to catch what he had just said and put it back into his mouth. He was angry and mad and hadn't realized what he was saying when he said it.

"Wh-what?" Oh god, that had been Alfred. That had been Alfred. "You... You... Get out!" He didn't have the time for this. Alfred was kicked out, he couldn't take it if Alfred was the one who did...those sorts of things. "And don't come back!"

Alfred didn't protest, he was flushed red and ashamed and angry at himself and Arthur. Without another word he practically ran out of the apartment, only stopping when the entire building was out of sight. He turned into the first alleyway he could find, feeling a plethora of emotions bubbling up inside of him. He had no clue what to do, so he called the only person he thought could help him.

Ivan pulled out his phone, inconspicuously and saw that Alfred was calling. He pressed end. He was in the middle of a very important meeting- he couldn't handle his pet right then.

There were two rings from Al's end, before it went to voicemail. Alfred could feel his stomach drop, Ivan had ignored him. Still, he left a message, barely audible over his sobbing, telling Ivan that he had been kicked out and he had no clue what to do and he was scared as hell.

He stayed in that alley way for god knows how many hours, only finally coming back to the apartment, hoping he could talk it out with Arthur.

The door was locked, and all of Alfred's belongings were outside the door. His mattress, and everything he owned in five boxes. There was no one home (or at least no one answered), and a note was taped to one of the boxes.

'You don't live here anymore'

Alfred could feel his world crashing down around him, he tried to open the door again, hitting it and pleading desperately, before finally sinking to the ground, sitting between his boxes, knees pulled to his chest and hands pressed to his face, just letting himself sob.

A text was sent from Ivan, saying he would stop by later. It didn't quell Alfred's tears. That was nearly two hours.

Alfred didn't stop crying those two hours, he would spend about twenty minutes just sniffling, before the tears came flooding back. By the time Ivan finally arrived he was a mess, hair hectic, knees completely wet from the tears and eyes red. Arthur had been his friend for many year now, to have just been kicked out like that- it was understandable, but it didn't make it any less heartbreaking.

"Alfred? You're a mess... Why are all your things sitting outside?" Ivan knelt down beside his pet and began to smooth over his hair. "Did you get evicted?" Alfred didn't seem like the type to get evicted.

"I-I accidentally told Arthur whu-what happened at-at the shop- I-I didn't meant to, it...It just slipped out and..." Alfred held up the note, feeling a fresh wave of tears come over him. He didn't know what to do and he doubted Ivan knew either, but he needed at least someone to be there for him.

"Shh, shhh..." Ivan sighed and shook his head, hugging Alfred tightly. "Get your things, my car is downstairs. I'm going to let you stay with me at my house for a bit, alright?" If Alfred stayed with him they wouldn't have to go far to play, either. "You just tell me when your classes are and then my chauffeur will take you there whenever you need."

Alfred pressed his face into Ivan's chest, returning the hug with a cough and a sob. He finally pulled away, rubbing at his eyes and struggling to stand up, his legs shaking violently underneath him. "I-I'll pay rent until I-I can-can find a new place," he promised, grabbing two boxes and beginning to head down the stairs. He didn't actually own a lot, it would only take about three trips on his own, two trips for the boxes and a third for the mattress.

Ivan took the other boxes, loading them into the car and then going up to get the mattress on his own. "You don't have to worry about paying me." Ivan had more than enough money to spare for Alfred. He loaded in the mattress and slammed the back door shut. "Get in."

Alfred clambered into the car, still wiping at his eyes and sniffling quietly. "Th-Thank you, I-I have no clue what I would have done without you." He wouldn't have been kicked out of his apartment if it weren't for Ivan, but that was besides the point. The boy shifted in his seat, taking a second to actually look around, finally realizing just how fancy his car was.

Ivan was the one driving (and he wasn't very good at it). He pulled them into the nicer part of town and right in front of what was little less than a mansion. "This is my house. I hope you'll find it to your liking. I have several extra rooms you can stay in, but I have one specific in mind for you." Ivan would assign him his room, of course.

