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Harry, Hermione and Madam Pomfrey were astonished by the light spectacle that was happening in front of their eyes. They had seen Luna die right in front of them and they had brought her back to life. Now Luna was kissing Neville.

Harry turned to Hermione trying to give his friends some privacy and share with Hermione the issue that developed on his mind, "Do you think this is what I think it is?" he asked, still curious about the situation and the light that was around Neville and Luna.

Before Hermione could answer, the kiss between their two friends ended and the light disappeared.

"Wow…" said Neville breathlessly making Luna giggle, "Yeah… I believe that it was great that kiss" she stated with a smile on her lips. Neville nodded.

"Luna… why? D-D-Do-Don't get me wrong, I loved it and… I really am in love with you, but why did you kiss me?" Neville asked oblivious to the other persons in the room.

Luna's smile grew brighter, "I do believe for the same reasons you kissed me back" she answered without explaining further but Neville understood. He liked Luna a lot and he was glad to know she liked him back.

Harry and Hermione shared a knowing look, 'Regarding your question, yes, I believe they have soul bonded like us, the light, at least according to our investigation, is a sign of a soul bonding' she answered his previous question.

Madam Pomfrey turned to see Harry; "Tell me Harry, what do you think just happened? It seems like you have an idea of what's going on" the healer asked Harry as she wasn't sure of what she had seen on the apparently newly formed couple.

Harry smirked as he noticed that Luna and Neville had stopped talking to hear what Harry had to say.

"I believe, and Hermione seems to agree with me, that these two" he pointed at Luna and Neville, "Have just Soul Bonded" he said with a cheeky grin.

"What?!" "For real?!" where Neville and Luna's remarks respectively.

Luna turned to Neville with hurt look, "You… You don't want to be my soul mate?" she asked with a pout that Hermione and Harry realized was fake and meant to just mess around with poor old Neville.

"What? No! I mean yes! Is not that- I mean- I- I want to be your soul mate! It's just… the information caught me off guard, that's all! I would really love to be your bond mate, your soul mate…" he said shyly. True, Neville was far more confident that in previous years but that didn't changed the fact the he was still a teenager with cero experience in love affairs other than what he had seen in Harry and Hermione.

Luna smiled, "I know, I just wanted to see what your reaction would be to the question" she said with her trademark absent look.

Neville heard the words and it just clicked to him that she had been messing around with him when she pouted before.

"Why you little!" he said as he tickle-assaulted Luna who was laughing really hard. The other three persons standing in the Hospital Wing, by unspoken agreement, left the couple alone.

Madam Pomfrey took Harry and Hermione to her office and invited them to sit down, which they did gladly as the emotional exhaustion dawned on them finally.

"Now, Harry, Hermione, I need to know what happened? You said when you arrived that Luna had been attacked, which is quite obvious but do you know why or who?" she said as she approached her personal fireplace, "Filius" she said to the green fire.

"Luna asked us for help via enchanted mirror, when we arrived to the place she was, we found her wounded along Morag MacDougal and Marietta Edgecombe who were unconscious, Cho Chang who was vomiting slugs and Su Li and Mandy Brockleburst were buried under what seemed to be the result of an avalanche. Maybe it was a spell from Luna" Harry informed her.

Professor Flitwick answered the Floo call, "What can I help you with, Poppy?" he asked jovially.

She turned around and asked Harry and Hermione where they had found Luna. Hermione answered the question and Poppy turned to Filius, telling him where he could find his students and to bring them to the Infirmary.

Harry looked at his girlfriend with a calm face that betrayed his inner raging thoughts as he remembered the reason Luna was laying on a bed after being death for a few minutes.

"What's wrong love?" Hermione asked him as she saw his now grimacing face.

Harry growled, 'We need to make them pay… they hurt Luna, they actually KILLED Luna!' Harry hissed in fury mentally.

Hermione was furious too but hers was a cold, calculated anger that could chill even the bravest person on Earth's heart, 'I know… I believe is time for us to do to them what we had originally planned' she told him through their link.

Harry nodded, 'Let's wait for Professor Flitwick to bring the girls in, we'll see that they pay for this when we have a chance' he said as they finished the mental conversation.

Poppy sat on her chair for a moment before going out to see the other students and sighed.

"What is it Madam Pomfrey?" Hermione asked gently.

Poppy looked at her and smiled warmly, "It's just that… how could these girls" she hissed the word as she didn't believed they should be called that, "have done this to a classmate? They actually killed her! If it weren't for you two I would be asking Professor Dumbledore to call her father so he could retrieve her body instead of wondering about this" she said sadly however her eyes suddenly sparkled to life as she looked at the students.

"Now, before I forget, what did you do with her? How did you bring her back from the dead?!" she asked excitedly as she was eager to have this piece of knowledge that could be revolutionary in the area of Magical Medicine.

Harry and Hermione turned to each other and smiled, "We will give you a book later so you can learn about Artificial Resuscitation and Electroshocks, right now I believe you have patients to see" Harry said with a grin.

"Cheeky little bugger" Poppy said under her breath as she walked out of her office. She did had work to do.

As the couple walked out of the healer's office, they saw Professor Flitwick levitating five girls through the Hospital Wing's doors. Poppy levitated them to a bed and started checking them.

"Stunning spell and a bump in her head… Stunning spell and scrapes on her arm… Slug-vomiting hex, Shouldn't she be able to counter this herself?! Both of these girls present a slight hypothermia…" the Harry and Hermione could hear Poppy tell Filius about the girls she was attending.

The Gryffindor couple approached Luna and Neville that were talking in quiet tones and they noted that Luna had tear stains down her cheeks.

"Hey Luna, what's wrong?" Hermione asked concerned.

Luna smiled at them, "Nothing bad actually Hermione, these are happy tears, I was given two great gifts today" she said with a grin that illuminated the room.

"Really? So Neville counts as two gifts? Is your math that bad? I could help you with it if you want me to" Harry joked and Hermione slapped the back of his head making Luna giggle and Neville laugh outright on his face.

"No dummy, Neville counts as one, the other gift was… I met my mum…" Luna answered the question that had nested on her friends' heads; "When I died, I appeared on a place that is exactly like my house, only white, completely white… she was standing there on her favorite couch… we talked a little and she reminded me that she loved me very much… and that she was happy for me and that I shouldn't feel sad for not being with her…" she said as tears leaked from her down, her watery smile endearing for her friends who were happy for her.

Hermione approached Luna and she hugged her hard. Luna let out the sob that had been caught in her throat when the girl she admired the most and considered to be the closest thing she had to a sister hugged her.

Neville sat to a side and he placed his hand on Luna's shoulder as the little girl finally released all the pent up emotions she had bottled in her heart since her mother's death to the day.

The feeling of abandonment, the loneliness, the fear and the angst of not having hr around, as well as the joy of seeing her, being bonded to Neville, having friends, people who loved her for who she was and accepted her flaws and those characteristics that made her unique.

Hermione stepped aside to let Neville comfort her and she stood up from the bed.

Harry was paying attention to his friends but he was also was also spying the conversation between Poppy and Flitwick.

'So you're telling me that these five KILLED Luna and Harry and Hermione brought her back to life?!' Harry noticed his voice was a mixture of awe and unbelief.

