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The Beginning of the Beginning -

Luke always liked to tell people that he had been adopted as a baby. He preferred people to believe that he had been found by Christina and Morgan at under a year of age, and had just proved to be to unreliable for school until the age of ten and had therefore been home schooled. It was much better than the truth. He knew for sure that he hadn't been, but it saved unnecessary question about his past from being asked. His family humored him, and even lied for him on occasion. Zuri and Ravi had no clue at all about his past. They all believed that he was their strange older brother who had been adopted at a year old and had grown up believing he was from Krypton rather than Detroit. He sometimes made up stories about a father and a mother that loved him. These dreams didn't include the mother that committed suicide because of him. Stories that didn't include a father tried to kill him. His fantasy included parents who hadn't yelled at him and cursed him for simply being alive. They included people who had let him have his youth, instead of forcing him to learn to grow up quickly in order to cover up bruises inflicted by his drunken father daily before school, and slave away at home to try to please dissatisfied mother every day after school. He knew that what was in the past was gone forever, but there were always memories and nightmares. There were always flashbacks of paralyzing pain and tears of abandonment and betrayal. There was always the left over feelings in his mind that he was worthless and insignificant. Whatever logic told him; he knew that his trials were far from over.

Luke Colbert had been lucky. His second grade teacher had taken note his strange reluctance to make friends or try in general at school. After she had noticed the child himself, it was only a matter of time before she became aware of other suspicious things, such as his refusal to talk in detail about home beyond a fine, or a good, his nervous disposition, or his continuously bruised arms, neck and shoulders. She had made the decision to discuss with the Childs father whether siblings or "friends" were bullying Luke. She had met with him and decided that besides being extremely creepy, and anti-social, the boy's father knew nothing, and the child was most likely just accident-prone. In the back of her mind however, there was always the murmur that this might be the small towns first case of child abuse. Later that night, the neighbors heard shrill screams and had called the police. They had found the child almost dead, and they had immediately arrested his maniacal father and rush Luke to the Hospital. After A week or two of constant supervision and healing, Luke was moved to a foster home.

Luke was over the course of one and a half years, sent from home to home. He never quite fit in with the other children who had been abandoned, or placed into foster care after the death of family members. He was always treated as though he was fragile by the parents, and teased by the other children mercilessly. After a half a year of his constant trouble making in attempts to gain attention, he was transferred to a different family. This family had treated Luke as though it was his fault that their oldest biological son was constantly angry. The other children in the household learned from their caretakers' example and ostracized Luke. He only lasted three months at that placement, before he was removed from their care. His third home was by far the best. Luke bonded with the other children, and the adults, but like all good things it didn't last. After only four glorious months, he got beat up by school bullies because of his love of dance; he had major anxiety attacks and much more frequent episodes and flashbacks. This prompted the family he had grown to feel accepted by to send him away, so he no longer had to be near those who caused him more fear. Luke's fifth home was almost as bad as his originally home, and he quickly receded into a constant state of mistrust. He lasted for two months before he had a panic attack when he got a question wrong in math. This quickly alerted his social worker that he needed a change of home.

His final Foster home was not horrible, but not great either. His mental breakdowns stayed consistent, and that made him a difficult child to handle. It was at this home where the Ross family first came into the picture. They had been hoping to adopt a child, a third girl for their steadily growing family, which consisted of an 11 year old Emma and a three-year-old Zuri. Once they arrived at the home they had been told their new daughter was at, they had been informed that due to a difficulty in the processing of their paper work, a lovely family from Illinois had already adopted the child that had been promised to them. They were crushed that there're perfect child had been snatched away on a mere technicality. As they were leaving they heard yelling and saw a young boy tearing across the hallway tears streaming down his face, being chased by a woman who was trying to comfort him, unsuccessfully, by telling him where and when he was, and that he was just having a flashback. They took an interest in that child who was having a breakdown, screaming and crying for them not to hurt him again. The foster mother said that the child, Luke Colbert, was being removed from their care later that week, because he was too much of a handful for their foster family. Cristina and Morgan Ross knew that very moment that Luke was the child that they wanted to adopt, no questions asked.

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