Chapter One

Sebastian was growing rather nervous as the night continued on. Ciel seemed to be enjoying the ball that had been put on in celebration of his coming of age. So much, in fact, that the butler that had been assigned to keep an eye on the affair could practically see him becoming more and more inebriated in front of his very eyes. Though, he thought, the young man certainly seemed to have a talent for not letting his true condition show, since he seemed perfectly normal.

Sebastian checked his pocket watch, seeing it was nearing midnight. The ball was drawing to a close as people began to file out of the manor. He thanked each one for coming with a bow and smile, holding the door. He sighed, knowing he'd be spending the rest of the night cleaning up and getting ready for the next day. After everyone had left, he shut the door and locked it.

The Earl made his way over to his butler, a smirk playing at his lips. "So, I guess now I'm just 'Master', hmm?" he asked the demon casually. Ciel had grown quickly over the years and was now as tall as, if not a hair taller than, his butler. His face had grown to resemble his father's even more, his features becoming angular and far more mature.

"Yes, sir, you are." Sebastian replied, nodding, his face unchanging and unsmiling.

Ciel smiled a bit at the words, then glanced up at Sebastian. The butler caught something in the Earl's eyes that had flashed for a moment, but he couldn't quite put a finger on what it was. "Sebastian, you'll do anything I order, right?" he asked innocently, his words slurring ever so slightly.

"Of course, Master. I always have and I always will." Sebastian nodded, growing rather suspicious of the question. He knew Ciel well enough to know when he was up to something.

"Good. Come with me, Sebastian." Ciel smiled, gesturing to his butler to follow.

Sebastian did as he was told as the young man lead him into his bedchambers and locked the door behind them. This action rather frightened Sebastian a bit, knowing that Ciel wouldn't let him escape now until he was done. What frightened him even more, though, was that he'd even consider escaping.

Ciel smirked and placed a hand on Sebastian's shoulder before, somewhat sloppily, pressing their lips together, his eyes closing. Sebastian didn't know what to do. For some reason, he couldn't quite bring himself to pull away, rather liking his master's own distinct taste that had been masked through the taste of fine wine. It took him only a few seconds to realize what was poking at him between his legs. He pulled away from the kiss, stumbling backwards a bit, knowing full well what was going on.

"Sebastian, you taste wonderful," Ciel whispered huskily, licking his lips as he sized up his butler, his eyes gazing at every aspect of his body. "Take off your clothes, that's an order."

Sebastian swallowed, knowing what the earl was planning. Still, he did as he was told, stripping down to his black undergarments. Ciel took a step closer and removed his own clothes before taking off Sebastian's undergarments and marveling down at the area between his legs. He placed his hands on the demon's shoulders and guided him over to the bed, pushing him down to straddle his hips.

The next thing he knew, the young earl had moved to gently spread his butler's legs apart. He marveled at what he saw, smiling up at the demon before reaching down and fingering his entrance a bit. "So, my wonderful butler is intersexual?" he purred before slipping two fingers inside him.

Sebastian was getting rather aroused by the second, especially at the intrusion. He'd usually been on top in bedchamber situations like this, so he kept his true nature a secret extremely well. He closed his eyes and the rest seemed to happen in a blur of movements and arousal. The next thing he knew, they were lying next to each other, legs intertwined, panting as sweat glistened their bodies. Ciel smiled over at his butler and gently kissed his lips, though this one was far more gentle and loving than the first had been. The demon couldn't help but return the kiss before watching as Ciel fell fast asleep next to him. He eventually ended up zoning out so much that he dozed off for a bit, though didn't really end up falling asleep.

He knew he felt something for Ciel, though what it was, he couldn't quite tell. Over the years, his heart had grown more and more black and unemotional. Now that this new feeling had washed over him, he didn't know if it was natural, or not. He couldn't look at the boy without feeling his heart melt and his stomach flutter a bit.

Ciel mumbled incoherently and stirred a bit to cuddle into his bedmate, a small smile playing at his lips. Sebastian felt his heart swell in joy and pressed a kiss to his forehead before resting in the soft bed as well.