The night air was cool and refreshing in comparison to the scorching heat that came with the daylight out in this barren desert. The night itself was calm and tranquil, the only sound to be heard was the faint whistle of wind and the distant echo of lively chatter from inside the BLU base. Their laugher traveling faintly to Nero's ears.

Nero has never really thought of himself as the type of man to get upset when something of his went missing. Yet here he was, kicking up fine clouds of dust searching frantically for his pocketwatch. This wasn't just any old pocketwatch however, it was a family heirloom. The watch belonging to his father and his father before him.

So naturally it was very precious to Nero.

"How did I manage to lose it!" fumed Nero muttering to himself as the scourged the desert sand for the delicate silver watch. "Too busy teasing the god-damn Sniper to take care of your belongings!" He scolded himself drifting toward the bridge that connected the two towering bases.

One Red, the other BLU.

Nero's search came to a conclusion when his eye sight fell on the worn wooden paneling of the bridge. He looked up at the towering RED base with sudden realization. Ah ha! Nero though, it must be over there!

Wallace sighed contently as he stared up at the night sky. Admiring the bright stars that were scattered there illuminating the inky blue sky. Wallace brought his mug to his lips and took a large gulp of coffee, the warmth of the liquid chasing away the chills that came at this time of night. Wallace always enjoyed night's like this. Where there were no clouds hiding the beautiful starry sky.

Just lounging up here in his nest drinking a hot cup of coffee and watching the stars was how Wallace loved to spend his evenings. Especially after the day he'd just had. The BLU Spy had spent most of the battle in the Sniper's nest. Tampering with his coffee cup and jars of jarate. He even caught the spy just rooting around his nest a couple of times.

It made him wonder what the Spy would gain from going through his things...

Wallace's train of thought was abruptly cut short when he heard a French curse from outside his nest. Wallace tore his eyes from the brilliant night sky to the ground outside his base. There he could see the dark, yet distinguished silhouette of the BLU Spy who seemed to be searching the ground frantically.

Wallace thought it was odd that the BLU Spy was creeping around the RED base. It was against the contract to venture to the other team's base during ceasefire. But now that he thought about it, the Spy's action seemed to show that he had lost something.

Could it be?

"Merde" sighed Nero feeling completely deflated, his search for his pocketwatch being fruitless. After searching all over the battlefield, as far as he could go without being caught that is, he had come up with nothing. His pocketwatch was no where to be found.

"Hey Spy! Up here" a voice called softly from overhead. Nero looked up to see the RED Sniper leaning out from where his nest was, his hair being tousled by the light breeze. Instead of running full pelt back to his base, Nero replied to the Sniper.

"Yes?" he asked, readying himself in case he had to run.

"You looking for a pocketwatch?" smiled the Sniper casually, seeing unfazed by the fact the enemy Spy was slinking around the perimeter. Nero gazed at the Sniper warily. What was his game? "It just so happens I am... I don't suppose you've have seen one?" He asked curiously watching as the Sniper held up his hand.

"This one by chance?" the Sniper smiled holding a small silver pocketwatch by its thin chain, the starlight reflecting off it's metallic surface. Nero could only nod in response, his eyes not leaving the item in the Sniper's grasp. It could have been worse. The RED Spy could have gotten hold of it.

"I'll be up in a moment" Nero called quietly before disappearing into the shadow with the help of his cloak and dagger.

Wallace chewed his lip nervously, twirling the chain of the pocket watch idly as he waited for the spy to appear. He didn't know why he was so nervous, sat here watching the pocketwatch spin with each twirl. Why hadn't he just thrown the watch to the Spy? Why was he letting the very Spy who had been teasing him all day back into his nest?

That when the door to his nest swung open, revealing Camden the RED Scout. Wallace didn't have a chance to ask anything before the door was closed behind Cam and the Scout's colour and image merged from RED Scout to BLU Spy. "Can I have it please?" asked the Spy tentatively watching Wallace with warily eyes.

Wallace just gave the Spy a smile before throwing the delicate little trinket towards him. The Spy catching it with ease. "I found it on the floor in here after battle, I had a feeling it was yours. I haven't messed with it, just so you know" Wallace added when he saw the Spy looking over the silver pocketwatch with care.

"Thank you" was all the Spy said before tucking the watch into his pocket.

Wallace chuckled softly, relaxing slightly. "So mate, what was today about then?" he blurted out before his mind could fully understand what he was saying. "What do you mean?" countered the Spy, a small smile threatening to grace his lips. Seeing this Wallace pushed further.

"Come on, you spent nearly the whole day up here!" Wallace argued watching the smile grow on the Spy's lips. "I only did my job, Sniper." claimed the Spy, smiling blatantly at the Sniper. "It's your job to go through my personal items is it? And will you stop calling me Sniper? The name's Wallace." The Sniper insisted, obviously wondering what was making the Spy smile.

I like this name Nero thought.

"Well then Wallace, My name is Nero and isn't it only right for me to want to get to know you since we have been working against each other so long?" Nero suggested taking a seat beside his enemy. He watched as Wallace tried to come up with a reply but only managing to sputter as he tried to think of a reasonable reply.

"YO! WALLY!" came a shout from the other side of the door, causing both Wallace and Nero to jump suddenly. Their heads bumping together in the progress. Wallace's cheeks warmed suddenly at being so close to the other man. Close enough that he could see the sky blue eyes were rimmed in dark blue and flecked in silver. Hide Wallace mouthed to the Spy standing up sharply.

" Y-YEAH?" stammered Wallace smoothing out his unruffled clothes frantically. The door slammed open and Camden strolled in, his bat resting on his shoulder. "Yo Wally, I'd keep an eye out if I were you, apparently Dell saw a BLU Spy disguised as me about. So if you see that BLU sucker, crack a bullet in his spine for us? Then I can finish him off myself." Camden growled tapping the tip of his cleats with his bat impatiently.

"Yeah sure thing Cam, thanks for the heads up" Wallace lied giving the youth a friendly smile. "Cheers dude!" Camden called before bounding out the room, slamming the door behind him. Wallace didn't move for a second making sure that Camden wasn't going to return before turning back to the empty nest.

"Nero?" Wallace whispered looking around the room expecting the Spy to materialize in front of him. When nothing happened, Wallace sighed and went to take a mouthful of coffee when he saw a piece of paper folded under it. Picking it up he realized that it was in fact a note. The words written in a elegant scrawl beautiful yet easy to read.

"If you do not want me going through your possessions, Wallace. I suggest we should get to know each other some other way?"


Wallace gave a chuckle, liking the warm fluttering feeling that he felt in his chest. Walking over to the window he gazed at the sky once more.

Maybe that wouldn't be so bad.