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Harry will be rescued from the Dursleys by Remus and Sirius, and he will be trained in the arts of live, love and death. The truth shall be revealed to young Harry Potter, and he will face the dark forces that want to find him dead as well as the manipulations of the Leader of the Light that will try to kill him for his own purposes.

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"Freak!" Get here in this instant!"

A familiar but unwelcomed voice awoke a five year old kid. It was early in the morning; however the 'freak' wasn't aware of the time, but from the shouting, he thought it was around six in the morning since he had to fed his uncle before he went to work. The boy winced and stood up slowly, trying to ignore the pain from his arm. Hurrying so he wouldn't be punished, he stepped out of the cupboard that was his 'bedroom' and headed to the source of the voice, finding it sitting uncomfortably in one of the small chairs of the kitchen.

"Tel me… WHY IN THE BLOODY HELL HAVEN'T YOU PREPARED MY BREAKFAST!?" The unwelcomed person shouted at him, his eyes glaring daggers.

"I'm sorry uncle Vernon" the boy apologized, trying determinately to start his day with just a shouting for not making breakfast for his bad-as-a-troll uncle.

"Apologies aren't enough, today you won't eat a thing and you'll join me in the table to have breakfast" the uncle condemned the infant with a glint of satisfaction in his eyes.

The kid finished making breakfast with great difficulty given his broken arm and his small stature in comparison to the height of the oven, served it in the dining room and took a seat, being forced to watch his whale-sized uncle eat his breakfast with viciousness, not even sparing a glance to his nephew.

Sometimes life is not fair, being abandoned in his relative's doorstep when he was one year old was the best example of it, submitted to abuse, slavery, starvation, servitude and neglect had caused scars both in his body and his mind, scars that were not likely to heal in his opinion, for his life had been a punishment for a crime he did not commit.

He was trying to think in other things to bear the hunger and the pain in his arm but it was all for nothing, no matter how many times he tried, he couldn't avoid the same questions that had plagued him his entire life.

'Why my uncle hates me? I'm not asking him to give me gifts, I just want him not to hit me…' he asked himself finding the only answer he was given by his so-called family.

'Freaks children of drunkards good-for-nothings like you deserve to die like the scum you are, the only reason you are alive is that we could get in trouble with the authorities if we disposed of you'

The thought of it hurt even more than his grumbling stomach or his broken arm, hell, it hurt more than the timed he was whipped by his uncle on his fifth birthday couple of months ago, that wasn't a good day.

He didn't even know that he had a birthday, never celebrated before he wasn't aware of it. That morning his uncle woke him up, pulling him from the hair out of the cupboard where he slept, he tied him to the banister and tore his shirt. He explained that since that day was his fifth birthday, he was just a few weeks from starting kindergarten, so he wanted to make clear what would happen if any of his teachers were to find out how was his home life. He proceeded to whip his back with his belt, over and over until he got tired.

With a bloodied back he was left to mourn in his cupboard because his 'family' didn't liked to hear him cry. Not that he did that anymore. From early in his life, the 'freak' decided that his relatives would never see him cry, no matter the pain.

In the end he was left alone in the darkness of his 'room'. Hours later, when his relatives weren't around he cleaned his wounds with bleach. Deprived of any care or attention he made himself adept to tend wounds by any means available. This lack of love made him a person with high tolerance to physical pain.

He was reliving his bad experiences when suddenly a strong sound alerted him of a big black dog and a brown wolf entering by the window, spreading glass all over the place frightening both him and his uncle.

Vernon stood trying incredibly fast for someone his size and age to look for a knife in the kitchen so he could get rid of both animals; however the dog charged against him sending him to the floor with a big 'thud'. Both animals stepped away from the walrus/man.

The black both the black dog and the brown wolf suddenly started to change their shape into a thin man with messed long black hair and gray hollow eyes holding a stick and another man with sandy hair, shorter than the black haired man and a tired look, his eyes a beautiful amber color.

"Hello there, Dursley I can't say I'm glad to meet you, so I'll just say stay where you are and there will be no harm" the dark haired man said angrily towards the man that was trembling, lying on the floor in fear of what had just happened. He then directed his gaze towards the boy, got closer to him and stood on his knees on eye level with the kid.

"Harry, it certainly been a while since the last time we saw you, probably you don't remember us but we're here to rescue you…" the man stayed silent as he saw that the boy was still in a state of shock, not knowing what to do and wondering who the hell Harry was.

"Remus, he is in shock" the gray eyed man told the former wolf.

"Harry!" said Remus in a higher tone snapping Harry form the shock.

"Y-Yes…?" asked the terrified boy. Remus realized that he was scared and started looking for something inside his jacket. He found what he was looking for.

"Harry, I'm sorry that we scared you, but you need to believe us, we came here for you, here, look at this" the former wolf said while he gave Harry a picture.

The scene of the photograph showed four young men and a young woman, two of those men were standing in his living room, only older, and curiously, one of the other men looked a lot like him while the woman had eyes exactly like his.

"W-Who are you? And who are they?" the boy asked while pointing the picture, a little bit calmer now.

