Sometimes, Saruhiko finds himself just leaving the castle- uncaring about the reaction he may get from his King and Queen- because he finds there's a simple thrill in being so rebellious. He's not even in his own kingdom as he rests his left hand on his rapier, just simply watching the ginger in front of him.

His name's Misaki, and despite the girlie name he's a performer. What does he perform? Stunts that can easily make the crowd gasp one second, then clap the next and cringe within a good few minutes. No one knows what to call it, Misaki labels it as "Free styled dance" and Saruhiko's charmed.

Misaki has some feminine attributes to him- but he's a complete male and Saruhiko wonders why he's suddenly enchanted by the other. After each performance, they talk and Saruhiko realizes who he is. He's an orphan from the other Kingdom over, the Kingdom of the Phoenix- he works under the King for occasional jobs, but this is his true love. The bluet just lies, says he's passing by.

When he returns the castle, there's his King standing in the hallway, dressed lavishly as usual. Saruhiko just clicks his tongue and starts walking away. Munakata says nothing, although his eyes flash dangerously as he watches one of his knights head upstairs to cuddle himself within the lavish room he had been given.

The next morning, Fushimi is summoned to the King.

Reisi is sitting there, his wife Seri right next to his side, dressed lavishly. Saruhiko feels horribly under dressed in his own attire, and he gives them both a lazy look.

"It's come to my attention that you believe you can leave whenever you want." Reisi smirks behind those spectacles, and he can see the others eyes widen slightly behind his own. The blue haired King continues in that polite, but belittling tone. "I feel that you need to learn your place, as a Knight from the Sceptors." Fushimi goes to say something, a rebuttal but the King raises his hand, silencing the knight.

"Are we clear?" He asks, and he knows Fushimi's bucking under this pressure. Slowly, he watched that bluet lick his lips before replying in a monotone voice. "We are, King Munakata." Seri says nothing as her eyes narrow on the others horrible posture. The King dismisses him before calling for two of his other guards, Akiyama and Fuse.

"Watch him." He simply demands, and the two salute before casually leaving.


Another week passes, and Fushimi hasn't taken that threat seriously. He's back in the Kingdom of the Phoenix, watching Misaki perform with a dreamy smile attached to his face. He's unaware of Akiyama and Fuse- who have been trailing him for a few days now. He had suspected something at first, but the feeling had disappeared, Fushimi's guard was down.

After Misaki's done performing, they stand and chat. Akiyama and Fuse watch with confusion and interest, as something Saruhiko says causes the red head to turn completely red, and try to smack at the bluet. It wasn't long until Akiyama realized how far Fushimi travels every day to see this teen, and suddenly he's thinking of rumors to spread of the Knight. Fushimi is not married, what could this mean then?

Although, his suspicions are confirmed when he and Misaki bid farewell, when the ginger seems to gently hug the taller bluet. Fuse practically sputters in shock, especially when the bluet just hugs him back. Misaki ends up running off, and Saruhiko turns around, obviously going to head back to the Kingdom.

That's when he's intercepted by the two guards, and Saruhiko finally realizes how deep of trouble he's in.

Munakata's less than pleased when Fushimi is dragged back by his arms, heels dragging on the wooden floors. Fuse just seems to "accidentally" let go too early, causing Akiyama to panic and drop the bluet. A few curses string the room as Fushimi rolls off his back, standing and casually dusting himself.

Reisi looks like he's disgusted. Fushimi's stomach drops.

"I have warned you before, it truly is unfortunate that you do not listen." Reisi seemed to sigh, before he actually stood himself up, casually walking towards the other. Before Fushimi even had time to retort, or even draw that sword, there's a cool piece of metal digging into the side of his neck. Saruhiko's face does not waver however, it stays in a cool area- his eyes mixing with anger and frustration.

Slowly, the metal dragged upwards, cutting lightly at the others blue locks. Reisi didn't look pleased, and Saruhiko was inwardly sputtering. "Punishment will be in order." The King spoke slowly, to make sure the bluet could truly understand this. Here Fushimi Saruhiko was, nineteen years old and not even married, just a simply Knight for the Sceptors and here he was, exchanging such advances on a boy, who was probably the same age or younger.


Suddenly, the hilt of Munakata's sword slams itself into the others stomach, causing him to sputter and drop to onto one knee. Pain rising through his body as suddenly, he's helped by Akiyama and Fuse once again. He doesn't really struggle as he's just dragged off, and Munakata sheaths his blade, and watches.