'Yes Filius, I saw it with my own eyes, Miss Lovegood was dead and now she is not thanks to those two' Harry chuckled lightly as he heard the tone used by Poppy.

He heard Filius sigh deeply, 'I need to call Dumbledore but… I feel this will not be end good…' he said sadly.

Both Harry and Poppy were confused by his words, 'What are you talking about Filius?' the Healer asked.

'I believe the correct would be to denounce the girls to the DMLE, right?' the half-goblin asked and after a few seconds, Harry assumed she had nodded; the professor spoke again, 'However the charges will hardly apply…'

Harry was seething in anger 'How in the world could the charges not apply' he asked himself.

His question was answered by the same professor that sowed the doubt, 'How can you charge someone of murder when the person is still alive? While you can tell them that is a muggle technique, the Wizengamot will argue it on us for doing so. If you don't tell them is a muggle thing, they will assume is dark magic and every argument we have for this will have no value since we're dark… they will probably have us locked up if it comes to that. Charges for murder are not an option right now until these methods are recognized in the wizarding world…' the usually jovial professor spoke dejectedly, making the truth in his words more real.

But he didn't stopped there, 'The only option would be to press charges for assault or attempted murder but Dumbledore will never allow us to do that, he is mind set on his forgive-and-put-the-other-cheek policy, he would crumble our attempts to do so. The best option would be to handle some long detention to the girls… maybe an oath to make assure they will never try something against Miss Lovegood… although, I believe a loyalty oath would be a better punishment for those five' Harry heard Filius chuckle to the last option.

Harry decided to assist his professors.

"Professor Flitwick, Poppy, sorry if I eavesdropped but I believe I could help you with the charges against the girls" he said in a straight-to-the-issue tone.

Flitwick looked at him, "And how would you do that?" he asked. Despite the situation, Filius was a curious person, every piece of new knowledge, for small as it could be, woke a great interest on him.

Harry smirked, "Tiki" he said simply and a female elf appeared.

"What can I do for you Harry?" she asked with a smile which Harry returned it.

Harry turned to his professors, "As you know, my mother is the Head of the DMLE, I could either bring her here with Tiki or you could go and see her before the Headmaster knows what's going on" Harry explained.

"That's very interesting Harry, I can see you're as resourceful as ever and quick to think in solutions. I believe it would be better if Madam Bones came here" the diminutive professor said.

Harry turned to Tiki and asked her bring Amelia. Hermione and Neville, taking advantage of the fact that Luna had fallen asleep after her very exhausting ordeal, approached the Professors and Harry when they heard the conversation.

Tiki appeared a few minutes later with Amelia to her side, "Thanks Tiki, we will call you when I need to leave" she said as the dismissed elf left with a small POP.

Amelia turned to hug her son, "Harry" she said simply as she opened her arms and Harry instantly went to her, "What happened? You only ask the elves help to call me when there are problems" she said sternly when they separated making Harry wince at the tone.

"Well you see, someone attacked Luna and Professor Flitwick wants to press charges since they actually killed her bu-"

"SOMEBODY KILLED LUNA?!" she shouted aghast. The thought of a sweet child like Luna had been killed was too much to the woman and her fuse ignited instantly.

"Professor Flitwick I'll make sure this girls rot in Azkaban!" she said heatedly but Harry's arm on her shoulder and him shaking in laughter made her stop on her tracks.

"I'm sorry mum but you didn't let me finish… Luna WAS killed but we brought her back" he told her.

Hermione talked this time, "He's right Amelia, we used CPR and Electroshocks to bring her back to life" she said calmly.

Amelia took a deep breath, "Alright, I believe you. I had actually heard about CPR before but I had never met a case where this method was used, I'm glad to know you two do…" she said and then she turned to Filius.

Amelia stood there for a while as an unnatural silence fell on the place, "You can't charge the girls for murder since Luna is alive, despite the fact of her being death while my children worked on her, so what are you planning to charge them with?" she asked curious, even if she knew what they would probably would tell them.

Filius nodded, "I figured as much. No, I believe that assault and attempted murder of the Scion of a Noble and Ancient House would be proper" he said calmly and Amelia nodded.

"Yes, that should pass the inquiry of the Wizengamot…" she said and then she looked at the Ravenclaw girls that were not Luna, "Are these girls the ones who attacked Luna?" she asked the group.

They all nodded and Amelia sighed, "I'll come back in a couple of hours once they are all awake to take their statements, I'll see if I can bring Kingsley or Moody in case Dumbledore wants to interfere. While those two respect him and are his allies, they also respect the law and won't be intimidated by him if he tries something" she explained and left with Tiki.

Filius left the infirmary to attend his classes and Madam Pomfrey went to her office to write the reports of her patients allowing the Gryffindors to stay and 'keep watch'.

Harry and Hermione looked at Luna and then at Neville. The sandy haired boy nodded in understanding. They had previously arranged in a heavier punishment of these girls when the group found Luna but they had relented per Luna's request but now they wouldn't let this issue settle with just pranks.

Hermione casted an Illusion of them standing with Luna and then she walked to Marietta first since she was the closest, she turned into her Nine-tailed Fox form and she began floating on top of the 3rd year Ravenclaw. Harry petrified and silenced the girl and enervated her. Marietta woke up surprised to see an angry fox floating right in front of her, looking at her eyes with an intimidating look. She tried to yell for help but no sound came from her mouth and she began to panic even more when she found out that she couldn't move.

The fox began to growl and its brown eyes began to glow. At the same time, the flames on her tails and paws brightened and grew stronger and surprisingly, at least for Marietta, colder.

Hermione looked into Marietta's eyes unmoving and the Ravenclaw became entrapped on the fox's gaze even further than before. In the mind of the animagus three words sounded repeatedly, 'SEPTIMA OSCURIS SOMINUM'

Marietta's eyes unfocused and she began to get sleepy until the strength of the spell defeated her and she fell into an unsettling slumber.

The whole issue took less than a minute, but after that minute, Marietta had been sentenced to seven years of nightmares reviving her worst fears and her saddest moments.

Hermione did the same with the other girls and less than ten minutes later, she stepped away of Luna's killers and she removed the illusion of her and her friends.

Harry held her after her resolve shattered and she began crying silently. She had been scared for Luna when they saw her die and she had punished the ones responsible with endless nightmares for quite a long time.

Neville could feel no pity for the girls who had tried to take his girlfriend away. He sat down next to Luna and began thinking in how she had become so important to him in less than a year.

He turned to the embracing couple and interrupted them, "Harry… it's the same with you two, right?" he asked.

Harry and Hermione turned to see their friend as he spoke, "What are you talking about Neville?" Harry asked curious since he hadn't understood the question that popped out of nowhere.

Neville smiled warmly, "Luna became the most important person to me in less than a year after meeting her, you guys took way less than that, so I was wondering why, how did that happened…" he said as he thought about it.

Hermione smiled at Neville, "Harry and I have been investigating about Soul Bonds since Remus explained it to us and even further after the book's incident last summer and we have confirmed the information and even learnt more about it as we got deeper on the subject. We'll explain it to you two when Luna wakes up, ok?" she said and Neville nodded, "Yeah, ok" he said simply.

Harry let the others know what had happened and their friends rushed to the Hospital Wing to see how Luna was doing.

