One Piece: High school version

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WARNING! –Language, (almost)Rape, mentions of fighting, and Zoro/Luffy sex(Hehe)

Pairing: Zoro/Luffy, Franky/Robin, Nami/Vivi, Usopp/Kaya (HOW CUTE!), Ace/Marco, ~ Sanji/Tsuki (idk about this chapter hmm)

Chapter 11: I'm saved

(Zoro's View)

As Shanks drove the car, speeding, I noticed we still had an hour till we reached Luffy, my determination strong, eyes hardened, my heart racing. 'wait for me, Luffy.'

(Luffy's view)

I woke with a start, flinching as my sharp breathing affected the burn on my chest, but sat up only clutching my chest. Blinking I noticed Crocodile standing in front of me grinning, Tsuki with her head lowered and body shaking in silent unnoticed sobs.

"Ah, Luffy-Kun! I'm so glad you are awake! Please, come with me." Crocodile grinned, I briefly noticed I had pants on so I nodded and carefully maneuvered myself out of bed and followed Crocodile, touching Tsuki's shoulder, comfortingly as I passed her.

When we finally reached the basement Crocodile roughly grabbed my hand and pushed me to the ground, seeing as I was in too much pain to move, and grinned down at me, his eyes holding a lustful gaze.

"Luffy-Kun, I know you miss your friends, and 'boyfriend', so I decided I would help you out with your loneliness. The reason Rob and Kuro aren't here is because you and I need time alone, so here we are!" Crocodile laughed as he came toward me, he easily ripped the bandage around my torso off and picked me up by my neck, causing me to gasp in pain, also causing my burn to begin to bleed a little.

I felt my back connect to the wall as Crocodile forced me to wrap my legs around him, him grinding his erection into my soft member. Crocodile slammed his lips to mine but I kept my mouth closed, feeling deviant.

I felt Crocodile smirk into the kiss and felt a hand slam on my burn, causing me to scream out in silent pain, tears leaking from my eyes, I noticed when he pulled his hand back that it was covered in blood, I could feel the blood beginning to poor down my stomach and sides.

Suddenly we heard crashing upstairs, causing Crocodile to groan out in anger as he grabbed me around my waist and threw me on his shoulder hard, causing my wound to strain.

When we reached the top of the stairs, Crocodile growled in frustration as he threw me to the floor and ran threw the door to where I heard the fighting. "Luffy-Chan!" I heard Tsuki yell as warm arms enveloped me, trying to block me from harm.

"N-Nee-Chan." I gasped out, I felt tears drench my shirt and I turned my head to the commotion, my breath freezing in my throat at the familiar 9(I forgot Sanji!) familiar people who were fighting, Nami and Usopp back to back fighting a few stray members, Garp, Marco and Benn fighting other members, Ace, Shanks and Zoro going head to head with Crocodile.

"Nii-Chan, Zoro, Shanks, Benn, Marco, Nami, Usopp, Sanji…Garp." I felt tears streaming down my face as I watched them all fighting, killing the men who held me captive, their faces strong and determined.

I watched them as they all teamed up on Crocodile, easily defeating him. I watched as they cautiously approached Tsuki and me still in defense, "No Tsuki is, Onee-Chan." I saw their stances soften and Zoro step forward, I raised my hand to his cheek but gasped in pain and my world faded to black.

(Tsuki view)

I stared at the 9 people as they defeated Crocodile as I kept my arms around Luffy, I noticed when they walked toward us that they were still in defense, "No Tsuki is, Onee-Chan." There stances softened and I noticed a man with green hair and a cut over his bloody left eye bend down in front of Luffy his green eyes glowing with love.

Luffy slowly raised his hand but as soon as he touched the man's face he gasped in pain and blacked out. "Luffy!" practically everybody yelled, "Shit! Follow me!" I stated as I tried to pick Luffy up, the green haired man grabbed his right arm and wrapped it around his shoulder and nodded at me, I smiled and led them up to Luffy's 'room' seeing as it held my medical equipment.

"Lay him on the bed, I have to re-bandage his wound." The man nodded and carefully laid Luffy down, and flinching when he looked around the room they say in the first video.

