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The morning of September first was crisp and cool, a soft wind blowing as the sun shone down on the craziness of the Burrow. It was a Weasley-Potter tradition that the last day before Hogwarts was spent at the Burrow with the Grandparents. Grandma always made a big breakfast that hardly anyone touched and there was a guarantee of chaos.

Rose was outside with her Granddad, listening intently as he showed her how to enlarge vans (they used to take cars, but there were too many cousins now) to fit all their bags in the trunk. It was actually quite fascinating.

"It's a fairly simple spell, and a very handy one," he explained, his wand pointed towards the car and moving in some complicated wrist movement. "The most important part is the movements - they have to be spot on or it doesn't work."

Rose nodded, her blue eyes bright with excitement. "Granddad?" she asked, and he nodded his head to show he was listening. "What if I don't get in Gryffindor?"

Arthur turned towards the curly-haired girl, giving her a smile as he stashed his wand in his robes. He bent down to her height, placing his hands on her shoulders. "Rose, you know that doesn't matter. We're all going to love you no matter what House you get into."

Taking a deep breath, Rose nodded. She gave her Granddad a smile and a peck on the cheek. "Thank you."

He chuckled, straightening up. "Don't mention it, love. Now, let's get packing. It's almost ten and we've got a lot to fit in here."

An hour later the whole group was rushing into King's Cross Station. There weren't enough trolleys for the lot of them so most of them were sharing, while others were pulling or carrying their own stuff. Nobody minded, though. How could they? They were going to Hogwarts.

Rose took hold of Albus's hand nervously. Giving her hand a squeeze, Albus sent her a smile. "We'll be fine, Rosie."



"Oh, dear!" Molly exclaimed, looking at the clock above the wall. It read ten-fifty five. "Hurry, dears! We don't want to miss the train!"

"Then we would have to drive the van to Hogwarts!" Ron joked, sending Harry a grin which he returned. Hermione rolled her eyes at her husband and best friend. James, Louis and Fred slowed their walk to a crawl, each of them smirking widely at each other.

Molly scowled darkly at her sons. "Honestly, you two, don't give them any ideas! You two were awful in school and I'm glad that this lot has enough sense to keep their noses out of trouble."

Most of the Weasley-Potter clan blushed - students that had already been through Hogwarts and didn't have hands quite as clean as Grandma Weasley was hoping, and adults who thought back to their years in Hogwarts with a guilty conscience. Albus, Rose and all the younger kids just watched enviously as they all reminisced.

"Next year that'll be us," Albus said. "Thinking about the old days at Hogwarts. All the fun we had."

"All the stuff we learned," Rose added.

"All the friends we made."

"All our favorite Professors."

Nodding, Albus said, "We'll actually be able to participate in these conversations they have about Hogwarts."

Lily, Roxanne, and Hugo - who weren't going to Hogwarts for another year - glared at them.

"We have to wait another whole year before we even know what they're talking about," Lily said darkly, sniffling indignantly. "Why can't I go now?"

Rose threw her arm around her cousins shoulder consolingly. "We'll write to you all the time, Lils, and we'll send pictures so you'll get a head-start."

Lily smiled, Roxanne and Hugo beaming beside her as they stared at Rose in admiration. "Really?"

"Promise," Rose said with a smile just as they reached the wall between platforms 9 and 10. Half the family had already disappeared. Looking over at Al, who nodded at her, Rose ran towards the wall, running straight through it until she ended up on the other side.

Looking around, Rose saw that Platform 9 3/4 was filled with red-heads. It made Rose giggle as she looked around the train station; there were red-heads everywhere! Stretching on tip-toes to see over her family, Rose scanned over the brunettes as well. Rose's eyes finally spotted her objective, the only completely blonde family in the room: the Malfoys.

Waving one arm high over her head, Rose beamed at the trio. Scorpius spotted her and grinned hugely, waving back just as enthusiastically. Draco and Astoria smiled at her, each giving her a small wave. Daphne, Scorpius's little sister, jumped up and down as she waved excitedly at her. Rose gave her an extra smile.

Waiting for her parents and Hugo seemed like a chore as she was excited to be off to Hogwarts, but Rose tried her best to be patient. When they finally came through the wall, Ron helped Rose load her trunk onto the train just as the first warning whistle blew.