Alfred's jaw dropped as he saw the mansion, not really believing his own eyes. This had to have been some sort of joke- he'd seen that house around before, but he never thought someone actually lived in it- he figured it was just one of those charity houses, maybe had some historical shit in it. "...You're shittin' me."

"What?" Ivan got out of the car and went back to start unloading Alfred's belongings. "Come on, let's go inside. I want to show you to your room. You're getting the special room."

Alfred grabbed his boxes, following after Ivan stiffly. "What's, uh, what's the special room?" He was sort of distracted, trying to calculate what rent would be for a place like that- Christ, he would have to take up three full-time jobs to just pay for a month of this place.

"It's only for my special guests." Ivan brought the boxes in, and immediately handed them off to one of his maids, ordering them to bring it up to the proper room. "Let me show you."

Alfred nodded his head, staying close by Ivan's side, as if he was scared that he would get lost if he wandered off too far. "This is..." He didn't finish his sentence, unsure of exactly what it was. Ridiculous, breathtaking, almost laughable.

"Just follow me, you'll love where you're sleeping. There's already a bed there but I suppose you can have two mattresses? I've heard that that gives you a good night's sleep." Ivan lead him up the stairs while the maids followed behind them with the boxes and the mattress coming through the door last.

Ivan took him towards the end of the hall and opened up a door. "Here you are..."

Inside the room was a bed with a silk canopy over top, blue and silver being the theme of the entire room. It had a dresser and a desk, it's own full bathroom attached.

"Oh." The noise was sort of breathy and high pitched, coming out before Alfred could stop it. The place was bigger than his and Arthur's apartment combined, it was large and spacious and, christ, he was scared to touch anything for fear of dirtying it up. This place was too big and too fancy and too perfect for him.

"I, uh, this is...thank you so much, I promise I won't overstay my welcome..." He shook his head, then looked up to Ivan, managing a small smile. "Should I write out my schedule for you? And what do you want me to call you here, in your own house I mean... Can I call you Ivan, or should I just keep saying master?"

"You can call me Ivan when we're not playing. And don't worry, you will know when we are playing." Ivan pinched Alfred's cheek and brushed past him. "Go ahead and unpack whatever you want, you can act like you live here or you can act like it is overnight, I don't particularly care. Write out your schedule for me, have a maid send it to my study. I'll be working for a bit. If you have any questions ask a servant."

Alfred scrunched up his nose as he was pinched, before nodding his head, giving a small wave and sitting down on the bed. He unpacked his essentials, clothing and electronics, but left the rest unpacked and under the bed. He kept out one box, still sealed up, it had a little x on it, Alfred's toy box- in case Ivan wanted to play.

He took out his notebook, jotting down his schedule, before stepping out and finding the first maid he could. He motioned her over, handed her the note and asked her to give it to Ivan.

Alfred looked around, too nervous to actually explore and instead changed out of his clothes, before crawling into the bed in just his briefs. He'd sleep until either classes came, or Ivan wanted to hang out with him.

Ivan came in later, taking a seat at the edge of the bed. "Alfred," he cooed, shaking his shoulder and pushing the blankets up. "Wake up, sleepy-head. I want to take you down for dinner."

Alfred blinked, sitting up with a yawn and nodding his head. He slid out of the bed, scrambling around for some clothing to wear, finally grabbing a pair of shorts and a loose T shirt, yanking them on and waiting for himself to wake up.

"You didn't have to get dressed," Ivan teased as he patted Alfred's cheek. "We should go down and eat dinner, then we're going to play." Ivan couldn't wait to play with Alfred, in his own house! He tended to wait until he brought his pets home, since they tended to suddenly like him a lot more because of his money.

Alfred gave Ivan a small smile, leaning into the touch for a moment, before pulling away and smiling. "Alright, I really appreciate everything you've done for me, I'll pay you back, I promise." There was no way he could pay back the sheer amount of toys he had been given, but he would try and at least give Ivan some money.

"There is no reason to pay me back. Don't even try." Ivan didn't want Alfred's money. Alfred was his pet, yes, but Ivan loved spoiling his pets. His slaves were very dear to him, he loved to spoil them.