After fifteen minutes of walking up nothing but stone stairs, Fushimi's suddenly thrown into a very poorly furnished room- the door slamming behind him. His sword has been taken, although most are unaware of the few daggers he keeps hidden. Electric-blue scan around, before taking in his newest surroundings.

There were no windows, and in the middle of the small circular room was a cot with a few thin quilts laying on it. There was nothing else within the room, just that simple dead. Slowly, Saruhiko's actual thought process kicked in- realizing how god damn stupid he was for letting this happen. At first, he was angry- he did his best to try to kick down the door, but it was bolted shut. After a while however, he simply climbed into bed and fell asleep.

The King simply arrived a few hours later and seeing Saruhiko just peacefully asleep made him really, really displeased. So, he had Akiyama regretfully wake him up, by just simply picking him and throwing him onto the ground. After Saruhiko was awoken, Munakata told the other guards to leave, the door shutting behind them.

"… What do you want, oh royal majesty?" Saruhiko's tongue was in such a whipping tone that Munakata almost felt it sting. Instead, the monarch smirk, easily pulling Saruhiko by his collar. Reisi just chuckled as he pulled Saruhiko to his feet.

"Tell me, why did you go see that ginger haired boy? He's working for our enemy." He questions, and Saruhiko doesn't respond. So, Reisi grabs the others hair, pulling his head back- which causes the other let out some sort of noise in protest.

"H-He's a dancer." He spits at Munakata, obviously enraged that he has to go through all this just to be ridiculed. He hated the fact that the other had such a good grip on him- and he couldn't use those daggers. That would be an immediately hanging sentence.

"How pitiful, a man like yourself resorting is something as so disgusting as to lower yourself to homosexuality." That's like a slap to the face, although Saruhiko's never been overly religious. He attends the Sunday mass, and that's about it.

Slowly, Reisi loosens that grip on the others hair, and just as he feels like he's driven his message into that thick skull, he's suddenly spat at by the bluet. Immediately, the King pushes his ex-scepter back, watching that blank face suddenly turn maniacal. "We simply hugged, twice, now where does you precious bible say that's a sin?"

The King just simply raises his hand, slapping that smirk right off the bluet's face as he stumbles to the right, spectacles off his face and his face is angry. Munakata smirks as he walks over, watching the other flinch slightly. Although, Saruhiko is taken aback when suddenly, he face is cupped and he's staring with wide eyes because what the hell is this…

Munakata's violet-blue eyes seem to flash as he just watches the expression change in those electric-azure eyes, before he retracts his touch as slowly and as gently as possible. Without any other words, Saruhiko is left alone in that room.


It's another three days until Munakata visits. By this time, he's starting to see the slow destruction of Fushimi. The other is simply sitting on that cot that's been pushed to the wall of the room as best as possible and he's actually using his daggers to carve out the small stone that was blocking him from just seeing the sunlight and smelling fresh air.

Although he drops the tools when the King walks in.

"How pathetic, I come back and not even a salute." He's met with silence as Saruhiko just turns back to what he's doing. He's already succeeded once Munakata notes, as a small piece of brick has been removed, letting the sunshine and fresh air in. Quietly, the King easily makes his way over, wrapping his arms around Saruhiko's stomach to pull and drag him away.

"Get off me!" Saruhiko hissed, before he was suddenly thrown to the floor, and Munakata could get a good look at him. He was considerably thinner- well he assumed he was- and he could tell the other was a lot paler. Sure, Fushimi had been given the occasional piece of food, but it looked like he wouldn't eat it. There was still the a piece of bread leftover from his morning meal, so Munakata simply grabbed it before he dragged the other into a sitting position.

"You're not taking care of yourself." Munakata doesn't seem to realize the red liquid that's trailing from that dark blue hair, although Saruhiko just seems to shiver. For once he can feel true warmth, although it's taken away when suddenly, Reisi's forcing his jaw open. He immediately retaliates as he shuts his eyes tightly, grinding his teeth together to the point where it simply hurts, but he does not give in.

It isn't until Munakata suddenly slides a finger into his mouth, pushing and pressing against his teeth in an uncomfortable way that causes Saruhiko's eyes to open and he sees that predatory look and he gasps, suddenly that finger is shove right. And once that is, the hard crusted bread he had disliked so much was thrust into his mouth.

