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Death doesn't care. Death doesn't care if your young or if you have dreams. Death doesn't care if you're planning to go to college, get a job and maybe start a family. Death doesn't care if you do have kids younger than 10. Death doesn't care. It just chooses their random victim and watch with glee as the death devours their family and friends. Laugh at each tear, scream, cry, sob, cut, blood and everything else as they watch the helpless victim's loved ones try to move on.

They say time heals everything. But how? How can you heal when you used to mistreat that person? Or treat them like furniture? Or treat them like they were from the Bachelor? Or keep shoot them whenever Indie came by? Or annoy the hell out of them by nyan cat? Or- you get the point.

Yes, death sucks. But there's nothing you can do to change it. Because fate and death decided to team up, they give that person the bitter gift of no more life. Nothing you can change about it no matter how hard you try. All you have to do is try to move on. But what's the point of fighting when death and fate are laughing at your pain?

Maybe Intern 2 can be boring and not have a music genre he can stick to. But he was still human: still young with so much hopes and dreams. All taken away because fate and death had no pity on him. Selfish fate and greedy death wanted another victim on the list of deaths they caused. So they picked him.

And you'd figure that you're special since they decided to pick you out of the millions, maybe billions, of people they could've chosen. But it's not. It's called: 'unfortunate' or 'very unlucky'. Say whatever you want to say but the words mean one thing: death.

It was an ordinary day at MyMusic, like no other. Bigfoot still popping in and out whenever he wanted and Satan popping in whenever he thought someone was going to do something bad. But it was often false alarms. The guess guy still annoying as Nyan Cat and Justin Beiber combined together. Rayna and Idol singing out loud to Maroon 5's 'One More Night', interrupting Hip Hop from his na- oh, I mean work. Scene is still trying to get Indie to notice her,and Metal trying to get his work done but can't thanks to Maroon 5 and their damn new song. Techno & Dupstep were doing who knows what behind that closed door. Must be raving or something but one thing's for sure: the music's always up.

And Intern 2? Getting through the day from Indie's insults, using him as furniture and having to do assignments like taxes. But he was always good at numbers so it was at least the highlight of his day. He's always been treated this way ever since he first showed up for an internship. Guess it must be because he was more boring then a box of staples or the fact he's still haven't found a music genre to stick to. He likes all types, but he isn't that much of a fan of music, and never bothered to find a specific music genre because he was so busy working.

"I still can't believe Indie isn't noticing me!" Scene fumed when she returned to her office space.

Intern 2 rolled his eyes. It wasn't the first time she always said that. But he was never really into dating so he couldn't really help her out, "Maybe you should try harder?"

"Maybe...maybe I should try to listening to the music he likes!"

"Just be yourself. It's what most guys want, or at least for me." He replied with a sigh. He doesn't understand what Scene likes about Indie. He only thinks of her only as a friend, but he seriously wants to know on why she likes Indie so much. She must've been on his good side..That is, if he has a good side.

"Alright! But that will be plan Z!" Scene exclaimed with a laugh.

Intern 2 didn't want to know what plans A to Y were so he just nodded and continued to his work. Scene was listening to a Panic! At the Disco song and whenever he was bored: he'd try to guess the song title of those songs. But he failed since the song titles weren't at all in the song.

'I hope you didn't expect that you'd get all of the attention.
Now let's not get selfish
Did you really think I'd let you kill this chorus?'
And he immediately knew the song title: 'Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.'

Scene played that song at least 5 times a week. You'd expect that a girl like her wouldn't listen to a song that isn't innocent. But she's Scene. And screamo...He hated screamo. He could only stand a little bit of it like Fall Out Boy's 'Saturday' for instance. But he really can't stand screamo like a hardcore metal song would play. It just wasn't him.

"So what music genre would you be right now at the moment?" Scene asked him whenever she got bored which was the middle of the day. She'd try to talk to him every once in a while and they could both understand each other: since they were interns.

"For the moment..Because you played your hour's worth of singin of Black Veil Brides and that one of their songs is stuck in my head right now, I guess I'd be a Scene kid. But it's only for the moment." He answered without looking up. It's true that he had one of their songs stuck in his head.

"Then I should make you listen to them even more!" She said with a bright smile: always in her cheerful moods.

"Then I'll wear earplugs." He added jokingly, Scene would always make him smile or in a good mood because of her happy and cheerful attitude towards the world.

"Hey Intern 2, for some reason this showed up in my mail a week ago...Weird..but okay I guess..." Idol said as she handed Intern 2 an envelope before walking away. The weirdest part was: she never opened it. And it would be pretty much her to open the letter and take a picture of it for Facebook before giving it to him.

Intern 2 looked at the envelope's return address. Stanford. No way. He sent an application form months ago along with the other best top universities. He had been awarded a full scholarship to any university when he graduated high school so he didn't have to worry about the money. And besides, even if they didn't give him the scholarship: the universities would've paid him to go their universities. He was that smart.

