One Piece: High school version

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Pairing: Zoro/Luffy

Monkey D Luffy: age 17, Junior, Going Merry Highschool

Roronoa Zoro: age 18, Junior, Going Merry Highschool

Nico Nami: age 17, Junior, GMH

Soge Usopp: age 17, Junior, GMH

Lilly Kaya: age 17, Junior, GMH

Zeff Sanji: age 18, Junior, GMH

Nico Robin: age 19, Senior, GMH

Portgas D Ace: age 19, Senior, GMH

Nefertari Vivi: age 16, sophomore, GMH

Sketel Brook: Age 46, principle GMH

Trafalgar Law: age 24, nurse at Grand Line Highschool

Eustass Kid: age 19, senior, GLH

Crocodile: age 27, gang leader

Kurahadol Kuro: age 20, crocodile's 2nd commander

Rob Lucci: age 23, crocodile's 1st commander

(I'm forgetting a few but just read, I'm damn tired!)

Chapter 1: A New Start

(Luffy's Dream)

A sinister chuckle sounded throughout the basement room as a tall man with a wide chest, slicked back Purple/black hair, black eyes and a scar across his face stepped into the room.

"Well, if it isn't the little Monkey." The man stated as he leaned into my personal space and kissed me roughly, I bit his lip and glared at him, he smirked and punched me hard in the face causing me to spit up blood.

"Crocodile! What do you want?!" I spat angrily at him, he glared hard as his hand wrapped tightly around my neck and his eyes began to roam my body.

"Well Luffy-Kun, what I want is to have your body and soul…I guess ill stick with your body for now." Crocodile stated as his hands snuck under my shirt, I briefly noticed his first commander, Rob Lucci, and his second commander, Kurahadol Kuro, step into the room with a video camera.

(End Dream)

Waking with a start, I sat up in my bed and saw Ace sitting beside me, a worried look on his face as he touched my hair. I smiled briefly at him as I crawled out of bed and stretched.

"Hey Lu, It's about time we head to our new school…shower quickly and lets go, ill have beef on the table when you're out." Ace stated as he stood, "MEAT!" I yelled as I ran to the bathroom, before stepping in the shower I looked over my appearance.

My hair was ruffled, and my eyes wide, but what stood out on me is the scar under my eye…that's just on my face though. Across my chest is many small bruises, courtesy of when I pissed grandpa Garp off, and small cuts along my back, also from Garp. Sighing I stepped into the shower and relaxed as the water hit my tense body.

Hopping out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to my room to get dressed in my uniform. It is a white button down shirt with a black tie, black button down jacket, and black slacks.

I leave the shirt un-tucked with the first the buttons not buttoned and the jacket unbuttoned; I quickly run my fingers threw my shaggy black hair and grab my straw hat and run down stairs to quickly eat.

After eating Ace and I walk out to his Harley Davidson bike, Ace grins as he hands me a helmet as he hops on the bike and puts his own on, I sit down behind him and wrap my arms around his waist as he turns the bike on and quickly pulls out of the drive way and speeds to school.

Pulling into the school I wait for Ace to turn the bike off as I hop off, he shortly follows. Turning to me he pulls my hat off and smoothes my hair before putting it back on my head.

"Remember Luffy, this is a new school, a new start…stay calm and don't piss anyone off." I chuckle at Ace and he laughs as we walk into the school, and we walk to the principal's office.

Walking in I spot a tall older looking man with a skinny body and a black afro, he walks over to us with a smile, "Yohohoho, you must be my new student Ace-san and Luffy-san. My name is Sketel Brook, I am the principle." I grin at him as he leads us to his office, Ace stays calm and surveys our surroundings, I sigh.

"Nii-Chan, it's a school, we'll be fine." He nods stiffly to me but still looks around, we reach Brook's office, and he shuffles threw a few folders and pulled out two papers and hands them to Ace and Myself.

"These are your schedules, if you have any problems come see me." I smile at Brook as Ace leads me out of the room and into the hall. Ace pulls us to a stop and turns to look at me.

"Ok Lu, I have to head to the senior building, but we will meet up for lunch… if anything happens I have my phone on me, and…" I hug Ace to shut him up and smile at him.

"I will be ok Nii-Chan, have a good day!" I kiss Ace on the cheek then run to class just as the late bell rings. Barging into the room a tall man with Elvis styled blue hair turns to me grinning.

"You must be the new guy! I'm Franky Flam, your teacher (I don't feel like saying what subjects are being taught, lol) introduce yourself to the class." The teacher was grinning widely so I turn to the class grinning.