When all their friends had gathered on the Infirmary, Harry told them that Luna had been attacked but they didn't knew about how things happened and that they were all going to learn about it when Amelia came with the Aurors.

The Twins stood guard on Luna's both sides of the bed since they considered her their little sister, a title that had been adopted by all the members of the group with Neville being the sole and obvious exception.

Tracey, Daphne, Blaise, and Susan had class so they decided to retire while the rest of the group stayed to take care of Luna since they had no class at the moment.

About an hour later, the Ravenclaw girls began to stir and two hours later, they were all awake and had the pleasant company of the Head of the DMLE and Aurors Alastor Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Harry recognized these two from the wedding and he knew they were some of his mother's best friends and coworkers, more so since she used to be Kingsley's partner and Moody's student before she was promoted.

The three began questioning the girls and were almost complete on their inquiry when Dumbledore decide to made his appearance.

"Madam Bones! Kingsley, Alastor! What are you doing here? Did something happen?!" the Headmaster asked alarmed to know that somehow they had bypassed security and he had no knowledge of their presence in the castle until a few minutes ago when an elf had warned him.

Amelia walked towards the aged Headmaster, "As a matter of fact, yes, Albus, something did happened. Turns out that five of your students attacked a younger housemate and daughter of a distinguished member of the community and Head of a Most Ancient and Noble House. Professor Flitwick did the right thing and let me know of this event since this was an attempted murder. If my son and his friends hadn't found the girl, these five would have been charged with murder of the Scion of Most Noble and Ancient House" Amelia explained with authority and presenting the situation clearly to Dumbledore with the clear message 'You're not going to stop us' in her words.

Dumbledore was aghast; he had known of the attack because of the portraits but he had thought that it had been nothing serious since he was just reported of a brawl between girls; he never knew it was serious. Not that it mattered to him personally; Xenophilus Lovegood was a pain in his ass being who he was doing what he did, presenting his crazy theories that were in fact accurate news regarding his and the Ministry's manipulations hidden in the craziness of his articles; after Selene's death, his daughter's death could have been the key factor to take him out of his way since losing her would break him totally.

His musings lasted milliseconds so he turned to Flitwick, "Filius, how could you turn your own students to the DMLE when you could have done something?" he asked with anger covered by disappointment.

Flitwick looked at him angrily, "This is NOT a school incident, THIS was an obvious and vicious attack! These girls tailed and ambushed a younger student with the intentions of hurting her and when she proved to be too much, they decided she should no longer live!" the half-goblin shouted angrily, making his students wince at the tone.

"My dear friend, maybe you're exaggerating, why would you say that about your own students?!" said Dumbledore with concern.

"Albus, these girls have been interrogated with Veritaserum with their Head of House agreement, and they, the five of them explained what happened and why it happened so I don't give a damn if you're Merlin reincarnated, these girls will stand trial!" Amelia interrupted with an air of finality.

Dumbledore was pensive for a moment and finally he sighed, "Go ahead Amelia, is your duty as Head of the DMLE, please let me know how things progress" Dumbledore said in a defeated manner and left without waiting for an answer.

"He's not gonna let this go, right mum?" Harry asked Amelia to which she nodded.

"Yeah, he's way too stubborn to surrender when he has his mind set in something" she answered her son. She then turned to her coworkers, "Bind them and take them away!" she ordered.

Kingsley and Moody did as told and they proceeded to take the five girls through the floo, straight to their Headquarters.

Amelia stood next to a sad faced Flitwick, "Filius, I'm really sorry you were forced to do this" she said comfortingly to the aged professor.

Filius nodded without looking at her, "I know, I just wished I had done something else to prevent this…" he said brokenly as he left the Infirmary to have some time to think about everything that had happened in the last hours.

The members of the pack said their goodbyes to Amelia as she too returned to her office and left the Infirmary to attend classes, Harry and Hermione being the only exception since they had promised to talk with Luna and Neville about the bond. Poppy joined the four after asking if she could since she was interested in the bonds as well.

"Alright Neville, Luna, before starting, what do you know about soul bonds?" Hermione asked the newly formed couple.

Neville was the first to speak, "That the love they share is mutual and it helps the bonded couple to talk mentally" he said.

"I've also heard that they are resistant to mind controlling charms and love potions" Luna added excitedly.

"But if that were the case, wouldn't that have prevented the incident on Diagon Alley?" Neville asked concerned since he was the one who broke the enchantment on Hermione that time.

"May I ask what happened that time, Harry?" Madam Pomfrey asked as she wrote annotations on the parchment she had on her hand.

Harry nodded, "Do you remember what Lockhart said about his books laced with potions and being charmed to be bought and all that?" Harry asked the Healer.

"Yes Harry, I remember and If I'm not mistaken, he said that the runes were drawn with ink mixed with several potions and his own blood to key him to the potions and the runes themselves enhanced and empowered the effect of said potions" Poppy explained.

"Correct, and the truth is, we found that while we were on our holidays. When we went to buy the stuff we needed for this school year, Hermione and the girls were all entranced with Lockhart and said some stuff that were hurtful to me" Harry said as Hermione put her forehead in his shoulder, still sad about that day.

Hermione took over the explanation, "I suddenly thought that Lockhart was handsome and was my hero, I couldn't think clearly and all thoughts about Harry vanished, which should have been the very first sign that something was wrong. For some reason I just wanted to see and meet the fraud... I had no eyes for anyone else for that matter. I was driven away from the group once I came out from the store by Neville and he tried several times to make react until he…" she paused and looked at Neville who was sweating nervously as he remembered what had he done that time to help her.

"He what?" asked Harry genuinely curious and totally oblivious to the glances that Hermione and Neville were giving each other.

Neville being the true Gryffindor he was explained, "I uh… I might have slapped Hermione…" he said nervously and with his wand ready since he was pretty much sure that Harry would hex him seven ways till Sunday.

"You did WHAT?!" Harry shouted as he stood up abruptly with his hidden knife fully exposed and thirsty of blood. Hermione stood between him and, maybe not so surprisingly, Luna who had stood up to defend her boyfriend.

"Harry, stop it! I wasn't reacting and I needed to come out of the enchantment to look out for you!" she defended her friend.

"That may be the case but why couldn't he use a Stinging Hex or a Tickling Charm instead of slapping you!" he said heatedly.

Harry was usually caring, loyal, trustworthy, and nice, however, if something could rile him up and anger him to the extreme was to know that somebody had hurt Hermione in way, shape or form.

Neville had a look of enlightenment as he realized he could have done that. Luna decided to speak to ease her older 'brother'.

"Harry! You know as well as I that Neville's forth is doing and supporting, not thinking!" she said bluntly as ever.

Everybody stopped as they heard Luna defend Neville so heatedly and so honestly that they couldn't help but start laughing hard at her words. Neville finally could take the breath he was holding and turned to Luna to thank her who looked at him sheepishly with her tongue out her mouth and a hand rubbing the back of her head.

After everyone calmed down, Poppy urged Hermione and Harry to keep with the story.

"Actually that's it, we talked, we fought, we thought about it, we were slapped on the back of our heads, we apologized and we're alright now" Harry summarized the conclusion of that incident.

Poppy nodded slowly, "So this rules out the potion and mind controlling defenses" she said mostly to herself.

Hermione shook her head, "Actually no. When we spend the Christmas holiday last year on Harry's house, Remus, who had learnt about the bond with the Indians in America, told us that the bond has four stages" she said.

