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He couldn't believe it, but as he stared at the typed letter in his hand, his eyes scanning the words for the third time, he had to believe it.

His work was going to be shown in a gallery. A small independent gallery but still an actual gallery.

When his teacher had stopped him at the end of class to talk he had figured he was in trouble or had overstepped some kind of boundary again. Honestly he wanted to know when art started to have boundaries when his professor had handed him the letter. The request was for only three pieces but it was a start, hell it was a paycheck if they ended up attracting buyers.

I could pay Derek back and Jones….and maybe have a little left over to take Charlie someplace really nice.

The thought of his girlfriend brought a grin to Travis's lips.

The last two weeks with Charlie had been nothing short of amazing. From that first night they had spent as much time together as they could whether it was hanging out around the city, or curling up on her couch to watch movies, it was always perfect.

If not a little frustrating…

The only real problem, if he even had a right to call it that was they were never alone. He blamed it on her really. Charlie was just one of those people you wanted to be around. Jones had fallen in love with her immediately and constantly joined them on their trips around the city. People loved that Charlie never took herself too seriously, but was there to listen if you needed to talk. He knew she was funny, smart, and when he had finally convinced her to show him some of her photographs…well, when Andy had stolen her portfolio and given it to Travis while locking Charlie in the bathroom, he had found out what an amazing artist she was. She made him laugh and didn't seem to mind when he got caught up in an idea or went off on some crazy tangent, if anything she seemed to enjoy when he rattled on where others normally tuned him out.

He loved the way she yelled at stupid people in horror movies, or cursed like a sailor when she was mad, or cooking. He and Andy really tried to keep her from cooking.

Everything with them just seemed to click into the right place.

Now if only I can get my hot girlfriend into a secluded place.

He grinned at the thought while digging in his pants pocket for his pack of cigarettes. He really couldn't wait to tell Charlie and his friends about the show, he knew they would all be excited for him.

Taking a deep drag, Travis had just slipped his lighter back into his pocket when a small weight landed on his back nearly sending him pitching forward in to the dirt when he caught his balance. He heard Jones laugh from somewhere behind him as cold little fingers covered his eyes.

"Guess who?" Charlie's breathe tickled his ear as she whispered to him and he couldn't help but mess with her.

"Andy you know Charlie isn't going to be happy if she sees us like this."

"Ugh! I knew you were hot for my cousin!" she shoved him away from her playfully while turning to Jones. "He does you know, she is always flirting with him at the apartment and making him blush!"

Jones turned a raised brow at Travis who could only shrug as he grinned around his cigarette. At least part of that statement was true. At first the way Andy flirted with him had freaked him out but after about a week he realized it wasn't so much that Andy liked him as she just liked seeing her cousin pissed off. He had to admit Charlie was cute when she was angry, her face getting red and her lips pouty until she would finally hurl something at her cousin's head. Luckily for Andy, she moved faster than Charlie could throw. As for the first part, it made Travis want to shake his head. He never flirted back with Andy, there was only one girl he was currently hot for and she was standing next to him taking his hand in hers while giving him the sweetest of smiles.

"Ok, well if that's what the two of you are going to be doing today I'm headed for the library." Jones waved good bye to them with a grin before heading off leaving Travis and Charlie to make their way toward the front of campus.

"Actually speaking of Andy…I don't think we should go back to my apartment tonight."

"Why not?" Travis asked running his thumb along Charlie's hand as it lay in his.

"Well she went to go make up with Mac today, or you know let him apologize to her and he wasn't alone…." She laughed at Travis when his mouth opened in shock, the cigarette balanced on his lip almost falling out to the ground. "Yeah, I guess she walked in on him and his new roommate Summer, who was riding him like a slutty cowgirl… and that is a direct quote from my cousin. She is probably half way through a bottle of vodka right now and that's just not something I want to expose you to."

"Ok…"Travis tried to process everything she had just told him before shrugging."Well whatever you want to do then."

