So here's the epilogue. It's just tying up the loose ends of the story. I hope people enjoy it :)

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Warnings for this chapter: some light slash

"You're being sent to a psychiatric facility," M informed the man who had been Tiago Rodriguez. He nodded understanding from within his glass cage. It had been several hours since his breakdown. The crumpled jumpsuit and the redness of his eyes were the only indications of the emotional collapse. His expression was blank, betraying only exhaustion. "It's run by MI6," M continued, "so you can tell the doctors whatever you need to."

Later M told James he would be going aswell. "Not long-term," she clarified, "just for a while."

"Because I failed all the evaluation tests?" Bond asked.

"So you found out about that," she said with no real surprise. "That's part of the reason," she said after a pause.

The hospital was located on a small island that didn't show up on any maps. It was clean and pleasant and as soon as he set foot in the place James knew he would be bored out of his mind.

There were therapy sessions, wholesome meals and lots of free time. By the second day Bond was seriously considering swimming for it. Raoul, or rather Tiago (for he was using his real name once again), found him eyeing up the jetty and dragged him inside.

"You weren't thinking of leaving, were you Mr. Bond?" he whispers when they are safe inside an empty room.

His breath was hot against James' ear. The agent turned and pressed his lips to the older man's mouth. "Only a little," he answered, when he finally pulled away. "The Channel's freezing this time of year."

Tiago pushed him back into the wall and kissed him again. "You're not allowed to leave James," he said, pausing for breath. "You're not allowed to leave me."

James spun them around. "Has your therapist talked to you about your abandonment issues yet?" he asked as he slipped his hand beneath the waistband of the other's trousers, uncaring that someone could walk in at any time. Still he was careful that the blonde-haired man saw what he was doing. He still tended to react badly to unexpected touches.

"Maybe," Rodreiguez replied as his fingertips danced over Bond's arms. "You're still not allowed to leave."

James pushed his hand slowly down further and grasped Tiago's penis as the other man bucked against him in response. "And what makes you think you can give me orders, hmm?" he asked as he started to move his hand in long languid strokes.

"Not me," the former spy said, head back and eyes closed in pleasure, "your doctor." He smiled. "I might have -ah- broken into his office last night and -mm- read his notes on you."

James laughed. "Why am I not surprised?" Rough but nimble fingers were unfastening his belt and as it came undone the dark-eyed man was sliding to his knees before him. "Did you break into your therapist's office too?"

"No. Maybe tonight," came the distracted reply as he tugged down James' trousers. "She doesn't seem the type to keep a lot of notes though."

"How come you got the pretty lady doctor anyway?" Bond asked, a hint of a smile on his face.

"Probably because you would try to seduce her," Tiago answered before taking the other man in his mouth.

"And you -oh- wouldn't?"

He paused to reply. "I much prefer you Mr. Bond."

When they were leaving the room (incidentally both late for their respective counselling sessions) James turned to look again at Tiago. "I will have to go eventually," he said.

"I know." He frowned. "You're still an asset."

"Yes," James said.

"Will you visit me?"


"If you don't I'll come find you and kidnap you... again," he added after a moment's thought.

Bond smirked. "I wonder what it says about my life that statements like that seem reasonable?" he asked, only mostly joking.

"It says you should retire and move someplace warm with me," came the quick reply.

"A few more years and I might take you up on that."

"If you're still alive," Rodriguez replied, tone suddenly sombre.

"I will be. I told you before; resurrection is my hobbie."

Tiago kissed him suddenly but softly. "That's what this feels like," he said when he pulled away. "When I survived the cyanide, when I crawled out of my grave in China, that felt like dying but being here, being with you feels like resurrection."