"You've only got a few minutes, baby girl," Ron said, reaching down to give his daughter a tight hug. "Have fun, yeah? I love you."

"Love you too, Daddy," she said, hugging him tight.

"Make sure to get your studying in before messing around, okay?" Hermione said once she had her daughter in her arms. "Don't let your cousins distract you."

Rose smiled. "I'll be fine, Mum, promise."

"I know, sweetie," Hermione smoothed her daughters hair. "Write to us, okay?"

"Of course," Rose promised. "And I'll make sure Albus writes his parents, too. You know how forgetful he is."

Ron chuckled. "See you at Christmas, baby girl."

"Bye, Hugo," Rose said, giving her little brother a hug. "I'll make sure to send you letters, and pictures."

Hugo grinned as Rose winked at him. "Love you, Rosie."

"Love you too," she said, ruffling his hair. Harry and Ginny walked up to them, Lily and Albus in tow. Giving her Aunt and Uncle each a hug, Rose turned to Albus. "Ready?"

Albus nodded, looking nervous but determined.

"Give everyone my love, and tell them I'll write them all soon," Rose called back to her family, waving before stepping onto the train behind Albus. "And tell Uncle George to expect that toilet seat!"

She heard her Uncle Harry and Dad laugh as her Mum warned her not to do anything of the sort. Aunt Ginny called out her love to her and Albus as the doors closed behind them.

"Let's find a compartment," Albus said, tugging Dustin, his owl, behind him. Rose held her kitten's cage in her hand, Minion meowing softly from inside.

"I need to find Scorpius," Rose said, stopping Albus. "He said he'd save us seats."

Albus made a face that Rose didn't miss. "Rosie, I don't want to sit with Scorpius," he said, his voice bordering on being whiny. "We don't get on well. You know that."

"That's because you haven't given him a proper chance," Rose snapped, her eyes narrowing at her cousin. "Scorpius has been perfectly nice to you and you've been horrid. All the family has. The only one who's actually given him a real try was Uncle George, and Uncle George adores Scorpius. Have you heard him go on about him?"

"He's a Malfoy, Rose," Albus protested hotly, his free hand gesturing madly towards her. "You've read the papers, and heard the stories! They're not known for being nice."

"That's all in the past now, Albus. Scorpius is lovely, and if you gave him a chance you would see that!"

With that, Rose spun on her heel and flounced away, the whistle from the train over-riding Albus's voice calling her back with his apology.

She found Scorpius within a few minutes, taking a seat across from him in the otherwise empty compartment and falling into easy conversation. Everything with Scorpius was easy, and she loved that about him. Ten minutes had passed when there was a knock on the compartment door. It slid open and Albus stood there, looking exteremely guilty.

"Hi," he said, giving both of them a shy smile. "Look, Rose, I'm really sorry. You were right about everything."

Rose looked him up and down stiffly, her arms crossed tightly across her chest. "Really?" she asked, one eyebrow raised in scrutiny.

Albus gave one quick nod.

"Everything?" Rose pressed.

"Everything," Albus repeated.

Rose suddenly beamed, much to both boys surprise, and pulled Albus into the compartment, letting the door shut behind him with a quiet snap. Things between the boys were awkward at first, but by the time the train pulled into the Hogsmeade station that evening Albus and Scorpius were friends.

No one was surprised when Scorpius Malfoy was placed in Slytherin. He was received enthusiastically by all the students there. What really surprised everyone was when Rose Weasley was placed in Slytherin as well. She must have been the first Weasley to ever be sorted outside of Gryffindor, let alone into Slytherin. Her family had just started cheering for her - all of them sitting at the Gryffindor table together - when they all stopped and stared, frozen, as she skipped over to the Slytherin table and took her place next to Scorpius, the two of them sharing a grin.

Rose felt the knots in her stomach disappear when her family started cheering so loud that they outstripped the Slytherins who were cheering for their new House mate. Rose knew, in that moment, that her Granddad was right; she would always have her family, no matter what. She sent them all a dazzling grin.

