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The Army of Narnia

Aslan smiled as he looked at the four children. They all had a regal air about them. The youngest, a beautiful baby girl was already his favourite; she was sweet with a glowing smile and kind eyes. He knew then that he had chosen well. He thought back to the sun filled land that Narnia, his creation, once was, when Queen Swanwhite and her family had ruled the land. Now his land was ice and snow, no hope. That was what kept him at bay, the Witch had driven hope from the hearts of his Narnians, without hope he could not enter his land. These children, he mused, they would bring hope back, they would bring Narnia back, and on this he was certain. He remembered his last hope. The King riding ahead of his army towards the might of the Witch, and the princess waiting for her father, they had both died and the Lion had greeted them in his country, Queen Swanwhite beside him. She had led her family away, to their thrones.

The four Pevensie children ran through the door into the wardrobe room. Edmund continued forward while the others stopped and looked at the girl who had joined them at some point. Her skin was pale and her dark blue eyes were large, her expression was worried.
"Come on!" Edmund exclaimed motioning towards the wardrobe.
"You have got to be joking!" Susan said. Footsteps were heard outside the door and they all ran to the wardrobe, climbing in. Peter stayed near the door as the rest began walking backwards. They all stumbled backwards and Susan and Peter fell in the snow. They had a snowball fight, neither Lucy, Susan or Peter noticed Edmund staring into the distance, nor the girl watching them with half a smile before looking wistfully into the trees.
"Ow!" Edmund said, glaring at them.
"Apologise to Lucy" Peter demanded. Edmund stayed silent "Apologise"
"Sorry. It's not like you believed her either" Edmund said sulkily.
"This is an awfully big wardrobe" the girl whispered, staring at the forest, her hand on a tree trunk. The four Pevensie children just looked at her. The girl was lost in thought and was brought back by a voice exclaiming
"Anyway. Who are you?" the girl looked up and saw the four children looking at her.
"Mollie" she said. Looking at them she could see they were siblings. The two girls and the eldest boy with their blue eyes, but something in the youngest boy's face related him to the others.
"Why were you in the Professor's house?" the eldest boy asked
"Dad told me to go enjoy myself for a day, so I came for the tour, but I snuck off to find the library and heard a crash, I just started running" Mollie said "Who are you?"
"Why should we tell you?" the other boy asked glaring at her.
"To be polite. I told you who I was" Mollie said.
"I don't want to tell you. Maybe I am not polite" the boy replied moodily
"Well learn some manners then" the girl said and turned to walk away.
"Wait" the littlest girl said and Mollie turned
"Yes?" she asked
"Come with us?" the girl asked, her blond hair bouncing around her pretty, smiling face
"No" Mollie replied, switching her eyes to the dark haired boy "Someone, doesn't want me here. I would rather not be in the presence of someone who despises me"
"Take this" the tallest boy said and handed her a coat. Mollie took it
"Thank you" she smiled slightly "At least one of you has manners" she shrugged the jacket on and walked into the woods, melting in the cold mist that hung low over the trees. She didn't look back.

It was only the second day of travelling and the girl was hungry. In this stupid, snow filled world Mollie had not eaten since her breakfast the previous day, she had hardly rested either, climbing in a tree to sleep for a few hours. She didn't understand why she hadn't gone back into the spare room instead of running randomly into an entirely new world. She was scared. Her feet were numb. Her hands were cold, but the coat made a good blanket. She was tired and hungry. She wanted to go home. But she couldn't. The sense of adventure was far too great to resist. She didn't know where she was going but she knew she had to head in a certain direction, her feet were carrying her. She heard a sleigh close by and disappeared into the undergrowth. She didn't know why. But something made her. She sat still and hardly dared breath. The sleigh stopped.
"Is there something there?" a harsh, evil, cold voice said, it reminded Mollie of the icy winter wind that blew through the farm in winter.
"Can't see anything, O' Queen" a rougher, deeper voice said
"Should I get my wolves?" the Queen mused
"It will mean less chance of stopping the humans" the rougher voice replied
A cough sounded and Mollie tensed as she heard a whip raised and brought down, whistling through the air.
"Ow" a voice choked out
"Dare make a sound in the Queen's presence" the rough voice said "And you could watch your family die in front of your eyes"
"No!" a new voice cried. Mollie's heart stopped, she recognized the voice, it was the dark haired boy, his voice full of emotion in that one word. Mollie had disliked the boy, he seemed nasty and spiteful, but hearing his cry she wanted to run to him and give him a hug, reassuring him that everything would be ok. After a few minutes the sleigh drove off and Mollie waited before continuing her journey.

