Surak's personal log

I have received word from Seleya that T'Hya arrived two days ago with T'Klaas on her shoulders. The woman called for no one. She carried him, near death from what I've been told, up the 1000 steps to the top. I must admire her fortitude, and devotion. The aid who brought word to me tells me he will not live much longer. He has been tortured, and his logic is…gone. He spoke the name of his abductor, S'Vec. He who we thought dead has lived.

We now go on the offensive to protect what we are growing. Now, I must gather my wife. T'Klaas will not allow anyone but her to remove his Katra.

In my most private of my thoughts, and I will never admit this to another…I wish for S'Vec's death for a I know Vulcan will never be safe, nor will T'Lyn, or even T'Sen or our children until he meets his end. We cannot restore life, so we should never be quick to take it, but he…deserves death.

End log.

T'Lyn was touching another Vulcan woman's face and pulled away gently, "There the Pa'nar is cured, but before you allow our budding young priest," she looked at the woman's husband, "To meld again, I believe it is logical for you both to spend more time in the study of the practice. "

The young Vulcan man stood and went on his knees before T'Lyn, "It was illogical of me, Reldai, and I thank thee for saving my Adun'a and myself." He bowed his head.

T'Lyn shook her head, "It is understandable that in the passion of your new marriage you both were overcome, but now you both know the dangers. Both of you go now, and meditate on the logical path. You supplication to me is undesired; "she said pulling him up, "I was once as you and your wife are, given to impulse. We all were before Surak's logic cooled our blood." She let a soft sincere smile grace her lips. "Where do you live that I might send you home with a recommendation of a master that would teach you both?"

He answered, "We live in Gol we are of the Maat Pran."

T'Lyn paused her writing, he had just shared with her that they were of the clan Pran, and it was her father's line. She looked up at them again searching their features. She could not see Sovar or Solok within them, but what did she expect, they were many generations removed yet from the people she knew as family. She returned to her writing, "Take this to T'sai T'Mook, I taught her myself ten years ago, she will be able to teach you." Handing them the slip she raised the Ta'al, a gesture that had finally gained popularity among the people of Surak, "Live long and prosper, for many generations to come."

They returned the gesture, "Peace and long life, Reldai. We thank thee for your service."

T'Lyn bowed her head, "I come to serve."

"Your service honors us." The bowed and left her rooms.

T'Lyn watched them leave out her window. She called to one of the guards Surak had assigned her, "See to it they make it safely home."

He bowed, "As you wish Reldai."

She looked away from the couple. For the first time in a great many years the pang of home sick struck her heart. She wondered what her father would think if he could see her now, in this space. They address her in the honorific of Lady, priestess, or more archaically as princess. It was archaic terminology to her; to them it was a living part of their language. No, it was also her language.

Surak entered calmly, "Adun'a."

She stood, "Yes, my Ashaya?"

He studied her a moment, "You are disquieted, has someone already spoken to you?"

Her eyebrows rose, "Spoken to me of what, Adun?"

He crossed over to her placing his hands on her shoulders, "It's T'Klaas, he has returned." His voice was grave, "He asks for you, the other priests say he is not going to live much longer."

Her eyes went wide, "I must go to him."

She tore away from Surak and began collecting the supplies she thought she might need to heal him, and she felt her husband's hand on her back, "It is too late for such things, T'Lyn. He needs you now to transfer his Katra." He winced feeling their bond crackle with her pain. He did not need to see her face to know she was crying. He wrapped his arms around her, burying his face in her golden hair. "I grieve with thee, my Adun'a."

She turned and wrapped her arms around her husband, leaning limply in his arms. "I had hoped…"

"I know my wife." He said kissing her temple, "But we must go to him now. He told me that the others must not touch his Katra, and he is wise in this."

T'Lyn pulled back slightly her eyes wide with sudden understanding, "He is correct, no one must be allowed to touch his Katra. His mind carries…too many secrets, too much of their future." She took Surak's hand, abandoning her supplies.


