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It was early the next day as Vincent and Casey sat together at their kitchen table with the letter and the ring laid out before them.

He had been so sure that the death of Roger Culkin would mean the end of his nightmares, both of their nightmares but he was wrong.

Someone had killed Roger Culkin, knowing who he was what he was and they had done it for Vincent. But what he didn't know was why. Why would someone kill another person for him and then leave the ring as evidence?

None of it made any sense to him but it felt wrong, dangerous and he wasn't taking any chances where his new family was concerned.

He had called Murphy yesterday as soon as he had opened the letter and his friend had assured him he would have his team out the next day to install whatever security they could to ensure Casey and the baby's safety.

Reaching a hand up to rub away the sleep from his eyes Vincent was ready to grab another cup of coffee when someone began to knock at their door.

Offering a small smile to Casey as she ushered the dogs into the bedroom, Vincent rose from his seat to answer the door.

"Hey."Summer greeted shoving hair out of her face while Vincent looked past her into the empty hall.

"Summer? Hi, um I thought Murphy was bringing his employees from the security…

"Shhh!" Summer hushed him, pushing Vincent back into the apartment with a nervous glance over her shoulder. "He is. They boys are outside changing before they come in."

"Changing?" Vincent raised a brow at Casey's friend as Summer peeled off her coat and the door to the bedroom closed before Casey joined them.

"Yeah. Look Murphy explained it to me that whoever is leaving you these twisted little tokens knows a lot about your schedules and comings and goings. He said there is a good chance they could live in this building and since they don't want to tip anyone off as to what they are here to do the boys are going to come in dressed as blue collar workers, an electrician, plumber, you know, just your ever day kinda Joe's."

"As opposed to the hackers and black belts they really are?" Casey asked with a snort only for Summer's grin to widen.

"Exactly. So how are you feeling? Is the baby kicking yet? Mac thought he felt their baby kick but Erika told him it was just gas."

"Wait who is a black belt?" Vincent had just asked the question when another knock sounded on his door and Summer turned back to answer while Casey shook her head.

"Do you even know how many people Murphy was bringing with him?"

"I didn't think to ask…" Vincent admitted sheepishly while Summer opened the door to admit her boyfriend and four others.

"Well I guess I'll make some more coffee." Casey sighed eyeing the strange men filling her apartment with some trepidation.

"Murphy…"Vincent moved forward drawing the attention of the Irishman away from his girlfriend, as Murphy pecked Summer's cheek. His friend was currently dressed in a dark blue jumpsuit with a tool belt slung low on his hips and the sleeves rolled up to reveal his Celtic cross tattoo as his hand extended to shake Vincent's.

"Vincent, sorry we couldn't get here sooner…"

"Yeah, who is we? Why do you need this many people?" Vincent asked quietly enough as the men behind Murphy spoke in hushed tones and pointed to different areas of the small apartment.

Murphy opened his mouth to answer when a tall blonde man dressed in a similar jumpsuit patted Murphy on the shoulder, drawing his attention away from Vincent.

"Hey Jonathan wants to get started installing the camera's but he is going to need Josh to bring up some extra wiring from the van. I'll grab Romeo and have him with me on the roof. I think it best if you and Swain go over the alarm and tracking system with your friends."

"Alarm? What tracking system…" Vincent shook his head looking from Murphy to the blonde man while Summer joined Casey in the kitchen.

"Don't worry Vincent. I'll explain everything to the both of ya. In the meantime my brother Connor…"Murphy nodded to the blonde man who offered Vincent a nod. "And the others are going to set up the security system I told ya about."

"I just thought when we spoke you were going to be setting up like a box and a camera…"

Murphy and Connor shared an amused look at Vincent's confusion before turning back to him with a shrug.

"Well there's not much fun in that now is there."


"So who are they?"Casey asked in a whisper to Summer as they both leaned against the kitchen counter.

Vincent was currently seated at the table frowning as he listened to Murphy and a dirty blonde headed man dressed in a plumbers jumpsuit.

"Ok , the guy at the table with Murphy and Vincent is Swain. He's kind of like added muscle and the driver. He tends to just hang back in case anything goes wrong or the guys need a quick way out of a jam should someone they are after or surveying gets wind of what's going on and then on the ladder…" Summer chuckled nodding to the dark headed younger man currently screwing in a camera behind Casey's ceiling light. "That's Jonathan. Murphy said their whole operation was in the dark ages before they hired Jonathan. He is a wiz with camera's and seriously such a sweetheart. He's a little shy but then Josh more than makes up for that."

