So, I should probably elaborate.

When I say rabbits, I mean humanoid rabbits Bunny ears, bunny tail, rest is human. The girl, Reisen, was quite nice. She had on a formal black suit with a red tie, contrasted by a tiny skirt. Also she had little yellow pins in her ears. I guess that's their version of earrings.

Suspenders girl wore, well, suspenders. Red ones with lots of paper things on them. Also a white shirt. She had long; I mean LONG white hair, with more paper things made into bows in it. Came down to just above her feet. Oh yeah, and she and Reisen both have red eyes.

And then there's the princess. She wears what you would get if you took a skirt and tried to make a shirtlike top half with long sleeves for a one piece. It was very purple and pink. She also had long black hair. I mentioned before Reisen had long purple hair. Neither come even close to suspenders girl, but apparently that's a thing here.

Anyway, Reisen said she'd explain it to me, shortly after princess muttered something that suspenders took offense to. I couldn't hear it but apparently they're trying to kill eachother again. Oh, and I get to eat. Been a while, I wonder if my stomach remembers how everything works?

Anyway, I should probably pay attention again…

"So, anyway, I'll make sure you meet them, since I guess you'll be here for a little while."

Should have paid attention sooner. I really hope Reisen sees fit to repeat that later…

"Right, right… So, food?" Asked Shingetsu.

Reisen sighed. "Yes, I'm getting to that. What I would like to know is where you came from and why you're immortal." She paused for a moment, then sighed again "Well, okay, I don't really care, but Eirin wants to know."

"I see. Well, I don't know where I came from or why I'm immortal. Nor do I remember what I am, why I can use mist, or-"

Reisen looked back over her shoulder as she walked. "Mist? That doesn't sound like much"

Shingetsu grinned. He was used to this. "Exactly."

Reisen just shook her head and led him into a spacious room. There was a person wearing red and blue over in the corner that Shingetsu very nearly missed, mainly because there was also a table with food on it. After assuring himself the food was real, he looked around and found, to his amusement, that suspenders girl and the princess had been sat down as well, but were still glaring daggers at eachother.

A moment later he noticed the only reason they were behaving was the red-blue. She was wearing a nurse outfit that had had the skirt extended way down like a robe, and it was blue and red with constellation patterns. She had grayish white hair tied in a rope and an unamused, or perhaps tired look on her face.

Reisen walked up to the red-blue and stood at her side. The red-blue then took a couple steps forward to face Shingetsu

"My name is Eirin Yagokoro. You have already met Reisen Udongein; and these two are Fujiwara No Mokou, the fiery one, and Kaguya Houraisan, our princess. May I have your name?"

How very formal of you.

Shingetsu smiled, stood straight, and answered. "My name is Shingetsu… Um… Shingetsu Iforgotmylastname, a mist-user of forgotten identity who is immortal for reasons I have also forgotten."

This received a blank stare from all around the room. Despite his memory predicament, Shingetsu found this funny. Eirin spoke again after a few moments' consideration.

"I see… Please, sit down and eat if you like. Reisen tells me you would like to know why your immortality is being taken rather… Strangely, here."

Normally Shingetsu would have agreed, but he was busy eating in a way that dropped the jaws of everyone in the room. It wasn't that he ate fast or barbarically; it was more that he attacked the food as if it were his mortal enemy, and before very long everything in his reach was gone, sometimes without anyone noticing where it had gone. Finally, Shingetsu did answer.

"Yeah, that would be nice."

Eirin was the first to recover, and composed herself before continuing.

"I created an elixir of immortality I called the Hourai elixir, some time ago. I and Kaguya took the elixir, and though it was not my intention, Mokou did as well. Due to this elixir you can die, but you will simply regenerate every time." Eirin paused for a moment to glare at Mokou and Kaguya. "These two have spent the majority of their immortality killing eachother, over and over, in a progressively more… Unique manner."

Well, that explains the barely restrained hatred.

"My immortality is a bit different. I can't die, period. Whatever wounds or pains I acquire, I keep until my body heals it. I was once crushed to a paste and stayed that way for a good three years before I was normal again. Had to live through the pain the entire time. Needless to say I have built up a pain tolerance that borders on numbness."

