Hi! This is my first Star Trek fan fiction. I absolutely live off of and want comments. Any ideas or criticism is greatly appreciated. I hope to make this into a continuing story. It will mostly be from the oc's point of view. As always, I own no part of Star Trek. Just borrowing it for a little fun. I do however own my character.


Chapter one
October 2012
Pulling her hair back into it's messy bun Liz quickly raced down the hall. Though she couldn't hear the beeping of the call button she did see the light. Of course, ten minutes til the end of shift change. She quickly pulled her scrub top straight and put on her professional mask as she opened the privacy curtain. Immediately she was assaulted by streamers and her co-workers. She couldn't help but smile. There on the stretcher was by far the largest cake she had ever seen! Her heart swelled at the sight. Before she could sign thank you she was enveloped in a group hug. She turned to her best friend Sarah.
"What is this all about?" She stammered.
"It's because you're going to be in the Bahamas tomorrow and we couldn't let one of our best nurses go without telling her Happy Birthday!" Liz almost cried. She could barely believe that 2 years ago she had joined the team here at the university hospital emergency department against much opposition only now to be a valued staff member. The doctors had adamantly refused to work with her due to her deafness but now they held her as dear as family. It was a delicate balance but it was perfect.
After a harried round of Happy Birthday all done in sign language and a quick bite of cake she had to run. She couldn't miss her flight. Due to the unexpected surprise she didn't have time to change. She ran to the locker room and grabbed her suitcase. She was finally going on vacation!
Finally on the connection flight to Nassau she felt she could relax. In a way she was glad she was deaf. She got landed in the aisle seat with the largest man she had seen in a while snoring so bad she could feel the vibrations. She smiled to herself. Soon she would be walking the white beaches and getting a tan while her co-workers would be dealing with every kid in Washington state barfing from too much Halloween candy. She could see it now. Wait. No she couldn't. The lights started flickering. She suddenly felt a jolt in her seat. Panicking she looked around. Liz watched as people started gripping the arms of their chairs. She felt her head snap back as the plane gave another lurch. Looking to her left she saw people crying. Her heart started hammering in her chest. She couldn't understand. Time seemed to stop. She watched in agonized horror as the plane broke around her. Her breath gone as lightning swallowed her.

Enterprise 2260
"Captain, I am detecting a high concentration of gravimetric disturbances approximately 20,000 km off our port bow. It appears to be a type of energy ribbon." Spock stood from his station stiffly. His curiosity peaked he needed to investigate further. He waited patiently for his captain to turn in response to his unasked question. Looking down he raised his eyebrow waiting. The young blonde smiled.
"Alright Commander. Let's see what this is all about. I can see you're itching to find out exactly what this is. Helm, take us within 5000 km."
The young helmsman smiled. Spock quickly turned to his scanner. Moving his long fingers he delicately typed in the orders to start recording data. Pausing when he noticed an odd reading. "Fascinating." He quickly rechecked his readings. Noticing someone close by he pulled back. The captain had moved closer to his station leaning in next to him.
"What is it?" He ran a hand casually through his hair frowning. Spock seemed unsure but he needed to voice his suspicions.
"I believe I am picking up a human life sign in the anomaly. I am uncertain as to how it is possible but the signal is weak. I feel that we would have a more definite reading if we were to move closer." He stood straight waiting.
"You think there's someone trapped in that? Is that even possible?" Spock watched as the captain confirmed his reading. Feeling slight irritation at being double checked he dismissed it as human behavior.
"Chekov, Is it possible to move closer to the energy ribbon? Maybe we can get a transporter lock on the life sign." Kirk went down to his chair to be able to see more effectively.
"Aye Keptain." They moved to within 1000 km before the alarms started.
"Captain, it is confirmed. One weak human life sign. We have a lock however it is fluctuating. Also we seem to be being pulling in with the gravimetric forces of the energy ribbon. We must pull away now." The Enterprise started to shake and groan. proximity alarms blaring. Spock struggled with the transporter at the same time attempting to calculate how to pull away from the ribbon.
"Ensign, your assistance please with the transporter. I believe a resonance pulse from the deflector can break the hold."
"Do it! Chekov, try to get a lock on that life sign but 1st priority goes to getting us out of here in one piece." Spock spared a look as the young ensign ran for the transporter room while he adjusted the deflector controls.
"Shields at 50% commander" Sulu shouted out.
"Any time Spock." He could hear the tension in his commander's voice.
"Captain! Ensign Chekov says transport was successful." Uhura strained over the loud whine of the engines.
"Spock?" Captain Kirk looked up in nervous anticipation. Stocks fingers flew over the controls inputting the final code. Suddenly th ship jarred forward knocking everyone off their feet.
"I do believe we have broken free of the energy ribbon." Spock moved to assist Uhura who had hit her head and seemed dazed.

Meanwhile in the transporter room Chekov looked to what he had beamed in. He pulled himself off the floor wincing feeling a little bruised but stopped when he saw a young girl lying on the transporter pad. She must have gotten hurt from the jolt. She was small, dressed in a blue uniform type scrubs with a name badge on her chest. Her hair long and curly half out of a bun with the left half quickly covering in blood glasses askew and her left arm bent at a very bad angle. He could see her getting paler by the minute. He slammed the comm.
"Medics to the transporter room. Hurry. We have one casualty." He didn't even wait for the response. He rushed over as he saw her stirring. Laying his hands on her small shoulders her stilled her movements. "Shh...It's alvight. Ze doctor will help you." Her intense emerald eyes watched him carefully frowning.
"I dun undershtand you. I can't see with my glasses broken." Chekov simply attributed her slurred speech to trauma and smiled. He stroked her hair and held her until he heard the grumblings of the CMO and his staff with a stretcher.
"Dammit Jim! Couldn't keep the ship straight. Can you walk?" He looked to the girl on the floor who looked back at him puzzled. Deciding she must be in some sort of shock he began running a scanner over her. Noticing her flinching he backed off motioning for a stretcher and for the orderlies to move her carefully to it. It was at this point she starting backing up.
"Whoa there darlin'. We're not gonna hurt you. I'm a doctor." She watched him intently squinting through the blood rapidly covering her eyes and glasses. Chekov gave her a reassuring pat on her arm.
"Alright. I guesh it is...ok. I will...come with you but I wish to be...informed of all...treatments. I am a nurse. I know what is wrong with my body." McCoy rolled his eyes. "Thank you Ensign. You are dismissed. I do believe Jim will be most curious about our guest."
The ensign practically bounced out but not before giving the girl one last smile which she weakly returned.
Once he had the girl situated on the stretcher her was able to inventory her injuries. A broken wrist and small hairline fracture to the skull with a cut that would need a dermal regeneration. He placed a pad on he head and removed what looked to be glasses from her face. He hadn't seen a set of those in years and only from books. She started to protest their removal in slurred speech. Adding possible brain trauma to the list he began questioning her. His face pointed away she didn't see him talking so she remained silent. He started panicking at her lack of speech and sped the transport arriving in sickbay. She started moving o get up. Her gently pushed her back down with one hand grabbing a hypo with the other quickly sedating her. He had to get her stable if she was not talking. He quickly moved her to a bio bed. The readings were strange. No wonder she didn't respond.
While McCoy was finishing inventorying her unusual results he heard the door to his office swish open admitting the captain and first officer.
"Bones, How is our guest?" McCoy lifted his gaze from his PADD and sighed. Frowning he watched as the young captain slipped into one of the office chairs while his companion stood hands behind his back waiting patiently.
"Well, I don't suppose I need to tell you she is an unusual case."