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Tidus headed into Rin's Travel Agency, along with the rest of his newly found friends. Yuna was a sweet, gentle girl, and a close friend of his. Although she was a bit cold, Lulu was always there with her black magic to help him out when he was in trouble. Rikku... well, she was Rikku; cheerful, happy, and a good person to the core. Auron was also always there for him, his strength unmatchable. Kimahri was a bit odd, he never spoke, so he couldn't say much about him, but still, he seemed friendly in his own kind of way.

And then there was Wakka. Wakka was different from the rest. A joker, like Rikku, but kind, like Yuna. Just like Lulu, he was always there for him, with strength rivaling that of Auron. True, he wasn't the friendliest toward the Al Bhed, but he was learning.

Tidus never understood just what was so special about Wakka. Maybe it was his love for Blitzball, a love they shared. Or perhaps his playful childness. Also, Wakka was there when he needed him most. If he hadn't brought him in on the day he floated in on the ocean, who knew where he would be. Probably in the farplane somewhere, but that was beside the point. Wakka was special, but Tidus could never let him know how he really felt.

"I always thought I liked girls..." Tidus mumbled to himself as Yuna asked for several rooms to stay in for the night. "Never in my wildest of dreams would I ever think that something like this would happen. That I'd ever feel this way toward-"

"Feel 'bout what, brudda?" Wakka cut in, spinning a Blitzball around on his finger. "Quit talking to yourself, ya? Makes ya seem crazy."

"Uh..." Tidus was at a loss for words. 'Damn, I hope he didn't here all of that...' he thought, watching Wakka casually toss the ball up and down

"Tidus? You in there, brudda?" He joked, lightly knocking on Tidus' head.

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that. Guess my mind kinda... wandered." Said Tidus, shaking his head a bit.

"Hey, well, Yuna booked a few rooms, ya? Looks like you and me are bunking together." He said, and then pulled Tidus into a headlock. "You better not snore, ya? I need a good sleep, eh brudda?"

"Hey! Let go of me!" Yelled Tidus, pulling him from Wakka's tight grip, regretting having to pull away from him. "And, I'll try not to snore. As long as you promise not to mumble about Lulu all night." His last comment only resulted in another headlock from Wakka, this time fiercely rubbing his head with his fist. 'Ahh, how good it is to be with you, Wakka...' He thought to himself. 'How good...' ******

Wakka finally released Tidus, and he picked his Blitzball back up. "Hey brudda, wanna practice some Blitzball before we hit the sack?"

"Do I ever!" Yelled Tidus, snatching the ball from Wakka as he ran outside, Wakka only a few steps behind him. They reached a grassy field, and Tidus headed to the middle of it, tossing the ball up into the air.

Wakka slowed himself down, enjoying the sunset beyond the mountains near the field. He turned his gaze from the sunset to Tidus, who was impatiently waiting for Wakka. 'Mmm, what is it about him, that something that always draws me closer to him?' Thought Wakka, as Tidus yelled over to him to hurry himself up. 'That guy, I just... can't take my eyes of him. What makes him so different from the other boys?' He silently asked himself, breaking into a light jog as Tidus waved to him. 'What ever happened to my love for the ladies? Why am I so... attracted to him?' Wakka knew he could never tell Tidus about his feelings. If he rejected him, or pushed him away, he'd die. Knowing that the only person he ever truly loved would never love him back, he'd have to die. It would be too hard for him.

Wakka finally reached Tidus, who threw the Blitzball at him when he arrived for taking so long. They played for hours, as Tidus tried to teach Wakka the Jecht shot. Although he never was able to comprehend it, he did learn one thing: Tidus looked incredibly hot when dripping with sweat.

They preceded back into the agency after around 3 hours of hard practice, ready for a good night of sound sleep. 'But how am I to sleep, when Tidus is right there beside me, with his angelic smile forming as he dreams peacefully?' Thought Wakka, as he removed his normal clothing to sleep in his boxers. He sat down on his bed with a sigh, tossing the Blitzball to the other side of the room.