The sandy haired man named Remus responded, (the other guy had his stick pointed at Vernon), "I'm Remus Lupin, your uncle, and this guy" he pointed the other man with his thumb, "Is your godfather, Sirius Black. The other persons in the picture are your mum, Lily, your dad, James and another friend of ours" Remus said gently.

Harry felt a knot in his throat he had never seen a picture of his parents and started crying in nostalgia, remembering he had no parents. .

"Harry…" Remus said quietly, "Do you want to leave here?" he asked the sobbing boy, "Y-Yes…" the boy said after a few seconds.

Harry's biggest dream was from his parents taking him away from his relatives. While this moment it wasn't his parents, these two men wanted to take him with them, and he didn't know why, but deep in his heart, he wanted to believe on them, to trust them. One thing that helped him say yes was their eyes. While Sirius's eyes were in some way sad, whenever he turned to see Harry, they filled with warm and caring, something completely different to what his aunt or uncle's eyes reflected when they saw him, anger and disgust. It felt the same with Remus.

Remus smiled at Harry, "Harry, can you go and grab anything you hold dear and come back 'cause we're leaving this place for good" the sandy haired man told the kid in a gentle tone that carried a feeling of deep caring.

Harry headed towards the cupboard, grabbed just the few clothes he had and the blanket he had from when he was left outside their uncle's house and put them in the sheet he used to sleep. He returned to the dining room with the scene remaining the same, nobody daring to move.

"This is everything I have" said the kid with a weird sense of happiness, seeing like he was finally getting out of there for good.

The black haired man glared at Vernon Dursley with venom and asked "What is the meaning of this Dursley?" he said Vernon's name with disgust and rage.

The big man was paralyzed in fear of the man with the stick; Harry couldn't understand Vernon's fear to a stick.

The worn looking man approached Vernon "I asked… What is the meaning of this Vernon? Why is my godson retrieving his things from a cupboard?"

"T-this is all I-I have, and t-that is where I live, sir" The boy answered stuttering in behalf of his uncle, who seemed to be unable to articulate a single coherent word.

Sirius eyes started to flash with anger, while he started to growl. Remus sensed that this wouldn't help them at all so he put himself between Sirius and Vernon, "Padfoot, you can't do this, I know how you feel, trust me, I feel the same way, but you can't do anything, if you do, you'll get into more trouble than what we have already, and you will scare Harry if you do something to his uncle" Remus said while trying to restrain Sirius who had a deathly glare fixed on Vernon Dursley, who was already crapping his pants in fear.

Sirius somehow calmed down and turned to see Harry, "I'm sorry Harry, I didn't want to scare you" he apologized to the kid.

"Why were you mad?" Harry asked the man. He knew he was mad at Vernon, not at him, but that didn't have any sense to him and he wanted to know why.

Sirius was taken aback by his godson's question and took a deep breath, "I'm mad because he shouldn't have placed you in a cupboard, is not right, you don't deserve that, you deserve better" the raven haired man said with warmth.

Harry's eyes were bright from unshed tears of happiness.

Sensing that it was time to leave, Harry's godfather spoke "Harry, you're coming with us, you'll never be mistreated by these animals ever again and you'll have the opportunity to start anew, are you okay with that?" brokenness and regret could be heard in his voice.

Harry just nodded finding him unable to say a word due to the emotion of being free from his longtime prison. Something in both men made him feel loved or at least what he supposed it felt like being loved.

The brown haired man turned into a wolf again and grabbed Harry's things with his fangs. "Harry, I want you to hop in my back and hold as hard as you can, we need to get out of here fast before anyone realizes what is happening here" Said his godfather, "Any parting words Harry?" he asked the boy.

Harry turned to see his cupboard one last time, feeling a grip in his heart of leaving the place that was both his cell and his refugee only to find his shocked aunt and cousin in the stairs. Their faces told him that they saw the whole ten minutes scene happening.

He just shook his head and told the Dursley's "I just want to say good bye, I hope you're well"

Hearing these words as his cue, his godfather shifted into the black dog one last time and held still as his godson mounted his back. And with one final glance the small group left that God forsaken place.

After having run some blocks, both animals and the kid disappeared from the neighborhood with a small crack.


It was early in the morning on her free day and yet, Andromeda Black was already attending a patient.

Andromeda Tonks nee Black was a healer in St. Mungos, the largest and most important magical hospital in all Britain, for more than fifteen years, and as such she had experience in all kind of injuries, no matter if they were magical or not; this gave her some resistance to the shock that grave wounds could do as well as the cruelty behind them. However, that morning she was having troubles to cope with his patient physical status.

She simply couldn't believe the way those animals have treated Harry Potter, the Savior of the Wizarding World, The-Boy-Who-Lived!

"I know I vowed to help people and do no harm to anyone as a healer, but right now I'm very tempted to go pay a visit to these Dursley family and gave them a piece of my mind" said the healer with evident anger in her voice.

"So… What's the verdict Andy?" asked Harry's godfather.

Andy shook her head, "You're not going to like it… Are you sure you want to know, cousin?" She asked the raven haired man.

"Yes, I need to know" he looked the suspicious looks in his favorite cousin and added, "I swear upon my magic and life that I won't run to the Dursley's to kill or hurt them despite of the information you give me, so mote it be" the man said and with a movement of his hand, as he had a wand, he sealed the oath with a white light coming from his chest, surrounding him momentarily.