Surak and T'Lyn reached the top of Mt. Seleya as the priests there were laying T'Klaas out on the alter. T'lyn let go of Surak's hand and approached it, the other priests bowed to her and stepped away. Slowly, she took her place at T'Klaas's side. "My friend," she whispered, "I am here."

His hand rose weakly and found hers, his dehydrated lips parted and she could see a thin film of green over his teeth, "Come closer." He whispered, and she knelt by him, bringing her ear to his mouth. "You must take my katra from me, T'Lyn, and place it in the arc…" he winced in pain, "I have modified the arc so it will degrade and be lost within minutes. You see the logic in this…" he whispered, as tears spilled from his eyes.

"I do my friend. I understand." T'lyn kissed his temple, "I will begin."

She stood to begin the ritual and pulled her down with the last of his strength, "So it must also be with Surak. His mind…he has touched both of our minds, he knows things he should not." His grip on her released and T'Lyn waved the priest over, "Bring me the arc, now, time is short."

She took her place at the head of the alter, and began the reciting the words. Her eye caught Surak's and she saw in him understanding. Placing her fingers at the psi points of T'Klaas's face she was suddenly filled with his mind, his very essence. They were together.

She closed her eyes and opened her heart allowing T'Klaas to appear.

They stood together on the top of Mount Seleya overlooking a mix of modern and ancient Vulcan. He appeared to her dressed in robes that looked also like his star fleet uniform. Raising the Ta'al to her he smiled softly, "Your service honors me, T'Lyn. I thank thee for all you have done, for me and our people."

T'lyn smiled he looked young and healthy, and she choose that this would be the memory she would carry of him always. She returned the ta'al. "I will grieve for thee, T'Klaas, for you are my friend."

"You now know the task at hand for you, T'Lyn. You must not allow Surak's katra to enter an arc, nor may you allow another to take it. He has touched both of our minds, and for another to have his knowledge would change everything. It may even destroy all he has worked to build." He approached her and stopped short of touching her. "I know your mind T'lyn, and you may not carry me and him. You must let my katra slip from existence. If you tried to carry me, you would become not yourself, and Surak still needs you to be T'lyn. Of neither world serving both. S'Vec lives, T'Lyn, he will stop at nothing until Surak is dead, and you are his. He has technology, he is working constantly to undermine Surak…I fear that he is touched by a Dark Q." He raised his hand to touch her cheek, knowing his time was growing short,he turned and tucked his hands in his robes, "As your people say, T'lyn, good bye. Please tell T'Hya…I always loved her."

The light was gone and she was standing beside the lifeless body of T'Klaas. "Good bye, T'Klaas." She whispered and motioned for the priest to present her T'Klaas's Katric arc. She placed her fingers on the cool stone and released all that T'Klaas was into the container. The runes on the front glowed slightly, and then went dark; a symbol to all who watched the ceremony was complete.

Four priests removed the body, placing it on a litter to be taken to the chamber. Surak approached his wife. He could feel through their bond the depth of her pain, the loss was that of a friend and a link to her time. He could feel her mind comprehending the fact that her time with Surak, with her family was now short. Waiting for the priests to leave he picked his wife up and began to carry her away from the alter.

"Where are we going Surak?" she whispered into his neck.

"The head priests chambers, where we consummated our marriage forty five years ago this day. I believe, it would appall T'klaas, to know we would violate his chambers in such an emotional way."

She looked up at him, a small sad grin played over his lips. She could feel his grief as well as her own, but felt in him the desire to make her human spirit feel…better. "It would indeed appall him, my beloved, but that is what he gets for leaving us."

He opened the door, and lay her on the bed, taking his place beside her he opened his cloak for her to take her place. Both of their minds were back in the cave the first night she slept at his side. She cuddled into him and began to weep openly, allowing her human grief this time to be seen in the private safety of her Adun's arms. "I'm sorry Surak." She said between sobs.

