Bunnymund sat there in a child's room watching them sleep with happy dreams.

Just seeing the child happy made him very joyful.

He had decided to leave back to his underground warren, by the fact it was almost morning.

He left.


When he got to his home place; he looked around.

He felt an uneasy feeling run up his spin.

He sniffed; his eyes widened.

He turned slowly.

"BLOODY HELL-!" He yelled as the bunny ran off.

The one thing he hated.


The dog barked and growled.

How it got to Bunnymund's warren? He didn't know, but the one thing he knew was to run and not get killed.

Hopping and running, skipping and jumping, he quickly made his decent away from the animal.

Then an Idea came to mind.



The Sandman was giving joy and peace to the kids as they slept with their dreams.

He then looked up to see the Guardian lights.

He looked around and then a picture showed up of Bunnymund doing whatever he can to get away from the creature chasing him viciously.

Sandman gasp and then quickly made his way to the Guardians warren.


"Help!" The bunny hoped away as fast as he could. He hoped down holes, jumped up trees.

"Well," Jack Frost appeared, "another Greyhound. What's the odds." He smiled devilishly.

Bunnymund growled.

The dog started to bite at Bunnymund.

"Whoa," Bunny yelled, "Jack! You better watch it, mate!"

Jack watched the fun. He enjoyed Bunny's mishap's.

Then Tooth and North showed up.

"Hel-!" Tooth started. She stopped when she noticed Bunnymund being chased by a greyhound and Jack laughing uncontrollably while watching bunny.

"Jack!" She yelled and flew to the ice spirit. He was sitting in lotus position in the air.

"What did you do?" She asked him concerned over Bunny.

Jack laughed some more. "I didn't do anything!" He said sarcastically.

"JACK FROST!" North yelled.

Jack winced as North yelled his name, but he went to see what the older man wanted to say.


Tooth looked everywhere to find Bunnymund. She finally spotted him running.

"Bunnymund! Are you ok?" She yelled as the bunny looked up.

"I'm... being... chased... by a... bloody dog!" He panted running out of breath.

"Where's Sandy?" He asked.

Then a gold, glittery sand filled the air.

"There he is!" Tooth and Bunny yelled in unison. Both happy to see the Guardian.

Sandy got a ball of his sleep sand.

Tooth backed away a bit, remembering what happened last time.

Sandy smiled at Tooth and held up his thumb to target the dog.


"Am I gonna get this lecture about not playing tricks on the others again?" Jack asked North.

North looked at Jack; a stern look covered his face. He then lightened up and started to laugh.

"Oh! No! In fact, this joke was pretty good! I wouldn't have thought of that," Jack smiled and floated a bit, "But," North became a little serious, "you should consider apologizing to Bunny about this."

Jack nodded in agreement. He was about to say something when he saw gold glittery sand fill the air. North smiled. "Oh, look! Sandy's here to join us!"


"Sandy! Shoot already!" Bunnymund yelled at the top of his lungs.

Sandy shot and it missed the dog just by an inch or two.

Bunny luck, he got hit with it instead.

"Oh, no... " He fell in one of his holes underground.

"Sandy!" Tooth yelled as she flew to the unconscious Bunnymund.

The dog dived into the hole.

Tooth gasped.

Jack and North came up.

They heard growls and something tearing something else, and a whimper from the dog, then complete silence.

Tooth didn't want to look into the hole, but by the fact she wanted to know if Bunny was ok or not; she looked into the hole.

The dog was asleep dreaming of bones and bunnies, but the other thing that terrified her was that the dog had blood on it's mouth.

The ball of sleep dust lay next to it.

She looked further...

Jack seemed very impatient. Hearing all of this and then hearing Tooth gasp a couple of times made him worry.

"Is-is he alright?" Jack asked tooth. She didn't reply, rather just flying there, but then she stopped and stood on the ground.

The three heard whimpers from her.

Jack came up to her and turned her shoulder. "Tooth is he..." He stopped at the sight of Bunnymund's arm and a little of his chest was bleeding a bit.

North stepped forward and Sandy took a look inside the hole as well.

North sighed in grief. Then he ordered everyone to do things.

"Sandy you get the dog back to the human world. Tooth, pull yourself together and help me carry Bunnymund. Jack," North gave a stern, serious, disappointed look, "think about what you've done."

Then he and Tooth left with Bunnymund in hand.


When they left Jack stayed there in the warren.

He didn't like this grief hanging to him like bat hanging in a dark area.

He looked down in the hole where Bunnymund was last.

He saw the sleep sand ball and a bit of blood that was left.

"Well, look what we have here."

Jack turned quickly to see Pitch.

"What do you want?" Jack growled at him.

"You." Pitch said darkly and then shot an arrow at Jack.

The arrow hit the ball of sleep sand, which bumped into Jack.

Jack instantly fell into a deep sleep.

Pitch laugh evilly. He picked up Jack and left in an instant.