Rain fell from the sky, hammering on the roofs of Magnolia. Few had the audacity to roam in the open rain at this hour of night, lighting flashing with thunder's crash. However, those that did venture into this chaos of nature made way for a group of three figures, shrouded in billowing cloaks. One led them while the other two followed in behind. However they were just as mysterious as their leader. They were broad shouldered, athletic, and walked with the determination and confidence as if they could kill any who dared cross their good humor. And in all honesty, they could but would prefer not to. They were here to make a request, not an impression even though they were doing the last any way. And when they were on business, they meant business.

They approached a massive building, dwarfing it's neighbors. The leader looked up and took in the shear size and magnitude of the building. It had been a while since he had seen a guild building. This guild had more reputation and power in their members. A wizards guild known throughout this nation as Fairy Tail.

The leader looked down at the main door and trembled slightly before glancing to their companions. Both of the others nodded and the leader turned back to the door and raised their hand, palm facing the door. A swirling orb of energy formed and expanded, erupting into the door blasting it to pieces.

Everyone in the bar looked up as the doors blew apart, splinters flying everywhere.

"Wha-?" Lucy asked startled as chunks of the door landed everywhere. Gray got to his feet with Natsu next to him.

"Hmmmm..."Master Makarov mumbled thoughtfully as the three cloaked figures walked in. Some Rose to fight them but the two on each side of the leader dispatched them simply without hampering their approach down the middle of the guild to the bar where Makarov was sitting.

"Master?" Mirajane asked slightly confused.

"So they came..." Makarov said. Mirajane frowned nervously.

"Who do you think you are?!" Natsu demanded, fire covering his arms.

The leader swept his hand in front of themselves and the door began re-assembling itself, the casters energy repairing it to it's original state. Natsu froze and Gray shuddered. The leader pulled back their hood and shook the long shaggy wash of blonde hair from their eyes.

"Master Makarov," The leader said, his dark blue eyes somber as he pulled back his cloak draping over his right shoulder and revealed his shoulder, bearing the mark of a wizards guild across it. The mark resembled a wolf howling on all fours."I am Seraphim from the Howling Wolf guild. I and my companions come seeking to enter this guild known as Fairy Tail." His comrades did like wise, displaying the same mark on other parts of their bodies as the first after removing their hoods.

"Huh?" Gray asked, stopping himself from unleashing a torrent of ice at the intruders.

"Howling Wolf guild?" Lucy asked confused."Who are they?"

"We were a guild of wizards who fought together as an entire team. I'm Spike by the way. His name is Fog." The one on the left said gesturing to his silent comrade on the right who merely nodded."We were the last of the wizard armies. The last. We were wiped out. The three of us are their sole survivors. Master Makarov would remember Master Galenthor. He recommended we retreat here and join this guild. We heard it's strength surpassed our own. We would be honored to join your ranks. He also added that now, the scores were even." Spike added.

"And you, Fog?" Master Makarov asked turning to the other.

"My apologies, master. Fog is a mute. He's only here because he trusts Seraphim." Spike said to which Fog hung his head and knelt before Master Makarov on one knee.

"However words do not appear to be necessary in this moment." Master Makarov added.

"Master-" Mirajane began but Makarov held up a hand.

"I owe Galenthor a great deal as do all of us who have been here long enough to recall. Even you should remember that Mira." Makarov interrupted solemnly. Mira remained silent.

"What is going on?!" Lucy asked confused.

"The howling Wolf guild was a guild of wizards who roamed the world together. They took S-class missions across the land, seeking for those truly in need of help. The were one of the famed wizard armies of the world. In fact, possibly the most notorious for how many S-class missions they accomplished. And to top that, they conducted each together, regardless of skill achieving each mission without casualties. Few wizard armies remain nowadays due to how hated they are by rival guilds and how what we might consider a simple brawl between guilds for us would be a bloody and heartless battle to the last wizard army standing. No survivors. Efforts were made to ban these guilds by the council, but since they were too good at achieving S-class missions no team would take, the prospect never passed the discussion phase." Gray said watching the three standing in the middle of the guild."They must be the remnants who actually escaped."

