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"Hey Charlie, can we talk?"

Scud was able to get the words out while he scanned the dimly lit apartment until they landed on the small frame blocking the door. One look at Char and Scud's eyes were immediately drawn to the bare skin between her shirt and low slung jeans making him forget for a moment exactly why it was he had rushed over there to begin with.

What would it feel like to run my tongue against that skin…


His eyes jerked back up to Char's face as she waved her hand in front of his face.

"You wanted to talk?"

"Oh yeah…" He shook his head when Char moved back for him to enter, the words spurting out of his mouth before he could stop them "cool outfit."

Char's brow arched at his statement before glancing down at her jeans and t-shirt. Leaning back she waited until the door clicked into place before moving past her friend with a laugh.

"Ok …that's not what I was expecting. When you say talk I assumed you meant about something serious like why you disappeared a year ago and again the other morning. What you're doing here now."

Scud found it hard to meet Char's eyes when she turned to face him, leaning her hands against the desk behind her and causing that damn shirt to ride up higher.

Just tell her. Tell her about the vampires. She needs to know to be scared. She needs to know to protect herself.

Shaking his head Scud let out a small chuckle while rubbing at his bottom lip. He knew what he had to do, what he had planned to do the entire way over. So why was it so hard?

Because I don't want her to know I sold out my own kind.

He was a traitor. It didn't matter how he spun the story for her, Char would realize that while Scud had saved her life he had left all those other people to die. He had left her cousin to die.

She'll ask questions. She'll want to know everything that happened to me.

He didn't think he could bare to see the way she would look at him once she knew the truth. It wouldn't be anything like how she stared at him now, annoyance slowly mixing with worry at his continued silence and constant fidgeting.

"Scud…look whatever it is you can tell me." Char moved forward, her hand stretched out to rub his arm through the puffy green sleeve of his coat when he realized he couldn't. He couldn't tell her he was one of the bad guys or that her life was now in danger because he cared too much about Char to let her die like all those other random people.

"I uh...I just wanted to see how you were feeling. You were pretty fucking wasted last night." He grinned while her arm fell back to her side and the concerned look turned into one of confusion.

I'm sorry Char…

"I guess I'm ok." Char's gray eyes searched his a moment longer before she moved to rub the back of her head "I don't remember much." Her tongue darted out to lick her lower lip and Scud felt his eyes zero in on the movement shifting his feet when he began to lose room in his pants. "That's really all you came here to talk about?"

He slid his hands into his pocket as he nodded, hoping to stop the nervous twitching.

"Yeah, just wanted to make sure you were ok sweetheart" he added a wink to the statement, feeling relieved when she had to bite her lip against a grin.

I going to make sure you're ok Char. I won't let them find you.

"Well, do you want to hang out? I have a few beers…You could fill me in on what happened the other night" Char offered with a laugh and a nod to her fridge.

"Yeah, that would be great."

Scud waited until she turned away from him before he began scoping the small loft apartment again.

I'll need to install a security system, maybe while she's at work. Cameras, body heat detectors…maybe some UV lighting just in case…I could give her a can of garlic and silver spray and tell her its mace.

"Hey I can't remember leaving. Did we see Missy? I left a message a few messages for her but haven't heard back."

Shit. I have to alter those damn security cameras…

"No, I never saw her..."Scud shook his head removing his coat and laying it over her desk chair to take the beer Char offered him with a forced grin.

Missy's body would turn up sometime in the next few weeks. The vamps would spread the deaths out usually that long and have them pop up in different places, it wouldn't do to have anyone making connections or leaving any loose ends. He had planned to be back out of Char's life before then; he only wanted to stick around long enough to cover her ass.

She won't have anyone to turn to if I disappear.

He crushed the thought as quickly as it came. It would be too risky for both of them if he kept contact.

"So…"Char looked around them while Scud took a pull of his drink. "What do you want to do?"

At Scud's raised brow and grin Char could only roll her eyes.

"Dude I swear if you say 'me' I'm going to hit you."

"So violent…"Scud tsked at her as Char lifted the beer to her lips. He turned away toward her desk not wanting to watch her lips wrap around the bottle and nodded to her laptop. "You still a technophobe?"

"I prefer the term cautious…I happen to believe John Connor is right, the machines will rise up against us one day."

Scud could only shake his head as Char referenced one of her favorite movies. She loved to watch The Terminator almost as much as the Boondock Saints.

"Let me take a look at what your working with I could probably upgrade this Betty from whatever stupid system you had the people at the store install for you. You still use this just for email?"

He pulled out her desk chair and booted the computer up while Char leaned over his shoulder with a sigh.

"That and my neighbor Summer comes over and we Google images of Sean Patrick Flannery."

Scud cringed at picture of the shirtless blonde saint occupying Char's background on her computer.

"Yeah I'm changing this shit…"

"Don't you dare."Char shook her head with a laugh while Scud's hands flew over the keyboard. He would upgrade her memory and security while leaving a backdoor open for himself in her system. He knew she kept a calendar and figured it wouldn't hurt to have access to it.

Just to keep an eye on her if I need to…

"Is she hot?" Scud asked trying to distract Char from what he was searching and typing.

"Is who hot?"

"Your neighbor, Summer?"

Scud had to hold back a laugh at Char's glare as she reached past him for her smokes.

"Don't even think about it."

"You two close? We could do a little three's company action…Ow!"He stopped typing as his head flew forward when Char slapped the back of it. "What? I'd be happy just to watch…"

"You are such a perv…I should introduce you to my neighbor Erika, she would whip you into shape."

Scud raised a brow as Char leaned past him again for her lighter, her breast rubbing against his arm.

"With real whips?" He joked ignoring his dick as it twitched and at the contact only to grow hard at Char's wink over her hands as she lit the cigarette held between her pouting lips.

"Nipple clamps too probably."

"I'm so moving in."

Char chuckled at Scud's declaration before shaking her head.

"Yeah good luck making it past her boyfriend Marco."

"That's not fair…"He turned back to the screen with a pout when someone knocked at Char's door.

"I must be popular tonight."Char laughed blowing out a plume of smoke while setting her beer down next to Scud .

"Hey if it's Summer get her number for me!" He called over his shoulder glancing back a second to watch Char's ass sway in her jeans before turning around in his seat to mumble to himself."I'm getting calluses from jerking off …"

He was just finishing entering in a coded password when he heard the door to the apartment open and Char's voice carry back.

"Hey, where have you been?…Scud!"

"Yeah?..." He shut out the system before closing the laptop as Char moved toward him, a second pair of footsteps clicking on the hard wood behind her.

"Look who turned up." Scud swiveled in the chair with a grin expecting to see, well anyone other than the statuesque blonde glaring at him over Char's head. His smile fell slowly as he took in the too pale skin, almost glowing while she glided across the floor in her stilettos and tight red dress.

There's no way! No one survives the clubs…unless…

"Mi…Hey Missy." He managed to choke out as he watched his ex and now suck head girlfriend cross her arms over her chest.

"Well well…look who he have here."Missy turned her piercing glare from Scud to Char and back to him as he stood. "It's been a long time Josh."

He cringed at the use of his name but physically flinched at Char's following question.

"Well this is awkward, how about I make us some snacks. Anyone hungry?"

Scud felt his pulse jump at Missy's answering grin, her pearly white teeth gleaming from between her blood red lips.

"I'm starving."

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