Her parents took it better than she had thought. She knew her Mum would be accepting of it, but her Daddy was a Gryffindor through and through. She was unsure of how he would feel until he wrote to her, the letter he wrote released every bit of Rose's insecurities. She smiled all through her sleep that night, the letter laying under her pillow.

Her days were spent chiefly with Scorpius, the two of them sitting next to each other in every class. The two classes they had with Gryffindor were spent with her sandwiched between Albus and Scorpius as they played Hangman (despite the fact that she was between them) and tried to get her to join. She refused every time, opting to take notes and actually pay attention.

Christmas holidays were split between the Burrow and Malfoy Manner. They made sure to split the time evenly, spending Christmas morning at Malfoy Manor (the new and improved Malfoy Manor, which she heard was much more homely and comfortable than the last), and opening presents with Scorpius's little sister, Daphne, and Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, who were always very welcoming towards Rose. Christmas evening was spent at the Burrow with Rose's crazy family. It had become a tradition at the Burrow to open presents after dinner. The whole family gathered for the meal, and Uncle George specifically invited Scorpius to the event, making sure the two were seated right next to each other.

Before she knew it, Rose was home from the holidays, taking her exams and on the way home again, her first year forever remembered in her mind as the very best year she had ever had.

Not surprisingly, second year was even better. By now, everyone had warmed up to Scorpius and they were all treating him like part of the family. Even Ron, who Rose swore would never be fully used to him, shared moments laughing and joking with him, telling Rose that maybe he wasn't so bad, and that he supposed he was okay with their friendship. Rose had laughed when he told her this, but she was touched all the same.

Rose and Scorpius spent all their time together. Every spare moment they spent in each others company; studying, playing Quidditch or pranks, eating, doing nothing - it didn't matter what they were doing. Everyone in Hogwarts knew that where one was, the other was sure to be right behind.

Albus was with them sometimes as well, but he spent most of his time with his Gryffindor friends, who were all nice to Rose but not entirely welcoming to Scorpius. Where the Slytherins had welcomed Scorpius and Rose (Slytherin House was a lot closer than any of the other House's realized - everyone was family there), the other Houses were still wary of him. Rose paid no attention to any of them, though, always sticking close by Scorpius and standing up for him when he was made fun of by anyone. Eventually, everyone backed off.

Third year was much the same; new classes, new spells, new charms, new things to learn. Rose and Scorpius both drank up all the knowledge like sponges, learning everything they could about the Magical World and ranking first or second (only ever second to the other one) in all their classes.

The two became closer every year, now starting to drive people mad with the way they could communicate so clearly through facial expressions and half-conversations. When with them you never knew just what they were talking about. Albus found it insufferable and relied more on his Gryffindor mates than ever.

Fourth year was the year Rose was introduced to her first boyfriend, Luke Kinsel, a Ravenclaw in the same year as her. The two spent every night together, curled up by the fire doing homework. Rose became almost obsessed with him, spending all her time with him and practically ignoring Scorpius. Rose was searching for him one day while Luke was at Quidditch practice and was going mad, finding that he was avoiding all their usual hang outs.

"You've been avoiding me," she said, once she finally found him. He was sitting on the steps outside the Owlry - somewhere she hardly ever went because she had a cat. And she would only ever send letters with the morning or evening post to save her the trip. Scorpius was holding his head in frustration, the snow flying around him busily.

"No, I haven't," he said, his lips blue and numb from the cold. "You've just been too busy to notice me."

Rose felt her eyes narrow. "Don't make this out to be my fault. You're the one who should be apologizing here, not me."

Scorpius turned towards her incredulously. "Are you kidding me, Rose? You haven't spoken to me in a week! I haven't been avoiding you, you've been ignoring me because of your stupid boyfriend."

"So that's what this is about?" Rose seethed, feeling her hackles rise. "Merlin, I'm allowed to have a boyfriend, Scorpius. As my best friend you should be supporting me, not throwing it back into my face!"

"In what world would I support this?" Scorpius exclaimed angrily, standing up and facing her, his face flushed. "You spend all your time with him and completely ignore everyone else-"

"I do no-"

"When was the last time you talked to your family? When was the last time you sent a letter home to your Mum and Dad? They sent me a letter because they were so worried about you, Rose," he said, his voice hard. "It's not healthy. I get that you like him, but you can't just shut everyone else out."

