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High School Reunion


"I can't believe you're making me go," I tell Alice as we're in my car, driving to Forks. Tonight is our high school reunion, organized in Forks High School, a place I haven't set foot in since graduation. I have a lot of great memories from high school, but I don't necessarily want to see all those people again.

"Come on, it's going to be fun," she answers excitedly. "It's been ten years, aren't you happy to see all our friends?"

"Everyone hated us," I retort incredulously.

"Only the girls did," she replies proudly, as if it was a good thing. Alice and I were, for some reason that I still can't comprehend, rather popular with boys. And as a result, most of the girls hated us. It never affected us too much; we had each other so we never needed any other friends. And ten years later she's still the most important person in my life. "I can't wait to see how everyone turned out," she continues pensively and stays silent for a moment. I see her fidgeting in her seat next to me, opening her mouth to speak but closing it before saying a word.

"What?" I ask curiously.

"Do you think Jasper will be there? I wonder if he's still as hot."

"God, I can't believe you're still thinking about that guy," I exclaim. She was madly in love with Jasper Cullen, although he never even looked at her. Everyone knew it, except maybe Jasper himself. "Why would he be there, anyway? He was a year older, it's not his reunion," I try to reason her before she gets her hopes up.

"Maybe he'll be here with his brother," she replies hopefully.

"Right, his little brother was in our class," I remember vaguely. "What was his name again? Edmund, Edward?" I ask and the memory comes back instantly. When she turns to me with a huge smile on her face I know she remembers it, too.

"Nerdward," we both shout at the same time and burst out laughing. His brother was one of the most popular guys, but Edward was always by himself, listening to his iPod or reading a book. He was tall and skinny, with big glasses, pimples on his forehead and weird hair. He was the student that most of the school used to make fun of.

"Poor guy," I admit apologetically when we stop laughing.

"High school must've been horrible for him," Alice says, and we keep talking and laughing all the way to Forks, reminiscing of our high school memories and all the fun we had back then.

We stop by my father's house before joining the party. I haven't seen him in a while and we eat dinner together. We go to my old bedroom to get ready, and Alice insists that we put on dresses and high heels, as if we were going to a club. She wants us to look our best tonight, because it's the whole point of these reunions anyway: showing people how successful, accomplished and attractive you are, even ten years later. Honestly, we don't have to try too hard; we are in fact successful and accomplished. And in that tight black dress, with my long curl falling on my shoulders, I really look good.

We take our time on purpose, so that everyone will already be there when we arrive. I unconsciously park the car at the same spot I used to, and we walk into the building. It feels weird being inside these walls, familiar but different somehow. Alice is bubbling with anticipation, and her energy is infectious. We enter the room where everyone has already gathered, and all eyes turn to us. I quickly scan the room and almost everyone is here, I think; or maybe I just don't remember some of them. We move to the side of the room, heading straight to the drinks.

"Hi, ladies," a girl chimes behind us, and I recognize Jessica's voice before I even turn around. Alice has her nose all crunched up, and I'm not sure whether it's the questionable taste of the punch or Jessica's voice she dislikes the most.

"Hi, Jess," I answer, although not as cheerfully as her.

"I'm so happy to see you, it's awesome that everyone's here. Lauren didn't come, though; she probably thought she was too good for this," she starts talking really fast. Alice throws me a knowing look; she didn't change at all, she's still the queen of gossip. "Did you see Victoria? She's over there, she gained like a hundred pounds, and she doesn't look good. Oh, and Mike Newton just got divorced, apparently. I think I'm going to give him my number, he's still yummy. Didn't you guys date for a while?" She finally stops long enough for me to answer.

"Yes, we did. It didn't work out," I answer vaguely, not willing to get into too much detail and provide her with the topic of her gossip for the night.

"Oh, good," she continues absent-mindedly, and at some point I just stop listening to her. I let my eyes search the room for someone I'd actually want to talk to, and I stop when I see the former head of cheerleaders. I nudge Alice and gesture for her to look at the other end of the room.

"That's Rosalie Hale?" She exclaims, interrupting Jessica's monologue.

"Yes," she answers excitedly, "as pregnant as you can get. Emmett said they're expecting twin girls."

"They're still together?" I ask in surprise.

