Sebastian nervously fiddled with his suit, straightening it every so often and making sure that everything was absolutely perfect.

"Cygnus, my son, you need to calm down and stop fiddling with your suit. You look perfect." Dracius said from behind him, helping to straighten the white suit they'd had made especially for this day.

"Mister Sebastian, are you ready? We're about to start." Finny asked from the doorway, holding Lilium gently in his arms as if she were made of glass. Sebastian took one last look at the white tailcoat with blue accents and nodded, smiling at the sight of his little daughter in a nice blue dress. She hadn't learned to walk yet, so they decided Finny could carry her down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl.

He smiled and bent down to gently kiss her forehead, stroking her raven curls. "You look absolutely beautiful, little one. Are you ready?" He asked her lovingly.

"Mama!" She replied happily, placing a hand to his face.

"I suppose we're all waiting on me, then. Let's get this show on the road, then. What say you, Lilium?" Sebastian smiled, standing up straight again.


"I'll take that as a 'yes.'" Sebastian decided and followed Finny and Dracius out of the room to wait behind the door of the ballroom.

Bard and Tanaka had been assigned to the roles as groomsmen while Mey-Rin and Grell had been assigned to the roles of bridesmaids.

Grell had been shocked at first when Sebastian asked him, but when he found out it was an act of burying the hatchet between them, he accepted immediately. With that, the reaper had finally accepted the fact that he would never have Sebastian and found happiness with someone else. He and William were now 'roommates'.

The music began to play and the doors opened, letting Finny and Lilium into the large room first. Then went the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Finally, it was their turn. Sebastian looped his arm in Dracius's and walked with him through the doors and down the aisle. The audience was a large, but too large, with a combination of humans and demons. The room had been decorated exquisitely. Though, all he saw was Ciel beaming at him. The earl was dressed in a blue suit with white accents similar to his own.

Sebastian gently hugged Dracius before letting go of him to loop arms with Ciel and walk up to the altar where the demon priest they'd found waited. He wasn't exactly a Christian priest, but they figured no one needed to know that little detail. Finny handed Lilium over to Sebastian as they took their vows and professed their love for each other to the large group of people and to each other. Then, they vowed to be the best parents they could be to their little daughter. They sealed the vows to her by each kissing one of her cheeks simultaneously.

Sebastian gently handed Lilium over to Grell, who seemed to be rather fond of the little girl, while Finny brought forward the rings.

"Now, I want you to put the rings on each other and say 'With this ring, I be wed.'" The priest said gently to them.

"With this ring, I be wed." Ciel said, slipping the band onto Sebastian's finger over the engagement ring they'd eventually bought.

"With this ring, I be wed." Sebastian repeated, slipping the band onto Ciel's finger as well, beaming at the earl widely, who had tears welling up in his eyes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's my joy and honor to present to you Ciel Vincent and Cygnus Sebastian Phantomhive," The priest said to the crowd, placing their hands together. "If you would please seal your marriage with a kiss."

Sebastian smiled at Ciel brightly and the earl leaned in to connect their lips in a loving and long-awaited kiss. Sebastian had happily wrapped his arms around Ciel's neck and Ciel had wrapped his arms around Sebastian's waist.

In that moment, Sebastian was Ciel's and Ciel was Sebastian's.

Forever more.