Thought I'd better put someting here as a header, this is my first attempt at this sort of fan fiction - so it may or may not work. I was trying to get into Scarecrow's head and I'm not sure it worked. Anyway, I would like reviews although please try to be constructive. Am trying to write others but we'll see how it goes.

My Amanda

I'll be honest, picking Amanda at the train station was pure fluke and when she wanted to get involved with the agency I was convinced that she'd prove a liability and her hunches weren't worth listening to. But thinking back now, when the chips were down, Amanda always came through.

I remember when Ted Glaser had me brainwashed. Amanda spotted that there was something wrong – unfortunately, her suspicious weren't listened to – perhaps if she'd been an agent they might have been – perhaps not. I'd been having weird dreams, a sinking feeling, steam and a blue door. It was sheer fluke that the Potomac Pinkie asked for her help to pick up the linen. She'd spotted the blue door and opening it discovered my file and that damn Lester Duck. She even called me and tried to warn me but I disregarded everything she said – makes me cringe now even thinking about it. Ogden interrupted her telephone call and tried to kill her but she bashed him with the lamp, then grabbing the toy she managed to escape and get the to the hotel. I'd been programmed to kill Billy and I was just pulling the hammer back on my gun when Amanda was suddenly standing in front of me. She was staring at me saying one word over and over, 'Lee? Lee, Don't. Don't! Billy is your friend.' I found my attention focusing on the duck, she tried to pull the string but it broke. I vaguely remember fighting my gun but I couldn't stop lifting it. I was pulling the hammer back. She bashed the toy on the table knocking over a cup and then it spoke "What a guy! You've got real potential. Follow instructions. Success comes a step at a time." Amanda was staring at me then she said again, "Lee, don't." She swallowed and began, "Success comes one step at a - Success comes a step at a time." And somehow that broke the conditioning. I closed my eyes and released the hammer on my gun, I managed a quick smile at Amanda and then she'd picked up the toy, made some comment about not leaping out of the cake for another hour and then she was gone. I remember running my hand over my face and for the first time thanking any and all deities for the existence of Amanda King