"Yes, married and everything; they're the perfect cliché of high school sweethearts. They're cute together, they look really happy," she adds longingly. I keep my eyes on Rosalie, and she's glowing. She moves a little to her side and grabs Emmett's arms for him to follow her. Behind him is a tall man with untamed light brown hair in a leather jacket and faded jeans. He's scratching the scruff on his square jaw, and seems to enjoy the attention of the half a dozen girls hanging on his lips. I can't blame them; he's the most handsome man I've ever seen in my life.

"Who's that?" I ask Jessica, who surely knows who this guy is. She follows my gaze and chuckles.

"You don't recognize him?" She asks, although it doesn't really sound like a question, and I just shake my head in response. "Nobody did, at first. It's Edward Cullen."

"That's Edward Cullen?" Alice almost shrieks. "Greasy hair, big glasses, no fashion style whatsoever, weird attitude Edward? Nerdward?"

"No fucking way," I add, astounded.

"Yes, that's the guy," she answers. "Although now it's more hot as hell, panty-dropping smile and just fucked hair Edward. All the girls here have their claws all over him; I won't even try," she comments dryly, and before we can answer, she starts walking away. "Oh, Mike is alone. See you later, girls."

"The guy is really hot, seriously," Alice whispers as we can't take our eyes off him.

"Yes," I sigh. "And Jess is right, look at all the girls swooning over him. It's insane."

We keep watching him, trying to recognize in him the boy we knew in high school, and suddenly he turns his eyes to us, staring at me straight in the eye. I immediately turn back to Alice, I feel awkward that he caught me staring. She looks at me with a smirk on her face.

"You're blushing, Bella," she laughs quietly.

"No, I'm not," I answer defensively, but I can feel my cheeks heating up. I usually don't react that way with men, but his stare is very intense.

"And he's still looking at you," she murmurs, hiding her mouth behind her cup of punch.

I turn back to him and before I can respond he starts walking towards me. His walk is almost feline, his eyes locked on me, and I suddenly feel like a prey in front of a predator. He stops in front of us and I instantly drown in the depth of his green eyes.

"Hi, ladies," he says in a velvety voice, a crooked smile lifting the corner of his lips. This guy clearly knows what he's doing, Nerdward apparently turned into a player. It might work on the other girls here, but I don't want to let him win so easily.

"Hi, Edward," Alice and I both answer at the same time.

"Wow, you're the first persons who recognize me," he comments, feigning to be flattered.

"No, Jessica briefed us on everyone here," I retort, but his cocky smile doesn't falter.

"I see," he answers smugly, visibly satisfied that he's a subject of discussion tonight. It's understandable, considering he never was in high school, except for mockery.

"How's your brother?" Alice asks out of nowhere, and he chuckles, undoubtedly remembering the crush Alice had on him.

"He's doing great. We both live in New York, now," he answers nicely, but doesn't take his eyes off me.

"Really, what do you do?" I inquire curiously.

"We own a night club," he simply says, and doesn't develop further. I don't have time to ask as he speaks again. "What about you?"

"We work together, too. We own a little bakery in Seattle; we make the best red velvet cupcake in town," I answer proudly, and Alice nods enthusiastically.

"I'd love to taste it," he says as he bores his eyes into mine, his voice dropping slightly. I'm really getting hot, he's tantalizing.

"That'd be great," Alice continues, ignoring his obvious innuendo. "You should come by when you're in town, with your brother, also," she adds in a tone that she probably intended casual, and he laughs, finally turning to her.

"My brother's on Facebook, Alice," he comments with a wink, and she instantly grabs her phone in her purse to look him up. I watch the screen as his profile picture appears and Alice gasps. Jasper is posing for the picture in a tight white t-shirt that shows his muscles, his clear blue eyes looking right in the lens, his blond curly hair as messy as Edward's. Hotness runs in the family, obviously.

"Fuck me," she breathes, and Edward's smile widens.

"You should send him a message. I'm sure he'll be happy to oblige," he jokes crudely, and I laugh.

"I think we lost her," I add playfully as Alice starts looking through his photo albums.

"I'm going out, smoke a cigarette. You want to come with me?" He asks, and for the first time he doesn't seem so smug.

I just nod, grab my jacket and follow him, and we walk out the building in silence. I watch him light his cigarette as soon as we're outside, and for some reason I find it very sexy. We take a few steps and he motions for me to sit down on a law wall. He sits next to me and leans back, placing his hands behind him. My eyes roam over his chest as his t-shirt stretches over his muscles. He's clearly not a skinny boy, anymore. He catches me staring again, his smirk back in place and I clear my throat nervously.