The healer sighed "Sirius, this child had been submitted to prolonged starvation, he is malnourished, lacks muscular mass and height in comparison of other boys his age, his ashen colored skin is evidence of it. Apart from it, his bones have sings of decalcification, making his structure weak and some of them have marks consistent with bone fracture and poorly attention to the fractures on their healing. On top of that, his back is full of scars, like he had been whipped or something alike"

Andy finished the evaluation with her medical voice, she sighed again and spoke as well with a more concerned tone, "This boy has been systematically tortured, it's an actual miracle to see him speaking, laughing and not being a withdrawn kid"

As she said that, both of them turned to see Harry talking with a hyped eleven year old round shaped face, brown haired and cinnamon eyed Nymphadora Tonks, Andy and Ted Tonk's, Andromeda's husband, daughter.

"So you are Uncle Sirius godson? I wonder what makes me to you since I'm his niece…" Nymphadora said with a frown on her face in deep concentration, "…you should be… my cousin! Yeah, that's it; you are my baby cousin Harry!" Nymphadora said with a wide grin in her face.

Harry looked at her with a scowl and finally said "I'm five years old! I'm not a baby Nymphadora"

The chocolate haired girl's hair turned tomato red, literally "Don't. Call. Me. Nymphadora!" she screamed with exasperated voice

Both adults started laughing at the enraged girl and the scared boy's faces.

"Okay, okay, that's enough you two" said Sirius to the kids, "Let's do something, Harry" he directed his gaze to this godson, "you won't call my niece Nymphadora, and you" he said turning his eyes to the girl "won't call Harry baby, is that understood?" he asked both children.

Harry and Nymphadora turned to each other and with slight nod they answered 'yes' to Sirius. Harry made a frown in his face and asked to no one and everyone "If I can't call her by her name, then how am I supposed to call her?"

The little girl smiled "You can call me Dora or cousin if you like"

"Then you can call me Harry or cousin if you like" Harry said with a contagious smile. Dora smiled too and extended her hand "Deal" she said as Harry shook her hand "Deal"

The adults left the kids so they could have some serious talking (no pun intended). They joined Ted and the brown haired man in the dining room.

"So… How did it go Padfoot?" asked the sandy haired man with anxiousness.

Sirius shook his head at the question, "Not good Moony, not good" he answered with a haunted look in his eyes and raspy voice, emotion dwelling intensely inside him.

Moony sighed, his head down and his hands holding his hair trying to hide his shame and remorse, for not being a good friend to Harry's parents and look out for the kid that was the only living memory of James and Lily Potter.

Back in their school days, James and Lily accepted one Remus Lupin as their friend regardless of his lycanthropy, or like James said, his 'furry little problem'. James and Moony had been friends since first year, their friendship deepened itself when Prongs, Padfoot, and Wormtail found out about of his condition in third year, giving a new understanding to Lupin's situation as well as an acceptance never experienced before in the young werewolf but from his parents; and finally cemented when the three of them became animagi so they could be with him during his monthly transformations.

Lily became his friend on her own. Being the gentle and caring soul she was, she always understood him and cared for him and due to their similar taste in their classes they often pair up to study, giving place to lengthy conversations that increased their trust in each other. When she found out about his condition she made it her job to brew Remus his Wolfsbane potion every month, so he could feel better during his isolation.

He missed his friends and felt a deep pain in his chest as he heard from Andy the results of Harry's examination.

"So what do we do now?" Remus asked no one in particular.

"Regarding his physical condition, a strict regimen of potions to reestablish his muscular mass, strengthening his structure, cellular nutrition, and growth potions so he can develop as a normal five year old child should. Plus a new diet strong in proteins. I'll get you the potions later. About everything else, I believe that is up to Sirius to decide" Andy answered Moony's question.

The four adults remained in fixed silence, pondering their next move.

Ted Tonks had been silent during the whole conversation, still coming to grips to the events occurred this morning.

First the unexpected of Remus Lupin in their doorstep at seven am and the brief conversation about Sirius Orion Black's escape from Azkaban, the magical prison; then his statement of Sirius's innocence and the existence of evidence to prove it as well as asking them to meet The Prisoner of Azkaban so he could explain; after their acceptance of Sirius request, his arrival with the famous Harry Potter.

The explanation of the events that lead to Sirius's escape from prison and Harry's rescue along with the presentation of their evidence in favor of the raven haired wizard took a good thirty minutes of Tonk's family morning. They decided to eat before making Harry's examination.

And now he, along with the others, was now in front of the question that would define several people's lives and future. Not a question to take lightly.

Black was the first to break the silence, "Well… we can't stay here or in Grimmauld Place, that's for sure, while the Ministry hasn't announced my break out from Azkaban, there's no doubt that the first places they will look out and possibly monitor will be here and the Ancestral House of Black, that means we'll have to go somewhere else" Sirius explained.

Remus had a contemplative look, wondering, "What if…" he stopped briefly in order to gain the others attention, "what if we hide in a magical forest? Think about it… they are places infused with enormous raw magical power, it's nearly impossible to register any magical activity, the only exception being a great peak of power, possibly something like a high powered spell by Voldemort or Dumbledore themselves; therefore, we could use magic without any problem, they wouldn't be able to trace us, even if we Aparate or Portkey, it could be a great place to hide the Aurors and still remain in Britain" Lupin shared with the others.

