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The Army of Narnia

A month later, once Christmas had been had and the New Year had rolled in Mollie and Edmund set off to Calormen, it would usually be Edmund alone or with Lucy, but Peter had decided that Mollie should accompany him, along with the rest of Edmund's guard, they set off and a week later they were riding through the gates of Tashbaan, and up the streets to the Tisroc's palace a cry of
"Way! Way! Way! For the White Barbarian King, guest of the Tisroc (may he live forever) King Edmund the Just and his new wife Queen Mollie" the voice boomed and the crowds parted before them, many eager to see which Princess had stolen the heart of one of the northern Kings, after their Princess's couldn't.

Most were disappointed, seeing a pale skinned, plain girl ride alongside the King, but some, looking more intently at her saw the way her blue eyes, much darker than those of the King's family, twinkled and the way her brown hair, when introduced to the sunlight, contained gold, bronze, blonde and brown, they saw when her hands met Edmund's she blushed and dropped her gaze, before he said something and she laughed. The girl was no beauty, especially compared to Queen Susan, or even Lucy. Why did Edmund marry her?

There was to be a grand dinner at the Tisroc's palace that evening in honour of the guests, Edmund and Mollie found themselves opposite the lady who had bought Mollie and inflicted the beatings on her, she looked at Mollie like she was trying to figure something out and when Mollie realised who she was she tugged on Edmund's sleeve
"Eddie, that is the woman" she whispered
"The one who beat you?" he whispered back and she nodded
"Edmund. Does she have any legal claim towards me?" Mollie asked quietly
"No. As a Queen of Narnia you cannot be bought or sold" Edmund said
"I wasn't a Queen then" Mollie whispered back
"You are now" Edmund whispered fiercely

Soon everyone had heard about the new Queen of Narnia being an ugly girl, many said she had used love potions so that 'the sun would appear dark in the barbarian King's eyes if they were not wed' and many heard that the girl had 'risen from the dead on her way to Tash' but Mollie and Edmund like to tell everyone, when asked about the service that Aslan himself had married them, it was fun to hear that 'the Narnian Demon had joined them, they would be cursed now, with no heirs'

A week after they had arrived, Edmund had finished business and the pair was packing up, when Mollie asked about souvenirs Edmund just winked at her, she didn't like that wink but let it go, the next morning they began their journey across the desert, and arrived at the gates of Cair Paravel a week later.

Lucy had seen the pair riding, a chestnut stallion and a black mare, a King and Queen, Edmund and Mollie. She had called for Susan, Annabel and Peter and then ran to the front door in time to see them pull up, some fauns took their horses and Edmund swept Lucy up in her arms
"Lu, are you happy to see me?" he asked they hugged and then Edmund found himself hugging Susan, Lucy was now dancing around with Mollie they were both grinning and Peter was stood regally on the steps, he walked down and gave Edmund a hug, and Mollie a kiss on the cheek.

They all walked inside where Edmund presented them with huge presents he had stolen from the Tisroc, Mollie just rolled her eyes at him and handed each of them her own presents, Peter had a little writing desk, complete with ink bottles, Susan and Lucy got a new dress each, although she had stolen them off the Tisroc's daughters so she shouldn't complain about Edmund.

The monarchs dined late into the night, both Edmund and Mollie were happy to see the new Prince. Peter and Annabel had an heir. A little boy named Edward. He had Peter's bright blue eyes and Annabel's blonde hair. When they retired to bed, Mollie drifted off straight away but Edmund sat and stared at her for a bit, she looked healthy but he held her life, what if he died? He fell into a troublesome sleep, the nightmares started.

Mollie awoke to see Edmund flailing around next to her, she tried to wake him but he kept muttering, she knew Peter was always better at this and tore out of her room and down the corridor, her feet lightly slapping the stone beneath her, she eventually came to his door and barged in, he was lying, sleeping peacefully, one arm around Annabel, she ran up to him and shook him on the shoulder, he awoke and held a knife to her throat, she was panting and he tried to apologise, she waved it away
"Edmund… bad nightmare… cant wake…thrashing… crying out" she managed and then Peter understood and they ran back to her and Edmund's room, running in they saw him still flailing and Peter ran up to him
"Ed, wake up Ed, it's only a nightmare" Peter murmured against his ear, Edmund's eyes snapped open and he sat up looking at the place on the bed next to him, Mollie's place.
"M… Mollie? Where is she Peter?" he asked frantically
"Eddie I'm here, don't worry, I am not leaving" Mollie said as she sat down beside him, he fell asleep after a long while, Mollie had to reassure him several times that she was fine before he closed his eyes, Peter departed telling Mollie to come and get him if it happened again, she nodded and fell asleep. The castle was silent once more.

The next morning as they sat down to breakfast Peter cleared his throat. They all looked at him.
"We have the new recruits coming today" Peter said "It won't disrupt your training Mollie, I want you training around 10 this morning, Edmund will lead the recruits around the training ground and you can put on a show for them" Peter finished. Mollie beamed
"Can't wait" she grinned
"Mollie if you tell anyone that you are better at knife throwing than me I will lock you in the dungeon" Edmund said calmly eating his toast. Mollie stuck her tongue out at him and Annabel and Lucy laughed.
True to her word Mollie was out training at 9.30. Edmund was showing the hundred or so new recruits around the grounds.
"This is training field" he said to the men "We usually only have mock battles on here, to train you how to cope under pressure" he said as he led them into the huge field. He got them to stop and watch.
"But today we have a little show on for you" he said and watched along with them. A figure was fighting about 10 soldiers. In full armour Edmund could only tell it was Mollie by her sword. He watched as she whirled around and struck. She feinted and parried. Her movements were oddly graceful, flowing. When the last soldier was down he whistled. She looked up and jogged over, pulling her helmet off on the way. Edmund was getting annoyed with their comments
"By the Lion she is pretty" one recruit said
"Wonder if she will have any of us?" another said
"Course she will" another replied "She must be lonely if she is a Knight" They cast longing glances towards her as she stopped by Edmund's side. Her pale cheeks were pink with the exercise and her eyes twinkled happily. She sheathed her sword.
"These are the new recruits" Edmund told her. He then turned to them. "This is my wife, Queen Mollie" he said, smiling as the boys automatically stopped staring at her. He put an arm around her waist. She leaned in.
"I feel like a zoo animal" she whispered in her ear. Edmund laughed slightly.
"You look beautiful" he replied. Then aloud said "Right if you will now follow Oreius he will show you your rooms" he turned and pulled Mollie along. She laughed once they were in the garden.
"New recruits are so funny" she said
"If you say so" Edmund replied
"Is someone jealous?" Mollie teased
"No" Edmund stood abruptly and walked off. Mollie sighed and ran after him
"I'm joking Ed" she said "Anyway. Why would anyone be jealous of me"
"Many would be" Edmund said, he put an arm around her waist. She leaned in and gave him a kiss.

A few months onwards and Edmund and Mollie had been around visiting their people once, along with Susan, Peter and Lucy. Mollie was usually out with them but to see her riding beside Edmund with a silver circlet in her hair she looked like a Queen, everyone cheered for their newest monarch but Lucy and Susan were still the favourites, Lucy was the essence of fun even at 17, she was like the Sun, everything would stop if she were taken from them.

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