"Actually I was hoping we could go back to your place…"

My place….my room is at my place…

"Jones kind of made it sound like she was going to be at the library late...I didn't know if you'd think your other roommate might be home or if we might be alone…"

Travis felt his pulse quicken as he glanced over to see Charlie grinning at her feet.

He didn't care if Derek was home, he'd make him leave, or at least beg him to, after he met Charlie of course.

It was weird to Travis that even after two weeks his best friend and girlfriend still had yet to meet. They had set up a day where they would all meet at the coffee shop but Derek had slept in. They had retried again a few nights later at a club where Jones showed up only to tell them that Derek had left with a girl he had met by the door.

Charlie merely brushed both instances off referring to Derek as the phantom roommate but it bugged Travis that his friend didn't seem to want to make the effort to get to know her. He had asked Jones what she thought about the whole situation and told Travis that Derek was probably just a little jealous.

Yeah I highly doubt that…

Derek was rich, confident…

But he doesn't have Charlie…

"Yeah, it would be pretty cool for you to finally see the place."Travis nodded with a blush at the direction his thoughts immediately took at the prospect of Charlie in his room. "Maybe you could even help me pick some things out."

He loved the way Charlie's hair bounced behind her as she cocked her head to the side.

"Oh? And what are we picking things out for?

With a small smile Travis held the letter up for her to read.


Derek looked at the slip of paper in his hand while he opened the door to his apartment before crumbling it up and tossing it into the trash by the fridge.

"You know Alice for a psych major you should have been able to tell that I wasn't going to stay and cuddle, much less call…"

He set his coat and bag down by the couch when looked up at the sound of music pouring out from open crack of Travis's door.

He wondered if his little friend had finally gotten anything Derek could use on Charlie, at the rate Travis was moving Derek was going to have to take matters into his own hands if he wanted dirt on her. Putting on his 'best buddy' grin Derek reached the door only to pause at the sound of a female voice. Quietly he pulled back lingering just to the side of the door to peer in through the cracks between the hinges.

"So is the show geared toward a certain type of presentation or…."Charlie looked up from where she sat on the floor to see her question met by Travis's famous averted gaze. "You didn't ask did you?"

He rubbed at his lower lip while shaking his head."Um…no."

"Okay...Well we should probably get some more info then before you choose, you may end up wanting to make three all new pieces…"

Charlie could see Travis begin to panic at the idea of starting three pieces from scratch when he began to bite at the inside of his lip, his eyes darting frantically over the monitors and sketches closest to him.

"Maybe I'm taking too much on…it's not too late for them to ask someone else."

"Travis…"Charlie smiled at him before getting up to walk around behind him "They didn't want someone else. Your work is original, no one out there has pieces like these…what are you so worried about?"

He looked back at her before motioning to the works in front of him.

"Yeah well what if they look at this stuff and laugh, calling me a freak?"

"I beat them up?" They both laughed at her words a second before Charlie shrugged moving to wrap her arms around his chest and resting her chin on his shoulder. "You're not a freak. You're amazing."

"You're biased." Travis grinned when she moved to kiss his cheek and let out a sigh at his words.

"You're still nervous I take it?"

At his nod Charlie moved back from him to hold out her hand, Travis looked at it questioningly a second before taking it and letting Charlie tug him to his feet.

"Hmm whatever should I do to help you relax…"She grinned at him over her shoulder as she walked them toward his mattress and Travis felt his body jerk hard to attention at the mischievous look on her face.

He felt his throat work up and down as he managed a gulp when she turned to face him at the end of his bed. "Are you excepting requests?" he asked hopefully his hands going to her hips when she went to her tip toes in front of him.

"Did you have something special in mind?"She grinned against his lips, her hands coming up rest on his white thermal shirt as she trailed soft little kisses along his chin and jaw.