Ted looked around the dining room "That could be a good idea, and even if they could detect a peak of power, given by a Harry's accidental bout of magic or a high powered spell used to defend yourselves from a magical creature, the interference of the forest's magic will make it hard to triangulate your location..." Ted sighed after speaking his conclusions.

"Besides, it would make it easier for us to pay you visit lads, and of course monitor Harry's health and growth over time, besides, I'm sure Dora will like to have someone to play with" Andy said in a cheerful tone, trying to lessen the grim mood in the table.

Sirius had a stricken look, great disbelief, as well as great gratitude towards his favorite cousin; "You would really be willing to visit us and be part of our lives while we hide?" said the gray eyed man blinking tears now falling freely from his eyes.

A long stay in Azkaban could break even the most fearsome man, Sirius was no exception, and however, the raw emotion of this simple love gesture from Andromeda moved his grieving heart filling him with happiness, marking the beginning of Black's recovery.

"Well yes, of course cousin; you were taken from us unjustly once, and now that you are back, we have to stick together…" Andromeda paused for a moment before regaining her wits to talk again, "both you and I were cast away from the main family, they were ashamed of us, because of our decisions and who we were… you are the only family I have left to count on, Narcissa has decided to not deal with me in any way possible, completely ignoring my existence; and Bellatrix is a lost cause being in Azkaban, not that her affiliation will change to the light actually; so that means is just the two of us left from the Black family to count on, and it will be negligence of my part as well as yours to not use the opportunity that was given to us" she finished with tears in her eyes as well.

The situation in the Black household deteriorated greatly in a lapse of twenty years prior. The previous generation of Blacks divided because of several reasons. Breaking and dividing completely the three branches of the family each led by one of the children of Pollux and Irma Black, Cygnus Black III, Orion Black and Dorea Black.

A story of distrust, shame and rebellion originated in the Black Family and it escalated to the complete neglect of the three siblings and the fall of their families, events that affected her and Sirius in one way or another.

In her case, she married a muggleborn she loved instead of having her marriage arranged by her parents, so she was cast out of the family because of their pureblood supremacist beliefs.

In Sirius's case, he was cast out of the family because of his place in the Gryffindor house instead of the Slytherin house as everyone else in the family as well as his different beliefs regarding the pureblood supremacy and his selection of friends that included a Potter, a werewolf, a Hufflepuff and a muggleborn.

Andy Black was taken from her musing by Orion Black's son, "Andy… you don't know how happy it makes me to hear that, and so you know, I support you in everything you said, I want this too to be our family, incomplete and imperfect as it is, but ours nonetheless" he said and looked around to see an uncomfortable werewolf, "Yeah, that includes you too Moony, you, as James was, are my brother in all but blood, so you are included in this along with Harry, Do you understand?" asked the Black scion.

Remus gave him a half smile, "Yeah, I get it… Thanks mate" he said sincerely.

"Excellent" said Ted, "Now back to the planning, we have agreed that you lads will hide in a magical forest, the question will be, in which one?"

Remus spoke again, "I believe that our best shot is the Far East side of the Forbidden Forest, this way, we could move straight direction west towards Hogwarts or northwest towards Hogsmeade, should the need arise, it meant we should have to cross the forest, but we have our ways to do that fast and safely, and it gives us the advantage of having water nearby, a fortress to hide, a train station to run, as well as several shops and the Hogsmeade Gringotts local branch to retrieve money, we just had to go with a Glamour so we can past by without being recognized" he explained.

Everyone was pondering the possibility. Andy spoke, "You talk about money, but what are you going to do to get money, no offense but, Sirius is going to become the Most Wanted Criminal in a matter of hours, and your condition as a werewolf will make it hard for you to get a job"

The mentioned men turned to see each other with grim faces until Sirius's face lit up, "You know, I was incarcerated without a trial, that means that probably no order of closing the Black account was given, meaning, if that's the case that we could retrieve money from the main vault. The goblins are a greedy and somewhat salvage bunch, but you know that they value honor more than gold, they are just creatures, if we give them proof of my innocence, they may be able to help us, maybe even reinstate my place as Head of the House, at least in their eyes, this way I could key you" he said this while looking at Andy, "back to the Family Vault, and this way, you could help us with our expenses so we don't have to be out often, avoiding the risk to be discovered; plus, I could cast out the Malfoy's and the Lestrange's from the family, depriving them of our income"

Ted spoke, "I support Sirius and Remus's ideas, both for location and money flow, however, I would wait the out casting for when we manage to free you, Sirius, otherwise, that decision could lead to an even more fierce persecution if Malfoy can help it" they all heard the man's wise words.

Ted Tonks, as well as Sirius, used to be an Auror, his expertise in the matter was not forgotten, and he knew that the inputs of several members of the Wizengamot in the Minister could affect the modus operandi of the Corps due to the outstanding favoritism to the 'upstanding' members of the community, meaning pureblooded bigots with enough money to make their whims the government order.

They all agreed in reluctance.