Alfred couldn't fight the grin off his sleep, he would still try and pay Ivan back, but it was endearing that the other didn't want to take it. "What are we eating for dinner?" He reached out, gently taking Ivan's shirt in the back of his hand, not pulling too hard, he was just having a moment of childish fear, the place was way too huge and he didn't want to be lost.

"I had my chef cook us up something nice. I doubt you ever get nice food, being a college student in all..." This was just Ivan's assumptions. He sat down at his lovely table and clapped his hands, some of his maids bringing out the food. "Steak."

Alfred's mouth began to salivate as it was brought out. He quickly wiped his hand over his mouth, making sure not to drool and grinned. "My diet is literally dollar-store soda and packets of ramen- sometimes McDonalds if I have enough money." It was a miracle that Alfred managed to keep his figure like that.

"Well, none of that now. You're going to eat my chef's perfect food from now on. He is simply the best." Ivan promised as he started to dig in. "Go ahead and start eating."

Alfred ate with an unrivaled appetite, it was less disgusting and more unnerving. It didn't seem natural how fast he could eat. He had finished off the steak in what had only taken Ivan a few bites, sitting back and grinning happily. "That was...awesome."

Ivan's eyebrows were propped up, smirking as he found that Alfred was as ravenous as he looked. "Would you like seconds? There is more than enough." He preferred to take his time.

Alfred sat up immediately, nodding his head quickly. "Yes, oh my god, yes please!" He was still hungry and the idea of getting more just brought that grin right back to his lips. Food and compliments- Alfred could live off of them.

When Ivan waved over his maid, Alfred was brought another plate of food, swapping out for the rest. "You know, it's quite cute to watch you eat. I've never had a pet with such a voracious appetite."

Alfred looked up from the food, already a quarter of the way through it. "Really? Francis always said it was gross how much I ate, Arthur too..." His lips drew into a frown at the memory of Arthur, his eating slowing down. Oh yeah...Arthur.

"I think it is interesting. I have always wondered how food affects different people. You seem to just eat so much of it. Do you ever get chubby? Or just not eat enough?" Alfred seemed like he had a high metabolism at least.

Alfred shrugged up his shoulders, returning to his food happily. "Uh, yeah, I guess, at least if I don't exercise, in high school I spent an entire summer sitting in my room playing games and literally doing nothing else, but, hell, just walking between campus gives me enough exercise to keep it down."

"Well, that's good. I don't need you getting chubby on me," the Russian teased as he slowly finished up his dinner. His plate was taken from him and he got to his feet. "When you're ready we can go." He was already getting up to leave. "Don't clean up, the maids will do it."

Alfred finished the rest of his plate as quickly as he could and stood up, not wanting to make him wait. It wasn't that he was scared of making Ivan wait, he just felt bad. He was already taking so much, he'd be more than willing to do everything for Ivan at this point. "Are we gonna go play?"

"Don't eat so much that you throw up," he snorted as he prodded Alfred's stomach. "And yes, we're going to be playing. We'll be in my room for it." Ivan wasn't sure if he wanted Alfred to stay with him for the night or return to his own room.

Alfred grinned and nodded his head, hesitantly brushing his hand over Ivan's. He was clear he was trying to coax the other into holding his hand, but didn't want to initiate contact without Ivan telling him he could. Alfred was clearly just as into the romantic aspect of their relationship as he was with the sexual.

Ivan didn't grab Alfred's hand, but he did take him by the wrist and drag him towards the bedroom opposite Alfred's room. He opened up the door and showed Alfred his lavish room. It was bigger than Alfred's, and it was more or less structured the same. The colouring was red and gold, instead.

Alfred looked around curiously, his lips drawn into a small smile and his fingers curling in the grip. He wasn't sure if they had officially started the 'playdate' or not, but he still didn't talk- it was one of the rules, after all and it was better safe than sorry. He turned his attention over to Ivan, waiting for him to him him an order.