Edmund watched as the deer slowed and finally stopped. He knew that if the Witch was stopping then she had seen something, he hoped it wasn't his family. He had regretted his mistake as soon as he left the Beavers, but anger, anger at his brother, his sisters had kept him walking. He was pushed out of the sleigh and fell onto the snowy ground. The Witch and the Dwarf were talking, he wondered if she thought his family were there. He knew his family couldn't have hidden like that, his family were hopefully at Aslan by now. The Witch must be mistaken, his family wasn't here, everyone he knew was safe. A pair of dark blue eyes, widened in fear, set in a pale face flashed across his mind. The girl, he couldn't remember her name, she could be here. She had walked away, melted into the forest, her dark coat would be hidden among the tangle of branches. If she was here it was his fault, he had driven her away, he had said nasty things to her and she had fled, he couldn't remember what she looked like, only the pair of dark blue eyes, the colour of the nights sky, with twinkling stars in them. Edmund knew if she was there then she would be tortured and killed, he couldn't live if he saw someone die in front of him. He coughed.

The Witch and Dwarf's attention was now on him. The whip cut through the air and hit his arm, slicing through the skin. Edmund choked out a sob, his arm stinging. The Dwarf was talking again, threatening his family.
"No!" he cried, all the pain, suffering and love for his family put behind that one word. The Witch and the Dwarf sneered at him and they dragged him back to the sleigh. Edmund turned back pretending to look at the crimson stain on the white snow, his dark eyes searching the branches for a sign of life, any sign to show him that his pain was for a reason. It may have been his pain causing hallucinations but Edmund thought he caught a flash of blue eyes.

Mollie saw the crimson blood on the pure snow as she climbed out from the brambles, she slipped and her finger slipped onto a thorn. She pulled the thorn out of her finger and a drop of blood fell, splashing onto the snow next to Edmund's. Mollie hurried away. The stain of crimson blood spreading on the clear white snow.
As she walked she remembered what had happened.

Mollie ran downstairs and sat at the table, reaching for some bread.
"What are we doing today Dad?" she asked her father, he was currently reading the paper
"Nothing today Mollie" he replied
"Oh" she replied disappointed "Where is Mum?"
"Upstairs with Matthew" her father replied
"Does she want any help today?" she asked
"No. You been doing too much this holidays Mollie, go enjoy yourself for the day" Her dad said and pulled out a few coins handing them to her
"Dad you don't need to" she protested
"I hardly see you what with school. I want you to have a fun holiday" he replied
"Thank you" she smiled at him
"Don't go too far. Stay within a five mile radius" he warned. She grinned at him
"Will do" she picked up a slice of bread and buttered it. She then pulled on her walking boots and grabbed a cardigan. She gave her father a hug and then walked out of the door. She didn't realise she wouldn't see her family for almost 20 years.

She walked down the road and into the village. She then turned and walked up the path leading to the Professors house. She arrived as the housekeeper was starting the tour. Mollie snuck off as soon as she could. Hunting for the library. She was walking through a room when she heard a crash and dived behind a chair in the corner. She peeked out a few minutes later and heard footsteps running. She ran out the room. Her heart pounding in her ears. She saw four children run out of a room ahead of her and followed them. They ran around the house frantically. The housekeeper seemed to be everywhere, herding them.

