"Lost, lost, hopelessly lost."

A singsong voice rang out through the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

"Lost lost lost, truly lost."

A light and airy tone that could be considered careless or relaxed.

"An immortal, lost, with not a soul around"

The bamboo rustled gently as a tall shape, about 5'10, moved through it.

"No food, no water, just lost lost lost."

It had silvery hair that was slightly longer in the back, and windswept on the forehead

"All the pain, none of the gain, lost and lost some more"

Diamond-like eyes sparkling in multiple colors looked around at the vast, endless bamboo

"I sing to myself a song of lost, for no reason but who cares I'm lost"

On several places on his body, flat, silvery metal bars adorn his figure. About three inches in width, always ending in a large eyehole shape with a sharp point.

"I'm lost, my voice is lost, lost and lost like the mist"

To be exact, he had one each between his ears and eyes, one extending from each first knuckle on his hands like claws, two on each side of each foot, and most noticeably three pairs of "wings", each made out of two long ones connected to eachother, with a hidden third joint at the base that added great flexibility. Occasionally one wing would flick forward to cut away a bamboo stalk; all the bars were bladed on both sides with sharp edges.

"Ever I'm lost, wandering lost, hopelessly lost lost lost."

He wore a red shirt and shorts, but had on an azure robe on top of it. He had a wristband depicting an artist's idea of swirling mist on his right arm, and a headband of orange and black.

"Lost, lost, lostly lostity lostlessly enlost."

He had been walking in a more or less straight line for about three hours. He was sure he could smell food, but then it could be his senses fooling him again.

"Lost, lost, lost lost lost lost lostlostlostlostlostlost- eh?"

The bamboo finally gave into a clearing of scorched earth.

He examined it for a while. It had been a particularly hot blast and had been thrown diagonally, from what he could tell. It hadn't hit the target, as there had been no disturbance in the distribution of flame.

"How very curious", mused the figure. "I wonder who would cause a blast like that? Or rather, what?"

"Ha, like I'm one to talk. Oh well, still lost."

The figure walked past the scorched earth, and before very long came upon another clearing. A road of some sort, stretching into the distance either way.

"Oh lookie, a road. I could follow the road." The figure looked up and thought for a moment.

"I could also stop talking to myself, but why would I do that? Hm, following the road is the more reasonable conclusion."

And with this curious deduction, the figure headed right until he eventually came upon a very rich-looking place that looked to have just recovered from a fire

He examined it for a while. The only residents seemed to be rabbits. They weren't very coordinated, either…

And he was hungry, anyway.

He sauntered up to the fancy gate, and considered it for a while. He touched one claw to it, which glowed momentarily…

"Hah, silver. How silly… gates are made to keep things out, not look fancy."

Before the figure could do anything else, a rather tall rabbit with purple hair and red eyes walked up to the gate.

"Are you here for Eirin? Or is there something else?" She asked. Quite politely, too.

The figure studied her for a moment, avoiding her eyes which made him dizzy.

"I suppose I'll be honest. Where am I, who are you, who is Eirin, and why are you in the middle of a giant bamboo forest with the skeletons of those who got lost in it?"

The rabbit paused for a moment, considering the questions.

"My name is Reisen, you're at Eientei, Eirin is our doctor and a medical genius people usually come to see, and why we're here I can't answer, sorry. So who are you, then?"

The figure raised one eyebrow, then took a few seconds to remember his name.

"If I remember correctly my name is Shingetsu. I can't remember what I am, but I can control mist, so there's that."

Reisen nodded, before speaking again "Is there anything we can do for you, then?"

Shingetsu nodded in return. "Actually, I could really-"

Before he could finish the sentence, a huge blast of fire rocketed over Eientei, followed by what was probably supposed to be a battle cry. Shingetsu looked up, and started laughing.

'That has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen, A dainty princess and some long-haired girl in suspenders going at it with energy balls and fire.'

Reisen tried to warn him against it, but before very long the two combatants noticed.

By the time Shingestu had calmed down, the two were in front of him, with a look on their faces that said "Don't interrupt our fighting."

Shingetsu froze, and slowly smiled "Well, aren't I popular today?"

"Who are you?" Asked the princess. Shingetsu stood up straight and gave his name, still grinning.

"I'm Shingetsu, mist… Mist… Hm, I forgot what I am. Mist something extraordinaire, let's go with that. I have been lost in your bloody forest for two years and as you can imagine, I'm hungry."

"Two years!?"

Shingetsu turned his attention the now-shocked suspenders girl.

"Yeah, I have this annoying little thing called immortality. Have you ever really wanted to die, and can't? Not even a disintegration spells works."

Shingetsu stopped smiling. The two were giving him a very odd look.

"…Okay, points for staring at me, what did I do? Turn purple?"

"You may as well have" said Reisen.