As soon as I finished wrapping Luffy's wound I sat back and dried my hands off on the towel in the kit. "Is Luffy going to be ok?" a man with shaggy black hair and freckles asked, I smiled at him as I ran my hand threw Luffy's hair comfortingly.

"Luffy-Chan should be fine…I can only wrap the wound, it's to big and deep to bandage. My name is Tsuki Usame; I have been taking care of Luffy-Chan to the best of my abilities, Luffy-Chan has become an Ototo to me … thank you for rescuing him…and allowing me to be free once again." I stood up and bowed to the group.

I felt two arms encircle me and pull me into a warm embrace; I noticed it was the black haired man with freckles. "Thank you, Ms. Tsuki for taking care of my younger brother." The man sobbed into my shoulder, I awkwardly pat him on the back, being use to only Luffy-Chan's hugs.

We heard a groan and all turned to Luffy, the man let go of me and was beside Luffy in an instant. We all watched as Luffy slowly opened his eyes and him gasp as he looked around the room. I smiled and began to walk out of the room, but a hand on my shoulder from a blond man with swirly brows stopped me as he kept me from leaving, smiling.

(Luffy view)

I slowly opened my eyes, gasping in surprise when Ace's face came into view along with everyone else's. I looked and notice Tsuki about to leave and pleaded with my eyes for Sanji to stop her, he did and turned her toward me.

"N-Nee-Chan, come here…I told you I would introduce you to everyone…when we were free." Tsuki smiled and came to sit by me running her hands soothingly threw my hair, I smiled at her and grabbed Ace's hand then turned my eyes to Garp, then the others and pausing on Zoro.

"Nee-Chan, these are my precious people I told you about, Ace: my older brother, Garp: my grandfather, Shanks: the man who is like a father to me, Benn: Shanks lover and my second father like figure, Marco: Ace's lover and my brother figure, Sanji: my good friend that is an awesome cook, Nami: my strong but loving friend, Usopp: my brave friend with a loving heart, and Zoro: the love of my life." I smiled at everyone and Zoro stepped up beside Tsuki and grabbed my hand as he sat on the bed.

"It is a pleasure to meet Luffy-Chan's precious people." Tsuki bowed her head in respect and they all laughed.

(My view)

After Luffy's waking and the greetings, everyone helped Luffy back to his place, allowing Tsuki to live with Luffy for the time being. Shanks and Benn had called the head police apartment and notified them to the case, being allowed leniency for Garp, Shanks and Benn's ranks among the force.

Everything was finally back to the way it should be, Luffy surrounded by his family and friends, true happy smiles and loving embraces, and new relationships.

(3 months later, Luffy view)

I looked to my left, holding hands with a smiling Zoro; we were heading to the movies to visit the others: Nami and Vivi, Usopp and Kaya, Franky and Robin, and Sanji and Tsuki who had gotten together a month after getting home and they seemed to really hit it off.

Tsuki had actually gotten Sanji to stop ogling other women, but now he pampered her causing her to become embarrassed, but we all knew she enjoyed it. Tsuki has actually gotten her own house down the road from Ace's and mine and she comes to visit every day.

Pulling into the theater parking lot Zoro and I paid for our tickets and met the others inside; "Luffy-Chan!" was my only warning as Tsuki tackled me into a bear hug causing everyone to laugh as I hugged her back with the same amount of force.

"Nee-Chan, how are you?" I grinned at Tsuki as I sat down on her left and Zoro sat to my right his arm wrapped protectively around my shoulders. "Good, Sanji-Kun and I are going to the lake after this, what about you Luffy-Chan?" Tsuki asked as Sanji wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Well Zoro and I are gonna go somewhere…he won't tell me where." I pouted at Zoro as he smirked and Tsuki giggled. Just then the lights dimmed and the movie began to play, it was a romance picked by the girls.

When it reached the middle of the movie I began to get bored and looked to my right, Zoro was staring at me, his eyes shining with love and adoration, I smiled back at him and leaned over and kissed him.

When I went to pull back Zoro lovingly placed his hand on the back of my neck, I smiled into the kiss as we continued ignoring the giggles from are friends and a few girls behind us.