"Well, I believe this completes the main issues of our living accommodations, we can go to Dervish and Banges in Hogsmeade to buy a magical tent, there's an Ollivander's local branch so we can get a wand that fits and that I can use; and then go to the Gringotts local branch and try to fix the monetary situation. Regardless of the outcome, we'll look for a clearing near the east edge of the forest to arm the tent" Sirius said to the group and turned his head to the Tonks's, "In the meanwhile, you guys can go to Wizeacre's in Diagon Alley and get us ward stones to increase the security of the tent, and even maybe conceal it with a Fidelius Charm with the secret bearer to make an Unbreakable Vow or a Magical Oath to never speak the secret, not that we don't trust each other, but as a security measure so that even if we are interrogated with Veritaserum, the secret will not be left out, I offer myself for the task, What do you guys think?" he said to the now astonished group.

Every one of them knew that Sirius was a fast thinker, maybe not as good as James or Lily, but good nonetheless. His reasoning had no flaws so they all agreed to the plan

Padfoot spoke again, "Now with that covered up comes the most important part of the conversation, Harry" everyone accommodated better in their seats, "We've already explained the reason of Voldemort's attempt to kill Harry when we got here, and we all believe that wasn't killed and that he will come back to hunt Harry, so now comes the question, what do we do with him? Should we tell him? Should we let him in the dark? Should we train him for the inevitable? Should we let him slack of and enjoy his childhood and left him unprepared and let Hogwarts handle that part?"

Ted, Andy, and Moony remained silent, they all knew that Padfoot was the one to make the decision but his question made them knew that he wanted their opinion.

"I believe we keep the truth from him until he's seventeen of older" said Sirius, being the emotional one.

"I think it would be better for him to know the whole truth from now so he can comes to grips with the idea since now" declared Andy, "The faster the better", she added.

"But he is way too young, I do think he should know, but not now, also not when he is that old, I'm inclined to tell him when he gets his letter from Hogwarts, he will be eleven by then, he could emancipate by claiming his Lordship in Gringotts making him able to use magic legally and giving him the opportunity to return to the Ancestral House of Potter, you coming with him of course; he'll get his wand and he could start training, besides, this way he will pay even more attention to his classes when he goes to Hogwarts giving him the bonus of better grades and improvement on his education" spoke Ted wisely.

After more discussion, on this proposal, the agreed to proceed this way, however, by Remus advice, they decided to train Harry in other ways, both magical and non-magical, while his time to come to Hogwarts approached, giving them six years to train him in other aspects. Remus thought it would be good to train him in hand to hand combat, weapon fencing, survival skills, and Occlumency. With Remus advice, Sirius started thinking along the same lines, however, Sirius added five more subjects to his schedule, hunting, assassination (he learnt a bit of this from a friend who was a hit wizard, rest his soul), Animagus training, flying and of course… PRANKING!


The next day, both groups headed to the different locations they had to attend according their agendas. Because of the announcement of Sirius's escape from Azkaban Padfoot, Moony, and Harry parted from the Tonks's house shortly after the adults finished their meeting and headed to Scotland on train, trying to avoid capture.

Harry was feeling better, after Andromeda fixed him, she cast a numbing spell on him so he could rest better, in a matter of hours, his pain was completely gone and since he had been fed, he felt full of energy.

The travel was relatively short, given the distance and all; they got to Scotland Highlands in a day. However it was a trip that Harry was never going to forget.

Harry was a curious kid by nature and liked to learn new things; because of that, he liked to know everything about everything. When he was living with his relatives, he often liked to read the newspaper once his uncle had throwed it in the trash bin (he said kids shouldn't read the paper, it was something only adults should do, 'My whale uncle wants to make me a fool, that's not nice, besides, his reasons are just plain dumb' was Harry's usual thought about this issue so he disregarded his orders every time he could), and enjoyed every news that were printed on it.

When Dudley had new toys, his aunt used to give him the toy's manual. Harry thought it was a way to screw on his face what Dudley had and he did not, however, he liked seeing how things were put together, and he got to learn how to use those things before even Dudley did because of that, so he was able to bear with that.

Besides that, he liked to read a lot, he used to steal his relatives book (the few they had) so he could read them, sensing they wouldn't miss the books since they had them only to look like cult people in the faces of their peers, friends, and colleagues, soy Harry used that to his advantage.

Harry Potter (he learnt by Andy that he actually had a name and that it wasn't 'freak'), was a very smart kid, and along with his curiosity, his hunger of knowledge, and his great sense of logic, made him a very capable kid, making him able to read by the age of four without anyone's help and without support or instruction.

It was these traits of him that lead him to have such an enjoyable trip.

"So… could… could you please explain me everything is going on? I mean I'm grateful you took me from my relative's house but… many things have happened so fast and I'm really trying to get a hold of everything" Harry spoke to the men that were his rescuers and escort.

Moony and Padfoot turned to look at each other, "Do you want the honors?" Padfoot told Moony, "Of course" the werewolf replied.

The sandy haired man turned to see Harry in the eye, kindness, caring and comprehension reflected on the man's eyes.