Rose shuffled in the snow as he walked away, his body twitching in an agitated sort of way. She knew immediately that he was right. Guilt flooded through her and she turned towards the Owlry, walking in and writing everyone in her family a lengthy letter about what she had been doing recently.

The next day, Scorpius was finishing off his potions essay in his bedroom when the door was flung open and Rose walked in. She walked over to his bed and sat down next to him, pulling out her school books and starting on her Transfiguration homework without a word. Scorpius couldn't help the brilliant smile that lit his face; he had his best friend back.

A week later everything fell apart. Scorpius was just getting into his pajamas when his door was thrown open. "Merlin, Rose!" he exclaimed, hopping behind his bed and pulling his pants on quickly. He walked back around, looking for his shirt. She still hadn't said anything to him and Scorpius looked up curiously. She was standing in the doorway, face flushed and tears streaming down from her eyes. When he saw her his face went pale and he walked right over to her, pulling her into his arms without a word and letting her cry into his chest.

She cried her way through most of the night, and Scorpius held her, brushing his fingers through her hair and trying to smooth out the unruly curls. When she finally stopped, they just lay there on his bed, neither knowing what to say.

"Don't tell my family," Rose blurted out after a few minutes.

Scorpius's arms tightened around her. "Wouldn't dream of it."

Rose wiped her eyes and sat up, crossing her legs Indian style. "It's just - Luke - he broke up with me - I was so stupid - he said I was ignoring him - I didn't pay enough attention - I'm so stupid - I hate him, I really do - don't tell James or Albus -"

Scorpius would have laughed at her rambling had he not been so furious with Luke. His mind immediately started forming plans of revenge - pranks, duels, sabotage. He would need to get in touch with George Weasley. There had to be some new item still in prototype faze that he was dying to try out on someone. Scorpius knew Uncle George wouldn't ask too many questions, and would keep things confidential. If he told him it was about Rose, he would help out for sure.

"Don't do anything to him, Scorp," Rose said as though reading his mind. "And don't bring Uncle George into this. It's not worth it. . . . he's not worth it."

"Yeah, I know," Scorpius said, "But you are."

Rose felt her pulse quicken. Her face flushed red and Rose couldn't stop her heart beat from doubling time. She looked up at Scorpius and gave him a smile. She didn't feel sad about Luke and her broken heart anymore. How could she? She had Scorpius.

Fifth year brought the promise of stress and more work than ever before. Rose and Scorpius were constantly working at perfect scores for their OWL's, expecting nothing less than O's in all subjects from themselves. All free time was spent in the library, and neither one of them socialized much with anyone outside of the two of them and the occasional Weasley or Potter. No one else dared interrupt them.

When the tests finally came, Rose was more nervous than she had ever felt in her life. Scorpius was hiding his nerves better, but Rose could see the anxiety lurking behind his facade. They had been best friends for five years, after all. After they were finished, she felt fairly confident with her work.

Summer came and Scorpius and Rose received their 12 O.W.L.'s (all O's), and both their parents were thrilled, but no one was more excited than the two of them were for each other.

Sixth year they decided to let loose and have fun - most nights were spent hanging out and playing pranks with Louis, Fred, James and Albus. The six of them because feared with their wicked pranks, but earned a lot of respect; most people giving them standing ovations for their particularly clever pranks. They received several detentions (more in one year than Rose had ever received in all other five years at Hogwarts - which wasn't hard to do seeing as she never had one before) and got several points docked from Slytherin House. After a few months of this, Slytherins decided to buckle down on them and made them stop. Feeling particularly good about their rebellion, Rose and Scorpius promised to stop and only helped out with pranks when they knew they wouldn't get caught. The rest of the year was spent happily, the two and Albus hanging out almost constantly through the whole year and most of the Summer.

In their seventh year together something changed. Rose started to realize just how much attention Scorpius was getting from the female population of Hogwarts (by now, everyone had pretty much forgotten the Malfoy reputation, and everyone treated him like anyone else) and Rose was constantly getting annoyed with all the flirting and winking. Scorpius didn't even notice all the girls, only noticing that Rose almost always had admirers wherever she went. Some bloke was always standing just a little too close to her and he felt like snapping their hands off every time they put their arm around her.