He opened it and read the form. The letter was printed, as almost every letter would be. But wait, wouldn't the letter be in parchment not computer paper? And shouldn't the signature be handwritten? He ignored those signs (the powers of excitement) and read the first line..he had been accepted!

It was up until did he flip the paper did he see in plain words, handwritten:

"lol, it's a prank! The letter's a prank.

(A/N: I don't know about you but I was kind of laughing when that idea came into my mind...I have a bad sense of humor.)

He heard Idol laughing out loud with Rayna like it was the funniest joke in the world. The way they were whispering at each other and laughing made him feel like those were girls he came across in middle school. Thinking they were queens of the school and would often tell him to do their homework: in exchange for a full hours of no fights or insults. Didn't seem like a fair deal but he took it.

"Remember how they looked when they found out they weren't accepted to any of the colleges? Apparently, 'Makeup, helping the world become prettier, and reading books to troubled kids about fashion' doesn't cut as after-school activities. And they apologized to me afterwards, when they found out I was the smartest in the school. But saying 'sorry' won't heal those scars but hey, at least they apologized.
"He thought to himself as he remembered those memories. Painful memories.

And... now he's an intern. Yay.

But today, he had never felt so hurt in his life on what Idol had done. Even the words that those girls in high school told him were weak compared to what she had done. He simply glared at her, she was too busy telling Rayna her brilliant prank, and went back to work. He felt like slapping those girls just for the heck of it, but he instead crumpled up the paper into a ball and hit Idol with it. It was very unlike him but Idol started it.

Idol shrugged it off and continued to laugh along with Rayna before listening to a radio station and singing along to 'Falling to Pieces' by David Guetta and Sia. Laughing and singing without a care in the world, annoying the hell out of everybody. But they had grown used to Idol's 'amazing' singing.

So the day went from bad to terrible to worse. Indie would keep yelling at him for all of sorts of things: not letting him to sit down and rest for at least 5 minutes. Maybe if Indie wasn't so hard on him, Intern 2 might not have accidently spilled the kombucha all over him. Though he had to admit: it did make his day a little better. In the end: Indie made him stay at work late.

There he was: already old enough to go to college and yet, he's still being teased at, picked on and maybe getting punched. And don't forget being shot and getting your head at a toilet. (Wow..This is like high school. They got the brats and everything!) He thought that those would stop when he graduated from high school: how shocked everyone was when he had graduated with top honors and was made student of the year, a very rare award. For a moment, he did finally the top of everybody else but the feeling was only temporary. He was now on the bottom again.

Soon the minutes turned to hours and it was getting late. Intern 2 just had to stay an hour more than he can go home. Simple. Just 60 minutes: seemed easy as cake. The last person who had left before Intern 2 was Metal: who was packing up the camera equipment for the day.

"Indie made you stay late, huh?" Metal said before heading out to leave.

"Yeah," He replied with a shrug, "But it's only an hour more. Nothing really big."

"Okay, well have a nice night." He replied then left to go home. Heck, even though Tina's transformation still annoyed him: at least her cooking was great.

An hour passed and he could now go home. Indie was the first one to leave and the last to arrive since he found it too mainstream to be leave last and arrive early. In fact, Intern 2 could've just left a hour ago but he didn't want to be fed to the rats just because he decided to skip a hour. He just thought it was an hour. Just an hour late to go home. So he packed up his stuff, locked up the office and left.

It was just an hour. Was what everyone thought. Just a harmless little hour. But they were downright wrong. He was an hour late. An hour on the wrong time. An hour on the wrong age to be. A hour on the wrong street he was driving on.

Nobody knew ,and even Intern 2 himself knew, his hours were slowly being numbered. Like a hourglass finishing up the last grains of sand. But unlike the hourglass, he can't flip his life back to the beginning. It was only once you could have the life. This was why 'YOLO' was created. But technically, it should've been called 'YODO': You Only Die Once.

As Intern 2 was driving, he was only focusing on the road. His home was on the other side of town so he just had to cross a bridge to save 20 minutes. He barely uses that road but since it was getting late, he decided to just use it. For the heck of it.

But everything...everything happened too quickly. A car was going in the same lane as him heading towards him. Out of fear, he let his hands let go of the wheel and cover his face from the glass that would soon break. The car did hit him, sending billions of glass on his hands, scratching them which made blood come out of them. But he didn't feel it. He didn't feel any pain. He wasn't awake, asleep or unconscious. Barely had time to cry or even scream.

The person in the other car wasn't breathing also. And by the time the ambulance came: they were both dead. Dead at 12:14 A.M. The people had long since left the crime scene: feeling pity but others just shrugged and wished that the scene was more violent. So they just put police tape over the bridge, since it had to be under investigation. They'd have to search the cars looking for any personal info on which the people could be.

But one thing was sure his time had been finished.

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