"Is Josh the little Mexican one who asked about getting fajita's later?"

"Uh no, that's Romeo." Summer laughed at Casey's baffled expression "Don't worry it took me awhile too. No Josh, or Scud if you can believe he prefers to be called is in the van because Murphy was worried he would hit on you and before you ask no you being pregnant and having a boyfriend would not stop him. Josh is their hacker and computer genius he takes Jonathan's camera's and builds the alarm system around them. "

"Wow. Ok." Casey laughed over her cup of juice since Vincent had read it was bad for the baby if Casey ingested too much caffeine. "So this is what you do on your weekends? "

"Sometimes." Summer laughed with a shrug of her shoulders and Casey could only shake her head.

"No wonder you never answer your phone."

"Ok so as you can see this isn't your regular alarm system. The cameras are set up more to obtain solid evidence should anyone break into your apartment again. "Murphy explained to Vincent.

"Yeah but what if Casey or I are in the apartment when someone does break in?"

"Well we are going to reinforce your doors and locks…" the man introduced to him as Swain offered a second before pushing what looked like two small black car alarm controls across the table. "But should that happen you and Casey will have these on you."

"What are they?"

"This is your real alarm system. " Murphy offered tapping the table in front of him. "You and Casey press the panic button on these and the alarm goes off not only at our building but the police and fire stations. Not to mention Josh did some aftermarket alterations as he likes to call it and implanted a tracking system on each one so should you be forced to leave the apartment for any reason or are in danger we will be able to find you."

"It's absolutely important that both you and Casey keep these on you at all times." Swain insisted nodding to the small device as Vincent twirled it through his fingers.

"Ok, how soon will it take someone to get here?" Vincent swallowed holding the device tightly in his fist.

"Well we are looking at a pretty quick response time but I wanted to ask you some questions, see if we can't get an idea of anyone that may be doing this so we can watch them…" Murphy rubbed at his lower lip as he glanced to Casey and Summer laughing together in the kitchen. "Now Casey mentioned before to me that you had a woman leaving ya messages?"

"So you never did tell me how you are doing." Summer nudged Casey gently with her elbow when she grew quiet. "How are you and Vincent …adjusting?"

"Great I guess you know despite everything else…"Casey waved to her overly occupied apartment. "He seems happy about the baby I just get worried."

Summer watched Casey bite at her lower lip, her hands clenching and unclenching her nearly empty glass before reaching out to wrap an arm around the young doctor's shoulders.

"Hey it'll be ok. I know you guys haven't been together long but you care a lot about each other…"

"I know." Casey nodded looking up just as Vincent turned to look at her, their eyes meeting briefly and Casey's stomach began to do little flips like they had ever since that first night together. "I don't think I've ever cared so much about someone….I just wished. When we found out that Culkin was dead we thought we could put all of this behind us but he wasn't the end of it."

Casey rubbed a hand absently against her stomach while Summer looked up to where Vincent was shaking his head and shared a worried glance with Murphy from opposite side of the room.

It was only three hours later that the men of MacManus Security co. were finishing up, packing everything into their bags and saying their goodbyes.

"So we put up cameras in the hallways and I even snuck a few in to the stairwell…" Jonathan explained to Casey before leaning forward "Your boyfriend asked that I hook up a few in the bedroom but I told him that would cost extra." When Casey's head whipped up it was to find Jonathan grinning good naturedly down at her. "I'm joking! I swear there are no cameras anywhere private but I wouldn't take to walking naked in your living room for the next few months ok?"

"I'll be sure to remember that." Casey nodded with a laugh when Jonathan's phone began to buzz in his pocket and the young man waved good bye before stepping out the door as he answered.

"Hey Jordan…"

That left only Murphy and Vincent to shake hands while Summer waited in the hall.

"Don't worry about a thing either of ya. "Murphy pinned Casey with a serious look nodding to her midsection "Except maybe for your wee one in there."

"And call me if anything else happens with the baby!" Summer scolded with a grin to the couple before hugging them both.

Vincent pulled Casey under his arm as they watched their friends descend the stairs. Turning his head he rubbed his chin in her hair breathing her deep while her arms wrapped around his waist.

"Murphy is going to have his friend Josh do a background check on Alice."

The words were unexpected and had Casey glancing up at Vincent as he held her to him.