"What is necessary is never unwise my love. You are human as well as a Vulcan, you have honored your Vulcan heritage by doing what needed to be done, now allow me to let your human heritage be comforted." He kissed her forehead, "Weep my wife, for I love both sides of you."

Surak held her until she fell asleep in his arms. Getting up he retrieved the metal IDIC symbol he had given T'klaas long ago. He gently tucked it into his wife's robes without activating it to hear his student's thoughts, and took his place at her side until she woke.


T'Hya was handed the arc. She stared at it blankly, knowing it was empty. T'Klaas had told her in one of his fevered moments what he had done with his katric arc. He clutched it to her chest, watching Surak carry T'Lyn away. She frowned, knowing the burden she would now carry the rest of her life. She had to destroy someone she considered as a brother. With a sigh she walked to the window. Just outside the alter were her sons. She had considered not taking them with her to Raal, letting them stay with the only mother and father they had known. She could not now.

She leaned against the pillar still clutching T'Klaas's empty arc to her chest. She owed Surak and T'Lyn everything, she would not leave right away, but soon she knew she would take her sons and go home. In memory of the man she would love eternally, she would make a clan worthy of note, not just in this time but for all time. Pushing off the pillar she walked toward her sons. It was time to make a difference in the world, for logic, and for love.


Surak slipped from the room as T'Lyn slept. He saw T'Hya and T'Sen playing with the children. He approached them and waited to be acknowledged. T'Sen approached and then T'Hya, "S'Vec is not dead, it is he that destroyed Gol. It took a heavy toll on his forces, but we must now be on guard. Do you have suggestions?"

T'Sen stepped up, "I think we must begin to make ourselves harder to get to. Spread out our families. Your first son might go to Shir Kahr, as Nirak and I might to set up a home. The more places he has to look the longer it will take him to choose the most important target."

T'Hya nodded, "I know T'Klaas had knowledge of a cloaking device, I say we cloak the sanctuary. It will take effort, but it will help us keep the sanctuary safe for those pilgrims who come to learn."

Surak shook his head, "I have the knowledge of which you speak. Both of you have, I believe, the logical solutions. In secret I have been preparing a separate sanctuary, we will utilize it as well."

T'Sen stepped closer to Surak, "I think we should…become terrorists, Osu. Send small bands of people in to ruin his weapons and technology."

"I concur." T'Hya said immediately.

"Another wise move. We will begin these plans when we leave Seleya. " he started to walk away, and then turned to T'Hya, "You will go to Raal?"

She gave a furtive nod, "Yes, Osu, it is time that I make my presence known in my clan. Our matron is ill, I will take her place and build our clan."

Surak gave a knowing nod, "It is good." He looked to T'Sen, "And you will go to Shir Kahr?"

She gave a curt nod.

"I will see that you have the deed of the lands that are mine. It is as it should be."

Her eyes widened, "Osu…"

He raised his hand, "Speak no more of it, I will not hear of you denying the gift. It is only logical that you have what I offer you."

T'Sen looked at T'Hya who bowed and walked back to her children. T'Sen approached Surak, "That land should be yours and T'Lyn's. Not mine."

"You bore my son, T'Sen you have the right to this, for our child and your children, who are also of the line. Nirak is my first cousin, the land and all that it on it is yours." He said placing his hands behind his back.

She looked down at her feet, "It still…T'Lyn might be affronted that it was given to me. She is my friend, but…"

He held his hand up, "I know she will not."

"Surak this might be why her line is not known in her time." She said in hushed tones, "She has given you two children and yet she claims it is my line that survives. What if giving me this land seals the fate of your children with her."

Surak nodded, "We will speak no more on this T'Sen, I have made the transfer and it will be as I have said. You deserve this land, you and Nirak both." He bowed to her and then made to leave.

"Thank you, Osu." T'Sen said softly.