"It feels good to get away," he says pulling at his cigarette and blowing the smoke towards the sky. "Some of them haven't matured much since high school," he jokes half-heartedly. "I don't think I'll go back in."

"You came all the way from New York only to leave so early," I answer questioningly.

"I already got what I was looking for," he chuckles.

"Which is everyone who made fun of you in high school seeing how hot you are now?" I ask teasingly, and he smiles at me.

"Something like that."

We start talking lightly about the people present at the reunion, commenting on what they all became after high school. He's really easy to talk to and I feel comfortable with him. I've never actually talked to him before, he seems very smart, and funny, too. The conversation dies off at some point, and he smirks again.

"Since you already said I was hot, I have to tell you that you look really sexy in this dress," he says in a low voice, eyeing me appreciatively. I feel exposed under his stare and blush a little. Some girl I don't even remember gets out of the building at the same time and walks a few feet away from us. She's heading towards the stairs to get to the parking lot, and turns to us, slowing down. She waves at Edward, and he waves back.

"Bye, Edward," she simpers. "It was really nice to see you." She's completely drooling all over him, and it's so obvious that I can't help but find it annoying. He notices my reaction and laughs.

"You must be really enjoying this," I remark, smiling back at him.

"You've seen me in high school; now I'm successful and good looking, I have girls lining up to get on my dick. I'd be stupid not to enjoy it," he answers smugly and his confidence makes him look even sexier.

"My God, you're arrogant," I retort, but even though he is, I can't help but be jealous of all the girls getting on his dick. I realize I want it too, and never a man has had that effect on me. He's not hurt by my comment and laughs loudly. He leans closer to me, his eyes locked on mine, and my temperature is rising under his stare. "I bet guys are lining up to get in your panties, too."

"I can't complain," I reply dismissively, and he smiles, but I witness a glint of jealousy flash in his eyes, too. He changes the subject and we start talking about our lives. I relate to him what happened to me in the last ten years, and he does the same. He moves gradually closer as we're talking, and his thigh comes brushing against mine. I'm engulfed in his scent, and he smells so fucking good I want to lick him all over. I try my best to stay focused on the conversation as I'm surrounded by his smell, the sound of his velvety voice in my ears, his green gaze on me. I'm aroused by the mere fact of being so close to him.

We keep talking and laughing, sharing thoughts on our projects for the future, and he progressively leans into me. The conversation remains light, but the looks we exchange shift from teasing to hungry, until they become indecent. I'm getting hot and all I can think about is what his lips taste like. I feel my skin burning up at the thought, and I grab my hair to push it over one shoulder. It gives him a perfect view of my neck and cleavage, and he stops talking instantly.

"Fuck, Bella. It's getting really difficult to focus on the conversation," he breathes.

"I know," I simply answer, almost daring him to make the first move. A small smile graces the corner of his mouth before he lifts his hand, runs his fingers in my hair and places it on my neck. The contact of his warm skin on mine sends an electric current through my entire body that settles right between my thighs. I desperately want him to touch me everywhere, and I gather all my strength not to jump him here and now. He moves closer, holding my by the nape of my neck, and ghosts his lips on my cheek. My breath hitches and my hand moves instinctively to his thigh. I hear his breathing becoming labored, too as he trails small kisses along my jaw to my chin. He pauses for a second, his eyes on mine, his mouth an inch from mine and I'm going to explode if he doesn't kiss me right now. I move my hand higher on his thigh, urging him on, and he delicately presses his lips on mine, kissing me languidly. His lips are soft, his kiss unhurried, but he sets me on fire. I open my mouth and his tongue comes grazing mine gently. I get lost in the kiss, forgetting where we are and that anyone could see us.

He pulls away after a moment, and we're both breathless.

"You have no idea how fucking sexy you are, Bella," he whispers against my lips. "You're getting me so hard only with a kiss."

"You're getting me all wet only with a stare," I reply naughtily, not sure where this boldness came from. His smirk comes back in a split second and he places his hand on my knee, shifting his body so that his back is turned to the entrance of the building, effectively hiding me.

"Is that right?" he asks, slowly grazing his hand up my thigh, under the hem of my dress. In the back of my head I know I should ask him to stop; anyone could walk out and see us. But I'm completely enthralled by him, his eyes on me are breaking all my barriers. I'm almost panting, I instinctively spread my legs a little wider, making him groan against my lips. His hand keeps travelling up as his tongue licks my lower lip, his other hand moving to my hair and he starts massaging my scalp slowly. I'm melting, surrendering to him and the only thing I can do is try hard not to moan.