"The initial stage is when the soul destined meets each other. The bond only causes some affinity between the two of them but they can just ignore it and nothing will happen" Harry said.

"In our case, we felt attracted to each other since the beginning, and for some reason that we understand now, we always got along and trusted each other, but what really helped us was our Occlumency training" explained Hermione.

"Occlumency training?" Poppy asked.

Harry nodded, "Sirius and Remus taught me when I was younger and I in turn taught Hermione when we were in first year when she found me fighting with Professor Flitwick" he explained.

"You fought with Professor Flitwick?! What in Merlin's beard possessed you to do that?!" Poppy exploded in indignation about such a blatant lack of respect from a student towards a professor.

Hermione giggled as she put a calming hand on Poppy's shoulder, "Those were my thoughts exactly, but Professor Flitwick and Harry explained that Harry was at the time his dueling apprentice, after that he took me in as well. We've been training together for more than a year" she explained merrily.

Poppy understood the situation and asked no further since they must have their reasons to ask for a dueling apprenticeship.

"Okay, but back to the topic, what do you mean that your Occlumency training helped you form and develop the bond?" Luna asked curious.

"As you know, Occlumency is meant to defend your mind from external sources, so in order to hide and protect it, you have to know yourself to know what you wish to hide, so to do that you need to see your own memories, live them again. In order for the student to learn how to do this, he has to first go through his teacher's memories and the teacher his student's. This way Hermione got to see and live everything that has happened to me in my life the same way I did with Sirius when he taught me and I saw everything in her life the same way Sirius did with me" Harry explained in his teacher mode.

Hermione took over, "There are no secrets from the past to us, we've seen the good and the bad in our lives and this inevitably strengthened the bond we had. Plus the fact that we studied together everyday, practiced with Professor Flitwick every weekend and lived in the same tower for two months took us to the events of Halloween last year" she added.

Poppy, Neville and Luna nodded in understanding. Harry and Hermione had lived the experiences the had from their whole lives together, and this meant an enormous amount of trust between them that, together with their affinities to each other and mutual liking, soon blossomed in love.

"The second stage is when the soul destined share their first kiss. By doing that action, magic takes over and starts the bond between the two of them and enables them to speak mentally, no matter where they are. We can talk even if I'm in my house in Kent and Harry is in his house in Surrey" Hermione explained. The other three just nodded for they had seen this ability in one way or another.

"The third stage is when the bonded couple has sex for the first time. This strengthens the bond and is when the couple becomes immune to love, jealousy, and loyalty potions as well as mind controlling charms that affects them to hurt each other particularly" he explained.

"That's quite specific Harry" Neville said simply.

"We've been reading a lot of books about bonds that we'll give you later for you to read" Hermione replied with a smile on her face. The thought of reading something always made her smile.

"And we discovered that the most important thing in magic is intent, the bond and its defenses are no different" Harry added.

"Then the protections will arrive until you or us have sex?" Luna asked innocently making the other soul bonded beet bright red.

Harry recovered first by turning his blush off thanks to his metamorphmagus abilities, "Yes, that would be the case Luna. Something important and particularly curious as well, is that the bond CAN be broken if one member of the couple looses interest in the other or if both do, but it's incredibly rare. And other thing we learnt fro reading after the Gaylord Flatball incident-" everyone chuckled because of Lockhart's nickname, "-we learnt that we can't fall in love in another person that is not our soul mate, the only way of one person to gain those feelings is by the effect of love potions" he added.

Hermione smiled, "That doesn't mean that you can't think someone else is handsome or beautiful, because you do can, however it will never evolve into something else as long as the bond is strong. For example, I could think that some guy is handsome but it will never develop into a crush the same way that Harry will never develop a crush for a girl he thinks is beautiful. In the end, honor to who honor deserves" she explained.

Her words were somewhat reassuring for the four soul mates.

"The last stage of the bond is when the bonded couple gets married. In wizarding weddings, the vows bind the groom and the bride with a marriage bond and even a love bond, however the Soul Bond, does this and makes the bond permanent and unbreakable, for all eternity" Hermione said with a smile as she thought in getting married with Harry.

Thought that Harry received as well, "Someday Hermione, I promise" he said simply, giving no doubt about what he meant and Hermione nodded.

"Also, with marriage, you complete the merge of your magical cores, making you stronger magically; it also means that it links your life force with the other. One will die the day the other does as well" Harry added.

The group stayed silent for a while digesting the information they had received. Luna and Neville were excited as they began to feel their mental connection and were eager to begin their life as soul mates officially. Harry and Hermione were glad to have looked into the information before to themselves since it helped their friends. Poppy was intrigued by the issue called Soul Bond; it was extremely interesting and incredibly romantic; not that she would ever admit it but she was quite jealous of the young students, if she were soul bonded she would be living in eternity wit her late husband.

Poppy dismissed them all when she saw that it was late, just before curfew and asked Luna to take care of herself.

The Gryffindors escorted Luna to the 'apartment' she shared with Daphne and Tracey. After Neville kissed Luna good night the three Gryffindors returned to their tower to have a good night sleep.


A week had passed since Luna's attack and the previous day had been the trial of the girls according to Amelia however no announcements were given about the conclusion of it.

The Hogwarts pack plus their new member, Blaise were hanging around in the Queens' Chambers when Amelia appeared on the fireplace.

"Hi everyone, is alright if I step in?" she asked the young students and they nodded.

When the usually stern woman appeared she was quickly tackled by her children with their enthusiastic greetings.

"Nice to see you too Harry, Susan" she replied. Hermione and Luna followed, giving her a big hug.

When they separated Amelia sat down and addressed Luna, "I believe you know that we had the trial yesterday, right?" she asked to which the youngest member of the pack nodded.

"Well, I'm glad to tell you that Marietta Edgecombe has been sentenced to three years in Azkaban for your attempted murder" she said with a sad smile on her face.

Luna nodded sadly. While it was true that she was the main instigator, that didn't mean that she wanted the girl to suffer.

Fred smiled, "That's good to know Mrs. Black, what happened to the others?" he asked curious about the fates of those who attacked his 'real sister'.

Amelia sighed with mixed emotions raging inside, "Dumbledore's influence prevented them to receive a cell in Azkaban but they will be on probation for the remainder of their time in Hogwarts, besides they have been given a restraining order, they are not allowed to have contact with Luna unless she wants to and if they are caught one more time trying to hurt her, their leniency will be forgotten and they will be sent to Azkaban with a greater sentence due to breach of trust and disobedience" she explained. Everyone nodded sadly since justice had been made 'half-way'.

Amelia placed a hand on Luna's shoulder, "We're all glad that you are okay after all that happened to you" she said tenderly. Having gotten married and having kids had turned her soft she thought to herself.

Luna and the others smiled, happy to know that this issue had finally ended.


Time had passed quickly and it was already April and several things had happened.

Shortly after Marietta and the others' trials, Valentine's Day arrived and Harry and Hermione had nice dinner/date in the middle of the Lake, as they were aboard a boat that Harry stole from the underground entrance they used to arrive in their first year. Neville asked Harry for advice and he and Luna had a similar dinner/date but on the Astronomy Tower.

