a war never to be won

A HariPo drabble

by mew-tsubaki

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For: Drabble Tag in the M&MWP forum. Pairing: Alphard Black/Orion Black. Prompt: blasé.

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Alphard knew what Orion was expecting of him, but it was too much. It was always too much with the younger wizard. Orion had become too greedy, and Alphard had let him get that way.

"I'm not going to attack you," Orion was poised to say…but he didn't say it. He didn't need to. Alphard knew. He always knew. He was the one who held the power, even if Orion was the demanding one.

Still, sitting in a quiet room, the two men by themselves, was suffocating. Normally Alphard would enjoy this kind of peace. Years ago, when Orion was still trying to convince Alphard that they should at least be on good terms for Walburga's sake, they'd grown comfortable relaxing in the other's presence. Merlin, the books devoured as they idled and sometimes chatted.

The countless books they devoured as Alphard ignored their developing attraction to each other…

Alphard tried to quiet his mind and think of business. He had to think of business because, if he didn't, then the others (not Orion, of course) would start pestering him again for never having gotten married. But Alphard couldn't marry. He couldn't go anywhere when his sister had managed to snag the only person for whom he'd ever cared…

And so Alphard circled back to his current dilemma, and steered his eyes away from Orion's piercing, metallic gaze.

He knew he'd indulged Orion too much in the shadows, when Walburga looked the other way. He knew he should've completely cut Orion off when Sirius was born. He should've ended things when Regulus arrived.

And still, Orion stared at him, a growl caught in the voice of those gray eyes.

Alphard almost opened his mouth. No, there was no need to speak. If Orion had no need to voice his demands, then perhaps there could be just a simple gesture, to show that Alphard still cared and hadn't yet given up…

Then five-year-old Sirius and three-year-old Regulus burst into the room, having returned from a shopping trip with Walburga. Regulus clung to his father's leg as Sirius crawled into Alphard's lap and told the two men all about their day.

And Alphard listened, pretending as though nothing had happened and nothing was going to happen, even though Orion's eyes never left Alphard's face.

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GAH. Why must I treat them with aaaaangst? X( I don't know why, but the Black family equals angst in my stupid head. ;P Grr, Oriolphard… They really couldn't do anything, with what the family asked of them… And yes, there was a hint of my 1st Oriolphard fic, "The Courtship of Alphard Black," in there.

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