Mollie was lucky. The wolves didn't notice her scent, they were concentrating on the Pevensies and the Beavers. Mollie continued following her feet, swimming a river, climbing hills as the snow disappeared. Mollie looked at the towering trees and half smiled, her eyes lighting up.
"It's beautiful" she whispered to herself. She didn't notice when she reached the end of the forest, but switched her gaze to the nights sky. She walked forward, feeling peaceful. She walked a few more meters, her eyes fixed on the stars when a sword was at her throat and her back was against the ground. Mollie swallowed.
"Who are you?" a deep voice came out the darkness
"Is she the fourth?" a rough voice, that reminded her of the Queen's helper, but seemed kinder, asked.
"Who are you?" the first voice repeated
"Mollie" Mollie answered
"Are you a Dwarf?" the second voice asked
"No, I am a girl!" Mollie exclaimed, the cold steel pressing into her neck, she felt it slice her skin.
"A girl?" the first voice said
"Bring her" the second voice replied. The sword disappeared and Mollie was lifted into the air, a pair of strong arms around her. Mollie was soon dropped to the ground, she stood unsteadily and was pushed to her knees. Mollie bent her head to the ground.
"Daughter" a rich, strong, deep, soft voice said. A golden voice. Coming out the shadows.
Mollie whimpered slightly.
"Do not be afraid" the voice said "You are brave"
"Am I sir?" Mollie asked.
"The bravest in Narnia perhaps" the voice mused.
"Excuse me sir, but what is Narnia, and who are you?" Mollie asked
"You are in Narnia, and I am Aslan" the golden voice. Aslan said. "Lift your head Child" Mollie lifted her eyes to reveal a Lion, The Lion. His mane was flowing golden silk, His eyes were molten gold, His coat was tawny brown and shone, like He had swum in the sun's rays. Mollie's fears vanished.
"How can I be the bravest? I hid from the woman in white" Mollie asked "I was scared"
"Bravery is not about having no fear. Bravery is conquering your fears, standing up to them." Aslan laughed "Now, what is on your mind"
"Is the dark haired boy alright?" Mollie asked shyly. She felt sorry for him. He may have angered her but she had a tender heart and wanted him to be safe. If he cared for his family that much then he couldn't be evil.
"Alas I cannot tell you, as that is someone else's story" Aslan spoke "My Child, tomorrow you will breakfast with the others, do not be shy to approach them, but for now, rest"
"Thank you Aslan" Mollie half smiled at him. A Dwarf led her away, to a small tent, Mollie thanked him and, ignoring the hammocks, curled in a corner and slept.

Her dreams were invaded by the dark haired boy's anguished cry and drips of crimson blood falling slowly onto untouched snow. She awoke in the morning and pulled her blankets on to the hammock. The door opened and a Rabbit hopped in.
"Fresh clothes for you" she said and hopped out. Mollie stared after her then picked up the dress, it was dark blue with a long skirt and full sleeves. Mollie slipped it on after washing her face in the bowl of water. She looked at the little leather boots and threw them over her shoulder, grabbing her walking socks and boots that she had brought from England. She then headed outside and up to the Royal Pavilion where the four children were sitting at a low table eating breakfast.
"May I join you?" she asked
"Of course" the eldest girl said
"Thank you" Mollie sat in between the two boys. The blond haired boy stood and wandered over to a rock, leaning against it.
"Thank you" Mollie whispered to the dark haired boy, he looked at her. "For stopping the Witch approaching me"
"You're welcome" the boy said "My name is Edmund"
"I'm Mollie" Mollie replied.