"It was only a week ago. The taste of defeat is still bitter in our throats. Let alone the loss of comrades." Seraphim said not showing his pain perfectly, instead maintaining the same intimidating persona he walked in with, fists clenched, small wisps of energy coursing around his fists."We were slaughtered by the Black Garrison guild in an ambush."

"That's horrible!" Mirajane stated sadly.

"It's war! There is no debating of the subject. Soldiers, wizards or not, die on the battle field. It's merely a matter of time." Seraphim interjected darkly.

"Calm down Seraphim, these aren't enemies." Spike interupted clamping a hand on Seraphim's shoulder. Seraphim reacted to the resistance and relaxed.

"Sorry, he just needs time. He hasn't been the same since the ambush." Spike said apologetically to Master Makarov.

"It is alright. Stay here and recover. We'll let you start going on missions when you are ready." Makarov replied simply from his spot sitting on the counter, fingering his staff thoughtfully."As for joining, we will graciously accept you in."

"WHAAAT?!" Lucy objected terrified.

"They earned their way in after previous exploits. You weren't here when it happened." Mirajane sighed yielding to Master Makarov's judgement.

"What happened Levy?" Lucy asked.

"It was amazing! When Fairy Tail first started, we were good friends with Howling Wolf guild. When we were hit hard by another guild, Howling Wolf jumped in without request and defended our guild as we recovered from the one attack we suffered. They protected us for thirty full blown attacks! Not a single wizard fell among Howling Wolf while our enemies were vanquished time after time. They were the only ones who intervened in our darkest hour! And they refused payment instead seeking an alliance, that if any should need refuge, the other would take in the other's members. But since they were a guild army, we never saw much of them. Seraphim was one of the leading team leaders who spearheaded the defense." Levy said excitedly.

"Then why is Mira so worried?" Lucy asked confused.

"Laxus and Seraphim were heated rivals. Still are actually actually. Seraphim uses magic of water or often the "Spirit of Water". Laxus uses electricity. However Seraphim also requips so he is a bit odd in that sense. But he is pretty strong. XS-class!" Mirajane responded for Levy nervously.

"Ex-S-class?" Natsu asked now as confused as Lucy was.

"Not Ex-S-class, XS-class! S-class wizards who selflessly go on S-class missions that the requester cannot repay. They go on the missions not to earn money, but to help those who need it but can't pay the jewels!" Levy said.

"What? Why! Jewels are the only reason missions are worth going on sometimes! They're the only reason we get dragged into them!" Lucy asked pointing at Natsu who was busy looking over the mission board for a really pricey and absurd one.

"Some one has to. Besides, it feels better to help those who cannot repay you in any way but their thanks because their thanks is what truly makes it worth it. No amount of jewels can surpass a smile of sheer gratitude. It gives a wizard meaning as a pose to simply being a mercenary." Seraphhim said.

"Seraphim, where would you like your mark?" Mirajane asked.

"Left shoulder." Seraphim replied removing his cloak revealing a rippling muscle shirt muddied and soiled with blood. His arms were as strong as Natsu's and his hands coarse and callused. Mirajane nodded and stamped the Fairy Tail guild emblem on his shoulder. Seraphim nodded and re-donned his cloak as Spike asked for the emblem to be put on his right fore arm.

"So what magic do use Spike?" Elfman asked curiously.

"Oh, simple. I can eject steel spikes out of any part of my body. most of the time I bear one long one on either arm. However I can also eject them out of my shoulders, back, and so on and so forth. Sometimes everywhere all at once." Spike replied rubbing the back of his neck a little embarrassed since it wasn't as impressive as any thing Seraphim could do.

"And you Fog?" Loke asked. Fog replied by turning his hand to water vapor and forming the vapor into the Fairy Tail symbol.

"Cool..." Loke replied stunned. Fog simply returned his hand to normal and nodded in agreement.


"Uh oh." Mirajane mumbled in unison with Spike. Seraphim merely looked up to the second floor.

"And who would be dumb enough to have to ask?" He replied.