I glimpse over his shoulder, surveying the door in case one of our friends comes out; but he shifts to block my view.

"Keep your eyes on me, baby," he commands and I turn my gaze back to him. The look in his eyes is carnal, obscene as he moves his hand higher painfully slowly, and I'm burning for him to touch me. I spread my legs even wider and he licks his lips.

"You're a dirty girl, Bella. I wouldn't have thought." he whispers in a lewd way and I bite my lip not to moan. He moves his hand a little higher again and his fingertips are finally touching my panties. I moan and he crashes his mouth to mine.

"You have to keep quiet or I'll have to stop," he says laughing quietly and I just nod, not willing to risk for him to remove his hand. His fingers are grazing my clit and I'm already out of breath, completely under his spell. "Good girl," he adds as he hooks one finger inside my underwear to move it aside. He locks his leg on top of mine, and I spread the other one as wide as I can as he comes flicking my clit with his thumb. I can't believe we're doing this in public, but it feels so good I can't stop.

His middle finger slides between my lips, and I can't hold back the whimper escaping my lips when he swiftly thrusts inside of me.

"You were right, baby. You're so wet for me," he comments, evidently proud of the effect he has on me. He keeps moving his thumb on my clit and pumps his finger in and out of me in rhythm, and I unconsciously move my hips to give him better access.

"Don't move," he commands again in a whisper, and I force myself to stay still. I keep my gaze locked on his and I drown in the green color of his eyes. They darken slightly as he looks at me hungrily, focused on me and I'm lost in their intensity. I bite my lip harder while he keeps rubbing me and I tighten my grip on his thigh. I feel my orgasm building up inside of me, unable to hold back the moans. He fists his hand in my hair and devours my mouth with his, thrusting deep inside of me and curling his finger to hit the right spot. A wave of pleasure washes over me and I grab the back of his head, pulling at his hair. I kiss him back as forcefully as he's kissing me and I feel my walls clamping around his finger.

He pulls away from me as my body slowly relaxes, relishing the bliss he's given me, and he moves his mouth to my ear, nibbling my lobe.

"Fuck, I wish that was my dick in your pussy," he murmurs, burying his finger deeper inside.

"Fuck, yes," I breathe, and kiss him savagely again. He slides his finger out of me, sucking it into his mouth as I struggle to put my panties back in place. We both look frantically around us, making sure no one saw us.

"Let's get the fuck out of here," he says, standing up from the wall and holding his hand out to me. I take it and we run to his car, both of us desperate to get our hands on each other. We reach his Volvo parked in the middle of the lot between two estate cars. Suddenly he stops dead in his tracks.

"Fuck, I can't bring you to my parents," he yells, running his hand in his hair nervously, his eyes begging for me to offer him a solution.

"I can't bring you to my father's either," I counter, distressed at the thought that this night could end here. I don't want it to; I want Edward's hands on me, I need him inside of me.

"Is there even a hotel in this town?" He asks, his voice sounding as desperate as I feel, and I lose control.

"I'm not going to wait that fucking long," I retort as I pull him to the side of his car and push him against the passenger door. He eyes me in surprise as I unbutton his jeans, dropping my purse on the ground to kneel on it.

"Holy shit, you really are a dirty girl," he says in awe as I take him out of his boxers and put his dick in my mouth. He gasps and grabs my hair to guide me as I suck his entire length. He starts rocking his hips softly, sliding in and out of my mouth as I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock. His breathing is labored, his grip on my hair tightening, and I push his hips against the car to keep him still. I run my hand on his chest, feeling his muscles flexing and I moan. I never thought I'd be so aroused by this, but he's driving me completely crazy. I release him almost entirely, keeping only the head in my mouth and sucking harder as I press the tip of my tongue on the frenulum.

"Fuck," he yells, pulling hard at my hair, and we both freeze, suddenly afraid that someone heard him. I pull back, stroking him in my hand and look at him from beneath.

"You have to keep quiet, baby, or I'll have to stop," I throw his word back at him in a sultry voice. He grabs my arms and pulls me up on my feet, kicking my purse aside, before turning us around. He slams my back against the car, lifting the hem of my dress.

"You're driving me wild, Bella. You shouldn't play with fire," he warns before crushing his lips on mine. He pulls me into a frantic kiss and I hook my leg on his hip, grinding against his cock. A low grunt erupts in his chest and he moves his hand to my ass, grabs my panties and tears them apart in one hard pull.

