"Taliciana, wake up!" the soft call of her Madre called into Taz's room.

"5 more minutes." Taz responded.

"TALICIANA." the scream of her madre banging two pots together made the short Hispanic teenager fly out of bed and hit her head on the pan.

"¿QUE PASA?" Taz yelled and glared at her Madre.

"Jour Quinceañera starts in two hours."

"Ugh... Do I have to?" Taz moaned.

"Up Up UP!" Rosa Lopez grabbed her daughter and thrust her into the bathroom. Taz stepped into the shower and scrubbed her skin, her black curls tied under a shower cap.

"But Madre, the Robots are still trying to invade our city." Taz heard her younger brother Anton whimper.

"Taz's big day and jou won't even get out of bed." Rosa yelled at the 8 year old as Taz crossed the Hallway.

"Happy Birthday." Taz's 18 year old brother grinned from the door. "Arnt jou supposed to be in a dress?" he asked looking at her bath robe.

"Shouldn't jou be in a tux?" she snorted. Andre shrugged and walked back to his room. Rosa appeared and looked at Taz.

"Taliciana, let's get one of de dresses." Taz had 3 dresses, as her mother couldn't pick and Taz couldn't give a dead-goddamn toss. The first dress was a Buttery Yellow. The second a Bottle Green and the last a Magenta Pink.

"Ugh." Taz moaned in the Yellow Dress.

"Jour so fussy!" Rosa moaned at her daughter as Taz ripped the dress off her back. Rosa slipped the Green Dress over Taz's sharp shoulder blades. She liked this one better than the others, the dark green silk complemented her eyes beautifully. However Rosa wasn't convinced.

"Let's just..." she pulled the Silk off her daughter before throwing the bright pink frills over her head.

"Better." Rosa declared and began to make Taz's face up with Powder.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, a Tall Starship Ranger Lieutenant sat with his squadron eating his breakfast.

"Up!" the man next to him nudged.

"Yeah Jed?" Up turned to his friend.

"Quit spilling Cereal on me." Jed laughed and pinged a cornflake at Up, who caught it and placed it in his mouth.

"Men hurry up! Squardon 1564 is losing and we're their back up!" A tall commander yelled.

"Go Go GO!" Skyet yelled as everyone ran into position.

Lieutenant Up looked at his Commander and ran his hand through his Pre-maturely greying hair. His blue eyes shined as he kitted up and jumped in a truck.

"Madre, look!" Anton yelled as he stared at the bridge. Swarms of Robots were stomping over it.

"De Rangers will sort them out." Andre told Anton. Their father looked out of the window as their car left their estate on the east side of the city. Taz was sat in the back, the puffs of netting and mesh was rubbing her skin. She sighed and looked at the robots. She wanted a gun and wanted to shoot them robots dead. Meirda, they were close. Sunlight glinting off them as they stomped. She could see the rangers out there already, shooting.

"Lieutenant Up, You and Jed are to search invaded buildings with your group and to clear them." Skyets yelled. "And get civilians out!" he yelled down the Radio. "Over." Up saw a car headed towards the Hispanic area of town. He sprinted and reached the car and signalled it.

"¿Que te Pasa Señor?" the driver asked.

"Get out of the City. "

"Sorry, I am going to my neices Quinceañera." He replied.

"What's that?" Up asked. The man shook his head and drove on.

Taz stood to the side of the room as everyone danced. She swayed in her high heels. She hated high heels. She loved Combat boots. She hated girly shiny uncomfy shoes like these.

"¿Que?" her friend Miquel asked her.

"I have headache. De Musica is to loud." Taz complained. Miguel laughed.

"Other than that?"

"I want to be a Ranger." Taz blurted.




"My life is planned out for me. I guess it's the same with most Latino Heiresses. But I want to save de world, I want to fight Battles. I want to win..." Taz sighed. Miquel laughed.

"Jou'd make a great ranger. I mean all those years we spent running in jour Garden, 'fighting' with Andre, jou'd be great." Taz laughed at his complements.

"Yeah, as if Dominic and Rosa Lopez would let their only daughter join de starshi-" the paused as all the windows in the room smashed. Robots poured in, shooting everyone. Taz and Miquel ran through to the cupboard they were stood beside the entrance to.

Fifteen minuets later, Taz peeped her head around the door, and stepped out into her Quinceañera. Dead bodies littered the floor, she saw her aunt Hilda with her head snapped back and a whole in her chest. Taz turned to the robots still in the room and leapt over the bodies screaming at them. Anton was hid under a table which was cornered.

"ANTON!" she yelled

"TAZ!" Miguel yelled after her.

A robot turned and shot at Taz, who ducked. It hit Miquel squarely on the chest. He fell backwards. Taz's eyes widened as she ducked another shot before grabbing one of the Quesadilla plates and smashing the metal dish over a robots head. She then ran towards another and tripped in those stupid heels. Taz heard a snap and kicked the heel off that foot to find her shin was broken. She hurled the show and it caught a Robot in the eye, however when she tried to stand back up her leg snapped more and Taz found herself flying foramwards. She grabbed a table leg and the table flew over, shielding Anton better as she stood up.


"JED! DON! PEIRCE! UP! GO! OVER" Commander Skyet yelled and the three Ensigns and Lieutenant ran down an alleyway towards the building in Question.

"Not safe at all... over." Don yelled down the radio, as he cut out Up heard a girl scream from inside. It was the kind that sent chills down your spine, the scream evolved into an angered screech and Up ran in. He leapt over a body, nearly puking and saw the girl, she pulled a shoe off her foot and threw it at a Robot. The other was lodged into another's head. There was a fire somewhere, as smoke filled the room. Up realised that some of the Bodies were burning. The two remaining robots were holding onto the girl now. Her pink dress torn and scorched and her bare feet bloody. He realised that this must have been the Quinceañera that man was talking about, as she was cursing in Spanish.

"TAZ!" a boy under the table screeched. As Up ran towards the girl, presumably 'Taz', she was lifted into the air by the robots who began to swing a food dish at her. Up shot the first in the back, who dropped her and Taz grabbed the food dish and swung it onto the head of the robot remaining, who shot one last laser in the direction of the table. The teenager panted heavily.

"Are you okay?" Up asked her.

"I'm fine, thanks. Anton?"

"Taz? It hurts." Anton cried. The last shot had hit the right year old in the abdomen. Taz screamed and tried to run to him, before falling over her broken leg. Up helped her up but it was clear Anton would die. His brown skin was almost the color of Up's. He was shaking and the pool of blood was about a meter in each direction.

"Mi Hermano. Mi Hermano." Taz repeated until he stopped whimpering. Anton was dead.

"C'mon missy." Up looked at Taz and held out a hand after Taz had sat their for ten minuets.

"He's gone... Who are jou?" she asked.

"Im Lieutenant Up, a Starship Ranger. We need to get you to a hospital." Taz didn't trust him at first but when he announced he was a ranger, she trusted him more. She took his hand and she stood up, taking dazed steps and not allowing Up to carry her.

"I'm Taz." she said halfway through the walk. Up had her look at the door and he would lift her gently over each body, as the first one she encountered had been that of her cousin. When they got outside the rest of the squadron were winning the city back.

"Permission to take Civilian to Hospital. Over." Up said to the Radio Dan was holding.

"Permission Granted. Over." the reply was swift.

"Request for approximately 200 bodies from Applegreen Hall removed. Over."

"Shit. That bad? over."

"One survivor. Over and Out." Up finished the call before walking to the nearest abandoned car and opening the door for Taz who sat down with tears sliding down her face as she realised her family was gone.