Tidus slipped out of his clothes, revealing Blitzball boxers that read "Zanarkand Abes" on them as he sat on his bunk. He looked to a shirtless Wakka, lying on his back with his arms behind his neck. "Well, Wakka, maybe you'll be able to master the 'Jecht Shot' another day", he said. Wakka only sighed. 'He seems so tense lately.' Thought Tidus, falling down on his back and crossing his arms across his bare chest. He assumed the pilgrimage was getting to him; guarding Yuna got tougher with each passing day.

"You tired, Wakka?" He asked, desiring to know what bothered him so.

"'Bit." Came his short reply, indicating he didn't want to be bothered. Tidus knew something was getting at him, but he knew better than to ask. He didn't want to invade the man's privacy.

"Well, I certainly am, all that practice left me beat. Goodnight..." He desperately wished to add a "my love" to the end of his sentence, but it wasn't the time. 'Someday it will be.' He hoped, pulling a sheet to his chin as he rolled onto his side. 'Someday...' Tidus slowly drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

**Tidus drempt of that field, the sun slowly setting beyond the mountain range. He had just completed a Jecht Shot, once again trying to teach Wakka the difficult maneuver. Suddenly out of breath, he dropped to the ground, his blonde hair gently blowly in the fall breeze. Wakka sat beside him, as they enjoyed the lovely sunset together...**


Wakka watched Tidus as he slept, the only noise being their own breathing. "That boy... he got the beauty of an angel." Said Wakka, disturbing the silence. Tidus shifted, startling Wakka, but then resumed his peaceful slumber. His lips had curled into his loving smile. Wakka knew he drempt of something lovely. "Now, if only the boy would dream of me, ya?" Wakka spoke to himself, watching Tidus' lips move as his hands pushed away the sheet once more. 'Should I?'


**Tidus dream continued as he sat with Wakka, then lay down on the soft, green grass beneath him. Wakka sat next to him, gently petting his hair until he too lay on the grass next to Tidus. Tidus reached out, gently stroking Wakka's cheek. Wakka looked toward him, his eyes filled with love. Tidus pulled his hand from Wakka's face, and lightly placed it behind his neck. He pulled his face close to his own, to whisper his words of love to him. But Wakka surprised him, as he firmly pressed his lips to Tidus'.**


Wakka, surprised by Tidus' reaction of placing his arm around Wakka's neck, stood up, and walked back over to his own bed. Had he really done it? Had he finally placed his own lips upon that of his love's? Yes he had. And as Tidus grumbled, reaching out toward Wakka, he returned to him, replacing his own lips upon Tidus'.


**Tidus kissed Wakka back as he returned to him, opening his mouth slightly this time. Wakka noticed, and slowly let his tongue inside. He gently passed it over the roof of Tidus' mouth, as Tidus held Wakka's face against his own. As Wakka pulled his tongue out, leaving a small space between his lips, Tidus inserted his own, allowing it to explore a mouth besides it's own.**


Once again surprised by Tidus' actions, Wakka gently allowed his hands to rest on Tidus' chest for a moment before he moved them, pulling his mouth away from Tidus as his tongue lightly slid over Wakka's lips. Wakka, his face a deep scarlet, stood up and turned to walk back to his bed. He turned one last time to catch a glimpse of Tidus' sleeping form, and kneeled to get a closer look. Tidus' head hung loosely off the edge of his bed, his arms outstretched once more. Wakka leaned toward him, watching his angelic smile curl into something devilish. Suddenly, Tidus grabbed Wakka by both arms, pulling him close for one last kiss. Eventually, Tidus released him, and Wakka, smiling, returned to his own bed. Perhaps he could never admit his feelings to him during the day, but if he could hold him like that in his sleep, perhaps he could live.


Tidus awoke the next morning, the kiss of "Dream Wakka" still lingering on his lips. Perhaps it had only been in his dreams, but he had kissed Wakka last night. If only he could now work up the courge to kiss him in real life. He looked toward the real Wakka, who yawned and and sleepily opened his eyes.

"Morning sleepyhead. Sleep well?" Asked Tidus.


Although he hadn't gotten much sleep last night, the night had been a good one. He had finally gotten the courge to kiss Tidus. True, he had to do it as Tidus slept, but he had done it. Now, if he could just do it when Tidus was conscious of his surroundings...

"Mmm, Ok, how 'bout you, brudda?" He asked Tidus.

"Never better." he replied.

Never better...

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