Ivan leaned in, purring as he stroked at Alfred's hair, then his shoulders, his sides... "You look beautiful in your collar." Ivan hooked a finger in the ring and pulled Alfred in for a kiss. When he received no response he growled, pulling Alfred closer. "Where is my thank you?"

Alfred was flushed from the kiss, blinking rapidly and breathing heavily. "I-I'm sorry, master- Thank you, master." His fingers moved up, hands pressed to Ivan's chest, doing his action without thinking about it. He just wanted to feel the other, the big expanse of chest under his fingers, it made him grin.

Ivan shoved Alfred's hands down, hands on his shoulders. "No touching. You can touch my cock, that's it." And even then, only with special permission. He pointed to the bed, giving him a push. "On the bed, pet. strip."

Alfred stumbled towards the bed, righting himself and crawling on. Once he got himself situated he began to get undressed, hastily pulling off his shirt. He wasn't trying to be sexy, he just wanted to get naked as fast as he could.

"No finesse? Not even a strip tease?" Ivan was teasing of course, but he couldn't say that he didn't want Alfred to strip sexy for him. "Spread your legs, touch yourself a bit." He went on to his closet, pulling out a box to start rooting around for a few items.

Alfred threw his pants to the edge of the room, pulling his knees up and spreading them. He bit his bottom lip, reaching down to take a hold of his cock- already rock hard- and began to stroke, eyes slipping shut as he did it.

Ivan returned to him with nipple clamps, handfuls of clothespins, and a blindfold. "You're going to go in blind." He pulled the satin cloth around Alfred's eyes and tied it behind his head. "Don't peek, if you do I will punish you severely."

Alfred's hand stilled at the visual deprivation, his mouth making a small 'o' shape. This was totally foreign to him, he'd done solo masochism and the last three sessions with Ivan, but that was the extent to his expertise. He nodded his head slowly, waiting nervously for Ivan to continue.

Alfred's nipples were then pinched and snapped between the alligator clamps. He tightened them up, smirking. "Feel that, slut?" He used another hand to grab Alfred's cock and laughed bitterly. He yanked on the chain between the clamps, tugging hard. "If you love this then the clothespins will be easy for you."

Alfred cried out as Ivan tugged on the clamps, his body lurching forward and his shoulders shaking. He was breathing hard, however, his cock continued to twitch under him- he had sensitive nipples and this was excruciating for him. He loved it. He nodded his head quickly, still not talking- at least, not until he was given a specific question.

The chain was yanked once more. "Nasty little slut, loves it when his nipples are being pinched so hard they're practically being twisted off." Ivan loved torturing his pets with the alligator clamps. "Finger yourself."

Alfred heels dug into the sheets under him, one hand gripping a pillow tight, while his other hand obediently reached down. He didn't use any spit or ask for lube, he was told to finger himself, so that's what he did. With a bit of struggle he pushed in two fingers, beginning to pump them, whimpers and cries leaving him.

"Oh, how sweet." Ivan grinned and pinched Alfred's cheek like he had before. He pushed Alfred's legs further apart with a short laugh. "Here come the clothespins!" He opened one up, and pinched it over Alfred's thigh. "Don't let it fall."

Alfred grit his teeth, forcing his tense thighs to relax despite how much pain he was in. It was hard as hell. He turned his head down, as if trying to look at his thighs, before groaning and letting his head fall back, moving his fingers faster to somewhat distract himself from the pain.

He had no clue how long the session would take, he had been told not to cum before Ivan, but it didn't seem like Ivan was getting any stimulation- and it wasn't like Alfred could see even if he did cum.

"Enjoying yourself?" Ivan sneered and stuck another pin on Alfred's other thigh. "Stick out your tongue." He didn't want an answer, he wanted Alfred silent and humiliated. Once his request was heeded, he snapped Alfred's tongue in a clothespin. "If it falls, you get a spanking."

Alfred's eyes widened from behind the blindfold, a cry leaving his throat that trailed off into a whimper. His fingers had slowed down drastically, just struggling to keep his tongue from twitching too much. The pain was intense, he'd be smacked across the face and fucked until he bled, but this was probably one of the biggest forms of torture Ivan had given him.