"First things first, you Harry, are a wizard, I believe after all you've seen you have no problem believing this" Remus started, to which Harry just nodded at his words, "Both of your parents were our friends, and they, just like you and us, were wizards, very powerful ones actually. Anyway, a few years back, a very dark wizard named Voldemort along with his followers attempted to take over Britain, however, a group of light wizards stood their ground and faced them" Remus stopped to catch his breath and couldn't help but smile while looking at Harry's awed face.

"Your parents and we were part of that group; it was led by the man who is Headmaster in the school we all studied almost ten years ago, we were a group of knit tight friends and we called ourselves The Marauders. As I was saying, the conflict started when we were still in school, so when we graduated, we all joined the Order and until it's conclusion we fought against those guys. Your parents actually faced Voldemort on three occasions and they ended in draws. However, on Halloween of 1981, he found your house and he killed your parents but he died as well when he tried to kill you. The attack destroyed the house and left you the scar you have on your forehead. We don't know for certain what helped you survive but that was what happened and that is the reason you were sent to the Dursley's" Remus finished telling him the story.

Harry was in deep thought with unshed tears. Sirius moved to his side and hugged him hard with tears falling from his eyes. They both stayed like that for several minutes. Harry was receiving his first 'fatherly' hug in his short life, so that filled him with emotion, being deprived from love his whole life, this was a balm for his soul so he cried openly, cleaning his heart. Sirius loved Harry deeply since his birth, he was the son of his brother in all but blood AND his godson. His imprisonment had prevented him to be part of his life for four years in which he was severely mistreated, tortured even, and the guilt had been burning his insides for he knew it had been his fault his absence in the lad's life.

Remus was touched by the scene so he just kept quiet, keeping at bay his own demons, for he knew that he could have done something to prevent Harry's pain in these four years he had been apart from him.

After they all calmed down, Harry was the first to break the silence, "Thanks for helping me misters" both Marauders started laughing at his words, "None of that kiddo, you are not to call us mister, misters, sir or any title" said Sirius, "You can call me Sirius, godfather or Padfoot you can even call me dogfather" Remus continued, "And you can call me Uncle Moony or Uncle Remus, is that understood Harry?" he said to the young boy.

Harry laughed at both their attitudes but most of it at their nicknames, "Okay Uncle Moony" they all smiled at his trusting attitude. Andy warned them that he may act shy around people but it looked that it wasn't going to be the case.

Sirius added, "By the way, now that we are talking about names, you can call Andromeda Aunt Andromeda or Aunt Andy, and the same with Ted" Harry nodded at his instructions.

A few more minutes passed in a pleasant silence when Harry talked again asking the inevitable dreaded question they were expecting, "Padfoot… I was wondering if you are my godfather and Moony is my uncle, how come I wasn't sent with any of you?"

Both men were silent. Sirius looked uncomfortable by the question, and Moony started sweating. Harry looked at them with curious attention. He knew they were hiding something that they were ashamed for.

Sirius gave a deep sigh, "You see… the reason Voldemort found your parents is because a man who used to be our friend betrayed us all and he told Voldemort where they were hiding. I got to the house shortly after what happened and in my grief and rage went to hunt down Peter, which was his name, also known as Wormtail. I gave chase into London and he blew a whole sidewalk, killing twelve persons with it. He cut his finger so to appear he died and ran away, the Aurors, our police, arrested me and I was sent to prison, where I remained until a week ago" he told his godson.

Remus continued "When your parents died, their will was sealed by someone and by that man's orders, you were sent to the Dursley's. A couple of weeks ago, in Halloween to be exact, a letter appeared in front of me, it was from your parents, it explained that it was charmed to appear in front of me in case their will was still sealed. It was a time set charm, keyed to their will directly, meaning that if their will lasted more than four years sealed it was to activate. In the letter, they told me about Sirius innocence and Peter's betrayal, meaning that Sirius was unjustly imprisoned. They gave me instructions to help Sirius escape and to rescue you from the place you were living, they didn't wanted you to grow up with people that didn't loved you. I was in the States so I sent the letter to Sirius with a concealment charm so they couldn't read their contents but Sirius (it had a password that only Sirius could decipher so it would reveal the actual contents of the letter), and came back to England, he escaped, we met at the instructed location and we rescued you" the wolf finished his explanation.

Harry listened to everything they told him, the hamster in this brain spinning the wheel of his thoughts and logic. Padfoot and Moony looked him attentively, waiting for his answer.

A single tear escaped from Harry's eyes, his heart filled with the love his parents were transmitting him by his uncle and godfather's actions, "I feel the luckiest kid in the world, even in death my parents are watching me" he gave them a broad contagious smile. It warmed both men's hearts to see that Harry was so much like Lily, a really gentle soul.

They spent the rest of their trip talking about light hearted stuff, getting to know each other better.


The group travel by foot to Hogsmeade. It took them just a few hours, using their animaguses abilities. After a few Glamours on them, they headed straight to Dervish and Banges and got the tent they needed (Ted provided them with the money for their initial expenses), after that they went to Ollivander's and got Sirius a ten inches, vine, dragon heartstring wand.

Finally they went to their most important stop of the day, Gringotts. The three of them entered the small lobby, three creatures, from small stature and fierce characteristics greeted them. They headed to the closest teller.

"Good afternoon sir goblin" spoke Remus, "I was wondering if we could have a private meeting with a solicitor", the goblin looked at them with narrow eyes, and after a few seconds he nodded, "Follow me" he ordered.

