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All I could think about was her.

I didn't get it, I thought Nessie was my imprint! What gives? I thought, looking down at the beautiful half-vampire. Before I'd felt that she was my whole world, now I felt more of a brotherly affection.

Thinking this, I reached over and picked up one of the books from the stack that she'd made me carry. "What's up with these books?" I asked, flipping through the pages. "What language is this in?"

"German," Nessie answered calmly.

"Another language?" I groaned, putting the book back down. "I don't get how you can learn so many and not get any of them confused or go crazy."

"You know how," she said. "By the way, did you know that girl from earlier? You seemed to have quite the reaction to her."

I groaned again as I shook my head. As well as languages, Nessie had learned how to absorb memories from others through touch. She'd been holding my hand at the time so she knew exactly how I reacted when I saw her.

What struck me first were her eyes. They were as blue as violets and surrounded by long eyelashes. Her red hair was cut short in a pixie cut almost the same as the lee-I mean Alice's hair. She was almost as tall as I was with skin as white as Bella's but as she looked up at me, a slight blush spread across her cheeks. She seemed to have the same reaction to me as I did to her.

I resisted the urge to embrace her as I mumbled some kind of apology and dragged Nessie away to some random bookshelf. Nessie giggled as she saw what I saw, and whispered, "That beautiful, huh?"

She was. I struggled to keep my naughtier thoughts at bay as I threw her irritated looks. God, I didn't even know her name.

Now, Nessie set aside the book that she was reading and asked, "So does this mean you're not going to spend time with me anymore since you've found your imprint?"

I stared at her in shock. "What are you talking about?"

"She's your sun now, isn't she? Your whole world revolves around her."

"Don't be silly," I reassured her. "She's just some random girl. What are the chances we'll ever see each other again?"

Even as I said these words, I felt my heart begin to tear. And one half seemed to be pulling me in her direction.

"It's a small world," Nessie mumbled. "And a small town."

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