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Magic. That's all Jamie ever talked about. Magic and the Guardians: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost. Especially Jack Frost. Out of all the Guardians he could've picked, he favored the one that could bring frostbite and ruin an otherwise perfect school day.

It irritated Jane. It made her feel inferior, like she was and ever will be only second best in Jamie's heart.

Their names were like an insult. Every time Jamie brought up the Guardians, Jane couldn't help but feel as if he were cursing at her instead.

"I'm staying up all night to see Santa Claus!" Jamie would say, curled up on a couch in front of the fireplace with a blanket over his shoulders and a plate of cookies at the ready.

Translation: You're not good enough for me.

"Look at what the Toothfairy gave me, Jane!" he'd exclaim, flaunting a shiny coin and grinning with a hole in his teeth.

Translation: I want someone better than you.

"Hey, Jane, guess what dream Sandman gave me last night?" he'd ask, yawning over his cereal bowl.

Translation: I don't need you.

Jane was competing with fictional storybook characters.

And losing.

What the hell was she doing wrong?

Every time, she'd always take a deep breath before replying with her usual answers.

"Go to sleep, Jamie. He's not real."

"Please, Jamie. She's not real."

"Don't fall asleep again or you'll miss the bus. Besides, he's not real."

Jamie, however, was persistent. Despite her remarks, not a year went by where she didn't see Jamie preparing cookies for the visitor from the North Pole or getting excited over a loose tooth or asking her to interpret his dreams.

Heck, he even insisted that he could see them. Jamie swore that he could see the Toothfairy's wings, Santa Claus' white beard, the Easter Bunny's long ears, Sandman's sand images (whatever those were), and Jack's snow-colored hair.

Not to mention, he can hold conversations with them too, or so he claimed.

Jane remembered strolling through the hallway on her way to the kitchen one night, hearing whispering inside Jamie's bedroom.

"Jamie?" she had asked, rapping against his door. "Who are you talking to?"

"Uhm…" There was a pause before Jane heard him say, "The Guardians?"

Of course. Jane clenched her fist and resisted the urge to break down the door. "Okay…"

But despite Jane's pleads, the whisperings failed to stop.

"Jack Frost," Jamie answered when she asked again the following week and the week after that. It was usually Jack. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny came once a year, Jamie had explained to her, though he usually met them in front of the fireplace or in the backyard. The Toothfairy didn't visit as often but popped in occasionally, or so Jamie said. Jane could recall a few nights seeing Jamie sulk to his bedroom, disappointed that he couldn't pull out his loose tooth. And apparently, visits from the Sandman were rare since he had to watch over children from all over the world every night but to Jamie, dreaming was the same thing as communicating with the Guardian.

To Jane, it just gave her headaches. Teachers and neighbors often mocked Jamie in front of Jane for his "Guardian talk" though some merely laughed it off and voiced their wish that they could be innocent and naïve once again. More serious were the school bullies that Jamie attracted and Jane finally had enough when Jamie came home with a bruised eye and a broken arm.

"Just put a lid on it already!" said Jane as she drove Jamie home from the hospital.

"Why?" asked Jamie, looking up from his arm cast. "I can't say what I believe?"

"What you believe is for five-year-olds whose parents should know better than to feed them such stories. You're twelve for crying out loud. Grow up. The Guardians don't exist and neither does magic."

Her hands gripped the steering wheel tighter and she left them there throughout the entire ride. But when she finally pulled into the driveway, she realized Jamie hadn't spoken a word in the last twenty minutes.

Jane sighed and tried rephrasing her previous words in her head but Jamie stopped her before she could even open her mouth.

"I thought you of all people would believe me," said Jamie in such a low voice that Jane could barely hear him, even as she leaned in closer. "I know you're always nagging me about the Guardians' existence but I thought after all these years, you'd finally come around."

Jane bit her lip. "Jamie, I-"

"You said you'd never leave me, not like Dad and especially not like Mom. But when I need you the most, you just toss me out onto the snow, leaving me to find my own warmth. You're worse than the bullies."

Jane's eyes hardened. "You don't need me. You never did. All you ever talked about was the Guardians. Am I not good enough for you? For Pete's sake, I'm your legal guardian! I'm sorry I can't fly or turn summer into winter with a stupid stick but who works day and night, during weekends, during school breaks to pay for the roof over your head? Who wakes up early each day to drop you off to school before driving to her own classes? Who stays out late working instead of hanging out with friends so that you can play with your own? I DO! And what do your Guardians do, visit once in a while just to drop off a quarter and a couple of eggs?"

"Jane, we could be living on the streets dressed in rags and I still wouldn't mind. All I want is someone who can trust me. It's a guardian's duty to trust those he or she protects. Just because you don't believe in them doesn't mean that they don't exist. Even if you don't believe in them, I'd thought you'd at least believe in me."

Jane could hear sniffles now. She looked away from Jamie and gripped the steering wheel tightly again. "Go cry to your Guardians. They'll do a better job of comforting you, I'm sure. And hey, maybe they'll even heal your arm. After all, since they caused it, they should be able to fix it."

The car was silent for a few moments before Jamie sniffed one last time and squared his shoulders. "As you wish."

Jane didn't spare a glance at Jamie as he opened the door and stepped into the cold air. Only when she was sure that he had unlocked the front door and let himself inside the house did she follow suit, knowing that the house would be colder than the white world she was leaving behind.

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