They walked among the tall corridors of the bank until they entered an elegant office, the plaque on the door read Main Solicitor. The teller invited them to sit so they did. "Our solicitor will arrive shortly, please feel yourselves free to have a little refreshment" the goblin said as a tray filled with sandwiches and pumpkin juice appeared in the table in front of them.

Harry and Sirius ate a sandwich each and Moony just drank a little bit of juice. Minutes later a regal looking goblin entered the office.

"Hello there, my name is Bearclaw, what can I do for you today?" the goblin addressed them politely.

Remus spoke, "You see, we have a little bit of a problem, may I ask, are you aware of the Sirius Black situation?" he asked.

"Well yes, I believe every person and creature in the magical community is aware of Black's escape from Azkaban…" Bearclaw got silent and narrowed his eyes and looked at the three of them. With a small grin he asked them, "One of you is Sirius Black, am I right?"

The three of them looked perplexed at the goblins ability of reasoning. Sirius did the only sensate thing. He removed the Glamour, "Yes, I'm Sirius Black"

The air in the place became heavy, filled with tension, making it harder to breathe while the little group waited for the goblins reaction. They all jumped when he started laughing. The goblin took a few breaths and finally spoke, "I'm sorry for my outburst… I shall say, I find it quite amusing that you have the balls to show your face in goblin territory, this could get us in really deep trouble with your Ministry" the three humans tensed even more, Remus and Sirius had their hands close to their wands so that they could escape but it proved to be unnecessary, "however I believe you wouldn't have done what you have if you didn't have a good reason, if you were guilty of something you could have tried to retrieve your money directly, instead you risk yourself to have a talk, so I'll listen to what you have to say" finished the goblin.

The Marauders and Harry released the breath they had been holding and relaxed. Remus took control again.

"Bearclaw, the reason of our visit is to see if there's a way to have access to the Black vault funds without having problems with the bank, we believe that since Sirius was imprisoned without a trial, his family account wasn't closed. We have evidence that proves that Sirius Black is innocent but we need the help from the Wizengamot to order a trial to use this evidence legally and for now it is not possible for us to get that help, and it will be like that for a few years so in the meanwhile we need the money to hide and survive while the time to present the poof comes. We could show you the evidence we have so you can decide whether if you want to turn us in or not" Remus told the goblin with anxiousness in his voice, fearing that Bearclaw could deny their request and try something. Then again, he was wrong.

"Alright, I'll see the evidence" Bearclaw replied. Sirius handed the letter from James and Lily and offered to be interrogated with Veritaserum as well as give him his memories to be reviewed in a pensieve and even offered to make a Magical Oath.

Given his willingness to prove his innocence and the letter in his hands, which explained the truth that happened that Halloween of 1981, he decided to believe the men and help them.

"I believe it won't be necessary any other proof, relax. Now, I think it would be proper to you companions to release their Glamours so I can know who I am dealing with" Bearclaw suggested.

Remus ended the charms. It wasn't a surprise to see the famous Harry Potter with them, after reading the letter it was obvious their actions and reasons to act the way they were.

"Excellent, now regarding the issue with the Black vault, you're right, we don't close our clients vault's if we don't have the order and the evidence of culpability as well as the sentence order" he turned his gaze to Sirius, "which means that your vault is ready to be used anytime. It seems that with your arrest warrant you won't be able to get near your vault in Diagon Alley; however I have a suggestion to make, since you are your Head of House, you can approve every movement of your vault and those of your families, so the option I present to you is that you open a vault in this establishment so you can come here directly and retrieve your money, I will attend you personally and you can confirm every transaction being that your birth right, What do you think Mr. Black?" spoke the goblin.

The wizards were astonished by their luck. Bearclaw didn't only believe them; he had agreed to help them.

"We'll take your offer" Sirius said as he recovered from the shock, "So; my first movement is to ask you to open a vault by the name of Marauders, we can't risk opening it by any of our names; and keying it to the Black vault and the next action I would like to do is to key Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Andromeda Tonks, Theodore Tonks and Nymphadora Tonks to both the Marauder vault and the Black vault, if you would be so kind Bearclaw"

The goblin nodded and some paperwork appeared in front of them, the group started working with it. An hour later everything was set so Andy, Ted, Dora, Moony, Harry and Sirius could use the vaults as they pleased.

The wizards say goodbye to the goblin, cast the Glamours and left the building towards the forest, they ran about southwest for an hour or two when they reached the other edge of the forest, they then started looking for a clearing to set the tent. About another hour later, the adult wizards, had casted a great number of charms around the tent including Muggle Repelling Charms and Notice-Me-Not Charms. They left to the Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade Inn and Pub, to wait for the Tonks's. About fifteen minutes later they arrived and left the building.


Apparition was something Harry definitely didn't like. The tugging sensation in the stomach made him feel like throwing-up. Harry headed inside the tent along Dora when the group arrived to the Wolf's Den (the Marauder's thought it would be funny to name their place).

Harry had been outside the tent when Sirius and Remus started charming the tent and its surroundings so he still didn't knew how the interior. At simple sight, it looked like a tent for a single person and questions about his new found lifestyle began to grow in his head when he looked the place, however, he decided that he could adapt, anything was better than living in the Dursley's.

