Ok Here is my Scud fic lol, It's based off a deleted scene on the Blade2 DVD that Nymph told me about. It's an actual bar trick Norman knows. Warning watching that clip will induce lust filled drooling lol. Reviews and PM's are welcome!

Nymph Quote: Oh the things I would do to that greasy little stoner… (I'm right there with ya sister!)

"No, it's Scud! Like Stud…Scud!"

"Yeah I don't think so…"The blonde dismissed him with a laugh before turning back to her friend.

Blowing out a plume of smoke Scud shook his head at the girls sitting at the table in the middle of the club before glancing up at the sprinkler above their bleached heads.

"Yeah well, enjoy your night. What's left of it." He muttered bitterly, his words drowned out by the music blaring through the club speakers before pushing his way into the gyrating crowd. He made his way to the bar sliding his way into a seat vacated by a suck head and his future clue less giggling dinner. Pulling his lower lip down the bartender nodded at the marking before setting a beer down in front of Scud.

Well there's at least one perk to being a pet.

Taking a drink he remembered how excited he had been to be chosen to survive. He had thought being the kept monkey for the head bad guy would be a pretty sweet gig. He'd get to make his own shit, hang with vamps, and get some ass…yeah apparently the vamps were the only ones getting any ass. Sure he had unlimited pot and booze but was it really worth it knowing that if at any time he screwed up his boss could tear his limbs off like the wings off an insect? Or worse he could give him to the blood pack as a training dummy.

The mere thought of being alone in a room with Reinhardt or Chupa and shiny objects had him shivering briefly. Those guys needed a major freaking chill pill.

He glanced down as the cell phone in his pocket buzzed twice. Pulling it out he glanced at the time as the first of three alarms went off. It was eleven; he had maybe two and a half hours left before he would need to leave for multiple reasons. Damaskinos like to keep him on a short leash, if he was late even once for curfew, yeah well he didn't even want to think what would be done to him if he was late.

Even if I was late I sure as hell wouldn't stay here.

He thought with another foreboding glance up to the sprinkler system. At exactly two am the doors on this place would lock and any human unlucky enough to still be here would be free game as those things would turn on. Of course the vamps had to make even the most mundane human things fucked up, so instead of water a blood supply big enough to make the Red Cross shit themselves would rain down for the suck heads to frolic in.

Yeah I'll pass….

Even though he was supposedly protected he doubted a vamp would wait long enough for him to whip out his marking before tearing his throat out once fresh blood was in the air.

Chupa had shown him a security video of one of the clubs after the doors had locked as a joke. Scud had lasted five minutes in to the feed before he proceeded to throw up the krispy kreme he had for lunch.

I miss having normal friends…

Scud shook the thought away quickly as he took a deep pull on his cigarette.

It's not like I could turn back now anyway…

Holding the smoke in his mouth he moved his tongue around slowly.

What the hell is there even to go back to? Freaking dead end jobs and a crappy apartment…

Opening his mouth Scud held a small smoke filled bubble on the tip of his tongue before blowing it away into the air. He noticed one of the bar backs giving him a dirty look and was about to tell them to fuck off when a feminine chuckle echoed over his left shoulder.

"You know you never did tell me how you could do that…"

It couldn't be…

Turning on his stool Scud felt himself grin as he came face to face with a petite brunette smirking at him, her gray eyes laughing at him as he shrugged.

"Oral talent sweetheart…I was born with it." He added a wink before she began to laugh at his answer.

"I forgot how much of a skivvy perv you were …Hey Scud."

"I forgot how hot you were…" Scud replied honestly scooting off his chair to give his old friend a bear hug, laughing when his chin came to rest on the top of her head..." Shit Char you still not finished growing?" he grunted when pulling back she slapped his stomach.

"Ok seriously you can't make it five minutes without a short joke?"

Laughing he placed on hand on the back of her waist pulling her toward the bar.

"Come on and sit down, I'll buy you a drink. What are you even doing here?" What are you doing in a vamp bar? He wanted to ask her but knew he couldn't.

