Seraphim leaned against one of the dock pillars of wood suspending the docks over the water. On the top of the pole sat a seagull. He looked up and smiled. He was way earlier than anyone else giving himself some time to think. It had only been a week ago. And it had been an entire week ago. Why he was still grieving made no sense, especially considering that there were going back to where it had happened. And if Erza was right, then the other remnants would be behind this. He would both achieve Revenge and have an excuse to himself for doing so. Two birds with one stone. So why did it still feel so wrong?

Because you know revenge answers nothing.

Gabriel, Seraphim sighed in his mind.

Why do you seek revenge for the dead? The living need you more. Spike and Fog need you.

I know. But I need to settle the score. I can't accept being beaten by a Demon wielder. Seraphim replied.

And in the end you will be no better than he. All you will accomplish is sinking to his level. And even that is nowhere.

But I can't allow him to wander the face of the Earth after what he just did to everyone I love.

Seraphim, you need to let go and remember they are waiting among us. They have neither left you behind nor you them. What on earth or in heaven would you accomplish?

Something, anything but nothing. I can't stand to let him get away with killing Master Galenthor and not have something to say about it. Seraphim replied hopelessly.

I see. I'll talk later when you are not so mixed up. Cool down for now though and think over your actions that you may embark on. You may not be an angel, but you still can 't give yourself over to your instinct and reflect on your judgment. Gabriel replied simply and remained silent. That was the down side of angelic power. Some one always up there had a word to put in about it. At least they rarely had anything to say usually. and they only knew what you were doing and where you were. Angelic power was merely a powerful form of magic. It had it's advantages and disadvantages, but the strings were removable. Gabriel whispering in every so often was one such string, but it came in handy at times. At least, when he wasn't being thoughtless. This was possibly one of those thoughtless moments.

Fog walked over and nodded. Seraphim grinned.

"You know, some people think you're pretty weird because you never speak. Why don't you? You do still have a tongue after all." Seraphim asked smiling.

Fog crystallized a series of words in the air with his magic.

I cannot. It is not something that can be explained.

There are no rules of my magic against it.

I simply am incapable of speech or sound.

"Kay, I'll phrase it that way when I try to explain it to Natsu. Erza claims he isn't much for deep thinking. Hopefully we won't need him for any of that." Seraphim replied. Fog raised an eyebrow. Seraphim sighed.

"Yes, he is more insightful at times than Spike can be probably. At least, if he were to try. I'm interested to see this for myself though. Listening to Erza gives me the feeling she has more bias than fact on Natsu when I brought him up." Seraphim shrugged.

And what of Gray?

Juvia seems to hold him in high regards.

"Bias on the other end of the spectrum. I'm guessing he is about on par with Natsu and Yourself skill wise. Lucy may not be strong herself as far as stamina, but she is a skilled celestial wizard. As long as she has her head on right there shouldn't be a problem. Happy is a secret weapon. Apparently he has wings. Erza however I'm worried about. Both of us assert ourselves as a leader, and I have a feeling our ways of doing things may contradict in the worst of timing." Seraphim replied solemnly.


"If I give one order, and she gives another, the group will be divided. And her way of asserting command is rather harsh. It's more brute force than trust." Seraphim sighed.

Are you scared?

Seraphim paused for a moment and nodded."Yes, I believe that is true. As much as I don't truly harbor any favor towards her, I don't want her to get hurt. I don't want anyone to get hurt."

That's why you're such a naturally good commander.

You put the lives you send into battle above your own.

It's also why I trust you.

"Why don't you trust anyone else? Spike, as much as he is rather instinctual on occasion but he never leaks a secret." Seraphim asked.

Trust is not earned but given.

And he is not one to whom i wish to give something.

Knowing his tendencies, he would surely break something with it.

"Right, that makes sense." Seraphim laughed.

"Pardon?"Spike asked. Both of them turned to Spike who walked up, his belongings slung over his shoulder in a potato sack.

"Nothing," Seraphim replied, waving away the issue with his hand."What do you think of the others?"

"Natsu seems like quite an animal. I'm betting he could take on just about anyone he wanted to if he had half a mind to do it." Spike replied grinning jokingly.

"That is, if he even had half a mind at all..." Seraphim threw in and they laughed.

"Careful though, He's a powder keg more than a Dragon Slayer." Spike added.

"Pardon?" Seraphim asked, serious.

"Yeah, foster kid of Igneel or someone."

"You mean the one that left on the Seventh month, seventh day..."