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He woke in a sweat to the sound of Vicky barking at the ringing phone. He was grateful for the interruption from his sleep. He didn't think he could handle the dream one more night. He was going to have to call the Doc and tell him the meds weren't working again.

"Shhh…" He cooed to the dog shifting nervously at his side as he shoved the covers off. Stumbling into his living room he spared one quick glance at his window and noticed Alice's apartment was dark. He swore the last time he bailed her out he wouldn't be doing it again. If this was her calling drunk from a jail cell she would just have to deal with it. He wouldn't get suckered into coming to her rescue again. He couldn't be the only person she had to turn to for help.

"Hello?" he yawned reaching down to pat Vicky's head when she brushed against him with a whine.

"Vincent? I'm sorry for calling so late. This is detective Weiner…"

Vincent felt his body freeze up at the familiar voice. It had been a year since he and the detective spoke. The last time had not ended pleasantly when the detective had told him that there was a good chance they would never find Ashley's killer. That Vincent needed to try to move past it, to carry on with his life. There could only be one reason he would be calling.

"Did you catch him?" The question was a whisper, and Vincent tried not to let the hope he felt over come him.

The detectives answering sigh crushed his hopes as quickly as the call had raised them.

"No Vincent, but we may have a lead…there was another shooting. Same M O as Ashley and everything. The guy got away but there was a witness…Look I just wanted to let you know…"

"I'm coming down to the precinct."

"Vincent that's not a good…"

He ended the call before Detective Weiner could finish. He didn't care if it was a good idea or not. Vincent placed his phone on the counter before wiping his face with his hands and leaning back against the wall.

For three years nothing and now this, another person was dead because they couldn't catch this man, his wife's killer. All this time he had tried to understand why anyone would want to hurt his wife, what could possibly drive someone to kill her but after awhile he stopped questioning. He just wanted revenge. He wanted the person who did this to pay. He had seen him, seen him pass in his beaten up cab. The jacket and ring he had been wearing haunted Vincent, haunted his every waking and sleeping moment.

For three years he searched and hunted finding nothing and now in the middle of the night a simple phone call changed everything. There was a witness.

"Come on Vicky..." He called after his dog, pushing away from the wall and grabbing his keys and her leash ignoring the shaking in his hands when he did.


"Miss James…is there anything else you can remember?"

Casey looked up from the stale cup of coffee that had been placed in front of her to stare up at the detective. He had been as kind to her as he could; explaining to her that they needed to ask her while everything was still fresh in her mind, that every detail no matter how small could help catch him. Help catch the man who had killed Lena, who had tried to kill her.

"No…I..." she swallowed past the lump in her throat clutching the blanket around her arms. She didn't ever remember feeling so cold in her life. "I was coming home, my finals ran late…Lena had gone into the city…she and Connor, they were planning a party for me to celebrate…"

"You're going to be a Veterinarian; you were taking your boards?"

"Yeah…" she nodded at the cops question reaching a hand up to wipe away the tears. When she had come home the first thing she had seen was the balloons through the wide open front door. "She always did stuff like that, celebrating the smallest thing. Um she left me messages all day teasing me about how long it was taking me and telling me she had to run into the city and that she would try to get home before me…when I got there the door was open and Connor...oh god he…" She choked back a sob as the memory rushed to her.

She had walked in about to call out for her sister when she saw Connor, Lena's boyfriend lying awkwardly on the stairs. His green eyes open wide as he stared lifelessly up at her, the small hole in his forehead bleeding slowly while the stair rugs turned redder every second under him.

"We think your sister's boyfriend surprised the perp. He expected your sister to be alone. Mr. Flannery probably heard the shot and was running to help when he was killed." Detective Weiner watched the girls hand shake as she tried to catch her breath.

"I uh, I must have screamed because the next thing I know I turned and I saw him." Casey swallowed breathing slowly. "He had the gun pointed at me but when he pulled the trigger it must have jammed or something…so I ran"

The detective nodded as she continued.