As the movie came to an end Zoro and I stood, hands laced together as we walked out of the theater with our friends. When outside I leaned on Zoro's shoulder as we all talked, I looked to my left and smiled at Tsuki.

"Luffy-Chan, I will tell Ace-Chan that you are staying the night with Zoro-Chan since it will probably be late when you leave this place ya'll are going to." I smiled at Tsuki and she hugged me then left with Sanji, pulling out her phone.

"Well come on Luffy!" Zoro chuckled as he led me to his car. When I sat down Zoro told me to close my eyes, I did as told and laid my head on his shoulder, and started kissing his neck.

As we drove down the road I continued to kiss Zoro's neck enjoying the small gasps and moans that left his mouth, "L-Luffy, if you keep that up we won't make it to the place I want to go with you." Zoro stated as he continued to drive.

I grinned into his neck and he shuttered slightly, "We will make it!"I giggled causing Zoro to sigh but kept driving as I continued my work. Finally we came to a stop and I opened my eyes and gasped.

"Yay! Zoro brought me to the amusement park!" I laughed as I jumped out of the car and tackled Zoro in a hug when he got out. Zoro chuckled as he led us to the booth and bought our tickets, the woman behind the counter giggled at us as she blushed.

After a few rides Zoro and myself found ourselves on the Ferris wheel, me sitting beside Zoro, my head on his shoulder and his left arm around me. I stared up into Zoro's green eye (remember one is gone.) and smiled, Zoro lowered his head to mine and kissed me softly on the lips, when he pulled back he continued to stare at me.

"Luffy, I haven't said this yet…but I am so glad to have you back…I was so lost without you. I never want to be without you again." I noticed the tears in Zoro's eyes and crawled into his lap as I laid my head on his chest, my hands holding his.

"I will never leave you again Zoro, I can't be without you…never again." I whispered as I cuddled to him, he held me to him tightly. When the ride was over we left the park and drove to his house in a comfortable silence.

When we reached Zoro's house we immediately attached our lips together and began our accent to his room, removing our cloths all the while.

(ZoLu sex now)

I felt my bare back connect to Zoro's soft bed and Zoro's warm, muscled body flush against mine, our tongues battling for dominance, which he won by grinding his bare erection into my own.

Zoro pulled back his green eyes filled with love and lust, and a trail of saliva separating us. Zoro held three fingers to my lips and I readily took them in my mouth, sucking and nipping them, moving my tongue along each one causing Zoro to moan.

Zoro pulled his fingers from my mouth with a pop and slammed his lips to mine in a heated kiss; I felt his first finger inter me and wiggled my hips, I wasn't new to this after all. Zoro added his second finger, causing me to tense slightly but became accustomed to it immediately, and Zoro began to scissor his fingers and added his third finger causing me to moan in discomfort.

Zoro continued to thrust his fingers into me till he hit my prostate causing me to moan loudly and buck up against his erection, seemingly satisfied Zoro pulled his fingers out eliciting a moan from me and I felt his hardened member at my entrance.

I wrapped my legs around Zoro and tangled my hands in his hair and pulled him into a kiss, and felt him thrust himself in to the hilt. My breath hitched in pain, and Zoro stated still, I smiled into the kiss and wiggled my hips causing us both to moan.

Zoro slowly began to thrust into me, "Ha-harder Zoro!" I moaned Zoro lowered his head to the junction of my neck and shoulder and began to suck as he thrust into me harder, he continued his rhythm until he hit my prostate.

"Ah ah, " I moaned as he hit my prostate repeatedly, I felt Zoro's soft moans in my neck as he continued to leave his mark. I felt myself nearing my peak, "Z-Zoro I'm-" I never finished my statement as Zoro hit my prostate, a blinding light filtered through my vision as I tipped over the edge spraying my semen on both our stomachs. I felt Zoro's hot seed flow into me as he bit my neck, causing me to moan.

(End ZoLu lemon…sadly)

Zoro pulled out and wrapped his arms around me, I rest my head on his chest, both of us breathing heavily.

"I love you Zoro." I whispered as I laid there listening to his heartbeat, truly happy…truly at peace.

"I love you too, Luffy." Zoro whispered as he tightened his arms around me and we both drifted off to sleep, smiles on our faces, our worlds complete and happy.


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