A few days after that Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas were petrified by the basilisk and the Board of Governors suspended Dumbledore for his inability to stop the attacks and despite Lucius Malfoy's best efforts to avoid it, McGonagall was selected as acting Headmistress.

Not one to miss an opportunity, she used this opportunity to talk with fellow professors and Heads of House, Flitwick, Sprout, Acting Head of House of Gryffindor, Professor Aurora Sinistra (they decided to leave Snape out of this since they knew he was going to oppose), and surprisingly Adrian, the Sorting Hat, to talk with them about the suggestions Harry and Hermione had provided them at the beginning of the year.

After small deliberation, the three Heads of House and the Headmistress decided to act upon the Ancient Laws of Independence that had ruled the interaction between Hogwarts and the Ministry giving the castle free reign to do as it wanted and using her authority as Headmistress, McGonagall, she dictated the new changes that would take place at the beginning of the next year making them very eager for the next year to arrive.

And the most recent events had been Harry's spontaneous thoughts about Ginny Weasley.

It had been about two weeks ago that he began having thoughts about Ginny. Simple things actually like how nice she looked certain day or how he had never noticed that Ginny had luscious lips or that her skin looked quite smooth and he never seemed to realize when he thought about it.

Hermione, remembering the incident last summer she began watching Harry and his interactions with her and Ginny. He was still being himself with Hermione, always caring and loving; he paid attention and was his usual self. He noticed that he didn't act differently towards Ginny other than the sudden thoughts that crossed his mind although she had seen that Ginny was growing anxious and Moody as days passed by. Because of this she had reached the simple conclusion that Harry had been dosed with a love potion, and a potion that either wasn't strong or it wasn't working correctly since Ginny's distress should be that the potion is not working fast enough for her like.

By now, she had noticed how Ginny threw some kind of pills in Harry's juice during meals and however she knew not how to act. She was thorn between telling Harry and telling Fred and George about it. She decided that since it was slow acting she had time to counter it and place a trap to catch her in the act.


A hissing sound could be heard in an unknown location, "You have to do it!" one exclaimed furiously while the other shocked it head.

"I can't do it! They are really strong! And besides, I did as you told and it hasn't worked at all!" it shouted the sharper hiss.

"Fool, you must have done something wrong in the process!" the grave hiss told the other angrily, "You will do as I tell you, otherwise you won't achieve your goals and I'll put you in a world of pain" it threatened.

The other hiss felt ashamed for turning against the other after it had helped him overcome its trials, "I'm sorry master… I'll do as told but I need help, otherwise I won't be able to succeed" it pleaded.

The other just stood quiet for a moment, "Alright my pet, I'll help you, head to the north tower, I'll tell you what to do there" the grave hiss said.

"Yes master"


Dora was walking, dozing off, to her Common Room after an intense session of Quidditch training. She had stayed behind in the showers to enjoy the feeling of the warm water easing her ached body so it was late already and she end up going out when the Gryffindor team began their practice so with one last wave to her cousin and friends, she went back to the dungeons.

As she approached her destination, a cracking sound alerted her of someone's presence in her surroundings. She took out her wand and began walking slowly, every trace of sleepiness having disappeared from her.

A sudden growl made her spun around only to find herself face to face to a living dragon gargoyle, same creature that was swinging its claw towards the purple haired witch.

Dora jumped back to evade the strike and was relieved to know that the claw missed its target. She swung her wand and from the tip, a powerful Reducto came out that hit the creature hard on it shoulder sending several pieces of rock and debris flying around.

"Well, it looks like somebody wants to have some fun, Fine by me!" she said with a grin as she shot a spell chain of Reductos then a powerful Igniscium (Fireball) and the finisher, a powerful Bombarda.

The three Reductos cracked the chest of the creature while the Fireball weakened it greatly only to be blown into pieces by her well placed Bombarda.

"That seems to be it, piece of cake actually" she told herself as she tapped her clothes to remove the dust excess, however her actions were interrupted by two growls that sounded incredibly like the one the gargoyle did before.

As she turned around, her suspicions were confirmed when two gargoyles rushed against her, one of them missing her by a few inches while the other managed to tackle her fully.

Dora flew a few feet back because of the impact and she groaned as she hit the floor. Being in the situation she was in, she recovered as fast as she could, and began throwing a volley of Reductos to the rock creatures that in turn only recoiled lightly.

One of the gargoyles jumped to her left distracting her while the other used one of its long wings to hit her side making a deep slash on her right arm. The first gargoyle turned around, hitting her legs with its tail dropping her to the floor.

Dora was feeling dizzy and winded; she was usually more resistant but after Quidditch practice, she was tired and sore already. She tried to stand up but her legs felt wobbly after the gargoyle had smashed its tail against her legs.

She could feel the gargoyles approaching slowly towards her and this made her think that maybe they didn0t wanted to actually kill her however she wasn't going to stay to find out. She managed to stand up again and she used one of her newly learnt spells, one coming from the Potter library.

"FAS IGNIS!" she shouted as she made a slashing motion with her wand, a burst of fire flew straight as a guillotine blade and the attack cut one of the gargoyles in two, making its upper half fall to the floor.

Dora didn't even had time to recover herself properly when the second gargoyle rushed against her.


Tracey, Daphne, Blaise, Neville and Luna were hanging out together after the Slytherins had their last class of the day, Transfiguration with the Ravenclaws; it was weird to see how Morag MacDougal, Su Li and Mandy Brockleburst had alienated her whole house and now everyone was shunning them off.

They had found the most recent couple going to the tower after Luna's last class of the day as well, Charms with the Hufflepuffs. Neville, being the good boyfriend he was, had been waiting for her to escort her to her accommodations. Tracey sighed dramatically when Luna told her about it making Blaise and Daphne snigger and Neville grow red from his face.

As they were going up to the tower, they all heard the hiss of the wind outside one of the corridors. They paid no attention and that was a terrible mistake. From the windows in front and behind them, entered six dragon gargoyles; each and everyone of them equipped with claws on each hand and foot, fangs, a tail and a couple of majestic wings. Tracey, Daphne, Blaise, Neville and Luna immediately formed into a pentagram formation this way they covered for any opening.

"Guys, what do we do now?" asked Tracey nervously.

Neville thought about it for a moment and then answered, "Hit them strong and hard, Reductos at the count of three. One… Two… THREE! REDUCTO!" the five wizards and witches screamed in unison, each of them shooting a spell against one of the creatures.

The six gargoyles, because of their size, couldn't step aside to block the spells so they all covered with their wings, leaving the unattended gargoyle free for an attack.

Neville and Luna sensed the intentions of the rock animated figure and they both used a powerful Bombarda on the creature blowing it up into pieces.

The other three cheered their friends and began shooting Bombardas to the other gargoyles. The five remaining enemies were slightly damaged but nothing to worry about. So they all rushed against the humans.

Neville, being the most experienced dueler of the five, levitated some rocks towards the three on his front while Luna and Tracey shot a couple of Bombardas to the ceiling, bringing debris down, stopping the advance of their rock foes but at the cost of weakening the ceiling, although they didn't noticed it.

Daphne and Blaise used the distraction the girls had made to support Neville with a chain of Reductos towards the three enemies on their front damaging severely two of them, the one in the center and the one in the right, who was the one closest to the window.