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy, nice to meet ya!" a few of the girls in the class giggled, and a couple guys chuckled. "Well straw hat, have a seat next to Zoro, he's the one asleep with the green hair." Franky states I nod and head to the back of the room and turn to Zoro, he was awake now.

"Hi I'm Monkey D. Luffy, I'll be sitting next to you till the end of the year." He nodes in acknowledgment, "Roronoa Zoro." I grin widely at him and he sighs and lays his head back down and falls back to sleep.


I head to the cafeteria walking beside Zoro, who looks bored, his green eyes drooping, till I see Ace in the middle of the lunch room talking to a guy with weird blond hair. I grin as I run toward Ace and jump on his back wrapping my legs around his waist and crossing my arms on top of his head.

"Nii-Chan! How's your day going?" Ace chuckled as he maneuvers me off his back and turns to me. "It's good Lu, How about yours?" I feel Zoro stop behind me and grinned widely at Ace.

"Good! Oh Ace this is Zoro, Zoro this is my Nii-Chan Ace!" Zoro nods to Ace respectfully, "Roronoa Zoro." Ace chuckles, "Portgas D. Ace." I see the guy beside Ace shift and I grin at him.

"Hi! I'm Monkey D. Luffy! Are you Ace's friend?" The guy smiles kindly his droopy eyes kind, "Yes, My name is Phoenix Marco." I smiled at the guy and Ace looked at me.

"I'm going to sit with Marco here, Lu, that ok?" I grin at Ace as I hug Zoro's arm causing his eye to twitch and Ace to chuckle.

"Go ahead Nii-Chan! I'm going to sit with Zoro!" Ace pats my hat then turns and leaves with Marco and I look up at Zoro. He sighs knowing my question as I let go of his arm grinning as he leads me to a table with 6 people sitting in a circle.

"Hey guys, this is Luffy, Luffy this is guys." Zoro sits down and quickly falls asleep; I sit next to a guy with blond hair, "Hi! I'm Monkey D. Luffy!" The table smiles at me.

"I'm Zeff Sanji." The guy next to me states as he looks at me. The girl next to him spoke up, "I'm Nico Nami." "My name is Nico Robin." "Hello Luffy-kun, my name is Nefertari Vivi" "Soge Usopp." "Hello Luffy-san, my name is Lilly Kaya." I grin at them all and we easily fall into conversation.

(End of school)

I walk out of class with Sanji and Zoro, laughing as we meet up with the others outside the door. I quickly exchanged numbers with everyone just as Ace walked up.

"Hey Lu, ready to go? Shanks said he was gonna be there." I grinned at my friends and jumped on Ace's back again. "Onward Nii-Chan, we mustn't keep Shanks-kun waiting!" Ace laughed as he walked with me on his back to his bike leaving my new friends behind us laughing, and Zoro staring.

When we reached the house I noticed Shanks leaning against his red convertible. As soon as the bike came to a stop I handed Ace the helmet and ran to Shanks tackling him in a hug.

"Hey Lu, how was your day?" I grinned up at Shanks as we followed Ace into the house as I told Shanks about my day. After I was done talking things settled down as I sat beside Ace.

"I have some news on Crocodile." Shanks stated to Ace and me seriously, I flinched at HIS name remembering all the things he has done to me. Ace rapped his arm around my waist and moved me to sit in his lap.

"Crocodile," I flinched, "and his gang are currently looking for you. Currently he is unsure as to where you are, so it's best to keep a low profile." Shanks had a sad but serious look to his face as he looked directly at me, I sighed dropping my smile as I leaned my head back on Ace's chest.

"How long do I have to deal with this? Hasn't he had enough?!" I was becoming angry as my body began to shake; Ace tightened his grip on my wait as he sighed sadly.

"Just until we can find him Lu, We don't have any clues to his whereabouts, but all we can do is to keep following our leads. We will catch him soon Luffy, then you can be truly free." Shanks sighed as I looked down at my left wrist; it was currently covered but on my wrist is a brand that has a giant 'C' that still bleeds if moved to fast.

"Well boys, I think I will head out now, Benn-Chan want's to go clubbing tonight! I'll stop by near the end of the month, be safe!" Shanks ruffled my hat free hair and pat Ace on the shoulder as he quickly left the house.

I stood from Ace's lap and stretched, "Nah Ace, I'm going to bed early tonight! Goodnight!" I turned and walked to my room as I heard Ace sigh, my eyes dulled and my smile fell as soon as I entered the room. I quickly stripped down to my boxers and crawled into bed, wishing for once I would sleep peacefully…no luck.

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