Ms Fishbeck assigns her students to keep a journal.
Here are some entries from the guys.

September 20, 1979

I'm exhausted, I had three dates yesterday and one of them was Carmen Epstein. (Note to self, Stay out of Juan's sight, he wants to kill me.). It's not easy bein so gorgeous all the time. Gotta work after school. Nurse Bonnie is warming up to me, she called me stupid only once yesterday. Gotta go now, I'm meeting Sally for lunch. Vinnie

September 21

Hi There!

Wow man, that game was outta sight today. We beat the pants off them New Utrecht dudes yesterday. The crowd was goin crazy and I was in top form. My grades aren't in the gutter anymore either. Catch you later, Kotter is coming, I hope he doesn't tell me that joke about one of his Uncle Zeus again, I've heard it 3 times already. P.S. I'm never going swimming in September again. I couldn't believe all of us in the water with our clothes on. That was one crazy scene. Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington.

September 22

Hello little Journal, It's me Arnold, Arnold Horshack. I love being married, I talked to my mother today, She called from Atlantic City. I can't believe my baby sister Doris is in the 5th grade. I hope she likes her new father. Manny's in juvenile hall and Judy ran off to Maryland with her boyfriend to get married, Ma works as a waitress in a casino with Father number 6. Last night, Mary and I went into Manhattan to have dinner with her parents. They took us to see Annie after dinner, Later on that night, we went to see the Muppet Movie. We sat through it 3 times. Well I have to go now, Mary and I are meeting Little Juan and Katey for lunch. I think those two are headed for the alter. Juan idolizes me, I'm his hero. Bye journal.

September 23

Hey, Juan Epstein here. First of all, I'm gonna kill Vinnie when I catch him. If he thinks he's gonna treat Carmen like one of his regular girls, he's got another thing coming to him. I'm finally over Kelly Woodman. The kid is in love again. This time for keeps, I hope she feels the same way about me. Here she comes, Gotta go. .

September 24

There are 3 things my daddy always taught me.
1. Never step on a pregnant alligator.
2. Never turn your back on a nurse with a dull needle
3. Never leave your journal out where people can read it.

People will never let me forget about Juan stapling my pants to the wall. I wish they would that was last year. I don't mind the girls whistling at me though, that's kinda nice. I can't believe Vinnie, he thinks he's so good looking. I'm cuter than him and I have more charm. Gotta go look at myself in the mirror.

September 25

5 hubcaps
3 fenders
1 rearview mirror
and some fuzzy dice.
I did pretty good business today. It's tough getting them off moving cars. (Note to myself. Don't get them off of police cars.) - Carvelli

September 26

Boy, people sure treat the "new and improved Wilbur Murray" better than the old one. I was really getting tired of repeating everything Carvelli said. I ain't that stupid. I'm not that smart either. Bye.