Neville noticed this and he shot another Demolition Hex to the gargoyle in the middle destroying it and making the weakened one fly out through the window while Luna and Daphne kept their onslaught of Reductos on the two enemies on their side.

Neville, Blaise and Tracey were going to finish the last one on their side when from the ceiling, right in the middle of them fell one more gargoyle that swung its tail in a circular motion dropping everyone to the ground.


Hermione was sitting alone in the library with a journal she had been writing on since the start of the year where she recorded every important event on school. She had thought about it after the fight with Quirrel and now she was happy to have done it in the first place.

She had written about the attacks, Lockhart and his imprisonment, Luna's attack and finally about Ginny's attempts to win Harry with love potions. She still had doubts about which one had been used on him but she knew it was a long term treatment, otherwise his infatuation would be a reality and quite noticeable.

As she kept thinking about that, she couldn't also stop thinking about the last attack. Two housemates, from her year had been petrified. This time happened near the second floor bathroom, it looked like Myrtle had flooded it again and those two saw the reflection of the basilisk in the water.

She suddenly had a revelation. She began shifting the pages until she found what she was looking for. The first attack on Miss Norris had been around the corner of Myrtle's bathroom, like the last one, both had been because of water reflection since there was no other reflecting object or surface; the other attacks had been on the second floor. It all pointed to that blasted bathroom. She wrote it down and as she was writing the last word she began thinking about how was it possible that millennial creature of at least thirty feet long and probably around five or six feet thick had never been noticed.

The answer came as she walked out of the library with notebook on hand, reading it as she heard a rumbling on the walls and finally it clicked, pipes.

She quickly wrote it down and ripped one of the final pages, fold it to make a separator and put the notebook inside her robes as she walked towards McGonagall's office.

She was a few corridors away when her trek was interrupted by the sound of a large creature running towards her. As she turned around, she saw not one as she thought but three gargoyles rushing against her.

She quickly took out her wand and her shrunken spear out and she shot a Bombarda against the gargoyle in the front as she loaded Gale with a Bombarda of its own.

The gargoyle had no chance against Hermione's skill. The spell hit the creature straight in the crook of its neck separating his head from his body destroying his shoulder and part of its chest.

When the next two gargoyles were within her lance's range, she swung it hard hitting the gargoyle on her left, releasing the Demolition spell as the steel of the weapon made contact with the creature's rock skin, blasting it against the other gargoyle, destroying both creatures.

Hermione took a deep breath to calm herself for being in her first solo battle situation. She didn't took her guard down though and that was what in the end saved her as another five gargoyles attacked her as they crawled through the walls and ceiling trying to catch her in a blind spot, which only ended in one of them being blasted away by Hermione's spell.

The brunette began sprinting down the hall to reach McGonagall's office but she was interrupted yet again, this time by the one and only Ginny Weasley who was standing there with her wand on her hand to a side and a book on the other.

"Is nice to know you're still up Hermione, this means I will get to have some fun too" she said in a cold voice very uncharacteristic of her.


Back with Dora

She didn't even had time to recover herself properly when the second gargoyle rushed against her, too bad it a new challenger had arrived in the nick of time with a perfectly executed, and by the way overpowered, Diffindo that cut the draconian gargoyle's head off cleanly.

When Dora turned her head to see her savior she realized it was her cousin and housemate, Susan.

The redhead helped the purplehead to stand up and the older girl hugged the former for all she was worth, "You have no idea how happy and relieved I am to see you" she said happily.

"I imagine cous'… looks like these guys didn't took well your rejection for a date" Susan replied to her cousin's statement after she looked the signs of a battle present clearly on the corridor, making Dora laughed heartily, she really needed some stress reliever.

Susan then turned serious, "Say, Dora, do you have any idea why these gargoyles attacked you?" she asked curious.

"I don't know, and I don't believe there are many people who knows how to reanimate gargoyle statues" Nymphadora said honestly.

"Figured as much" Susan said quietly. Both began inspecting the scene when a strong growl was heard from down the hall.

"Looks like the party isn't over, I guess we still need to take out some garbage out" Dora said grinning, feeling more confident now that she had backup, and one hell of a backup, Susan had been trained by Amelia, Sirius and Harry, she was definitely good.

As if on cue, seven more gargoyles appeared from around the corner walking menacingly towards them. Dora turned to Susan, "I think is time to take out the big boys out" she said quietly and Susan nodded.

Dora grabbed one of her shrunk short swords from her weapon holster that she had tied on her left arm and the black, gold and silver sword, Taiga returned to its original size. Susan grabbed removed the large pin she had on her hair knot and her black and gray death scythe Ossis was restore to its original human size. The girls were confident they had been training for the past months and they knew what they could do with their weapons.

Not one to wait, Dora began shooting hexes towards the enemies on the corners as Susan rushed personally against them. Dora's spells connected with three of her targets and Susan shot a Demolition hex right on top of her enemies making them jump back to avoid the falling pieces of ceiling. Susan used this opportunity to jump forward in the middle of the smoke and she swung Ossis cutting the wings of two of the rock creatures as she parried the attack of another one.

Dora had started running to help her cousin and when Susan swung her weapon, she jumped over her, turning into a purple wolf that ran between her enemies, reaching to the other side of the enemies' group before she turned human again and she slashed one of the gargoyles in half cutting the tail of another in the process.

Susan began parrying the attacks of the gargoyles that were in front of her with her weapon as she shot spells in counterattack. One of the creatures swung her tail and she crouched down, slashing her bladed weapon in a diagonal way cutting the creature from its right hip to its left shoulder, taking it out of commission.

Tonks evaded the vertical attack of one of the gargoyles by jumping to a side, using the momentum of her move to empower her sword attack and cutting the arm of the gargoyle on her right. Same that attacked diagonally with its left claw only to be blown away by a close range Reducto. Nymphadora received the tackle of the one that had attacked vertically but she used this opportunity to shoot the gargoyle point blank, right through its chest making a hole on its body.

She then turned to see how Susan was going and when she saw she was alright while fighting two gargoyles she turned to her last opponent.

Susan blocked the bite from one of the monsters with the handle of her scythe. The damn creature proved to be quite strong physically as it pushed her against the wall. The rock being loosened its grip on her weapon and swung her claw against her. Susan crouched down and the beast's attack left a mark on the wall where she was standing previously, Susan swung her scythe while crouching and it cut down both of its legs, however the cut was so clean that it didn't fell down so Susan jumped back giving her some space between her enemies and herself.

She noticed her cousin turning around from her fight to see how she was but a reassuring smile made Tonks relieved and turned away to finish her fight, and following the same thought of ending the fight at that precise moment, Susan jumped to her remaining opponents side so the creature would be in front of the one with its legs slashed. She pointed her wand on the gargoyle and used a Bombarda Maxima that destroyed the creature's head, chest and part of its wings, sending it flying away towards the other rock creature destroying them both.

Dora powered her Taiga with a Bombarda spell and evading the attack of her enemy, she stabbed it in the chest, unleashing the spell on it destroying its stomach and making it fall to the floor in many little pieces.

Dora and Susan dusted themselves off and the smirked to each other, "Too easy, piece of cake" said Dora confidently.

"You know, that's not the attitude you had when I found you" Susan teased her older cousin, making Dora harrumph, "Yeah, yeah, I know… thanks by the way" she said sincerely.

