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"The sea is wide my friend and there are many fish, many, many fish…"

Derek's words played over and over in Travis' head as his pen moved back and forth over his paper adding fangs to the evil mermaid he had started sketching as the professor took roll call. He knew he should at least pretend to be paying attention but what little concentration he possessed had faded away over a year without sex. It was a cliché, but even his work was starting to suffer. He couldn't finish any of his new projects, hadn't for months. The ideas were there he just couldn't seem to get them out. Everything was just getting backed up in his body, literally.

It was so easy for guys like Derek. He was rich, confident and girls liked that. They practically threw themselves at his friend knocking Travis to the bar floor in the process. Despite what Jones told him, girls did not want a nice guy, they wanted a guy like Derek who would drag them to the bathroom to fuck their brains out and then promise to call. He had debated trying Derek's particular brand of pick up but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. It was just so impersonal and weird.

"I'm weird..." Travis couldn't help but mutter to himself while raising a hand to rub at his eyes. He could still feel the sting from last night's strike out. The look of disgust on Rebecca's face was still fresh in his mind. When he had offered to buy the young sculptor a drink at the bar she had acted like he had the plague, hesitant to even shake his hand before brushing him off and giggling about him to her friends when he turned to walk away.

It was hopeless. He was hopeless…


Travis turned at the whispered curse to the chair next to him. Brown hair bounced up and down as the girl seated banged her head against her arms before letting out a frustrated sigh.

Well at least I'm not the only one having a bad day.

"I can't believe her….This is all her fault. She can't have the car wait two freaking minutes. Some people just like to sleep in…Do you have sisters?"

Travis looked up again from his drawing; he had just added horns to the evil mermaid, to find the biggest pair of blue eyes staring at him expectantly.

Is she talking to me? He wondered scanning the area close to them but the girl was looking directly at him a small smile hanging from her bow mouth. He found himself shaking his head in answer and received a roll of eyes in return.

"Yeah well consider yourself lucky. My big sister ditched me on my first day to go suck face with her boyfriend and now I'm in the wrong class…"

"What class are you suppose to be in?" Travis asked shocked at the sound of his own voice in the semi quiet room.

"Um let's see…" The girl turned away from him to dig into the backpack at her feet giving Travis a chance to look her over. Her hair hung in loose waves to the middle of her back. She still had on her jacket and it hugged her small frame. She was fair skinned but then so was everyone in the city, but she was cute, too cute to be talking to him. "There you are." She grinned triumphantly at a class schedule she pulled out before leaning toward Travis.

"This one here…Visualizing Photography or something…" she pointed to the page but Travis had gotten distracted by the way her blouse hung low as she leaned over giving him a generous view of what looked to be some of the softest skin he had ever seen. " Ok, you know I'm just gonna take you starring at my tits as a compliment if you can tell me where my class is."

"What...Oh shit..." Travis pulled back at her words his face flushing as she laughed softly at him. "I'm sorry…"He ducked his head waiting for her to call him a creep.

Why can't I just be normal around women?

He closed his eyes ignoring the twitch in his pants, as the girl continued to chuckle next to him. 'Your class is two halls to the right about half way down." He couldn't look at her he was embarrassed enough and didn't think his ego could take another hit after last night. He thought he heard some paper and scribbling, probably she was grabbing up all her things to get away from the pervert sitting next to her as quickly as possible.

"Alright well I'm gonna make a run for it then. Thanks for all the help." She whispered over.

Travis just waved to her still too shy to actually meet her face again when he heard her get up.

"Excuse me miss where do you think you're going?"

Travis turned then with the rest of the class to watch as the girl stopped at the doorway to look back at the stodgy professor.

"Oh I'm in the wrong class…"

"It took you this long to realize that you were in the wrong class?"

"No…" The girl replied her brow furrowing a bit at the teachers mocking tone before she looked back nodding toward Travis in his seat "But could you really blame me for sticking around with him sitting next to me?"

Travis felt his jaw open as his classmates who normally ignored him turned in their seats to get a better view.

What the hell?!

Everyone around him seemed just as confused as he felt when he looked back to the girl who merely laughed and winked.

"Call me later."

"Now you can't just disrupt a class…." The professor began to lecture but already she had turned to leave disappearing out the door as quickly as she had appeared.

Call her? She didn't give me her number! She had to be joking…..Girls don't give me their number…

Shifting in his seat he turned back to his notebook ignoring the whispers and odd looks he was receiving to find handwriting not his own above his sketch.

Hey cool mermaid. I changed my mind. You owe me a coffee for the ogle! Xo Charlie

Travis couldn't believe his eyes as below the message was a ten digit phone number.