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"So Commander; How long is this going to take?" Taz asked Up as they walked through a cave system. They had been at the space station for 3 years now; Taz was getting agitated and would snap at anyone. She just wanted them to find the reasoures.

"Ah while Taz." Up had sent the others in their Squadron ahead.

They continued walking for five minuets. Soon hey were in an uncharted cavern.

"Yo, Up?" Taz asked.


"Its Kian's birthday soon. Jou sending him a gift?"
Kit, Rick and Kian had left the starship corp on Kian's third birthday. They now lived in Mars City with a Datadog and Rick was working as a Trainer for one of the camps there.

"No idea. You have any idea?"

"No idea. Maybe this chunk of rock..." Taz picked up a peice of space junk from the floor.

"HOLY SHIT TAZ." Up pointed his flashlight nd the ground where Taz had lifted the rock. It was shiny grey.

"We found de reasources." Taz whispered. Up typed into the communicator and soon enough, the ensigns were running down the cavern towards them. Taz picked up her communicator and climbed up the rocks until she heard the station pick up.

"Lietenat Taz of Squadron 13e9; Exploration in Helgaron, otherwise known as Moon 5. I will be sending co-ordinates to where we have found a reasource of metalic substance."

"Co-ordinates are recieved help pod is being discharged now."

"Well done lieteant." Up grinned as Taz jumped down. The ensigns saluted and Taz scowled.

"What are we waiting for?" Taz snarled before puling out a drill from the pack.

They continued in that fashion for another year, until enough reasources were found for 10 squads to return. As Taz sat in the pod as it slowly chugged back to the station, Up cme and sat next to her.

"Hey Taz, I was thinking maybe you and me can go and see a movie together tonight? You know, the Karat-"

"Of course." She grinned as he smiled.

"We going back to earth soon, Commander?" an ensign asked. Up shook his head.

"Not for six months Elliots." Up replied. "We're going into a resting section for six months. Then its back to earth once the rookies are out."

"That sounds boring." Taz moaned.

"It can be fun!" Up replied and Taz looked at him like he was crazy.

"Jou kidding me?" Taz glared at him. Up laughed.

"Why jou laughing?" Taz asked as the ship docked into the G.L.E.E hub.

"You look cute when your angry." Up whispered after he dismissed the ensigns.

"Da heck?" Taz asked as they walked down the hallway. As Taz was Up's Lietenant, her room was opposite Up's. However they both went to Up's room to watch the movie.

They watched it once through normally and afterwards through on mute and they made up words. After that they watched other movies, old black and white ones. Finally watching the Karate kid again before Up realised Taz had fallen asleep. He sighed and lifted her off the couch before tucking her into his bed and climbing in the otherside.

Up woke up as his body hit the floor. He sat up and looked at the bed, and saw two chocolate brown eyes gazing back at him.

"The Heck Taz?" Up asked. She stuck out her tongue as he climbed back up onto the bed.

Two months had passed and soon it was Up's birthday. He grinned at Taz as she longued across the minipod he had cleared for use.

"You know, it is my birthday. I doubt I should be the one flying this."

"Okay." Taz stood up and sat in the chair. She turned to Up. "You do know I cant fly these things right?"

"Oh yeah..." Up facepalmed before pulling her out of the chair.

"I rest my case." Taz grinned and kicked her boots off.

"You know, what do you think you would be doing right now if we had never met? If you were born a day earlier?" Up asked.

"In some house somewhere with some man I dont even love because I'm in de stupid aranged marriage." Taz sighed. "And I would have a child by now, coz Mama had Andre when she was 22."

"Thats a bit young..." Up laughed.

"What do jou expect? Grandpapa Castro invented the nuclear waste converter dey use on the ships." Taz breathed out.

"If I had never joined the rangers and If my Mom and Dad were alive, I would be dead." Up Stated bluntly. Robots took over the south when I was four, and they keep flushing back and forth to get any survivors. Which is why me and Rick ran to Illinois after the second time."

"Is jour name really Up?"

"Is your name really Taz?"

"Jou know de answer."

"Okay... so my name isnt Up..." Up paused. "It was my first word, and Dad would call me that and it became a Nicname. Me and Rick always said we dont remember our last name... But Rick said we would mak a new one when we were next asked. We decided that it ended with Johnathan and Kathleen Mills. Ric doesn't know my first name, because he never called me by it. No, my first name isnt Up. My first name is Zachary."

"Zachary?" Taz laughed.

"Hey! Its Up to you" Up laughed back.

"How long until we get to Mars?"

"Nearly there." Up grinned. "Hope your okay with staying in Rick and Kit's basement, they dont have a guest room anymore with the twins due in two months." Up grinned. Taz smiled.

"I still cant beleive that their having another baby - babies that is!" Taz laughed. Up grinned as he began to steer the pod around a large city on mars.

"Dont forget your spacesuit." Up grined at Taz. She grinned. Each house in the suburbs was surrounded by a massive bubble dome made of glass, and the city was completly covered in one. As the pod landed behind a dome, Taz noticed two figures wavining from the side. Rick and Kian. The first thing that happened was Kian running into Taz screaming;

"Aunty Taz! Aunty Taz!"

"Whoa whoa! Kian you know Taz isnt your Aunty!" Rick laughed as he pulled Kian back. Taz grinned at Up as he cleared his throat.

"Oh yeah! Uncle Up!" Kian laughed and hugged him. Taz waggled her eyebrows at him.

"Happy birthday Up!" Rick laughed and they all walked into the dome. It was warm and sunny, and after they un-kitted and saw Kit and the "bump" as Rick was calling it, Taz and Up went to the basement to get settled in.

"Happy Birthday Zach" Taz grinned and kissed him on the cheek.

"Its Up." He replied, his voice crackling slightly.

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