"Stop touching yourself." Ivan revoked his permission and yanked Alfred's hands up. "I'm going to put as many clothespins as I can on you. And for every one that falls off before I say it is allowed, you will be struck." Ivan started to then pinch Alfred's skin with the clothespins any place that he possibly could.

Alfred had to force his body to remain relaxed to avoid the skin from become too taut. He shook his head, tongue still hanging out his mouth, lips glistening with saliva. Each clothespin elicited a new whimper and louder whimper from Alfred. When the more sensitive areas were pinch he couldn't help but tense, causing two of the clothespin to pop off and land onto the bed, the noise that left him was more of a sigh of relief than anything.

Ivan didn't hesitate to slap Alfred across the face, then backhand him in the same motion. Several more clothespins popped off from the violent motion. He just kept doing it, for every single one that slipped off. "I warned you."

Alfred had been doing rather good up until the last few hits, he was panting and crying out, his tongue cramping in pain. Finally he couldn't stand it anymore, his tongue pulling in and the clothespin falling to his lap. He shook his head, gasping loudly and freely now that there wasn't a weight on the end of his tongue.

"I told you that you would get a spanking. Are you doing this on purpose?" Ivan pushed Alfred over onto his stomach, laying him over his lap and grabbing a handful of ass. "I will not be gentle with you." He started to smack down on Alfred, harsh and rough. Alfred's ass was red with the first slap.

Alfred cried out at the first hit, his body lurching forward and his lips pressing to Ivan's thigh. His entire body seized up from pain, the remaining clothes pins popping off in the process. He wasn't sure if he was actually finding this sexually arousing, or if his body was just caught up in the mindset that he tricked himself into actually enjoying it, but whatever it was it left him groaning and grinding down on reflex, trying to get some stimulation to his cock.

Ivan could feel Alfred's grinding, and he didn't like that he was trying to please himself without permission. He gave Alfred's ass a pinch and shoved a finger inside him with no warning. "Did I say you could please yourself? Selfish little cunt. I should punish you further. But you would like that, wouldn't you?"

Alfred cried out, his hips still immediately. He wanted to say sorry, but at the risk of getting more punishment he shut up. His entire body remained tense, in an awkward dying-down pain and sexual denial. He could feel an orgasm just beginning to build and he knew he would need to be especially careful- he'd already had two strikes.

Ivan's movements inside of Alfred were becoming less violent, more careful and pleasurable. But there were no words. Ivan stroked Alfred's insides, curling within him. He just pressed up against Alfred's prostate, urging him on with pleasure.

Soon moans were beginning to leave Alfred, his toes curling and his forehead pushing hard into Ivan's thigh. He clenched around the fingers, his hips twitching, desperate to try and buck down against the fingers, though forcing himself from in order to avoid punishment. Pain was amazing, but just simple pleasure every now and then was nice too.

"You have a remarkable amount of control for a first time pet." Alfred didn't even need to be conditioned. Ivan pulled his fingers out and gave Alfred yet another smack. "You're quite admirable, really. I would love to keep you as my pet, until your ass is ragged and loose... And even then I might keep you a little longer."

Alfred couldn't stop a proud grin from spreading on his lips. He had been trying- it was hard, but he was definitely trying. And it was nice knowing that Ivan noticed how much Alfred was trying too. Alfred nodded, he wasn't able to do much to reply, not without being told he could speak, so he did the best he could, he gave Ivan's knee a little, gentle kiss to show his pleasure.

Ivan pulled Alfred back up and started to stroke his face, leaning in to grace him with a kiss. But he didn't move the blindfold. "Do you want to feel my cock?" Where on his body was up to Alfred, so long as they didn't go all the way yet. Not too soon.

Alfred pouted as the kiss ended, lips swollen and red from all of the biting he'd done since the beginning of the session. "Yes, master- Could I taste it?" He had caught on that Ivan probably didn't want to actually fuck him, if that were the case he'd probably have already been pinned down and fucked raw.

"I suppose I could grace you with a taste of my cock." Ivan gripped Alfred's chin and leaned in to lick his bottom lip, tracing it with the tip of his tongue. "Think you can open my pants with your teeth? Try."

