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T'Lyn's personal log:

Surak and I have been bonded a month today. He has made a great many in-roads already in spreading the peace of logic through his people. Today, one of the priests of the old clergy, the god of war came to him early. There is a rumor in T'Raal that the warlord S'Vec has put his troops in position to overtake one of the tribes living on the outskirts of the Forge, near a place I know as the plane of blood. Stories say that Surak entered this plane when the hot blood of battle still flowed green, and with logic, he cooled it. I've always wondered what that might really mean. It seems that T'Klaas and I will be there first hand to see for ourselves. I will confess some anxiousness, but am doing a much better job at suppressing. The calm of Surak's mind has done measurable wonders in easing the unrest of my mind. Though, the strangest thing happened when I heard the name S'Vec spoken by the old priest…my stomach clinched violently, and I nearly vomited. I do not know why. I know that he is known as a betrayer, but such a violent reaction is illogical, since none of the history speaks to him actually killing anyone. It states that he leaves under the raptor's wings. While that is regrettable, my reaction to it was highly charged and most illogical. It was as if there was something else about him, about his name that I knew yet did not know. Surak calmed me when we were in privacy. We explored this feeling together, and I repressed it well. He was agreeable to this but more than the simple act of my proper logical repression, he was very agreeable to the fact that we worked on it together, overcame it together. As much as he fascinates me, I find through our bond, he too is with me. He is ruthless in his application of logic, and with equal measure is that about what he calls the twinning of our katras. He says that the devotion a Vulcan male must have to his mate, is the same devotion he must feel toward his logic. It is a strange dichotomy. I find he holds nothing from me, and I nothing from him. The bond we share is strong and grows stronger every day; I can only imagine where it will be seventy years from now. I will never know a twinning like this again, nor would I wish to.

End log.

Surak entered his bed chambers, with his hands neatly folded behind his back. T'Lyn sat at a mirror braiding her hair, she was not yet dressed, and he paused a moment to admire the delicate white scar over her shoulder, the one he gave her on their bonding night. "My wife, T'Klaas and his people have just returned from S'Vec's camp. The battle rages on." He said with a frown playing over his thin lips. "In two days they will be on the western most edge of the Forge."

T'Lyn pinned her last braid and stood. She reached out and stroked Surak's face, "Your plan stands as you have spoken it?"

He looked at her a long time, seemingly memorizing her face, "It does my Adun'a. T'Klaas has said that S'Vec's warriors adhere to a strict code, that unarmed people will not be harmed. We will gather all of our followers and march into the camp. I will speak to S'Vec myself." He sighed deeply, "It is logical that you go with us, though, I find my logic in regards to you to be very flawed. This plan of mine is dangerous and I fight my baser natural desire to keep you from danger. "

T'Lyn wrapped her arms around him, "The needs of the many, outweigh that of the few or the one." She whispered against his cheek, "You teach that, and I am the one. If we bring S'Vec and his people to our side, to the side of logic then a great many will be served. S'Vec controls more nukes than any other warlord on Vulcan. To silence those…"

Surak placed his fingers over her lips, "I know and we will give them a show of logic and peace. You will be at my side as my mate should be." He considered her glittering green eyes and pulled her tight against him. "I am favorable to these humans, that have helped to make you, my wife. "

T'Lyn stroked his cheeks, his face was nearly unreadable, but she felt the crackles and snaps of his affection through their bond. "And I never thought I would find such contentment in the arms of a Vulcan, let alone, the quintessential Vulcan of all vulcans." She gave him a grin.

"Your humanity tempers you, T'Lyn, never lose that." He said and offered her a gentle kiss.

T'Lyn felt the crackle of desire through their bond and returned his kiss with a heated passion. In his mind she spoke You know, my Adun'a, it is only logical that we…become intimate again soon, we have not yet gotten pregnant, and we need to provide you an heir or two. She felt him tremble and embrace her tightly.

He pulled back, "After our meeting with S'Vec, my wife. Logic will be served best if I do not find myself distracted by the wondering if my wife is now more than one."

T'Lyn nodded. "As you wish my husband." She purred softly. "Let us gather the people and make our way. I will be glad to see this over so I might see my logical husband unclothed in my bed." She pulled away and walked out of their room to see to her duties. Surak straightened himself, and placed his hands behind his back again. He watched her leave, and heat of his blood pricked in the back of his skull.


S'Vec stood over a map pointing at the enemy troop movements, "If we round to this point we will have pushed them to the edge of the desert, they will be expecting that we'll retreat at that, or at the very least cease the attack until dark."

One of his generals cocked his head, "We won't?"

"No." S'Vec hissed, "We are going to keep up the assault of foot soldiers until the desert runs green with their blood!" He stabbed the map and laughed, "Kill them all, every sing one, I wish no one left to take up a blood oath to kill us in vengeance." He slapped his general on the back giving another hearty laugh. The general joined his master laughing, "Your will be done, master." He slammed his fist against his chest, "I will see to the troop movements now, my Lord!"

S'Vec watched the general leave and a messenger entered his tent . S'Vec took his seat and waved one of his scantily clad women over onto his lap, "What is it messenger?" he asked stroking the face of the woman on his lap.