"No problem Dora, I was just going to the tower when I found so I deci-" her words were cut short when the pieces of the gargoyles began to glow red and in a matter of just a couple of seconds, they all began exploding, blinding the hallway in a bright white light.


The Slytherin three and Neville and Luna

Luna was lying on the ground with a cut on her back, probably from the gargoyle's tail tip. She looked up and saw one of the gargoyles in front of her and the beast grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and lifted her up. Luna could see every single detail on the rock creature and it looked like it didn't knew what to do. So using this moment of hesitation, she blasted the fiend's head off with the cost of debris giving her small cuts on her face. As she fell to the ground, she listened the growl of a canine and she realized that it was Neville the source of the growl. She turned around and saw a brown wolf positioning behind a gargoyle and turning back into a human who was wielding a two bladed axe, one that was called Creta, if she wasn't mistaken.

Neville had regained his footing and began distracting the other gargoyles by moving around in his animagus form, when he saw Luna destroying one of their enemies, he jumped behind another and, now in its human form and wielding one of his family heirlooms, he swung the powerful axe, cutting its head off.

Having two gargoyles left, Luna used her Labina Nivis spell and buried one of the creatures in a deep layer of snow that incapacitated it while Blaise, Daphne and Tracey, who were all back on their feet, incapacitated the last one by using a triple Bombarda, finishing the creature and the fight.

Neville breathed in relief, "Finally! That's the end of them" he said.

Luna nodded, "That's what it looks like, I don't sense any other creatures lurking around" she said as she used Magical Sensing to inspect the area. Daphne, who by now had achieved her animagus transformation, a white cobra, transformed and using her senses she confirmed what Luna had said.

"You're right, I can't sense anything either, and I believe Neville's nose will say the same so we're safe" Daphne assured however she talked too early as the pieces of the gargoyles began glowing red, just like with Dora and Susan, before enveloping everyone in a bright white light.


"Ginny Weasley? So it was you who made those gargoyles attack me, huh? I would really like to know how; it seems to be a very useful spell, care to share?" Hermione said conversationally however in the inside she was playing different scenarios about what to do.

Ginny laughed evilly, "I think it has no use since after this… you'll be dead… and Harry will be mine" she said in a cold, calculative and insane voice.

Hermione scoffed, "It won't work with the potion you're using. He barely notices you, you know?" she taunted while gaining some more time to think of a good plan that didn't involved killing the little bint.

Ginny's calm façade faded quickly, "SHUT UP! You don't know what you're talking about! He loves me! He is my prince and I will be his Queen!" she shouted angrily to the second year student.

"That's not gonna happen, and is better if you just stop this nonsense, I promise I won't tell anyone if you just forget about this" Hermione offered.

Her condescending tone irked Ginny greatly, "NEVER! SECTUSEMPRA!" she said as she slashed her wand shooting a sickly white curse towards Hermione. The brunette used an Accio spell on one of the gargoyles that were behind her since they had reached the place already and the spell hit it squarely on the chest, making several deep gashes that nearly pierced the creature from side to side. Hermione countered by banishing the rock fiend against Ginny who used a Bombarda on the beast, obliterating it completely.

A hiss could be heard and Hermione saw Ginny nod, as if the voice had talked to her. Hermione's eyes widened when she finally figured out who had been causing the attacks, Ginny was Slytherin's heir and the one controlling the basilisk.

Her musings were interrupted when Ginny began shooting a volley of dark hexes that Hermione had only read about in books, among those were included the Bone Shattering Hex, Organ Crusher Hex, Liquefied Eyes Hex, Skin Rotting Hex among others. And if that wasn't enough, the gargoyles began attacking as well.

Hermione realized that Ginny really wanted to kill her but she couldn't bring herself to fight to kill so she began dodging and blocking hexes with her lance. One particular Skin Rotting Hex passed mere millimeters from her face and that really scared her.

Three more gargoyles appeared and Hermione charged her lance again with a Bombarda spell, she also took a page from Harry and Remus' book by turning to her human-beast form, nine flaming tip tails sprouting from her lower back, her ears being replaced by fox ears, her eyes becoming slit and her nails and canines growing longer.

Ginny was surprised was shocked beyond words with her housemate's appearance and only the hissing from her master helped her regain her concentration. She commanded the gargoyles to attack and the closest beasts tried to rip Hermione to pieces but she evaded the attacks swiftly by dashing on her four and jumping on the back of one of the gargoyles, stabbing it with her lance.

The rock creature began tossing around in an effort to get her of itself but is was all for naught, Hermione's hold was firm and she began shooting hexes towards her enemies, using her victim's wings as shield from Ginny's spells.

The brunette managed to destroy three of the seven gargoyles before unleashing the charged spell on her 'ride' destroying it. Hermione used the shockwave from the explosion to gain momentum as she jumped against another gargoyle, stabbing it in the neck and separating its head from its body.

Ginny shot a Reducto towards Hermione but the second year student, repeated her 'Accio Defense' and thus letting one gargoyle remaining.

Ginny shot a Sectusempra against Hermione and her target dashed to her right to evade. He spell flew past the brown eyed girl but managed to give her a small cut on her right cheek.

Hermione was getting tired from the fight and her body was filled with small scrapes and scratches courtesy of the debris caused by her enemies' attacks. She decided it was time to end this and, knowing that Ginny was the one commanding the flying creatures, she dashed against the firstie. The remaining gargoyle tried to stop her by placing itself between her and Ginny but it only resulted on getting cut by half by Hermione's lance.

Ginny began walking back when she saw the imposing figure of Hermione Granger rushing against her, her speed only increasing when her last gargoyle had been defeated. She tried to stop Hermione by shooting a close-ranged Reducto but the skilled dueler evaded and countered with a point blank Stupefy, rendering the instigator unconscious.

Hermione finally could breath in relief as she stood in front of Ginny's knocked out body. "Finite Incantantem!" she shouted and she saw how the gargoyles' remains glowed blue. She also noticed that the space between her and the next corridor began glowing blue as well and she realized that some kind of barrier had been disabled.

"I think it was a sound proof barrier, or a Notice-Me-Not ward, otherwise someone should have heard the battle raging, but how could Ginny perform all this high level spells being only a first year student? I had trouble with them and I have been training for almost two years" she spoke to herself.

She took out her journal and she wrote down everything that had happened before going to McGonagall.

She began walking down the corridor when she figured some payback was necessary. She crouched on top of Ginny's body and still in her half-form; she began chanting the same spell she used to curse the Claws a few months back. This time however, she had no need to wake Ginny as she had been practicing. She only grabbed her forehead with her right arm as she casted the Septima Oscuris Sominum spell on her. Ginny glowed red for a moment and when the light disappeared she knew the spell had worked.

As she was standing up, a hissing and the sound of something big crawling through the floor put her on alert. She took her pocket mirror out of her robes and ripping a page of her notebook, the one that had written her last revelations; she looked in the mirror trying to run away from the giant snake only to find a big pair of slit yellow eyes.

Hermione was powerless to resist the Basilisk's Gaze and she fell to the ground petrified.

The basilisk crawled to Ginny's lying form and began licking her head until the girl finally woke up.