After breakfast Mollie walked over to Aslan's tent. She saw him sat in front of it.
"Excuse me sir" Mollie said
"Yes daughter" Aslan replied
"You called me brave yesterday. I want to fight" Mollie said her voice sounded strong
"Why dearest?" Aslan asked her
"Because Narnia is worth fighting for" Mollie said simply "Worth dying for" Aslan looked at her and then nodded.
"Go into the armoury with Oreius. Let your weapon find you" Aslan replied. Mollie bowed and hurried off she came to a stop in front of Oreius.
"Aslan told me that I need to ask you to take me to the armoury" Mollie said
"Did he now. Let's go" Oreius said and turned to a big tent, he opened it and Mollie went inside. She looked at the rows of swords and something caught her eye. She moved forward slightly and stopped her hand stretched forward and touched the blue jewel. It seemed to glow. She reached for the hilt and grasped it. Pulling the sword out. Its silver colour shone and the hilt was wrapped in black leather. Mollie felt the sword was perfect.
"This one" she turned and held it up.
"Anima" Oreius narrowed his eyes and looked at her intently. Mollie looked at the blue jewel on the hilt a blue fire burned in its depths, shapes emerged a horse, a lion, a sword flashing.
"Let's go" Oreius barked Mollie walked alongside him to the practise arena, Peter and Edmund were waiting they gaped when they saw her. The practise was long and hard and eventually it finished, only with the arrival of the White Witch. Who had come to collect Edmund as he was a traitor. Aslan silenced the camp and he and the witch withdrew into his tent. Mollie sat on the hillside and watched the Pevensies from afar. Then the witch walked out and Aslan informed them that she had 'renounced her claim on the Son of Adam's blood' and the crowd erupted into cheers. Mollie stood and walked away, hearing the snarl of Aslan and the laughter of the army.

She soon found herself alone with Susan; they were sat on the hill. Lucy having run to play with Edmund, she couldn't seem to let him out of her sight, the elder two were a bit more wary of him.
"You're to be Queen?" Mollie asked.
"Yes. Peter and Edmund are to be Kings and Lucy a Queen" Susan replied.
"You feel ready?" Mollie asked.
"No. I am only 14, how can I become Queen?" Susan asked her.
"If Aslan believes you can then you will." Mollie replied
"That's what Lucy says, but I'm not sure if she fully understands" Susan replied.
"She might be young, but don't underestimate her" Mollie said. The pair lapsed into a comfortable silence.
"My mind still cannot process this" Susan said softly
"Process what?" Mollie asked her
"Talking Animals, Centaurs, Dwarves, even Aslan" she replied "I wish it were logical"
"Logic can get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" Mollie told her softly. Her eyes faraway and misty.
"Are you ok Mollie?" Susan asked the younger girl
"I cannot be sure" Mollie told her. She rose and nodded to Susan before walking off.

Mollie stood with Edmund on the cliff. She watched as Peter rode forward toward the army of thousands on his white unicorn. Mollie watched as he drew closer and closer till the armies met. She watched the figures moving and searched frantically for the pure white unicorn holding Peter. She spotted it and sighed in relief, she could tell that Edmund had his eyes locked on it.. Mollie started as the other half of the Witch's army advanced and Edmund raised his sword
"Fire!" he shouted. Mollie watched in fascination as the phoenix created a line of fire between the two armies. She soon found herself running beside Edmund to get off the rocks and help the now retreating army. They stood and waited. Arrows poised. Edmund raised his sword and brought it down seconds later, the air was full of arrows now speeding towards the Witch's army. Mollie watched as they twisted in agony as the arrows pierced their bodies. Then she saw the unicorn holding Peter suddenly fall an arrow stuck in its rump. She turned to Edmund who looked alone and helpless and touched his hand briefly. Then Peter moved, he sat up, his helmet had fallen off in the fall and he looked a bit dazed. She heard a sigh of relief pass through Edmund's lips. Oreius and Tergo, the Rhino, charged down the slope past Peter and into the coming army. Mollie watched horrified as Tergo was cut down and fell. Oreius kept going and reached the Witch's chariot. Mollie held her breath as they fought then released it as Oreius was turned to stone.
Edmund noticed her face draining of colour as it twisted with sadness. He touched her arm and she turned.
"Want to go back to camp?" he asked quietly
"If I die then I die fighting for a free Narnia" she replied. Edmund saw the fire in her eyes and nodded. She then put her helm on, shielding her face from him, and pulled out her sword the strange blue jewel seemed to glow as she drew it from its sheath.