"My Lord, I have just spoken to a messenger from a new movement. He called himself T'Klaas student of Surak." The messenger fell to his knees before S'Vec.

S'Vec sighed, as he ran his fingers over the bare skin of the Vulcan woman on his lap. He looked into her eyes and saw a blank and fearful stare. He frowned slightly, "Well, out with it." He said turning his attention to the boy at his feet.

"My Lord, they, the people of Surak, will be arriving on the morrow. "

S'Vec laughed, "Are they joining us in battle or are they another foe we vanquish?" He picked the woman up and threw her over onto the couch where she came.

"Um, My Lord, T'Klaas says they wish to speak with you, their leader, Surak has the desire to speak with you."

"Talk is cheap, messenger! " he slammed his fist against his seat, "What does this Surak want? If it's a fight I'll be glad to spill his blood. If it is an alliance," he leaned back and waved his hand, "I'd be just as glad to spill his blood and take his people from him to use as my own."

The messenger dare not look up, "My Lord S'Vec, it is my belief from what T'Klaas spoke that he wishes to convert you to his thinking. They are proponents of pacifism and logic, sir."

S'Vec threw his head back and laughed, "Then I will look forward to the conversation." He waved the messenger off, kicking his butt as he stood to leave. "The passive are weak." He said looking over the cowering woman on the bedding. "Look at you for instance! I would have put a dagger in the heart of anyone who tossed me aside as I did you, yet you cower there like your life is worth saving." He snorted derisively at her, and called for a guard, "Send me in another woman, one with some spirit. This one …"he waved his hand, "Do as you see fit. She would make a nice gift for the lower ranks and I hear that they recently broke their last toys!."


T'Klaas took his place next to Surak, and T'Lyn stood with her fingers next to Surak's. There was a battle raging before them, so much so that the hem of T'Lyn's white robes was already green. The entirety of those who were following Surak's teachings were behind them. T'Klaas showed some nervousness, he leaned over to Surak, "Are you sure, Master, that T'Lyn and you should be the first in this procession? Would it not be prudent that you both should be in the back, and allow us to go first?"

Surak looked at T'Klaas and frowned slightly, "My student I understand the logic you use to come to this conclusion, but for those who war calls in their veins and illogic cries in their minds it would be seen as weakness. No. I will stay in the front."

T'Lyn held up her fingers still touching Surak's, "And my place is at his side."

T'Klaas bowed, "So we go together."

Surak took the first steps toward the battle, and his people followed behind him. As they entered the fray, both sides of the conflict began pausing and then stopping the fight. Both sides of the warriors saw that men, women, and children were walking through their midst, some providing medical aid to both sides, and the roar of battle started to grind slowly into silence.

S'Vec stood outside of his tent watching through his binoculars. He dropped them as the procession came closer. He looked at his second, "Get ready to receive this mad man and his throng. I owe him an audience for his boldness before I kill him."

The second bowed and ran off to gather some supplies to receive the pacifists.

Surak walked with T'Lyn and T'Klaas to the top of the hill where S'Vec was encamped. Those still in the camp leveled their weapons at them but made no move to attack. The rest of their group was now tending to the hungry, the infirm, and the injured.

S'Vec came forward, placing his hands on his hips, "Who dares come forward to me?" He eyed T'Klaas, and then the older Surak, and his eyes fell on the woman with the pale hair, who devotedly walked with the man he assumed to be her mate.

Surak stepped forward, T'Lyn still on his hand, "I am Surak," he raised a ta'al to him, "I've come to speak with S'Vec."

"I am S'Vec, and your words better be good, you are disrupting the fine art of battle. Though, your people are tending my wounded. I will give you an audience." He looked over T'Lyn, "It is a brave man who brings his concubine into battle."

Surak raised his eyes, "She is my wife, and she is here of her own will. She honors the logic of peace, and has my devotion, as I have hers. It is the greater part of the calm and peace I have to offer S'Vec. Any man can hold power over others, it takes no talent, the truth of strength comes from mastering one's self. In doing so you earn not only the devotion of others, but the peace only logic can bring."

S'Vec looked toward his tent. He had a host of concubines, and several wives, none of which would walk across a street let alone the heat of battle for him. "You have my interest. Come, alone." S'Vec waved him toward the tent as he entered it himself.

Surak looked at T'Lyn and nodded, dropping their touch he followed S'Vec. T'Lyn stared into the folds of the tent until T'Klaas whispered into her ear, "And with logic, he cooled it."

T'Lyn looked out over the battle field. It was calm, peaceful, with sporadic laughter echoing through the once bloody battlefield. Cook fires were being lit, and the green blood of battle had stopped flowing. "With logic, he cooled it." She whispered, and then looked back through the parted curtains of the tent. Surak was sitting across the table from S'Vec. It was odd, he looked so much like her Uncle Letant, the adopted uncle from Romulus. She pushed the thought away, looking at T'Klaas. "How do you like making history?"

T'Klaas thought a moment, "I am unworthy of it." T'Lyn nodded in agreement, "As am I, but it is, it seems, our fates." Surak looked up and out at her. She bowed slightly, sending a crackle of love and support to him through their bond.