Alfred could feel his breath catch in his throat as the other touched him, nodding slowly and scooting back off of Ivan. He groped around blindly, tracing up Ivan's thighs, before leaning down to nuzzle his nose into his master's lower belly, his teeth and tongue working at Ivan's pants. It took a while but he finally managed to get the button freed. The zipper came down much easier.

Once he managed to get it, he grinned proudly up to Ivan, unable to see the expression, but hoping to get some form of audio praise.

"You're so cute." Ivan's fingers carded through Alfred's hair as he pushed down just barely. "Go on, pull it out. Get to work." He was being unusually kind to Alfred, breaking his usual steely facade.

Alfred's lips only grew wider at the compliment and he nodded, unsure if he were allowed to use his hands or not, so deciding to just play it safe. He pulled the underwear down with his teeth, before leaning forward to just nuzzle his cheek against the erection, purring happily. He did just for almost ten seconds, content with just acting affectionately, before finally running the flat of his tongue up the side.

"Mmm... You like it that much?" Ivan wondered what it would be like if they could give some proper cock-worship during one of their playdates. Ivan had done it before, he rather liked it. Of course, his cock got all the attention; he would much rather be worshipped as a whole.

Alfred nodded his head eagerly, kissing along the side and towards the tip. "Yes, master! I love your cock- I-I love your everything! You're perfect, master." Either Alfred was an incredible actor, or he was genuinely in love with Ivan. The way he stared at Ivan whenever he was around definitely implied the second.

"I am many things, but perfect is not one of them." Ivan stroked at Alfred's cheek and patted him with a chuckle. "But I am glad you are so enamoured with me." A pet who was so dedicated to their master? The Russian had hit the jackpot. "Don't worry, you just suck me and I'll repay you, greatly."

Alfred nodded his head, fingers digging into Ivan's thighs gently, while he carefully took him in his mouth, being extra careful not to accidentally scrape him with his teeth. It was easier when Ivan was over him, but when he was hovering down like that, the risk was better. He moaned quietly, taking more and more into his mouth, breathing carefully through his nose.

"It is quite admirable how much you can take into your mouth," Ivan murmured as he leaned back on his hands. "I should fuck your throat so hard that you can't even speak tomorrow. And then you can tell everyone the reason your voice is hoarse is because you earned a well-deserved throatfucking from your master. Would you like that?"

Alfred couldn't talk around the cock in his mouth, so instead he made a noise of excitement, struggling to look up to Ivan, peering through the blindfold, though the knitting was so tight he couldn't see out of any holes. His tongue rubbed and pushed against Ivan's cock, enticing his master to go ahead and do it.

"On your knees." Ivan didn't wait for Alfred to do it, tossing him down on the floor and taking to his feet. He clicked his tongue and stroked himself idly. "You want to be unable to even talk in the morning? Do you love my cock that much?"

Alfred righted himself, then opened his mouth, tongue hanging out obediently- he only pulled it in to speak, ( "yes master, I love cock, especially yours!" ) before opening his mouth again, waiting excitedly for Ivan to take control again and use him how he wanted.

The Russian didn't wait, guiding himself into Alfred's mouth and immediately starting to move. That was the only gentle motion throughout his rocking. He thrust himself in, over and over, Alfred's throat going into spasms and clenching around him tightly as he choked his pet on his cock, over and over.

Alfred's jaw ached and his eyes rolled up from behind the blindfold, taking in a deep breath through his nose every time the man pulled out. Eventually he got in deep enough that when he pulled back, it still managed to block his airways. Alfred's noises were muffled and his entire body spasmed at the lack of oxygen, not telling Ivan to stop- he hoped the other was experienced enough to know when Alfred needed to breathe- and if not, well, then Alfred would pass out and that would be that, he wouldn't complain if he did.

Every couple minutes Ivan would pull out and smack Alfred around instead, cock rubbing against his cheeks, wetting them eagerly. "You look hungry for a good cock. You're too slutty to never have had a master before. You've been trained and conditioned perfectly..."