Munakata pulls away and watches the other choke on the taste, spitting it out defiantly.


It's a week later until the King revisits Fushimi, the ex-knight was on his mind the whole time. When he opens that door, he's surprised to see the other just simply against the wall, he seems to be shaking. Reisi's confused, has he broken already? Quietly, he shut the door, chuckling softly. "Broken already have my Saru?" He taunts, watching those shoulders shake as he walks closer.

"We can't have that no-" Suddenly, a blade goes right for him and the King has hardly any time to react- but thankfully it just tears at that fabric. In a sense of defense, Munakata simply grabs the back of the others neck, thrusting his arm back causing Saruhiko to stumble back just slightly although he's more surprised when Reisi lets his go, that his head slams up against a wall. Again.

He can feel that sticky red running down his head, and just as he goes to attack, suddenly that dagger is taken, slapped out of his hand and the bluet is on the ground- the king towering over him.

"That was not nice."

"Are you're allowed to preach?" Spits Saruhiko, although he chokes slightly when Munakata kicks him straight in the diaphragm- the air escaping the bluet as Munakata watches, a twisted expression on his face. Electric-blue glance up at powerful indigo, and something seems to click- at least in Munakata's eyes it does- and Saruhiko looks away.

"You were on my mind." He simply mused, watching that angry face contort just a little bit more- it's Saruhiko who looks disgusting. "Hypocrite." Munakata's face drops and another kick is delivered before it sends the other onto his back, gasping for air.

Slowly, the King just squats onto the ground, plucking those spectacles off the others face. "I don't think you'll need these, now will you?" He teases, watching the far-sighted Saruhiko try and reach, his depth sensitivity has seemed to disappear at this point. He hisses out a few insults as Munakata stands, pocketing those glasses.

"If you're nice, I'll let you out."

Saruhiko calls his bluff.


Another two weeks passed, and when Munakata enters he finally sees that broken down Saruhiko he had been waiting to see. The one calm, collected and bored individual was just curled in that cot, his back trembling as he seemed to be choking back something. Reisi speculates that it's not the bread this time as he takes a seat next to the bluet.

He sees those tears and he knows he's won.

"What's wrong, dear Saru?" The voice seems to send a chill down the other bluet's spine as he hides his face, he can't believe he's broken down. No one speaks to him- it's just those few times Munakata comes. The independent Knight has broken, he's lonely and the only thing that keeps him company is his brain asking 'what if.'

Indigo eyes seem to glance over the other, looking at Saruhiko dressed in those peasant clothes. That white tunic is large and baggy on him, the collar is upturned - since the Knight has horrible taste in fashion anyway - and those baggy pants are held up by a few pieces of cloth. It's not like the lavish blue uniforms his Sceptors have to wear- and he misses it.

"Don't cry, I'm here." That smooth, convincing voice doesn't fit Munakata as Saruhiko immediately flinches away, he doesn't feel like being treated like the dirt. Although, he stiffens completely when the other puts an arm around his back, pulling him closer anyway. What is this? He's not allowed to hug a teen, yet his own King is allowed to hold him like he would his wife? Who was the one dabbling in homosexuality now, huh?!

"I can make this go away," He pauses, before he simply leans in- hot musky breath ticking Saruhiko's ears in a way that he does not enjoy. "Submit to me." He demands, and suddenly a tongue is against the lobe of his ear- Fushimi cries out in shock before he turns, connecting the back of his palm right against the side of Munakata's face.

A full minute passes before Reisi turns his face back, expression blank but eyes angry.

It's four hours later when Reisi leaves Saruhiko is a puddle of his own blood, satisfied with the satisfaction he received, along with the mental breaking of that rebellious spirit.


It's been three and a half weeks since the Ex-Scepter had been cooped up in that small little room, but one day he's pulled out, bathed, fed and placed back into his Knight position. After Saruhiko's released, it's as if nothing's happened. The male becomes the Queens personal errand boy, having to actually run around their own Kingdom delivering this and that- he does so in a quiet, cold manner- and most praise the King for what he has done to the once rebellious spirit.

Saruhiko says nothing whenever Munakata shows up at his door in the late nights, and he lets himself be used because that's all he's good for now. Sanity cracked, personality destroyed and his self-worth is gone, he's no better than a courtesan who roams the streets late at night- asking men to use them.

And he knows that he can't ever see Misaki like this, ever again.