"Well done my pet, even though you didn't killed the girl you created the opportunity so Kyla could petrify her, now, obliviate her memories from the fight before you finish your paper on this show" the hissing voice told Ginny to which she did. She casted the Memory Removal spell on her housemate and grabbed Hermione's journal, she threw it to the ground and burned it. She cut her arm deep enough to draw blood and she began writing in the wall. After she had finished, she left the corridor with the basilisk on tow.


"Headmistress McGonagall! Headmistress McGonagall!" The figure on a painting shouted to a certain stern woman.

Headmistress McGonagall was sitting on her new desk checking some paperwork when one of the living portraits surprised her, "What is?" she answered curious about the portrait's pale face.

"Headmistress, there had been reports of several battles taking place in the castle!" the figure said with fear and disbelief.

"WHAT?! WHERE?!" she shouted.

"One is reported to have happened in the dungeons, near Hufflepuff's common room; another battle was on the fifth floor, near the Charms classroom and the last one was a few corridors away from here" the man on the portrait informed.

"How come I didn't heard it?" she asked herself, "That's for later" she said as she approached the fireplace in her office, "Pomona, are you there?!" she shouted.

The plump Herbology professor appeared immediately, "I'm here Minerva, what is it? Why are you screaming?" she asked curious.

"Pomona, there has been some kind of fight in the dungeons near your kids' common room, I need you to go check, if there are wounded take them to the Infirmary, I'll be right there!" the Gryffindor Headmistress ordered to which Sprout only nodded wordlessly as she left to do what she was asked to do.

McGonagall repeated the same to Filius and she let Poppy now that there may be some students arriving to her office soon.

She walked out her office and as she ran to the stairs she came across a destroyed hallway. Marks of explosions, burns, slashes and more were engraved on walls, ceiling and floor, and in the middle of it all, was Hermione's petrified body.

"Hermione!" she shouted when she saw the body. She rushed to the girl and saw that she had a mirror on her hand.

"Smart girl, the creature didn't get you thanks to this" she said caringly. She inspected the scene further and she saw a message painted in the wall with blood, 'Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber for all eternity'

McGonagall paled as she read the message, it seemed that the creature had taken someone with it to the Chamber. She felt sad since nobody knew where the Chamber was and she doubted someone could find it to save whoever that was kidnapped.

She shook her head clearing all negative thoughts, she needed to take Hermione to the Infirmary and see the other scenes. With that, she levitated Hermione and began walking the long trek to Poppy's domain.


Harry was having a hard time concentrating on the training.

Somehow the bludgers and the snitch seemed to move faster, or maybe he was moving slower, whatever the reason, he was having a bad feeling that was irking him to no end. Ever since he waved goodbye to Dora, he had the strange suspicion that something bad was going to happen that day. Wood had already reprimanded him a few times and he had a few close calls with the Twins attacks.

As he was flying around looking for the golden orb, Professor McGonagall's voice made him turn around.

"Wood! I need to talk to you and your team!" she shouted from the stands. The captain nodded to the others and they all flew towards their former Head of House and made a semicircle around her.

"What can we help you with, Headmistress McGonagall?" Wood said formally, making the Twins snigger.

Minerva ignored them since she had more pressing issues to attend, "Wood, the practice for today and probably the rest of the season has been cancelled" she said making everyone in the team protest.

"Silence!" she said with an authoritative voice, "It seems that one student has been kidnapped by Slytherin's monster" she said sadly making everyone pale.

"Who was it, Professor?" Angelina asked concerned.

Minerva looked even older than how she was at the moment as she looked to the ground; after a few seconds she stood straight and looked Fred and George in the eye, "I'm terribly sorry Mr. and Mr. Weasley, we've done a student count and the only student missing is Ginnerva" she said sadly.

George was aghast and Fred actually fell on his knees, not believing what they had been told.

"And that's not all" Minerva added.

"There's more?!" asked an astonished Katie.

McGonagall nodded, "I think is better if you all come with me" she said with an air of finality.

The team followed their Transfiguration professor and gasped when they saw most of the beds of the Hospital Wing occupied. Harry ran to the closest person when he saw the mass of red hair not bothering in checking the other persons' identities.

"Susan!" he shouted as he reached his sister's side, "Susan" he said in almost whisper.

The redhead opened her eyes slightly, "Hey Harry… looks like you're alright" she said weakly.

Harry grabbed her hand, "Yeah I'm okay sis, what happened?" he asked concerned.

"Nymmie was attacked by a group of gargoyles… I arrived before they could damage her seriously… we fought them and win but… we never counted that they would blow up once destroyed" she explained as she mustered all the strength she could to do so.

Harry nodded in understanding while he was thinking about reasons why they could be attacked, possible perpetrators, etc. Susan spoke again,"How are the others?" she asked.

"The others?" he asked her as he lifted his had to see the rest of the occupants of the Infirmary when he finally saw who they were.

His eyes became teary as he looked all his closest friends on the beds, covered by bandages and salves to treat their wounds. As he did so he finally noticed that Lupin was in the room too. The Twins were also to a bed's side while the rest of the team was in the side of another bed. He walked to his uncle with unsteady pace.

"Moony, what happened?" he asked as he was still trying to digest what had happened.

Lupin put his hand on his shoulder, "It looks like they were all attacked by gargoyles. They all win but they all were victims from the self-destruction charm" he explained simply; in times like this, simple was the best option.

"So Dora, Susan, Luna…" he began saying when Lupin nodded, "Yeah, they all were attacked"

Lupin's words made him think of the one person he had not dared to think of, fearing that something might have happened to her as well.

"Hermione?" he asked simply and the werewolf understood the question. He grabbed Harry's shoulder and led him to his girlfriend's bed.

Tears were now falling freely from Harry's eyes when he saw Hermione's wounded and petrified form laying on a bed, her body stiff and her wounds quite fresh.

"Hermione…" he whispered as he grabbed her lifted hand, the one she was grabbing the mirror with.

Harry put his forehead on hers as he began sobbing for the feeling of loss he was experiencing in that moment. His soul mate had been hurt by that vile basilisk piece of shit and now he was angry. He turned to Lupin and asked a simple question, "Where did you find her?"

Lupin was surprised to hear the pure unadulterated rage on his nephew's voice but was terrified to see that his eyes had changed color. Instead of his usual emerald green eyes, they were now reflecting a bright blood red with slit pupils. Lupin was shocked to say the least and wasn't able to answer the question.

Harry stood up instantly and grabbed the man by the collar of his sweater, "I asked you WHERE DID YOU FOUND HER?!" he shouted, making the sandy haired man come out of the shock, "A few corridors away from the Headmistress' office" he answered.

Harry released him, making Remus fall to the ground, and started heading to the door.

"Harry, where are you going?!" shouted McGonagall.

Harry grabbed the shrunk Tempest from its sheath that he had adjusted in his lower back like a dagger and the sword turned to its original side, and at that precise moment, he turned into his wolfman form. As he reached the door he turned only his head and his red eyes locked with McGonagall's.

His voice sounded deeper and filled with hatred when spoke and he just left after that, his words ringing again and again in the Headmistress' head.

"I'm going to find and kill the fucking piece of shit that did this to Hermione and my friends"

I know I left it with a cliffhanger but I think it will be worth it, besides, I think it was the right place to cut the story, hopefully next week I will be posting the conclussion for their second year and deviate a little bit from canon in further chapters. Third year will be nothing like the original.