Before we start, let's get some acquaintance with our characters.

Brent- Brent is your typical laid back college student, he's trying to get the partying and wildness out of his system while he's still in college. He's currently attending Metropolis University and see's Batman as Earth greatest hero being the only one of the big three that's just human.

Jacob- Jacob is Brent's best friend since childhood and also his dorm mate. He's a wiz kid and unlike Brent prefer's to focus on his classes then just partying. He tolerates the Justice League but doesn't completely trust them.

Zoe- Zoe is Brent's girlfriend, she'll be explored further later.

Justin- Justin is Jacob's little brother, although he's still in High School he likes to hang around the university to see his brother, after he left home. He's cocky and annoying at times and for some odd reason he looks up to Lex Luthor.

The alarm went off, Brent reached over to shut it up.

"Great, chemistry." He groaned as he struggled to get up. He turned to his side, ready to wake up his roommate and was shocked to see he wasn't in his bed.

"Geez, Jacob, do you always have to go into class early?" He said to himself.

Brent got up and reached into his closet and reached for a black t-shirt with a skull on it. He then grabbed a pair of jeans and got himself dressed. With that he left the dorms out towards campus.

Metropolis University, it was a nice place and an excellent school, but for some reason something didn't seem right today for Brent. He went into the science building. He went to his classroom.

"Oh there you are slowpoke, I was afraid without me around that you'd sleep in."

"You probably wouldn't have to worry if you'd stopped going into class so early." Brent said wittingly.

"Man, Jacob, I knew you were a bookworm, but not like this."

"Hey I plan on passing this year, you know."

"Class doesn't even start for at least an hour."

"Hey, early bird catches the worm."

Brent rolled his eyes.

"Look I'm gonna go hang with Zoe, if you don't mind, you might wanna get out some more, all this studying's making you dull."

"I'll keep that in mind bud. The professor should be here soon if you don't mind."

With that Brent left.

Jacob looked back in his journal, he had only three days til the next test.

"Well aren't you the smart one?" A voice rang out.

"Who's there?"

Suddenly someone stepped out of the shadows.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Lex Luthor."