Shingetsu smiled again, a happy and careless attitude constantly pervading the air around him. "That's alright, though. It's not the pain that gets you over time. It's the loneliness and everyone you know dying while you don't. I can see why you …" He gestured torward Mokou. "… haven't been driven crazy by it. You're in a place that is so isolated you don't have to deal with new people, and you've got your girlfriend here for the present."

The reaction on Mokou and Kaguya's faces was absolutely priceless as far as Shingetsu was concerned. It was a mixture of sympathy, thoughtfulness about immortality, and absolute outrage. Kaguya's mouth opened as if to say something, but it seemed she couldn't quite decide what to say. Reisen, too, was speechless and frozen; but then she hadn't quite gotten over his war on food, either. Eirin was the only one who was managing to keep up, and Shingetsu suspected this was largely because she had to deal with Mokou and Kaguya.

It was a few seconds after this loud silence that he felt a slight tug on one of his wings. He looked over…

…And there was a little string tied into the eyehole of the lower right wing. It trailed out of the room, and then up…

…And then he saw in the passage on the other side of the room, a small humanoid rabbit in a pink dress holding a heavy brick with a string attached to it. To be precise, she was on a ladder, holding it up against a removed section of ceiling with a string going in it…

…And then she dropped it.

After getting himself slammed against the ceiling via string, Shingetsu was understandably irritable. But as far as Eirin was concerned, this did not constitute tearing the ceiling and the string apart with his five other bladed wings, and then terrifying Reisen by tearing right past her and across the room at top speed. Terrifying Tewi (that was apparently the prankster's name) was acceptable.

"So now you've basically met everyone at Eientei, save the numerous Inaba. You have no idea of your past or even what you are. May I inquire as to what you're going to do now?"

Shingetsu thought about Eirin's question.

"No idea. Never really had an idea in the first place."

"You came here, did you not?"

"Well, my stomach knew what to do. Seemed better than wandering."

Eirin sighed, somewhat frustratedly. "You're as bad as Mokou. Do you always just do whatever whim takes you?"

"Pretty much. Don't have anything better to do, now do I? I will say this is a very lively place. I don't think I'd mind sticking around this forest, what with you three being as eternal as I am."

"And where are you going to stay?"

Kaguya spoke up at this point, acting as charming as possible. "We have plenty of spare rooms, and we're not short on food, if you'd like to stay here."

Mokou glared at her suspiciously. "What are you so eager about, mophead?"

Kaguya returned the glare. "Unlike you, I have some idea of how to be courteous!"

Shingetsu grinned. "You know, I don't think it matters where I stay, so long as I can watch you two argue. This is like comedy."

This earned him a glare from both of them, which only amused him further.

Mokou sighed. "I'm going back home."

"Oi, you have a home of your own? I thought you lived here." Said Shingetsu.

Mokou gave a short laugh. "Hell no. If I had to live anywhere near Kaguya, this place would have burned down long ago."

Shingetsu nodded sagely. "Yes, I suppose that makes sense."

Eirin spoke before Kaguya could make another sales pitch / insult aimed at Mokou. "I believe the Myouren temple is somewhere nearby, at the fringes of the forest. They take in humans, youkai, anyone… Though you will likely be expected to at least help with some of the chores."

"Is that so? Hm, certainly sounds like a nice place. I think I'll stick in this general area for now, though, maybe show up at the next festival thingy and meet some people. And in the meantime I can watch those two!" Shingetsu replied.

Kaguya took the opportunity. "So will you be staying here?"

Shingetsu pretended to think about it. "I prefer living alone. I'll make sure to visit you and Mokou from time to time, though."

Eirin interjected again. "Very well. But if you will, I would like to examine you some time. Your particular immortality interests me."

"I suppose I won't object to that. Anyway, I'll be seein' ya!" And with that, Shingetsu pulled his favorite trick: dispersing himself into a thick cloud of mist and fading out and away.

Whoo, that's a lot to think about. Myouren temple, hourai elixir, inaba, Reisen in a coma, so on so forth. I think I'll find a space between Moky and Kagu and make myself a little hovel thing, watch them fight. Maybe join in, who knows? I could use some fun.

That's what's most important, after all.