"Really? Do you think…"

"I don't want to but when Murphy asked if anyone knew the details of Ashley, I use to talk to Alice before I met you and she would watch Vicky for me some times. She would stay in my old place and the calls….Alice sees us every day, Murphy thought it would be a good place to start."

"If it is her? She only lives a few feet from us. What if…" Casey's words were cut off as Vincent swooped down to kiss her, his arms squeezing her tightly while hers fisted in his shirt.

"We'll take care of it."Vincent promised when he pulled back to rub her arms and kiss her forehead. "Like Murphy said you're not suppose to worry about anything but the baby, right?"

"That's exactly what I'm worried about. The baby, us?" Casey shook her head "We can't stay here. It's not safe!"

"Casey we don't know…"

"I know! There has always been something weird about her. The way she watches you, everything she knows about you and I don't want to be here if there is even a chance that she is the one doing this…"

Vincent watched Casey start to panic, her breaths growing short while her eyes widened and began glistening more with every passing second until he started to nod.

"Ok, ok then we'll go. Ok? We'll go somewhere else for awhile, just calm down baby…"

"You promise?" Casey swallowed, trying to calm her breathing as she watched Vincent nod.

"I do. I promise. We can go anywhere you want. We can go tomorrow if you want after you get home from work…"

"I want to leave tomorrow." Casey stated.

"Ok then we'll go tomorrow. You, me, Vicky, Sam and the baby." Vincent brushed a hand over her cheek as Casey let out a shaky breath. "We leave tomorrow night ok? The guys have the camera's set up to keep an eye on the apartment and we'll be gone until they finish the background check ok? I'm not going to let anything happen to us. Ok?"

Casey could only nod as Vincent pulled her back into the apartment, her arms moving to wrap around her stomach as he kissed her head.

"Come on let's go pack our bags."

The door to the apartment closed while Alice stood, her hands gripping the rail two floors up as the couple's words echoed in her mind.



The bags were packed and by the door. Casey's boss Rocco had a house just outside the city he was letting Casey and Vincent shack up in for the next few weeks and they planned to leave just as soon as Casey was home until Vincent received a call from work.

"We are still leaving tonight aren't we?" Casey asked slipping out of her office and into the hall, her cell cradled between her shoulder and her ear.

"Yeah I just have to run out really quick to route 13. Shane didn't show up today. Called in with something about his girlfriend Lori, I don't know it should only take me a few hours. I'm leaving now so Vicky and Sam will need to be walked but I should be home by the time you guys are done." Vincent assured over the line.

"Ok, just be careful. I'll see you when you get home."

"Ok babe."

Alice waited around the corner as Vincent locked up his apartment, fighting the urge to watch him as he descended the stairs and remained hidden until she heard the door to the building close.

She was angry and when she realized the locks to the apartment had been changed again she all but stormed back to hers grabbing up the poker from next to her fire place before walking back down.

The door didn't give easily but there didn't seem to be anyone around to care as Alice jammed the fire poker into the frame, using her full weight to break the lock and even some of the wooden door.

It was something she had always like about the building. People didn't stick their noses in other people's business at least not until Casey had come along and ruined everything!

Stumbling slightly Alice quickly righted herself and stepping in closed the broken door back over as Vicky and Sam ran toward her in the hall.

Kneeling down Alice pet Vicky first, scratching Vincent's precious dog behind his ears while the puppy yipped at her feet.

"Good boy Vicky…good boy."

The dog gave out a small whine when Alice's hand grabbed at his collar.

She didn't want to do this but then she had been left no choice.

Standing Alice dragged Vicky by the collar toward the kitchen. The dogs whine and the scratching of his nails on the hardwood floor drowned out by Alice's own thoughts.

Casey was pregnant with his baby.

That was supposed to be her baby.

Alice fought back the tears when they began to burn and sting her eyes as she reached the counter, her free hand reaching out to the knife block sitting there.

Vicky began to twist in his collar, pulling at her hold when Alice pulled the knife out and gripped it in her palm.

She didn't want to hurt anyone else, wouldn't have if Casey had only left at her first warning but she hadn't. No the stupid little bitch had stayed taking everything Alice had wanted. Had worked so hard for!

"I'll show her."Alice whispered glancing down at Vicky. "I'll show them both."

With a shove Alice threw Vicky into the bedroom and pulled the door closed before turning back to the living room with the knife held tightly in her fist while she beckoned with the other.

"Come here puppy…"