Alfred was flushed and panting, flinching every time he was smacked. He wanted to explain himself, explain his situation to Ivan, tell him just why he didn't have a master and why he acted the way he did, but Ivan's rules were implanted deep in his mind and he couldn't talk if he wanted to.

Ivan didn't really care if Alfred's condition was otherwise anyway. He continued to fuck Alfred's throat, only pulling out right before he was going to cum, spraying his orgasm all over Alfred's face. He shuddered and moaned, licking his lips. "Oh... You look beautiful." Alfred's pearl necklace suited him.

Alfred swallowed in that landed in his mouth, before licking at his lips, a rather euphoric grin gracing his lips, a bit high from an endorphin buzz. He gasped, opening his mouth to talk, but finding himself unable- his throat hurt to much. Instead he gestured down to his throbbing cock, wondering if he could touch himself, or Ivan touch him, wanting to cum.

"Get on the bed." Ivan went back to the closet and pulled out a rather large, blue dildo and a choke chain, like one would use on a dog. He clipped it to the ring on Alfred's collar and gave a sharp yank before tossing the dildo to him, along with a packet of lube. "Use it."

Alfred choked as the collar was tugged, awkwardly fumbling around for the toy and lube. He ripped the packet with his teeth and blindly lathered it on the toy, before drawing up his knees and with a bit of struggling, finally pushed it inside. He gasped, then moaned, toes curling and hand moving to push in deeper and deeper inside, desperate to finally get his release.

"You can come anytime." Ivan was idly stroking himself, though he didn't get hard at all. He stood beside the bed, holding the chain taut and watching Alfred pleasuring himself. It was quite the sight. He wouldn't mind coming to see this every day.

Alfred gasped, struggling get more oxygen as he stroked himself, always just a bit away from getting a deep breath. His knees pulled up further and his hand moved faster, head falling back as he approached his orgasm. It only took about ten thrusts until Alfred came, crying out "master", his cum landing on his lower tummy.

When Alfred came Ivan let the chain go slack. He moved in to unhook him and relieve him of his duties. "We're completely done for the night. Did you have fun?"

Alfred blinked as the blindfold came up, struggling to adjust his eyes to the light. When he did, he looked up to Ivan and grinned, immediately wrapping him in a hug, keeping his lower half away from Ivan, not wanting to dirty him. He opened his mouth to talk, though once again it ached too much to actually let out any noises- instead he nodded quickly, kissing Ivan's chest gently.

"Is your throat actually sore?" Ivan laughed as he stroked Alfred's cheeks. "Come on, let's go to bed. You've had a long day. Tomorrow I have to work early in the morning but I should be back before noon. We can spend lunch together, unless you have class."

Alfred nodded his head, pulling away from Ivan and grabbing his own shirt, mopping the cum off of his face and stomach so he didn't dirty Ivan or the bed. "Should-" His throat was hoarse and he winced in pain. He pointed to himself, then to the bed, then to out the door, trying to silently ask Ivan if he wanted him to sleep with Ivan, or in his own bed.

"Go ahead and stay here, pet." Ivan actually enjoyed when his slaves stayed in his bed with him. They could cuddle, and they were a great source of warmth. "You can sleep in my room any time we play, unless I say otherwise. But if we're not playing, you sleep in your own bed." Better to just lay down the rules now. Alfred worked well with rules and structures it seems.

Alfred looked pleased, he crawled into the bed, immediately hunkering down in the sheets. He sat a bit towards the edge so Ivan could sleep more comfortably in the middle. The side of the curtain was flipped up as Alfred waited expectantly for Ivan to crawl in next to him.

Ivan patted Alfred's shoulder and went to brush his teeth and wash his face. He came back smelling fresh as he slid under the covers. He spooned Alfred from behind, arms wrapping around him. "Mmm..."

Alfred was more than affectionate, hunkering down against Ivan's chest and holding his arms tight. He relaxed, already beginning to drift, physically exhausted and body trying to compensate for the damage done to it. It wasn't much longer, maybe five minutes, before Alfred drifted off, sighing happily.