We hear people laughing far away, and I instinctively turn my head to see where they are. I feel him chuckle against me and I turn back to him.

"Are you scared to get caught, now?" He asks teasingly with a crooked smile, and I realize that I'm so enthralled by him that I actually don't care at all.

"Shut up and fuck me," I retort, reaching between us to grab his cock and position him at my entrance. He lets out a low growl and thrusts his dick inside of me.

"You're fucking amazing, Bella," he murmurs in my ear as I fist my hands in his hair. He lifts me off the ground and I lock my legs around his waist as he pushes against the car, pounding into me frantically. I feel his cock deep inside of me, and I'm close to oblivion. His mouth is on mine, muffling the moans I can't hold back. He pumps faster with each thrust, the car moving in rhythm with us, and I want to scream.

"You have no idea how many times I've imagined this," he whispers breathlessly without slowing down, "how many times I've jerked off thinking of fucking your pussy."

"Fuck, Edward," I whimper as I feel my walls tightening again. He slows down abruptly and in the back of my head I register voice coming closer to us. I turn my head to the end of the lot and I see them. He stops and we remain completely still as we observe the group of former students for a second, my heart hammering in my chest so loud I can hear it in my ears.

"Shit," he whispers and he tightens his grip on my ass.

"Don't stop," I whimper desperately as I turn back to him, capturing his lower lip between my teeth. "I'm so close."

"They're going to see us," he answers, moving his hips slowly and pushing his dick deeper inside me, as if he couldn't resist it either.

"I don't give a shit," I counter, not caring about anything apart from the sensation of having him inside me. "Make me come."

He shifts his arms under my legs, moves slowly, barely sliding out of me, and pushes harder again, deeper than before. He keeps doing it repeatedly, throwing quick glances at the couples talking a few cars away. I bite my lip and throw my head back, completely lost in the overwhelming sensations he's eliciting in me.

"Come for me, baby," he murmurs breathlessly, pushing deeper. "I want to feel you come on my dick," he continues as a second orgasm washes over me.

Before I can come down from my bliss, he slides out of me, puts me down on the floor, and quickly opens the car door, letting me grab my purse on the ground.

"Get in the car," he orders, and enters after me as I climb on the driver's seat. He clicks the door shut as discreetly as possible and we take a second to watch the people still talking, and apparently oblivious to our little session. My mind is completely fogged, I can't recognize any of them and I honestly don't care. He turns back to me, a cocky smile on his face.

"Come here, baby, we're not done, yet." He pushes the passenger seat as far back as possible and pulls me to him, lifting my dress to my waist. "Turn around," he orders and I straddle his lap with my back against his chest. I take him inside of me in one swift move and he pushes my legs between his, forcing me to lean over and hold on to the dashboard. I look through the windshield and see our friends talking and laughing, ignoring us.

"You like it, don't you?" he asks as he grabs my waist, leading me to lift my hips and slams me back down on him forcefully. "You like that they could see us, my dirty girl." I whimper as his words excite me even more and he lifts up his hips, thrusting into me. The car is moving in rhythm with us, and after a moment the windows are completely fogged up. He moves even faster and I let out a moan as he comes inside of me in a loud grunt.

We lay there panting for a moment and he eventually moves back to the driver's seat. He pulls his pants up while I straightened my dress, and he turns to me with his smug smile back in place.

"I can't believe I just fucked Bella Swan," he says proudly, and even though his remark was rather crude, I feel somewhat honored.

"So I'm not just a random girl lining up to get on your dick," I ask, but I already know the answer.

"I've waited ten years to have you, Bella. Why do you think I was even here tonight?" he asks sweetly and pulls me to him, ghosting his lips on mine tenderly. I remain speechless as we exit the car and he walks me back to mine. We pass by one of the couples that were talking, and I realize it was Ben and Angela. I blush as they eye us suspiciously before getting in their car and driving away.

"I'm flying back to New York tomorrow," he says sadly as we stop next to my car. I just nod, not knowing how to react and a little taken aback that he seems upset about it. He pulls me into a deep, tender kiss again, and it takes my breath away.

"Goodbye, Bella Swan," he whispers with a smile.

"Goodbye, Edward Cullen," I smile back. He walks back to his car and I stand there watching him as he gets in his seat. He starts driving and stops next to me, opening his window.

"Bella," he says with a playful glint in his eyes, "next time I'll make sure you can scream all you want." He winks and drives away, his tires screeching on the pavement as I stand there speechless.

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