Rise of the Guardians: He's Here

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AN: I was struck by the image of Jamie waking up on the first day of Jack's return, bursting with excitement, rounding up his friends and leading them down to Jack's pond. So, here you are.

It happens on a Saturday. He's been watching the weather channel for days, checking the thermostat four or five times a day, and driving his mom crazy asking when it's going to snow. But one chilly day in November, before he even sees the thin sheet of ice covering his window, Jamie wakes up and he just knows.

He scrambles out of bed, fighting with the blankets, and winces a little when his bare feet hit the floor. Jamie trips over the carpet trying to pull on his socks, and almost has his sweater on before he realizes his shirt is backwards, but eventually he makes it out the door and downstairs, skidding into the kitchen on sock feet.

His mom looks up from pouring Sophie a bowl of cereal. "Slow down, kiddo. Where's the fire?"

Jamie grins at her. "Winter's here! I'm going to play outside," he says, grabbing his coat from the rack by the back door. He jams his favourite blue and white hat on his head and runs outside, slamming the door behind him. He's much too excited to eat breakfast today.

Frozen dew crunches on the grass beneath his feet as he hurries from house to house, banging on doors and asking if his friends can come outside. The twins trip over themselves trying to get their boots on the right feet. Cupcake grins at him and shoves her arms into her pink jacket, out the door before her mom can even say "yes". Eventually all of them are there- everyone who helped the Guardians in the fight against the Boogeyman. Jamie leads the way down to the pond, all of them running as fast as they can. He skids to a stop, chest heaving, and hears the others stumble behind him.

Their eyes scan the clearing, looking for a hint of white hair and a blue hoodie. There are a few moments of tense, hopeful silence before Monty clears his throat nervously. "Jamie, I... I don't think he's coming."

Jamie shook his head stubbornly. "He's here. I know he is." He takes one step forward, then another, until he reaches the edge of the small pond. He tests the layer of ice that's frozen over the water's surface with his toe. It feels solid, even though it's a bit early in the season for skating and pond hockey. He's about to step fully onto the ice when a voice stops him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." There's a laughter to the words, a hint of swift, cold breezes and snow days.

They spin around as one at the sound of his voice, young faces lighting up in excitement. "Jack!" Jamie yells, and he leads the charge as the children swarm over a laughing Jack Frost, knocking him onto the ground. For a few minutes, they're nothing but a laughing, wiggling blob of kids and elbows. Gradually everyone's arms and legs are untangled and sorted out and they fall apart, still giggling.

Jack sits up, tousling Jamie's hair and pulling gently on the string dangling from Cupcake's hat. "So, have you guys been good this summer?" he asks, giving them a teasing smirk.

Sly looks are exchanged, before Claude speaks up. "Well, not perfectly good."

Jack's smirk turns into a full-on grin. "Well, you never want to be too good."

Jamie nods eagerly. "We've been telling everybody about you! We've been getting people to believe in you so more of them can see you."

Unexpectedly, Jack feels a lump stick in his throat. He swallows hard, touched, and stands up, brushing off his sweater. "Alright, let's have some fun." With a wave of his staff, Jack Frost coats the side of the hill with a cover of ice, transforming it into a huge slide. "Who's first?"

Whooping and cheering, the kids ran up the hill, racing to be the first to slide down. Jamie hung back, smiling up at Jack. "I knew you'd come back," he said. "I knew it."

Jack smiled. "You don't stop believing in the moon when the sun rises, do you?"

"No way," Jamie promised, hugging the Guardian tightly once more. He broke away with a mischevious smile of his own. "Race you to the top!"

"Oh, you're on!" Jack took off, flying behind the first children to see him in three hundred years, laughing from pure joy. Winter was here.

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