Harry was awed when he entered his new 'house'. At the entrance (since it didn't have a door) was a set of steps that lead to the living room. It had a set of comfy looking brown furniture including a big three-person sofa, a loveseat, and three individual sofas that surrounded a coffee table. They were all placed in front of a warming fireplace. Passing the living room, there was a solid brown rectangular oak wood dining table with six seats, enough for the Marauder's and the Tonks's. To the dining table's left was a small wood kitchen with a little island in the center. To the right of the living room was a door to the door to a full bathroom and next to it was small corridor leading to five doors, two at each side and one in the end that led to Harry, Sirius, Remus's rooms along with a couple of rooms for Dora, Andy and Ted in case they were staying for the night. Every door had the owner's name on it.

"It has my name on it!" Harry heard Dora shrieking with joy when they were exploring the tent.

He turned to see every door, "This one has my name on it too!" Harry said happily. Both kids entered their rooms to see them.

Harry's room had had light green walls, a small window, a wood desk with its respective chair, a queen size bed with a bedside table and a closet. It was the size of Dudley's main room back at Privet Drive.

Harry was simply ecstatic. He didn't have a room or even a place to call home before so this was beginning to become overwhelming.

Small silent tears were running down his cheeks while he was trying to restrain them, since he wasn't used to it. He suddenly felt two slender arms wrapping him in a strong warm hug making it impossible for him to stop crying.

Dora was happy that his uncle Sirius had included her in their house. She had a purple walled room with a similar layout as Harry, so after a brief glance of her bedroom, she headed out to see Harry's room only to find him sobbing in the entrance. Her mother had told her briefly of what she had found Harry had experienced in his previous house when she examined him. He didn't say anything specific but the evidence spoke for itself.

Don't knowing what to do, she did the only thing she could think of and hugged him, trying to calm him down. The fact that he started crying openly made her heart break in pain, 'How could they…? How could those people treat Harry so badly?' were the thoughts running in Dora's mind while she was whispering soothing words to her cousin.

Harry's cry became into a silent sobbing some minutes later, Dora hold his shoulders and turned him around to see him, his eyes were puffy, bloodshot red from crying, and his face had tear marks so she hold again in a warm hug.

"I won't let anyone hurt you Harry, family is important and you are my little cousin, I've had no other family before, so I won't let anyone hurt the little family I've got now, I promise" Dora said with tears running down her cinnamon eyes.

His cousin's words really helped him, he had never been loved before the previous day and every demonstration of love had a great impact in The-Boy-Who-Lived, Harry returned his cousin's hug making the young girl feel better too. Both children stood there in an embrace.

Sirius, Remus, Andy and Ted casted several wards for the place, intent based, dark mark identifiers, repelling, offensive and defensive wards, etc, the Black family wasn't just called Black because of their last name, they had developed over the years several wards as well as spells that had nasty effect on the receiver of the magic.

The wizards hid the ward stones beneath the campsite, Remus had the idea to have an underground vault/shelter where they could hide and store important stuff in case the need arise.

Remus had forgo his cage due to the fact that he had learnt to control his condition thanks to the help of some American friends he met when he exiled himself in the United States after James and Lily's deaths. He met a Mohawk tribe of wizards that had knowledge of the animagi as well as the lycanthrope condition so they taught him to meditate, feel his magic, and tame his inner wolf becoming into a full wolf himself overcoming his primal characteristics while he had his transformation. Because of that, he gained two different forms, the only difference was the size, in a normal day he was a little bit bigger than normal wolf, however, in the full moon he became a bear sized wolf.

The site around the tent had been modified. The tent had been placed about ten meters away from a river that lead to a small creek about a hundred meters away from the site. With magic the adults built a small deck so they could go fishing. In front of the tent's entrance was a small circle made of rocks to create a fire and a few logs so people could sit there.

There was a wooden fence surrounding the campsite that traced the reach of the wards, Sirius had insisted on creating an exercise/practice area, so they made an obstacle course, an area that hold training dummies, and ring area to practice hand to hand and weapon combat. They designated the vault to store the weapons they were going to get later.

Sirius and the others finished their work in about fifteen minutes and headed inside the tent to rest for a while, it had been a quick but draining task. The adults entered the house. Andy and Ted started exploring the interior when they found Harry and Dora in the hall while they were both crying silently. Sirius and Remus came a few seconds later when they discovered the couple stood in the hall not moving. The adults looked at the scene and their hearts melted.

"It was the right thing to do…" said Sirius in an almost whisper to everyone but mainly to himself, "Yeah, it was the right thing to do cousin" replied Andy. Harry was deprived from love and Dora from other kids she could be herself, she assisted Muggle School but it wasn't the same having to hide your true magical self to everyone around you, and this had hurt Dora greatly despite her bubbly, outgoing and carefree personality. The Marauder's decision of rescuing Harry and including the Tonks's in their little pack had began a healing process in all the six members from the group.

Andy and Sirius recovered their family, Remus and Harry gained a family that loved them and accepted them for what they were, Ted received the acceptation from his wife's family and Dora met someone she could relate and be herself besides her parents.

Life was going to be hard, there was no doubt but at least they would have themselves to count on.

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