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Final chapter...let's see how everyone is.

The days dragged on even more. Everybody tried to move on, they honestly tried, but it seemed so hard. Just knowing that they could've been at least nice to him: killed them. They were slowly eventually becoming themselves but there was one person affected by it badly. She blamed herself on Intern 2's death. Her name was Jamie Woods. Or in other words, Idol.

Nobody knows why she blamed herself on his death. It was because she felt like the note she had given to him traced to the crash. That he was so mad about it, he didn't notice where he was going and crashed. It wasn't her fault but who was going to tell her? Nobody knew about her note. So she grew depressed.

'IT'S MY FAULT INTERN 2 IS DEAD' She one day wrote, 3 weeks after the crash. Tears fell down her cheeks and it dripped onto the paper. She'd leave the paper like that. She was the murderer. And every murderer had to pay the price. She left the note by her desk and went to the staircase.

She dug into her pocket and pulled out the pocket knife she bought. Why live with guilt when she can swipe it away in just one little knife? She'd die in hell. Who cares? She was in hell already. But the guilt and pain will go away.

"Idol? W-why are you doi-what are you doing?!" Hip Hop asked seeing a teary eyed Idol and the knife she was holding.

"It's my fault Intern 2 is dead. And I'm paying the price. Don't stop me." She replied holding the knife closer to her neck.

Hip Hop grabbed her wrist and made her drop the knife. He knew the full story, "It wasn't your damn fault! Intern 2 was killed by a freakin' drunk driver, okay? It never was and never will be your fault."

Idol looked at Hip Hop and realized that he was telling the truth. She was going to be paying a price that she didn't need to pay if it weren't for Hip Hop, "I'm sorry. The same he died was the same day I put a fake note saying he got accepted to a college. And I thought it was my fault..."

"Don't apologize for something you're not sorry for. And Intern 2 is very forgiving so I'm sure he'll forgive you...not that I know of."

"I forgot again. It was Intern 2's IPod you took, right?"

"No, it was mi-," He realized that Idol knew, "What? How did yo-"

Idol let out a smile, "You'd think I don't watch the episodes again? I always do!"

"Thank you."

Idol relaxed a bit and managed to get on with her work.

Nobody felt like showing up to Intern 2's funeral. Well...only Scene and Hip Hop. But everybody else couldn't. They couldn't see his relative's faces. They had been cruel to him and they can't show up expecting open arms from everybody. Not everybody could be as forgiving as he is.

Indie didn't bother looking for a new intern. Work was needed to be done but Indie kept saying that they don't need a new intern. Scene's doing fine and he'll give everybody a bit of the work. They protested but Indie only said that the next intern wouldn't last a week. Everybody thought he was just fine with his death. But they were wrong.

That same day, they decided to go see his grave.

Everyone was dressed in black (even Indie) when they approached the cemetary. Hip Hop drove Idol and Scene while Dupstep drove Techno, Indie and Metal. They got off the car, each holding flowers, and let the sun beat down on them. Teasing that it's a wonderful day when it was rainy to them.

As they walked across gravestone to gravestone, they searched for Intern 2's name. Anna Sylvic. John Barren. Sergeant Gaberiel Matthews. They found his name finally: Melvin Munson. With fresh dirt piled close to the gravestone. Dying flowers stood beside the gravestone, showing that they were given when he was first buried.

It seemed like a crime to shove a dead corpse in a casket and bury them in dirt. If anything, they should be buried in diamonds or gold. Not lousy dirt. Hip Hop helped Scene remove the dying flowers and place them in a garbage can.

"Should we say some words?" Techno translated for Dupstep.

"Yeah...I'll begin," Idol said quietly, "I know I did a really cruel thing to play that prank on you but I really am sorry. I know that it must've hurt and all I did was laugh. I'm really sorry. You were a good person."

Dupstep spoke which was translated, "I know we had barely known each other but I know you weren't supposed to die like this. I know that you were a smart guy and you didn't deserve death. And I wish I could've hung out with you more."

"I'm really sorry you had to die, Intern 2. I wish you the best and you were always PLUR. I'm sorry if I don't have anything else to say. If I do, I'll come back." Techno said after translating Dupstep.
They went around in turns. And next was Indie. Indie looked around to see if anybody would agree to take in place of him but they refused. It was his turn. Indie took a deep breath, "I know...I was being a fucking douche bag around you and would always use as furniture. Always tell you mean things...and I'm sorry I told all these things about you. It took me until your dead to realize that I was being cruel around you. I'm sorry for everything I ever did...I'm sorry."

Everybody stared at him in shock. They always expected him to be happy and say some cruel things on his deathbed but he didn't. He was apologizing on his grave without a tinge of regret on his face. Maybe he really truly was sorry. But it took him until now to realize that.

"You were a really good friend, Intern 2...never getting that annoyed when I played nyan cat or Invader Zim. Always cheering me up when I'm done. I'll even miss it when you talk about flowcharts. I'll miss you every day," Scene said trying not to let the tears get in the way. She would miss him. She'd miss him saying 'purpleberry' to make her laugh whenever she was down. He was a good friend.

"I know we ended up in a bad pace with me kissing you for no reason but you weren't that bad of a person. I know you don't deserve this," Metal said. He really had nothing to say.

"Even though I had to shoot ya twice for being so damn annoyin', I'll miss you, though. You were at least the only one who wasn't insane and we're all gonna miss you." Hip Hop said in his gangster tone. He couldn't tell everybody that he was a poser. Now he had no one.

They placed the flowers close by the gravestone and slowly walked away to their cars. All except Scene and Hip Hop. Scene was still crying while Hip Hop was just standing there.

"Are you gonna come?" She asked starting to walk away.

"Yeah..I'll be there in a minute..." Hip Hop said. Scene nodded and walked away. Now he was alone. He placed his own flowers beside the gravestone, "ignore what I said. I'm just really grateful to have a friend like you. You said you'd keep my secret and you did. You helped me out during the Daughtry incident and I know you're somewhere better now. We'll miss you over here."

"Are you coming?" Scene asked again walking towards him.

"Yeah," He said but before he got up and walked with her he whispered, "Thank you."

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