They ran down and joined in the fighting. Mollie leapt off a little cliff and hit a dwarf. Whereas Edmund ran down the side, knocking out several opponents. Mollie stabbed a minotaur from behind, saving a faun and then dodged a swipe from a dwarf. She was lost in the haze of battle. The only thoughts were her survival instincts. Duck, parry, strike, deflect. When she noticed things again it was how much closer the Witch was and then Edmund grabbed her arm and hauled her along
"Edmund!" she shouted angrily.
"Peter says we have to go home!" Edmund replied his eyes blazing with an emotion she didn't know he possessed, concern, hurt, fear.
"I'm not family" she replied. Then Edmund turned to look at something and almost hurtled off.
"Peter said get outta here" the beaver said
"Peter's not King yet" Edmund replied and broke free, running along the cliff edge. Mollie watched as he leapt off the rock shouting and almost hit the Witch's wand. She moved it just in time and he dodged a strike of it, turning sideways and bringing his sword down on it. The wand smashed and let out an icy blue glow. Mollie saw the Witch strike and catch Edmund's sword moving it upwards. He was unprotected. She then stabbed the wand in his stomach. Mollie watched as she smiled as the broken wand withdrew and Edmund keeled over his eyes remaining on hers as the patch of red blood spread over his tunic. He lay still on the grass. She watched as the Witch threw the broken remains of her wand aside and picked up Edmund's sword, advancing towards Peter. Mollie was brought to reality by a stinging cut in her arm. She turned and stabbed the tiger, then dropped her sword. She fled the battlefield. Her hands were stained with blood; she had been hit in the head and was dizzy. She had seen a monarch die.

Once the battle was over Edmund was helping make plans with his family when a faun entered.
"Speak Faran" Aslan said
"We found this Your Majesties" he held out a sword. It's silver coloured steel was covered in blood and the blue jewel was dull and lifeless.
"Mollie" Lucy breathed
"We believe she is dead Your Majesties, but we haven't found any body" he said then breathed quietly "The Spirit of Fire is cursed" Lucy picked up on the last part.

Once they arrived at the castle Lucy managed to get a word in private with Aslan.
"Aslan. Why did Faran say the Spirit of Fire is cursed?" she asked curiously
"That I cannot tell you. But the Spirit of Fire is the sword Mollie used" Aslan said
"She is dead isn't she?" Lucy asked
"I cannot tell you" Aslan said. Lucy left the room and headed straight to the library. She searched for the Legendary Swords book and once found it, she sat down and begun to read the section on the Spirit of Fire.

Spirit of Fire
The Spirit of Fire or Anima, as she is more commonly known, is a sword created near the dawn of time. King Frank's eldest child, King Henrik had several most trusted knights. One of these knights was a man named Sir Jent, a man with a fondness for power. Jent wanted a sword unlike all others, more powerful. He got a sword made and set with a firestone. He then took the sword to a Sorceress who saw evil in the man's heart and knew he would destroy Narnia if he could wield the sword. She made the sword's true powers inaccessible to all but the one owner. The owner would have to break the sword, like breaking in a horse, to access its power, or so many thought. All those who tried have died not long after picking the sword up. Not one has been able to conquer it.

Lucy pulled another book from the shelf. She wrinkled her nose at the text but ploughed on through the book until she came to the part she wanted, it had a variation on the last text but was more or less the same.

The firestone is a stone of any colour but burns with an unusual flame, people can see images moving in the flames. The firestone is an unusual stone. They are rare. Their healing properties are much coveted. The stone not only heals but it provides the owner with energy. The fire stone on Spiritu ardoris is unusual as it was changed with magic. It gives the true wielder power. But it is cursed to all those who try to wield it. The person who can hold it is said to come to Narnia at her time of need once they have disappeared.

Lucy picked up the final book she could find mentioning the sword. She wanted to know why Mollie had to die. It wasn't exactly fair for a girl a few years older than herself to die because she picked up a sword.

The Spirit of Fire has always been a wild spirit. Everyone who has tried to tame the spirit has been a patient, sweet tempered person. The Spiritu ardoris could have many owners as most of the population is patient or sweet tempered or can learn how to be. Several people suggested that Anima needs an owner as untamed and wild as she. A wielder. Someone who has a spirit of fire, Someone who is a living version of the sword. Fire is unpredictable. The owner would need to be unpredictable too. You can't harness fire, without getting burnt. You can observe it, become like it. Be it

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