The two became tense with each other, getting into more fights than they had ever had before, always screaming and yelling about pointless things that had never upset either of them until now.

"Will you just listen to me?" Rose snapped, nostrils flaring and eyes narrowed. Scorpius had his arms crossed tight across his chest, his breathing heavy with anger. "You're not even listening to me!"

"I didn't even do anything!" Scorpius exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "I was just standing here, listening, and you're making a big deal about nothing!"

"I am not making a big deal about nothing!" Rose screamed shrilly, making Scorpius flinch when the high note hurt his ear drums.

"All I said was that he was a pervert. I was speaking my mind, I can say whatever I want."

"He is not a pervert! He was saying hello, he put his arm around me. Maybe I liked him and asked him to, did you ever think of that?"

Scorpius's eyes narrowed. "How can you like him? You've never liked him before. You always hated him."

Rose shuffled unsurely. "Well, I don't actually like him, but you didn't know that!" she added, just as she heard Scorpius exclamation of victory.

"Everyone knows that, Rose," Scorpius said with a roll of his eyes. "Because everyone knows you're not an idiot - and you would have to be an idiot to like him."

Rose sat down on the couch in their common room. Since they were Head's together they got their own place - common room, bathrooms, dorms, even a little kitchenette where they could make drinks and snacks. She heaved a sigh and turned to look up at him, her blue eyes wide. "Why are we fighting, Scorpius? We're supposed to be best friends."

"Best friends fight sometimes," Scorpius said, sighing as he took a seat next to her. He laced his fingers through hers unconsciously, rubbing her hand softly with his thumb. "It happens."

Rose stared down at their conjoined hands, not saying anything. She felt tingles where he touched her and Rose was transfixed. No one had ever made her feel like this before. What the bloody hell was going on?

"I have to go," she said, jumping up and running towards her room, slamming the door behind her. She fell on her bed with a groan, not knowing what had just happened, but knowing that it scared her. A lot.

"I just don't know, Aunt Ginny," Rose said, walking next to her aunt through the snow on Christmas Eve. Both woman were wrapped up tightly in their coats, scarves and hats, walking away from the Burrow towards the quiet field that lay behind it. "I don't know what it was, but I felt it. In my bones, y'know? It wasn't there one minute, and then it was everything I could feel." Rose looked up at her aunt unsurely. "Am I making sense?"

Ginny nodded, a smile on her lips. "Yeah, Rose, you are. I know exactly how you feel."

"You do?" Rose asked eagerly.

"Yup," Ginny said. "I feel the same way when I'm with Harry. You love him, Rosie. You have for a long time, you just didn't realize it."

Rose gaped at her Aunt. "W-what? No! He's my best friend - it's not like that - never going to happen -"

"It will, sweetie," Ginny said with a laugh. "And I'll bet anything he loves you as well." Rose gave her aunt a disbelieving look. "Believe me, Rose. I don't lie and you know it. You love him. That's the feeling that completely over-rides everything else. That's the feeling you get in your bones when he holds your hand. When you're heart starts beating fast and you're stomach twists in knots? That's what loving someone is like."

"It's not pleasant," Rose muttered, her nose crinkling. Ginny laughed in amusement.

"Not a first," Ginny agreed. "But once you talk to him about this, it'll be the most beautiful thing in the world."

Rose stared at Ginny for a moment before sighing. "He doesn't think of me like that, Aunt Ginny, and he's never going to."

"Honey," Ginny said, stopping and facing her. "Listen to me, that boy has loved you since the first day he met you. Why else would he have put up with your family for so long? In the beginning we were horrid to him - everyone knows that, but he stuck around. For you. If that's not love then I'll eat Hagrid's beard."

Rose giggled at her aunt. "D'you really think so?"

"I know so," Ginny said assuredly. "Just talk to him."

After the holidays, Rose tried to find the perfect time to talk to Scorpius. Whenever she finally summoned up her courage to tell him how she felt, he would always have something to do and would have to leave. He started acting off with her and Rose didn't want to make him even more uncomfortable so she stopped trying. What if he knew she had feelings for him and didn't feel the same way?