His mind nearly went into overload with every fantasy he had ever had about Charlie while her kisses finally made their way to his mouth. He loved the little sigh she gave every time she opened for his kiss. His one hand moved up to cup her cheek as he ducked his head down to meet her better. His tongue dancing around hers while her body nestled close, rubbing against him until he thought he would embarrass himself if she continued.

I could kiss her forever…

That thought however was interrupted when Charlie's hands on his chest gave Travis a little shove sending him falling back to bounce on his mattress with a laugh.

"I'm afraid any suggestions you may have though are going to have to wait until I'm finished."

There was no way in hell Travis was going to argue with her as Charlie slowly leaned over, her hands and knees hitting the mattress before she climbed up his body until their noses bumped.

With a little chuckle Travis reached up to pull her hair back while Charlie leaned down to kiss him. It was slow and sexy, her teeth catching his bottom lip before her tongue followed to sooth any sting. Travis opened his mouth with a groan using her hair to pull her closer, his tongue sweeping the inside of Charlie's mouth when the mattress shifted slightly.

He couldn't really pay attention to anything else but her lips until he felt a tug on his belt a second before it was pulled open and the hiss of his zipper echoed in his ears while Charlie moved to lick and nibble a path down his throat.

"Charlie…"He was panting now, his heartbeat racing as he fought to stay coherent. "Charlie let me take care of you then…"

"I never did get to say thank you for that first night." Charlie cut off his words with a whisper, her hand slipping past the waistband of his boxers to take Travis firmly in her grasp. She grinned against his neck as his whole body jerked at the contact. "Not many guys would have been so understanding…"She gave an experimental squeeze before running her hand up and down slowly enjoying the way his breathe seemed to leave his body while she kissed at his neck. "Or so sweet."

Travis couldn't take it, the next time her hand moved up she was pulling him free of his boxers, his eyes slamming closed while her thumb dragged over the slit, rubbing the moisture she found there around the head of his cock.

He tried to focus on something, anything that would help him get through this alive when Charlie shifted above him again her voice coming from father down the bed.

"You are sweet, aren't you Travis?"

He made the mistake of opening his eyes to look down as the head of his cock disappeared between Charlie's pink lips. The visual mixed with the warm wet sensation of her tongue twirling around him had Travis's hips bucking off the mattress.

"Shit...I'm sorry" He barely managed to get out when Charlie gave a surprised hum around him at his reaction. "Oh god…"He let his hands fist in the sheets beneath him as Charlie slowly worked her way down his length until her nose brushed his skin and Travis moved his hands to fist in her hair.

He tried to keep his hips still, let her do this at her own pace as she slowly made her way back up but he knew he wasn't going to last. "Charlie...Baby please faster…."

Derek couldn't believe what he was seeing as Naomi's baby sister went down on Travis. Her little head bobbing under the artist's hands as Travis fought to watch her, his face turning red with the continued strain.

This was going to work out perfectly Derek realized. Turning he decided to leave the couple to finish as he ran through plans in his head giving a brief thought to how Charlie had looked with her mouth around Travis. "Maybe I chose the wrong sister…"

"Charlie, shit…" Travis couldn't hold back, already he held her hair tight, keeping her still as his hips rocked up, pushing him further into her mouth as she sucked and licked around him. He could feel the familiar twitch beginning, he was so close. "Suck harder baby…"

Her answering groan around him shook Travis to his toes and with a hard pull from her mouth his orgasm rushed up to greet him.

He had meant to warn her, to give his girlfriend time to pull away but when his head slammed back into the pillows his hold on her tightened keeping her in place as he filled her mouth with jet after jet of his cum.

Groaning Travis felt his hips twitch as Charlie's mouth milked him to completion swallowing everything he had before his hands released her to fall limply to his sides.

Oh god, I think I've died.

Travis could barely move enough to cover his eyes in embarrassment as with a final lick Charlie released him to kiss his hip before sitting up with a grin.

"Well that was unexpected…"