"I don't know how I was able to run but I did. I got to the kitchen and that's' that's when I saw Lena…she was on the floor, there was so much blood I skidded in it …" she looked down at the sweats the officers had given her when they brought her in. her own clothes had been covered in her sisters blood and had been taken into evidence. "I couldn't move for a second and that's when he grabbed me so I bit him...I bit his hand till it bled."

"We have a good DNA sample from the swab we took, that along with the prints off the gun he dropped will give us a really good chance at catching this guy." He offered her encouragingly. "Now when you bit him he let go, what happened then?"

"I ran for the bathroom it had a lock on it…when I reached it I tried to close the door and he stuck his arm through so I kept slamming the door. He dropped the gun and pulled back…"

"That's when you called us?"

He received a silent nod as answer the girls' mouth pulling into a frown as her blue eyes filled to the brim with the tears.

"He must have ran when he heard me dialing…my phone was in my pocket...I lose it if I put it in my purse."

"You know..." Detective Weiner offered her a small smile when she looked up "that may have saved your life."

"But it didn't save my sisters…."

Before he could say anything more the office door opened and Weiner turned to find Detective Greenly leaning through, looking from the girl to him.

"Sorry to interrupt William, but the guy with the dog is here. He wants to speak to the witness, wants to know about the shooting…"

"Yeah well that's too damn bad, he's a civilian this is a police investigation…I'm sorry..." Weiner offered to Casey who didn't acknowledge him as he stood up heading for the door "I told him not to come down here!"

Casey shuttered as the office door closed leaving her alone. She was all alone now. Lena and Connor had been the only family she had left after their parents had died a few years back. Her sister and her boyfriend had insisted Casey move in while finishing medical school so she could save up money to pay off her student loans. Connor had always made jokes about how he expected her to take care of them with her Doctor's salary once she graduated.

Now they were gone. They were gone because of her.

She wasn't stupid. She had heard the detectives talking. Her sister had gone into the city to pick up a cake. A stupid fucking cake to celebrate Casey and finishing her tests, she had ordered her favorite and when Lena had missed her train at Grand Central she had taken a cab home.

"Oh Lena…" Casey fought back the tears at the memory of her beautiful big sister laying there on the cold floor. "Shit…" Wiping her face Casey pushed back in the chair to stand. She couldn't sit still she couldn't stay quiet; she didn't want to think about what had just happened. She just wanted this to be one big horrible nightmare that she could wake up from. Moving around the desk she looked out of the glass walls to the rest of the police station.

Life carried on outside of the little cubicle office. Police officers moved from desk to desk talking and booking criminals when Casey's gaze landed on detective Weiner pushing back another man toward the hallway. The man was taller than the detective, unkempt hair sticking out at awkward angles and a little scruff decorating his face. His coat clad arms waved back toward her and the office as he appeared to be yelling at the officer.

Cocking her head to the side she noticed a leash hanging from the man's hand and remembered they had mentioned a dog. Not really aware of what she was doing Casey pushed open the office door and stepped out headed toward the two men.


"Please just let me talk to her! Let me ask her what he looks like….." Vincent knew he shouldn't be yelling at the detective but he couldn't seem to stop. Didn't he realize how important this was? How close he was to finding this guy?!

"No Vincent. This girl has just been through the worst ordeal of her life, her family was murdered. I shouldn't even have called you. I just remember how much you wanted to catch the guy and I wanted to tell you that I hadn't given up, that I remembered you and your wife. I didn't expect you to come running down here demanding to question my witness! Now you need to leave..."

"She saw him! She saw the guy that killed Ashley!"

"We don't know that for sure! But we are doing everything we can..."

"Oh don't give me that shit!" Vincent growled glaring at the smaller man as Vicky whined pulling on her leash. "You told me the same shit three years ago when he killed Ashley and I told you about the jacket he was wearing and the ring!"

The detective turned to wave a few of the beat cops over to escort Vincent to the doors when a small voice behind him had both men turning.

"I remember a ring."