"Ugh...If I tell you who I'm here with promise you won't bolt?" Charlie asked with a grimace, sliding onto the stool while Scud stood next to her waving the bartender down.

"Oh god, not that bitch Missy…." Scud shook his head as he remembered his ex from hell, and Charlie's old roommate.

"Yeah, she is my Cousin. " Charlie scoffed with a roll of the eyes while Scud ordered her a jack and coke. "Aww you remembered my favorite drink…" She tried to pull out money only to have Scud slap her hand away playfully.

"Don't worry about it the Scudster got ya covered." He muttered around the cigarette in his mouth making Charlie grin as she looked him over. "What?"

"It's just..." she wrapped her hands around the drinks as it was placed in front of her "I haven't seen you in over a year but you haven't changed, not a single bit."

Scud felt himself swallow at her sweet smile.

If only you knew babe.

He had always liked Charlie; hell if he was honest with himself he was crazy about her. When he had started dating Missy it had been just about sex, well that and Missy had money. She was hot, blonde and had a great ass but if he talked to her for more than ten minutes he would get the overwhelming urge to stick something in his eye and end his misery.

Missy's friends were the same as her, he knew they wondered what she was doing with him and he knew what Missy's answer had always been. Sex. He was great at it and for Missy he had been a walking sex toy, while for him she was an ATM with nice legs that stayed open late.

He had been ready to move on about a month in though, sick of her BS. After a particularly nasty fight followed by mediocre sex he had been sitting on her couch lighting up when her roommates door opened and out walked little Charlie in booty shorts and a Boondock Saints T-shirt. She hadn't said anything to him as she sat down crossing her legs on the couch next to him and took the remote. Turning the channel to the cartoon network Scud was frozen to the spot as he debated blowing out the smoke, you never really knew how people would react to smoking when she turned to him with a yawn.

"So are you gonna pass that or what?"

It had been the start of one of his best friendships…until his chance meeting with the vamps. He got to live but had to cut all human ties, even Charlie.

"Hello, Earth to Josh….What strain are you smoking these days that you space out right in front of me?" Charlie laughed waving her hand in his face.

Scud pulled himself back to reality with a scowl "You know I hate it when people call me Josh, Charlene…" he chuckled as Char shivered in disgust next to him.

"Ok, ok truce, we go back to being Scud and Char…let's not speak of the names our evil parents branded us with."

"Deal" He shook her out stretched hand, ignoring the slight tightening of his pants at the feel of her soft skin against his. "So what have you been up to Char?"


The next few hours passed quickly as Scud laughed and joked with his old friend forgetting for awhile that his existence wasn't that of a normal human anymore. It felt like it always had with Char just going out and having fun, shooting the shit. They reminisced about old times, like when they got board and decided to play a prank on Missy by saran wrapping her car. She caught him up with her and her work at the animal shelter while he did his best to dodge any questions she asked keeping his answers as vague as possible.

"So are you ever going to tell me?" Char finally asked him over her fifth jack her eyes shiny from the intake.

Scud scrunched his face up in question before bumping her shoulder with his. "If you really wanna learn the bubble trick it's better to show you...But it's kinda the same as going down on a girl...Here let's see if we can find someone…ow!" he laughed as she slugged his arm.

"That's not what I'm asking you to tell me. Now tell you blood supply to head back up north!" Char shook her head nibbling on her bottom lip a second before trying again. "Seriously, I understand wanting to just get away for awhile, but I haven't heard from you in a year no one has…"

"You asked around about me?" Scud asked a little surprised when she nodded.

"Of course did but people either said they didn't know or that you just wanted to be left alone…it was weird. What happened to you?"

Scud looked up from his drink to find her waiting patiently for his answer, he wasn't sure what to tell her when his phone began to buzz in is pocket.


"It's fine…" Charlie mumbled swaying slightly in her seat the buzz taking over as Scud dug for his cell.

He pulled it out only to have his cigarette drop from his mouth to the bar table as the numbers flashed up at him. It was 1:30. He had missed the second alarm. In half an hour the bar doors would lock closed.

Slowly he put his phone back in his pocket as he looked back up at Charlie. She only had a half an hour left to live.