Rose began getting more and more nervous everyday. Every time they talked, she stuttered and mumbled and couldn't even speak half the time. After their N.E.W.T.'s, Rose decided enough was enough. They were about to graduate, for Merlin's sake! They needed to get over this now or they never would.

"Scorpius?" Rose asked, the portrait hole to their common room shutting behind her. "You here?"

Hearing a muffled noise from the kitchen, Rose strode over there, stopping in surprise when she saw Scorpius standing there, staring at her, a giant bouquet of flowers in his hand and an adorable, nervous grin on his face.

"Okay, I know this is really cheesy, but I was talking with my Dad about this and he said to keep to the classic, cliche stuff. So, that's what I'm doing."

Scorpius took a step forward and handed her the bouquet of beautiful red roses. Rose accepted them while staring at him in shock.

"Those are for you - try not to kill them." Rose smiled at him despite herself - he knew she couldn't keep a plant alive to save her life. Herbology was definitely her worst subject. "I know we've been best friends for a long time - seven years, to be exact - and I know that we've had our share of fights and I wouldn't really blame you if you didn't feel the same way about me, but I just need to know. . . . I need to know if you feel the same way."

Rose's breath caught in her throat and Scorpius licked his lips.

"It's okay if you don't, we can go back to being friends. I'll try my best to move on and try to remember that it isn't your fault. It's my stupid heart - it's faulty, I swear, because every single time I get around you it goes mad. It jumps around in my chest and aches and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I'm not even sure if I want to stop it, because it feels good when I hold your hand, and I wouldn't give that up for the world. You're my very best friend, Rose, and I think that's why it's so easy to love you. Because I do. I love you, Rose. I love you so much it hurts. I don't know how long I've loved you, but I know that I love you more than anyone else. And if you would give me a chance, I know I can make you happy. I know I can love you better than anyone else, because I know you better than anyone else. And I love every single bit of you. I wouldn't change one crazy, unruly hair on your head, Rose. . . . so, please, just give us a chance."

It only took a moment for it to sink it. He loved her. Rose couldn't help the brilliant smile that covered her face as she dropped her flowers and jumped on him, kissing him like she'd never kissed anyone before. Scorpius froze in shock for a moment, but quickly got past it, joining in on the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her tightly. And two best friends were suddenly so much more.

No one was surprised when they walked to the Great Hall the next morning hand-in-hand. No one even flinched when Rose kissed Scorpius before going to hang out with Lily and Hugo for a few hours. No one reacted when Scorpius pulled Rose into a broom cupboard for a snog. No one gossiped about them. Everyone was just relieved that they had finally gotten together.

Even Ron wasn't too shocked when they stepped off the train and onto Platform 9 3/4 hand-in-hand - Rose giggling madly and Scorpius kissing her cheek - he just said, "Hey, baby girl," and gave Scorpius a slightly strained nod.

Hermione, Ginny and all the other female adult relatives 'aww'ed and 'ooh'ed at them, all with large grins on their faces. Fred, Louis and James - who had graduated the year before - barely cringed in disgust. They did, however, threaten to break every bone in Scorpius's body if he hurt their favorite cousin. Scorpius promised not to, sounding so sincere that no one could doubt him.

Draco and Astoria were happy, Draco hugging his son as Scorpius relayed the story to him. Astoria hugging Rose so tight that she couldn't breath.

"Thank you so much," Astoria said, tears pooling in her eyes. "For loving my boy. You were the best friend we could have hoped he could find, and I'm so glad you stuck by him. He wouldn't be the man he is today without you."

Rose blushed red, hugging Astoria tightly. She looked at her family; Scorpius was messing around with her cousins, while Draco was making light, albeit strained, conversation with her uncles, aunts and parents, and she felt whole. She knew that everyone would stand by her and Scorpius.

So when she pulled the ring that Scorpius had given her out of her pocket and slid it onto her finger, she had no fear. Because, she knew, no matter what happened, she would have them. All of them.

She caught Scorpius's eye and winked before walking over to her Mum to show her the pretty diamond ring on her finger, knowing full well that she had a bright future ahead.

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